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Can 60 be the new 40?

From overcoming business hurdles to embracing a robust health routine, my journey over the past decade has been transformative. Discover the supplements that have made a difference for me and my dog, Pax, and learn how you can enhance your own health and wellness.

Rethinking Dog Sterilization: Pax’s Story and the Case for Hormone-Sparing Methods

Discover the overlooked consequences of traditional spaying and neutering on dogs. Follow Pax’s journey as we explore hormone-sparing sterilization methods and hormone replacement therapy to enhance canine health and well-being.

5 Game-Changing Health Tips for You and Your Dog

Dive into our latest blog where we explore holistic dog care with expert insights. This month, learn about the benefits of laser therapy with Dr. Laurie McCauley, the pros and cons of feeding your dog rib bones, innovative hormone-sparing spay and neuter techniques, natural treatments for hot spots, and much...

Is dog dementia real?

From puppies to senior dogs, learn about the lifelong benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in our new blog post. Find out how these essential nutrients support brain development, prevent cognitive decline and dementia, plus find out why calamari oil is the best source of omega-3's for dogs. 

The Latest Update on Dementia, Alzheimers and Memory Loss in Humans

Explore the latest research on omega-3 fatty acids in this in-depth blog post. Learn about the optimal dosage for cognitive health, the preventive effects against dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and how these essential nutrients can bolster brain function.

What are we, you and I doing wrong?

Discover the hidden risks of traditional spaying and neutering in dogs. Learn about hormone imbalances and health issues post-surgery, and explore hormone-sparing alternatives and new joint supplements for better pet health.

What is MSM for dogs: health benefits and when to use it

If you’re looking for drug-free ways to improve your dog’s mobility or alleviate joint inflammation, you might have come across MSM. This sulphur-rich compound has proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, being considered a safer yet effective alternative to NSAIDs and other pain control medications. Have a look at our latest...

The Wholesome Benefits of Barley Grass for Canine Wellness

Thanks to its nutritional profile, immune-boosting and digestive support properties,  barley grass can be extremely beneficial for your dog’s health and  well-being. From joint mobility to detoxification, this articles dives in the science of enhancing your dog's vitality and health at every stage of life.

Rutin and dog joint health

Discover the health wonders of Rutin, a potent bioflavonoid with remarkable benefits for both humans and dogs. From fighting inflammation and enhancing vascular health to managing arthritis and supporting joint health in pets, Rutin offers a natural, holistic approach to wellness. Dive into its multifaceted benefits and learn why Rutin...

Quercetin for Pets: A Safe and Effective Immune Booster and Anti-inflammatory for Dogs - Scientific Research Review

Quercetin, is a potent flavonoid found in fruits, vegetables, and grains. It is known for its health and therapeutic benefits that increase in potency and bioavailability  by using a natural fermentation process. Studies confirm that quercetin is safe for dogs and that it also has  anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating, and antioxidant properties....

Is Stinging Nettle Good for Dogs?

Discover how stinging nettle can be a game-changer for your dog's health. Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamins, and minerals, this superfood offers holistic support for your dog's mobility. Embrace the natural approach to supporting overall health and see your dog thrive!

Is Boswellia good for dogs?

Looking for ways to ease your dog’s joint pain naturally? Boswellia is an ancient resin with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-arthritic properties, making it a safer alternative to conventional drugs. Check out our latest blog to learn how to introduce Boswellia to your dog's diet and help them live a...

Research shows ginger helps arthritis, inflammation, psoriasis and immunity and may be protective against cancer

Discover the transformative power of fermented ginger for dogs and humans alike. Prioritize your furry friend's well-being with natural solutions like fermented ginger, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and joint support properties. Learn how fermentation enhances ginger's efficacy and why it's vital to choose high-quality supplements.

Want to Spice Up Your Dog’s Life?

Turmeric, known for its golden hue and potent anti-inflammatory properties, has been a cornerstone of natural healing for millennia. Coupled with black pepper, whose piperine content significantly boosts turmeric's bioavailability, this dynamic duo forms the backbone of our innovative canine joint health formula. Explore the scientific backing behind these ingredients...

Expert Advice on Dog Fitness, Mobility and Injuries in Dogs

Discover how simple exercises, carefully chosen therapies, and a holistic approach can significantly enhance your dog’s mobility, vitality, and overall quality of life. Whether you're dealing with a sprightly puppy or a wise senior dog, Dr. McCauley shares a wealth of knowledge for every dog lover seeking to improve their...

Understanding osteoporosis and the benefits of plant-based calcium

Today, we're delving into an exciting topic: how Alga Calcarea is transforming the way we approach bone health and osteoporosis prevention. This unique, plant-based calcium source offers a natural and effective solution for those seeking to enhance their bone strength.

Green-lipped mussel for dogs: A key ingredient in joint and mobility support

If you've been looking for natural ways to improve your dog's mobility, there's a high chance you've come across green-lipped mussel, also known as Perna mussel, at least once. In this blog, you can dive deeper into the health benefits of green-lipped mussels for dogs and how it can help...

8 steps to treat your dog's green eye discharge at home

Does your dog have green eye discharge? Contrary to what you may find in most articles online, green eye discharge is not always a sign of eye infection. Explore our latest article to uncover the most common causes of green eye discharge in dogs and learn how to address this health...

How to make a dog throw up: Best way to prevent surgery if your dog ate a foreign object

This blog is an absolute must read for every responsible dog parent. Dogs often eat things they shouldn't and in case it happens, the info in this article may prevent unnecessary surgery or tragedy. Learn what to do when your dog eats a foreign object, when to wait or when...

New gen joint and mobility support for dogs is coming soon!

New generation fermented joint and mobility support formula for dogs coming soon to our Healing Store! 

Obese dog? A comprehensive guide to understanding canine obesity

This article addresses the concerning trend of obesity in dogs and provides practical advice on easy steps you can take to help your beloved dog shed extra pounds and stay healthy.

A letter to my dog, Mr. Skai Wantstofly

Most dog lovers fear losing their dog more than losing their own life. Strangely, these sad times bring a blend of deep love and sadness. Letting go of my best friend was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. After 16 years, it was Skai’s time to fly without me.

How to treat acute or bloody dog diarrhea naturally: 7 steps

This blog is a must to read for everyone who has a dog. It is first aid for diarrhea and bloody stool in dogs. Learn how to recognize whether your dog's condition is serious, why you should stay away from conventional remedies and 8 steps you can take to stop your dog's diarrhea. 

Can dogs eat bananas?

Wondering if bananas are a good treat to share with your pup? Most dogs love bananas, and these delicious fruits are rich in essential minerals and fibre, which can help boost your best friend’s health. However, bananas are rich in natural sugars, so you should feed them in moderation to...

Can dogs eat strawberries?

  Discover if dogs can eat strawberries and how to add this nutritious fruit snack to your best friend’s diet. This short guide includes the health benefits of strawberries, vet-approved recommendations on how to feed them to your dog and a couple of homemade strawberry treat ideas for you to...

Retractable leashes: Are they sabotaging your dog's health?

Have you ever considered the impact of your dog's leash on their well-being? This article explores the unexpected dangers of retractable leashes, a popular but controversial tool among dog owners. From physical injuries and emotional stress to the increased potential for accidents, we delve into why these extendable leashes might...

Why is my dog licking their groin area? Top reasons and solutions

This article covers common reasons why dogs lick their groin, such as muscle injuries, spinal issues, urinary problems, and skin allergies. Making dietary adjustments, giving supplements, and identifying the root cause is essential for providing effective relief and ensuring your dog's well-being.

Lowering homocysteine levels can reduce the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's and dementia in people and dogs

Have you ever heard of homocysteine? Many people are unaware that this amino acid is a marker of an increased risk of heart attack, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive decline in people and dogs. In this article, you will learn about homocysteine, what it means to have elevated levels, and how...

Can dogs eat tomatoes?

Explore a potentially misunderstood aspect of canine nutrition and uncover if tomatoes are safe for dogs to eat. 

Why dogs eat dirt

Discover why dogs eat dirt and learn about the six-step holistic program that helps to understand and curb this behaviour. This guide reveals how to recognize normal behaviour from potential health concerns and ensure your dog's optimal well-being

A new perspective on brain health, memory loss, Alzheimer's Disease, and dementia in people and dogs

The Science of DHA and the Brain: Omega-3 fatty acids, primarily DHA, are the unsung heroes of brain health. They play crucial roles in brain physiology and biological activities, with exciting links between Omega-3 levels and cognitive function. Higher DHA levels have been shown to preserve the integrity of the...

Meet the world's oldest dog and his extraordinary family

Join us on a unique adventure to Portugal, where we spent two unforgettable days with Bobi, the world's oldest dog. We dive into the heartwarming celebration of Bobi's 31st birthday, discover the surprisingly simple secrets behind his longevity, and explore the deep bond between this remarkable canine and his loving...

Why does my dog stink? How to get rid of the "wet dog smell"

Discover how to naturally and safely transform your stinky dog into a delightfully fresh-smelling companion. Learn the secret connection between diet, detoxing, nutrient deficiencies, and your dog's health, odour, and appearance.

Why do dogs fart? Tips for managing digestive issues in canines

Dogs may be man's best friend, but their flatulence can often clear a room. Excessive gas production in dogs is usually caused by incomplete or inefficient digestion, an inappropriate diet, and heavily-processed kibble. In this article, we will explore why some dog breeds have weaker digestion, the importance of bacterial...

Are you and your dog socially fit?

Is social fitness a more important lifestyle habit than diet or exercise? What does it mean to be 'socially fit' and how does it benefit your and your dog's health? Learn more about how you can boost well-being and longevity through meaningful social connections and build a vibrant, healthy life together...

My confession - Why I can fly with my dog in the cabin

In my article, I share the personal story of how I'm able to fly with my dog, Pax, thanks to overcoming challenges with sleepwalking and night terrors. This unique experience not only allowed me to travel with my service dog but also serves as a reminder that even difficult situations...

8 communication hacks for a happier life

Successful communication is essential for building healthier and more fulfilling relationships and happier lives. In this article, I'll share with you 8 communication hacks to help you avoid unnecessary drama, prioritize active listening and address conflicts effectively.

The ultimate guide to safe and nutritious fruits for dogs

Can dogs eat bananas, apples, strawberries and other fruit? What about grapes? Find out what fruits are safe, toxic, and healthy for dogs. Learn about the potential health benefits and risks of feeding fruit to your canine companion, and get tips on the ideal time to feed it.

How to protect your dog’s heart health: 3 key tips you must know

As dog lovers, we all want our beloved pups to live long and healthy lives. Protecting your dog's heart from potential health issues is important, and in this blog Dr. Dobias shares some key points that you might not yet be aware of, read on to find out what you can...

Be on guard for your dog's heart

Dogs have our hearts and that is why we need to protect their heart. Dog’s as they age often face muscle problems and spinal misalignment and you might be surprised to know how that can hurt their heart. Learn how to protect your dog’s spine and by extension their heart.

The secret ingredient for a perfect No. 2

Dogs and humans have evolved side-by-side but they are still quite different when it comes to their digestive tracts and dietary habits. We have studied their original environments such as the soils of the African savanna and consulted with top experts in the field of probiotics and microbiology to come up...

The fine line between feedback and criticism

Criticism can hurt a brand, but constructive feedback can help it grow. In this blog Dr. Dobias talks about the differences between these approaches, and how to handle the power of influence and opinion with care. 

The nutrient depletion epidemic

Are you worried that your and your dog's diet is missing something? Maybe you're worried about toxin levels in food, the environment, or flea and tick products. Let's face it; we can't remove ourselves entirely from our toxin-filled world, but we can do things to reduce our exposure to harmful...

How to set healthy boundaries

Many people cross boundaries without even realizing it, which may leave us thinking, "Ugh, why don't they just get it?" In this blog, I ponder the topic of setting healthy boundaries and explain how you can magically erase most problems from your life. Read on!

In the eye of the storm: How dogs help us find peace amid chaos

How do you navigate the seas of life? How do you deal with disappointment? Whatever life throws at us, we can always rely on our dogs to bring joy into our days. In this blog I share my thoughts on the support our dogs provide during the difficult moments in...

5 step guide to easy, painless, and blood-free nail care

Have you ever wondered how the length of your dog’s nails are related to his or her health? If you are like most people, this question might not have crossed your mind until now. Here are 5 steps to proper and safe nail trimming.

Why we struggle where our dogs excel

It appears that most of the world is ready for change, but whenever I think about the solutions to any of the problems that plague our world, I can’t prevent myself from thinking that we humans are acting like little toddlers who have broken a toy and do not know...

8 ways your dog can save you from negative news

Do you have trouble staying positive during difficult times? These days we are surrounded by a lot of negative messaging, and it's easy to let that get you down. Here are some of my tips for remaining positive, and don't forget to share your tips with me!

Why being weird can be good

Why being weird or different is better than being the same, especially when it comes to your dog's health. Here are some top examples of how the conventional thinking can harm your dog and prevent them from living a happy and long life. 

How to stay positive in difficult times

It appears that coronavirus will become a fact of life. A big part of returning to our normal lives will include living healthier and keeping our immune system stronger. Here are steps for good health and a strengthened immune system.

How to make your and your dog's immune system "Bad Ass"

Most of us have been exposed to panic-inducing information about the virus spread, however, I have noticed the general absence of one piece of information, how to make your immune system stronger and body more resilient. (It will definitely not happen by stockpiling toilet paper!) I have always loved immunology...

The secret to a happy life

The greatest life lesson we learn from our dogs. How our dogs teach us about empathy, connection, caring and compassion.

A new point of view on aging in people and dogs

Is aging a process or a disease? Read on to learn what some experts say, along with a definition of aging and when it truly starts, and receive some health-span extending tips for you and your dog.

Give your life the best shot!

Here are a few videos from my series "Give Your Life the Best Shot", where I discuss holistic, healthy living for humans. If you think that human health and dog health are not interconnected, try watching this video series. 

Make small deposits, and don't bet on winning the lottery

I am writing to you from the plane as I fly back from spending time with my mother, who has been critically ill. I have been pondering life, and wanted to share some thoughts on why setting goals doesn't seem to work. 

Are collars dangerous for dogs?

Traditional dog collars can be incredibly dangerous. Click here to learn more about the dangers of collars and safer alternatives.

Choke, prong and shock collars can irreversibly damage your dog

Learn why collar injuries make dogs sick and what collar alternatives are you can use. 

What is the balloon effect and how can it affect your dog's head

Does your dog have ear problems, nasal or oral tumors, reverse sneezing or an  itchy head or hair loss on their head? Learn how you can address some of these problems and save thousands in vet care costs.

Retractable leash injuries are a serious problem

In my previous articles on the damaging effects of choke, prong or martingale collars, I focused mainly on injuries that I see in dogs that either pull on the leash or are corrected by tugging and jerking on the leash. These dogs often suffer from a variety of conditions including...

My supplements have arrived!

Have you ever wondered what a shipment from my supplement store looks like? You might notice it looks a little different from other packages you receive. There's no plastic bubble wrap, no plastic containers, and no small boxes packed within giant boxes. Instead you get kraft paper, glass bottles, metal...

Are natural dog supplements worth the cost?

Why do my supplements cost a little more than most and how does it benefit you, your dog and the entire world? Find out in this article, where I answer the questions we get from the community.

What flea products are the safest - Orals, spot-ons, or washes?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the damaging effects of conventional flea products. Today, I would like to answer the questions about the methods of flea product administration and its safety. Most people agree that the more natural and non-toxic a flea product is, the better. However, you...

No more guessing about your dog’s diet

Now there is no need to guess if there is something missing in your dogs diet.  The HairQ Test is a highly accurate test for mineral deficiencies, toxins and heavy metals in dogs to finely tune your dog’s diet and supplement schedule.

Is fish oil good for dogs?

Should you feed dogs fish or fish oils? Find out what our HairQ test results have shown and follow my 5 practical steps to a time tested liver cleanse.

What is the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus for dogs?

Whether you feed your dog a raw diet, or kibble, you'll want to read this important piece on how to ensure that your dog is getting all the essential nutrients they need and in the correct ratio without needing a PhD in nutrition. The principles in this article apply to...

Almost every dog is deficient in essential minerals

The body needs minerals to maintain the right osmotic balance (electrolyte concentration) and constantly regulates water volume to achieve the optimal osmotic pressure of body fluids and good health. When minerals are missing, the kidneys automatically “reduce the water volume” in the body which leads to dehydration, disease and premature...

Four things you need to know about pet food and supplement packaging

Today's topic is close to my heart because it affects the health of your dog, your health and also the health of our planet. Pretty much all supplements you give to our dogs are packaged, and my goal today is to look at each packaging group with a magnifying glass.

Flea products toxicity report and natural flea product breakthrough

Shocking reports of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on conventional topical flea products and info on all-natural flea product for dogs.

How many supplements are too many for your dog?

A complete guide to natural supplements for dogs. Are you confused about which supplements dogs need? Do you find conflicting information? Would you like to know what to give your dog without giving too little or too much?   

What dog supplements are good or bad?

What is humble-bragging and how it can help save you lots of time navigating the mumbo-jumbo jungle of online supplements for dogs?

Synthetic supplements for dogs can cause serious problems

One of the primary causes of disease are nutrient deficiencies, the second one is giving the synthetic supplements. Learn why.

How to make a safe turkey dinner for your dog

When it comes to holidays, it would feel wrong to ignore your dog’s pleading eyes. Who can resist?! Here's a guide to what's good and bad to share with your dog for the holidays. 

Kennel cough in dogs - 10 steps for natural treatment and prevention

Here is what I learned about Kennel Cough in the course of 30 years and why I don't vaccinate Pax against kennel cough.

What is the best time to feed your dog or puppy, and how many times per day?

An area that many dog parents have questions about is how often they should be feeding their pup, and what time of the day is best for feeding. This article will touch upon all the aspects of feeding, the physiological, the emotional, and the practical. I will also address the...

Is ice cream ok for dogs?

A royal picture is causing an online uproar and has people asking the question - should dogs be given ice cream? Before you deny your dog a lick of a tasty treat read this article!

Is your dog a narcissist or an angel?

I can't help noticing the glaring contrast between the nature of humans and the nature of dogs, who selflessly focus on their people's well-being. I share some ways you can emulate your dog and be more empathetic towards others, and gain a different perspective on shoddy customer service experiences. 

Holistic and natural approach to treating diarrhea in dogs

I find that diarrhea is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed problems in veterinary medicine. The paradox is that the answer is sometimes very simple, but not what one expects.

Are you a trustworthy friend?

A few thoughts on the power we have over our own lives and the choices we make, as well as the importance of trust. In this blog I share my thoughts on these topics and ponder about how we can safely navigate the stormy seas of life.

Why adaptability makes dogs happier than people

One of the driving forces behind progress is our desire for safety, comfort, and physical and emotional well-being, but is it possible to be too comfortable in life? What important life lesson can we learn from our dogs?

Health is like a Jenga tower

Do you ever feel like you would love the whole world to know something because it would make a huge difference in the lives of many? Personally, I wish everyone in the world knew about a few core principles of good health. They are so simple, yet most people do not...

The complete guide to epilepsy (seizures) in dogs - A natural approach to treatment and prevention

If your dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy, it is an upsetting time. This article is designed to bring simplicity and clarity to natural treatment for epilepsy in dogs.

Is NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) safe for dogs?

This article is an overview of the results of a three month clinical trial on whether NMN is safe for dogs and what, benefits it may provide for their health and lifespan.

The universal key to treating almost any disease

People often ask me where they can find help for their sick dogs without spending a fortune on veterinary care. It is true that at a certain point your pup's treatment plan may require specific steps and a unique approach. However, there are certain principles that can be applied to...

The dog rescue world paradox

Are some dog rescue organizations causing an increase in dog homelessness and puppy mills? Read here for more.

Your complete raw feeding travel guide (BARF diet compatible)

If you love to travel and feed your dog raw or cooked food, you don't need to switch your dog's diet when you're on the road. Here’s a complete guide to feeding raw and cooked food while you’re away from home.

Is your dog vomiting? Can you see blood? Is it an emergency?

In this ultimate guide to vomiting in dogs, learn how to tell an emergency from a minor intestinal upset, and what to do if your dog is vomiting. Click here to read this  crucial information to help you keep your dog safe.

Why dogs lick their paws - Natural approach to treatment

Many dogs lick their paws and many of them are misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong problem. Learn what you can do for your dogs and treat him naturally.  All you need is to open your mind to the suggestions in this blog, try them and see...

Why your dog may get seriously injured from pulling too hard

Most people are unaware that leash corrections and choke chains cause a lifetime of problems.. Here are 5 ways to protect your dog from harm. 

Dog eye infection: Home remedy & identification of eye discharge

Eye discharges and infections may not be what they appear to be. They usually reflect deeper problem or vaccination damage. Learn how to address eye problems naturally.

How to protect & care for your dog’s liver: Diet, cleanse & more

A proper liver cleanse is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and long living. It is also a great way to reduce liver enzyme levels in case of liver inflammation (hepatitis). In this article, you will learn all you need to know to take your best friend through...

9 step natural treatment plan for skin yeast infections in dogs (Malassezia)

Are you spending sleepless nights with your itchy, scratchy, and smelly dog? If your dog has been diagnosed with a skin yeast infection (aka malassezia), read my complete guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of dog skin yeast infections, including why the conventional drug and shampoo protocols just don’t...

Why external "perfection" has nothing to do with true health

Are you sometimes unhappy when you look in the mirror? I am but this will not change how I feel about aging, and more. I would love to know what you think.

Is it safe for you and your dog to eat fish?

What is Strontium and could it be toxic for your dog?

What is toxic positivity?

Are you positively toxic or not? Why positive thinking may not always have a positive impact on your life or others'.

A simple test every dog should have done

We can't travel in the past and talk to our dear late friends and family, but we can travel to our dog's past to learn whether they've been exposed to heavy metals and toxins. Learn how to assess your dog's nutrition and incorporate essential nutrients.

Do dogs behave better when they have more freedom?

Do you know a fearful or reactive dog? What if dog restrictions and leash laws are at the core of behaviour issues? Read my latest blog post for my thoughts, and also see some fun interviews I did with dog lovers from around the world.

Do dogs need a backyard to be happy?

I have heard some people say they can't get a dog because they live in an apartment or don't have a back yard. Here are my thoughts on this and how you can ensure your dog’s happiness, no matter where you live.

Do dogs think?

If you ever wonder what your dog is thinking, or what they are thinking about, click here to read why I would love to have a dog's mind.

I am no longer a COVID-19 virgin

COVID finally got me but don't worry, I am okay!  This brought me onto thinking about how non-sensical it is that the Canadian and US governments do not recognize natural infection as a form of "immunization." Also, do you know what Population Bias is? Read my thoughts here.

An easy way to release toxins from the body

The DDT days may be over but the chemical days are not, and our animal friends' health and our own health depends on it. Please read and share this post.

Why I deleted my news app, and I'm proud of it

Are you reading or watching news daily? Do you find it stressful, depressing and draining? You can still stay informed but also feel much better about the world. Read here to find out why I deleted my news app, and why I'm proud of it!

Holistic approach to lumps in dogs

Is your dog lumpy? Are you worried about what that the lump is “something serious?” You are not alone, most people worry and the purpose of this article is to help you worry less.

Why we should measure twice and cut once

We all goof up sometimes! I hope you will enjoy this piece on how to avoid saying something hurtful, and what the common Czech phrase, measure twice and cut once, means.

Superpowers you may not know you have

Did you know that you have superpowers? If you can tap into them, you can use them to help make the world a better place. Read on to learn some of the straightforward ways our actions and choices can create change for good.

Are risk-takers heroes or addicts?

Why are those that take part in extreme sports idolized and considered heroes? When do the impacts of their actions on those around them come into play? Read my thoughts on this here, along with why we shouldn't take risks when it comes to our dogs' health.

Can you and your dog really be happy anywhere?

Are you living above your proverbial “tree line”? Could it be that we have our own optimal place of existence where happiness is easier for us - and our dogs - to achieve? Click here to read my thoughts on why ideally, we should strive to increase our level of tolerance,...

Bartonella - A microbe suspected in cancer growth in dogs

Often called a stealth pathogen, Bartonella is neither a real bacteria or a real parasite. It can cause serious health conditions in dogs, including heart inflammation, cardiac valve disease, and possibly even hemangiosarcoma. Click here to learn how dogs can contract Bartonella, what the symptoms of Bartonella infection are, and...

Holistic approach to Cushing's Disease - Explanation, diagnosis and treatment

The main purpose of this Cushing’s disease series is to clarify some misconceptions about this adrenal gland disease, uncover some lesser-known connections in the disease developments and openly communicate the benefits and limitations of both, conventional and holistic approaches to treatment and prevention.

How to stop idiots from ruining the world

I know most of us are upset about what is going on in Ukraine. I do my best not to post about negative events too often but this one has a positive feel good solution and also an avenue for you to help if that is what you would like...

9 out of 10 dogs and people suffer from this condition

Read more about trauma, a condition that affects 9 out of 10 people and many dogs. Find out why it's responsible for emotional suffering, disease, cancer, and lost lives, and read about how working through it can change lives. 

How to transition dogs from kibble to raw food

Are you worried about your dog's health or thinking of making the switch from kibble to raw or cooked natural food? Learn how to switch your adult dog or puppy safely and how to make their diet complete. 

The right raw bones can save your dog's teeth and thousands in dental care

  This article could save you thousands in dental bills by showing you how you can keep feeding your dog bones and avoid broken teeth. 

Making life plans? Why you should listen to your dog

What do you think your dog or cat would tell you to do if they could speak? Do you think they would want us to work 12 hour days, spend hours in traffic, watch too much TV, or shop for things we don’t need? Read on to see why you...

Why dogs are the heroes of 2021

The end of 2021 is here. This is what I've learned during this challenging year, and why we should choose to be the mouse that ventures out of the pantry.

10 most common mistakes dog lovers make when raising a puppy

Don’t adopt a dog until you consider these 10 points. You and your new best friend will be much happier.

Many dogs are unwell and it's all the electrician's fault!

Did you know that dog food kibble was invented by James Spratt, an electrician? While he fancied himself a nutritionist, he really was just hungry for money. Read here to find out how the kibble industry has brainwashed us, and why raw food is the best food for our dogs.

Why I would never attach a leash to my dog's collar

Your dog’s neck is vital to their health because it's in charge of the nerve, blood, and energy flow supply to the muscles and organs, and it also connects the brain with the rest of the body. Read this article to find out why I would NEVER attach a leash...

5 steps that may add up to 3 years to your dog's life

Do you know the 80/20 rule, and how 20 % of your choices can make 80% of a difference? It applies to many things in life, including your dog's health. Here's why you shouldn't stress over the tiny details, and my simple steps that will help you and your dog...

The crazy world of yogurt aisles and why your choices matter

Do you ever wonder why there are rows and rows of the same items in a store, just different brands? Does it make you happy to have options, or do you think it’s wasteful that most of these items will end up in the landfill? Here’s why I always recycle,...

Fatty lumps (lipomas), other lumps and why surgery is not the best choice

An essential resource for every dog lover with a lumpy dog...  If you  find yourself confused about what to do when you  find a lump or immediately think of the worst-case scenario, I hope this blog will be useful.

An empath’s guide on how not to piss people off

What questions does your doctor ask you before prescribing medication to you, and what questions should you be asking your doctor about the pills they prescribe? In this blog post I have put together a few real life stories to demonstrate how I choose when I talk to others about...

Natural health, supplements and internet trolls

Who is Mrs. Kratka, and what does she have to do with Internet trolls? In this blog post, I talk about what I really think about people who “slam” me for selling supplements for dogs, and why they don’t make me upset. I also tell a story of Mrs. Kratka,...

Why Vienna scores low on the list of dog friendly cities

Do you wonder how dogs live in other parts of the world? When I travel with Pax, I get to explore the city from a dog’s point of view, and I always make sure my hotel is close to a park or green space for Pax. Some cities are incredibly...

Diabetes in dogs - Treatment and prevention - Holistic approach

  Diabetes is one of the most frustrating diseases vets see, and it is so easy to prevent in many dogs. Diabetes happens almost exclusively in dogs on kibble, and this article explains the biology behind it. If you feed your dog a raw or cooked diet, you are very...

How to find your place of truth

My goal for this post is to bring some sort of sense to the madness of the Covid vaccine debate, so that we can all talk to each other without thinking that the other side is either insane, or dangerous. Here is how I understand the current situation in 11 simple points,...

A new dog safety page for every dog lover

Do you worry about how to keep your dog safe? Learn about our new page that includes info on toxic plants for dogs, car safety for dogs, dog first aid, and much more. I hope it will help you prevent accidents and prepare you in case an emergency does occur....

Announcement! New H+ line multivitamin for you

This summer, my team and I have been busy launching our H+ human line of supplements. So now, in addition to FeelGood Omega H+, GreenMin H+ and NMNPure H+, I would like to introduce another ally on your journey towards greater health and longevity: SoulFood H+ a complete, fermented, certified organic, multivitamin.

Why thousands of dog lovers may be harming their dogs without knowing

In my opinion, the current state of medicine is not as much of the fault of individual veterinarians and doctors, but a systemic issue that starts with one sided education and ends with lobbyists working hard to protect the interest of pharmaceutical companies. The three “moments” I share here are...

Positive news on the anti-aging front

Sometimes people ask me why I talk about more than just dogs and their health, and it’s because I believe that our dogs’ well-being rests upon the state and well-being of the people caring for them, and it’s why I started making supplements for people, too. Learn more about NMNPure...

A story of a lost friend

Can you imagine living in a world where friends become enemies, and opportunities and freedoms are taken away, just because of differences of opinions? My life behind the Iron Curtain still sometimes haunts me, but it has allowed me to see the threats to democracy more clearly. If no deer has...

The worst 18 hours of Pax's and my life

Usually I know how to begin, however today I am having a hard time finding my words. Perhaps I should step back and let Pax share his side of the most scary 18 hours of my life, and tell you all about how he survived being lost in the high...

Four ingredients for happiness

Do you know why many of my supplements for dogs and people, including SoulFood, are fermented? The fermentation process is powerful and transforms vitamins into whole foods, and increases potency, along with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. And, all my supplements are also made with four key surprising ingredients — ones...

Natural treatment of wounds, incisions, hotspots, bee stings, insect bites and more

For many decades, people have been resorting to wound care products that are toxic to the bacteria but also to the body’s own cells. Hydrogen peroxide, Hibitane soaps and antibiotic creams damage the skin cells around the margin of the wound, delay healing and cause more visible scars.

Why hydrogen peroxide should not be used on wounds

Find out why hydrogen peroxide does not need to be in your medicine cabinet. I am sharing a simple six-step all-natural method with you for treating wounds, incisions, stings and other skin ailments.

5 most common mistakes people make when treating skin wounds and incisions

The status quo isn't always the best option so here are some reasons to follow a different and all-natural routine when it comes to treating wounds and incisions.

7 steps to trouble-free natural wound care for dogs and people

When I was released from the hospital following a surfing accident, the hospital staff gave me zero instructions on how to take care of the wound! The only thing the nurse did was apply a big blob of Polysporin antibiotic ointment, which I washed off immediately. This whole experience made me...

Natural guide to giardia treatment and prevention in dogs

Does your dog like to drink from puddles, creeks and rivers? If so, here’s everything you need to know about Giardia, a tiny microorganism that can cause a lot of digestive issues if your dog has a weakened or inflamed gut. Learn how you can help strengthen your dog’s intestinal...

Freedom of choice will remain

Are you unsure about the COVID vaccine? It may surprise you to hear that I am not for or against the COVID vaccination, and that’s because we haven’t had enough time to know what the right answer is. Based on my research and expertise as a veterinarian and health care...

The first human line product is here!

Our first human line product is here! Learn more about FeelGood Omega H+ and what benefits it can provide for your body, including healthy aging, cell repair, mobility and brain function support, and more.

One important mineral that keeps you, your dog, and everything else alive

Do you know which mineral keeps you, your dog and all living things alive? If not, I suggest you read on to find out! Here in part two of my Essential Minerals for Dogs series, I talk about six minerals your dog can’t go without, how much of each mineral...

7 minerals that will make a huge difference in your dog's life

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t really like chemistry in high school. Now, I find it fascinating, because I can see how chemistry and minerals can make our dogs’ bodies, and our own, function optimally. There is something so mighty and powerful in giving the body minerals: They power...

Is spirulina good for dogs?

Here are 10 reasons why dark-green algae should be in every dog's diet.

Why mineral deficiencies lead to dehydration and premature aging in dogs

Over the years, I have frequently written on the topic of mineral and nutrient depletion in dogs, and data shows that almost every dog that doesn’t get supplements is lacking the essential minerals and vitamins needed for a longer, healthier life. In fact, mineral deficiency leads to body depletion, organ...

Are your friendships in tune?

Do you know what your dog’s liver and your closest relationships have in common? If you’ve ever heard the saying that you are the sum of your five closest friends in your life, you might know what I’m talking about: if those friendships aren’t in tune, you might be feeling...

Anxious, fearful and worried dogs: What to do, in a nutshell

Anxiety, fear and aggression in dogs can be genetic or a result of their environment, and how you react in stressful situations can either increase or diminish the level of anxiety or fear your dog experiences. Here’s what I have learned over the last 30 years, and how you can...

10 articles that will transform your dog’s health and life

Empower yourself with knowledge! If you’ve missed some of my articles over the past few months, here’s your chance to seize a unique opportunity to improve or maintain your dog’s health. Click here for a compilation of my best articles of 2021 (so far) and receive important information you’ll need...

Puppy Series Part 3: Behaviour, exercise, and training

Puppies, puppies, puppies! In Part 3 of my puppy series, I dive into 16 more mistakes people make when raising their puppies, such as allowing puppies to jump and lick, using improper equipment, reinforcing poor recall, giving puppies the wrong kinds of toys, improper exercise and so much more. Learn...

Puppy Series Part 2: 15 mistakes people make feeding puppies

New puppy owners are faced with many decisions, and often one of the most perplexing is choosing the right puppy food. Throughout my career, I’ve seen puppies start out on “life stage” processed puppy food and the health conditions that have resulted, and I’ve also helped countless clients raise their...

Why frisbee fetching may be risky for dogs

This is not an easy article for me to write and I do not want to seem like a party pooper but I do need to think about the safety of your dog. Repetitive  exercise, twisting and jumping may look like fun for your dog, but can result in long-lasting injuries.

Puppy Series Part 1: Socialization and vaccines

I love meeting new puppy owners — most of them are not unlike “human baby” parents. They worry the most about their firstborn because everything is exciting and new, but also a little scary, as it is difficult to determine good advice from the bad. Unfortunately, there are three harmful...

What if this were the last time?

As I travel from Maui to visit my mamma in my home country, Czech Republic, I can appreciate the island as being one of my greatest teachers. In my early days there, I was met both with happy times and the volcanic eruptions life inevitably brings. But as time went...

Complete guide to natural tick prevention and lyme disease in dogs

Did you know that there’s a tiny insect more dangerous than a Great White Shark hanging out in our backyards, forests and favourite trails right now? If you're as concerned about ticks as I am, you’ll want to read this comprehensive guide on how to prevent ticks (and fleas, another...

Why dog poop bags are a serious problem

 I’m about to make a confession that may shock you: I don’t always pick up Pax’s poop! While I’d never leave dog poop on a stranger’s lawn, I will leave it in the grass or forest, with good reason. Read on to learn why so-called eco-friendly dog poop bags...

All-natural homemade dog treat recipe

Your dog will LOOOVE these and Pax does too! Check out this healthy natural dehydrated dog treat recipe. 

4 steps that prevent 80% of your dog's health problems

Do you know why I love what I do? I’ve found my passion in life helping thousands of dog lovers every year learn the four steps to creating a healthy life for their dogs: feeding our dogs natural food, providing our dogs with essential supplements, putting our dogs through a...

Urinary incontinence in dogs

Here is all you need to know about treating your leaky dog naturally without cancer-causing hormones.

A dog utopia like no other

Ready for two provoking and thought inviting topics?! You are at the right place. The first one is freeeeedom! You know the thing that we used to be entitled to according to the charter of rights.😉 The second topic is about letting our dogs sleep in our beds. Check it...

An incredible story of survival that may inspire you

If you’re feeling down or find yourself in a difficult situation, read how a raw bone for dogs, an army of ants and a washing machine inspired me to contemplate human resilience and why just a little bit of stress can actually do us good.

Nail injuries, and toe and nail bed tumours in dogs

Has your dog ever had a bleeding or broken nail? Learn how to treat an injured nail and stop it from bleeding. Recognize the difference between a common nail injury and a toe nail bed tumour. Discover the causes of toe tumours in dogs and ways of preventing them.

5 most common causes of allergies in dogs and people

What are true allergies in dogs and how can they be treated naturally? Here are 5 common causes of allergies in dogs (and people), as well as, a 5-step plan to help your dog overcome allergies, naturally.

Your dog may be your mirror

Do you think that you and your dog are alike? From what I have seen, the longer dogs live with us, the more they’re “dialled into our energy field” and are like us. Today I share my thoughts on this topic, as well as an announcement of something very exciting...

How to survive and thrive in 2021 and how your dog can help

Here are the tricks I am using to stay happy and positive in this world gone bonkers. I hope they will help you and your dog too!

No-clueitis: a problem that you may want to know about

No-clueitis is a term I like to use for nonsensical behaviour that we humans exhibit in many areas. Do you know someone who suffers from no-clueitis? I am willing to wager that you do! Read on to learn more about this common human affliction.

Dandelion: Great for dog liver support

Dandelions are considered nothing more than a weed by most people, but it is actually a little flower that can do great things for your dog's liver and has many other medicinal qualities. That is why I have included it in SoulFood and wrote this article to answer the questions I...

Meet my four not-so-good friends

Today is not the first time that I have written on the topic of regret. Vets witness regret on a daily basis when working with pet guardians who wish they hadn't waited for so long to deal with a health problem. Regret is the “best friend” of a whole bunch of characters...

Parsley for dogs: Benefits & more

What has more vitamin C than citrus? I want to take a moment to highlight an especially potent herb that can be very beneficial to your dog’s health and that is parsley.

What to do if your dog is limping or refuses to walk/run

Here is a first-aid guide for dogs and what to do if your dog has acute lameness, is limping or cannot walk or run. Also, learn how best to approach ongoing chronic mobility issues.

Why dogs with narrow shoulders are prone to heart disease

Help keep your dog's heart healthy by following a six-step heart disease prevention program.

Important info on hair mineral testing for your dog

Over the years, I have always tried to find ways of keeping our product costs as low as possible, while never compromising on the quality of ingredients and our customer care, and this includes the HairQ Test.

10 reasons why turmeric is good for dogs

This ingredient can help your dogs, teeth, heart, helps fight cancer cells and is well-known as an anti-inflammatory. Have you guessed what this amazing food is?

Do superheroes really exist?

We all need others in order to thrive, even our heroes are human in this way. But what to do when we aren't able to connect with others and find the support we need? Read on for my thoughts on how to find our way through this unusual time, and how...

Q & A On dog health with Dr. Dobias

Over the years, dog lovers have been asking why we don’t make an all-in-one supplement for dogs similar to other companies. Here is my answer.

101+ things dog lovers worry about

When our dogs are young we don't seem to worry as much about their future health, but as the years go by our worries tend to grow. Read on to learn my key steps to worry less, and how to prevent cancer in your dog. 

Why giving is worth not giving up

Do you make an effort to give back? It feels good to help others and be giving, but sometimes we can feel disappointed when it seems that our help is not truly appreciated. It is only human to feel this way, and it's how we manage our feelings that matters.

Holistic treatment of hypothyroidism in dogs

Hypothyroidism in dogs can be prevented and, in some cases, treated naturally with a few simple steps. Learn how in this article. 

Unravelling the myth of allergies in dogs

Allergies in dogs are one of the most common and also most commonly misdiagnosed conditions. In this article, you will learn what the true causes of allergies are, how to addressthem and get access to all you need to know to resolve your dog’s problems. 

Do dogs have a moral compass?

Good and evil, right vs. wrong, we all have a moral compass that directs us - but are we born with it or is it more complicated than that? In this article I ponder over this question and, as always, look to dogs as an example. I hope you enjoy...

Are you dancing to a song no one else can hear?

Happy New Year my amazing Dog Lovers! Here is a piece I wrote for you to make 2021 a great year! Wishing you and your dogs love, health, happiness and a COVID-free year!

Christmas, why dogs came to the rescue in 2020, and the story of two mice

It has been a challenging year for most of us, and many people are looking towards 2021 with hope and anticipation. In this blog I share my thoughts on the year, why many people turned to dogs and also a story of two mice that I hope you enjoy.

A serious problem in dogs that is often ignored

Daily, I see dogs, pulling and choking on the leash attached to either a choke chain, martingale, prong or even a shock collar. Here are some important tips on how to prevent your dog from suffering from collar-related injuries. 

The differences between Skai and Pax

Since Pax came on the scene and flooded our lives with unbound and sometimes “untamed” happiness, some of you have been asking how different Pax and Skai are. I thought it would be fun for me to share about some of the similarities and differences between my two dogs, I...

Do we subconsciously sabotage our dog's health?

We all want our dogs to live happy long lives, but do we always make the right choices when it comes to their health? Does it all come down to a matter of good or bad luck?

Searching for “The best vet near me?”

Looking for a vet you can trust? In a recent poll, 56% of dog lovers said they did not trust their vet. Finding a vet you trust with your best friend’s life is a difficult task, and it’s easy to make the wrong decision. Here are some tips on how...

Why I love being an "undercover agent"

Here is why I love being “an undercover agent” and why failures can lead to success in health and in life. All you need is a little courage, persistence, and an open mind. 

Monkey's House: Where dogs go to LIVE!

An interview with Monkey's House, a holistic sanctuary for senior dogs located on a small farm in New Jersey, USA. Monkey's House is a special animal rescue organization we’ve supported over the last couple of years that was founded by life long animal lovers, Michele and Jeff Allen.

How to keep your dog safe and happy on Halloween

Halloween can be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress, for your dog. Learn how you can help your dog enjoy this spooky holiday and stay safe.

One part of life that people are better off than dogs

Everyone has their own perspective on things and their own world view, and this helps determine the choices we make each day. Read on to find out what this has to do with your dog's health. 

5 things I learned from my dog about gift-giving and receiving

Are you a good gift-giver, receiver, or both? Gift-giving and receiving can be a contentious topic for many people, which made me ponder the pros and cons of giving gifts, and the ways humans and dogs differ when it comes to gift-giving and receiving.

7 things good countries and good companies have in common

I came across something called the Good Country Index, and it got me thinking about what makes a company good? Find out where your country ranks on the Good Country Index, and learn about my criteria for a Good Company Index.

Vestibular syndrome in dogs - Natural treatment and prevention

Stroke or Vestibular Syndrome? I hope your dog has neither but here is how to tell the difference. This article also has all the info on how to prevent vestibular syndrome and what to do if your dog starts showing symptoms.

Beware of the corporate veterinary medicine trap

When trust is broken it is shattered into pieces and can never be repaired back to its original state. It does not matter whether it's a cup, friendship or relationship with your dog's vet. Read more about the topic of trust and the reason behind why so many people don't trust their...

The most common diarrhea drug is harmful to your dog's gut

A recent study shows that the drug most commonly prescribed to dogs with diarrhea actually causes digestive issues and weakens immune health. Learn what to do when your vet prescribes Metronidazole and a safer natural approach that I have been using with my clients for the past 23 years.

Important warning about boarding your dog

Are you able to take your dog along with you when you travel? If not, what is the best option for your dog's care while you're away?

A message from 'dog paradise'

A recent mountain hike I did with Pax had a truly healing effect on us. Getting out of the city together and experiencing the beauty and freedom of nature has an indisputable uplifting effect, but today was even more exceptional because I had a vision of how dogs could be freer. 

Are human lives more valuable than animals?

Many people still consider humans to be better and more valuable than dogs and other animals, just because we have a higher ability to invent, think and get organized. However, all animals are equal and have emotions. Here is a piece on how we can start to cultivate respect and...

12 rules for safe dog treats: Fish, liver treats & more

As a vet, I often ask my clients about treats, but only recently I realized that treats can be a serious problem when it comes to your dog’s health.

Mobility is a biggie for dogs

Watching your dog get older and less mobile is one of the hardest parts of living with a dog. I hope this article and video will help you and your senior dog feel better and also prevent younger dogs from injuries that lead to mobility issues down the road. 

7 top holistic healing articles & videos of 2020

If life has kept you busy, here is a little compilation of the best of 2020 (so far...) to keep your dog healthy.

Pancreatitis in dogs – Treatment and prevention – Natural approach

Pancreatitis is a very common, sometimes life threatening disease that can be successfully treated or prevented by drug free natural holistic methods.

One poison your dog is immune to, and you aren’t

Is being up-to-date on the news worth the toll it takes on our mental health and well-being? Our dogs have the answer.

How much food to feed your dog

Learn a few simple principles to ensure that your dog gets the right amount of food.

Is there something wrong when dogs eat grass?

Many people wonder if it is normal for their dog to eat grass. They often associate grass-eating with digestive problems or another disease, but in most cases that is not the situation.

Is empathy going extinct? Dogs may have the answer

We can learn a lot from our canine friends about being empathetic, kind and considerate of one another. Empathy works like magic and makes our world a better place.

Why dogs pant and are restless at night

I often hear people complain that their dogs are restless or panting at night. Unless your dog sleeps in a very warm room, this may be warning signal that your dog’s body is in a state of imbalance. While there is no single cause, this problem is usually a combination...

Why do dogs have bad breath?

The secret to getting rid of smelly dog breath. How health and halitosis are connected and 5 ways you can improve your dog’s breath.

A victory for dogs in China 🇨🇳 🐶 🙌🏼

I have felt a deep sense of helplessness in connection with the welfare of dogs and other animals in China, as it is impossible not to stumble upon images of dogs in meat markets. The good news is that the tides are changing! Read on for more.

What do sharks have to do with fleas and your dog?

Find out how one little frog is causing big problem in Maui and what you can do to stop man-made problems from getting worse. Here's a hint - it's by loving and caring for your dog!

What puppy shots and COVID-19 quarantine rules have in common

These days all of us just want to be safe and stay healthy but at what cost? Read what puppy shots and pandemic rules have in common and why I have little tolerance for medical BS. 

Safer vaccination protocol in adult dogs and puppies

One may think that vaccines or 'shots,' as many people call them, should be the first step when they get a new dog or puppy. However, it is not that simple. Vaccines contain dangerous carcinogens and disease-causing chemicals such as mercury and formaldehyde and they have the ability to cause symptoms similar to the...

Natural approach to treatment and prevention of tick paralysis in dogs

A single tick can render your dog helpless with one bite. Tick paralysis is scary but can be easily treated. Learn how to recognize, treat and prevent tick-borne illnesses, like tick paralysis, naturally.

10 wild and crazy facts about fleas and dogs

No one wants to find fleas on their dog, but fleas actually have some amazing qualities and are one of nature's greatest design. Read on to find out 10 amazing facts about fleas, including how they can outperform even the most elite human athletes.

Where to find help for your dog when you need it

Here is a quick review of where you can find help for your dog when  you need it. The top resources for all your dog's health issues and needs are all in one place.

How to harness the power of our addictive genes

Are you addicted to taking pictures of your dog like I am? Nature is never wrong, and it appears it has not been wrong in giving the “addictive” genes a green light in the course of evolution. In fact, the success of our species has been greatly influenced by what I call ‘the...

How to help others without being a pain in the....

The best way to help others is to teach them how to help themselves. Here are some key resources to help you learn how to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

Truth and lies

I have a dream of a world where when someone is asked a question, they give an honest, truthful answer. Imagine politics, healthcare, friendships and relationships! They would be completely transformed.🤓❤️🌏

Why I don't like the word 'stupid'

I prefer to think that in most cases people are unaware, rather than stupid. When it comes to dog health, you may be unaware of many easy and natural steps you can take to help your dog live a happier longer life. Read on to learn more about many commonly unknown...

Unsure what to think about all this?

When I lack clarity in finding solution to a medical problem, I know I need to gain a better understanding, and the coronavirus topic is certainly unclear. If you are like most people, myself included, you are trying to grasp the shocking changes our world has gone through in the past...

What do dinosaurs have to do with COVID-19?

Normally, I would thank you for looking after your dogs, but this time, please hug your dogs for me and thank them for looking after you. This crisis is far from over and we all have our own challenges. There are many ways to respond to a crisis, be it natural or...

What seems unnatural about COVID-19 (SARS CoV-2)?

While conducting some online research on SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19), I came across a video interview with Dr. Pekova, a Czech medical doctor, molecular biologist, and geneticist with an extensive research portfolio.

How dogs are helping during the COVID-19 crisis

I wake up every morning thinking this was all just a bad dream. The presence of dogs is even more important than before, they cheer us up and keep us company. Many seniors are now solely dependant upon the companionship of dogs, because they have to live in self-isolation. It is no...

Can feeding a raw diet prevent fleas?

Conventional flea products are known for serious side effects, such as seizures. Sadly, with almost every chemically based product, there are reports of fatalities. This is one reason why so many dog lovers look for safer natural alternatives, and why I often get this question: "Can feeding a raw, natural diet...

Eight steps to choosing a safe flea product for your dog

You get what you pay for doesn't apply when you are looking for flea products. Don't buy another flea treatment until you read this article!

Ear cropping can affect dogs' health and longevity

Are you thinking about cropping your dog's ears? Read this first to learn why ear cropping and tail docking are bad for dogs' health.

9 step program to reduce your dog’s excessive panting

Panting in senior dogs is not just about being too hot. There are many reasons why older dogs pant. Here are 9 simple solutions how you can help.

Stomach bloat – Gastric dilation volvulus in dogs – Holistic approach

5 steps to protect your dog from this serious, life-threatening condition and what you need to know about diet, exercise and your dog’s spine to prevent it.

A complete guide to natural ear care for dogs

If your dog has a hairy ear canal, has had ear problems in general, such as moist, inflamed, yeasty or infected ears, or if you are just looking to prevent ear problems, this article is for you.

Why to feed raw dog food – The magic school bus through the digestive tract

I have always loved the cleverness of the “Magic School Bus” – one of the most ingenious educational programs to date. Today, I would like to invite you on a journey through the digestive tract of two very different groups; herbivores and carnivores to see why nature, unlike processed food junk...

26 tips to keep your dog safe over the holidays

A playful parody on holiday safety for dogs, highlighting what not to do. Dr. Peter Dobias humorously emphasizes the importance of avoiding toxic foods, hazards, and poor choices during the festive season to ensure a joyful and emergency-free holiday with our furry companions.

Tainted pet treats from China – How to keep your pet safe

Learn more about tainted pet treats, what to do if you suspect your dog has had a tainted pet treat, and how to keep your pet safe.

One of the most common mistakes people make when exercising their dogs

It hurts to see dogs get hurt. That is why I find it difficult to visit the dog park. You often see dogs being overworked and sustaining injuries that can bother them the rest of their lives. Find out nine ways to keep your dog happy and healthy with exercise...

3 things that can seriously harm your dog

Click here to read the story of a two legged dog on two wheels; why tennis balls are dangerous for dogs; how ball chucking tools cause many injuries; why prong collars are dangerous; and why kibble is the food that creates disease.

Dangers to be aware of if your dog loves ball play

Many people do not see any difference between tennis balls and other balls, but there are definitely some important differences.

Why do dogs get bladder and kidney stones and how to treat them naturally

If you are you wondering why I decided to write about stones, I have two reasons. One, urinary, kidney and bladder stones are one of the most common problems found in dogs.   

Natural kidney support for dogs

If you have been living with a pet  suffering from kidney disease or hope to prevent kidney problems in the future, this article is definitely for you because kidney problems are one of the most common conditions diagnosed in cats and dogs.

Why puppy freedom leads to healthy development

One of the most common questions lately has been how I train Pax, and how is it that he is such an unusually well-behaved pup. First, I don’t want you to fall for the illusion that he doesn’t get in trouble. He loves to chew on shoes and is drawn...

Top 7 holistic healing articles and videos of 2019

The best tips from far! It is hard to believe that we are already half way through June! Life seems to be going by faster and faster; sometimes there is so much going and I worry that you miss important pieces of knowledge that can keep your dog healthier.

Why salt is more valuable than gold or diamonds

I have been thinking of how important travel of any kind is to growing and learning. I often recall Paolo Coelho’s book,The Alchemist, where the main character travels around the world to learn life lessons while looking for a treasure. Eventually, he returns home, only to find what he was...

10 essential questions you should ask

The reality is that unless you make food yourself or it is made of whole pet food by a company you trust, your dog’s food will continue to be “mystery food”.  Sadly, not every company can be trusted and it requires experience and skill to recognize the good ones from the...

A safer vaccination protocol

I know that your dog's health and well-being is your top priority and so today I am sharing a few key tips on how to give your dog a healthier, happier and longer life. Here you will learn how you can protect your dog from unnecessary vaccines, procedures and drugs, as well...

8 most common wishes dog people have for their dogs

I could easily write an essay on this topic, but I feel that there is no need for this. You and I know that dogs are simply "the bestest friends" we could ever dream up. Here are eight common wishes people have for their dogs.

What role does your dog play in learning to trust more?

Most of us have experienced “trivial breaches” of trust where trades give us an unreasonably high quote, someone tries to sell us an overpriced item or bill three hours for every hour they actually worked. While unpleasant, these events pale in comparison to situations where we trusted someone close to...

A complete guide to skin hot spots in dogs - Natural treatment

Hot spots are a painful, itchy and uncomfortable skin condition that affects mainly the surface of a dog's skin. They are more common in the spring and summer which leads many people to mistakenly believe that they are primarily related to heat, moisture and perhaps allergies. Read on to find...

Why thick scabs increase scarring and the risk of infections

No one wants their dog to suffer scars and infections from a simple wound. Find out a few surprising ways to help your dog’s healing process go faster, heal better and prevent scars.

A few simple steps can make a big difference in your dog's health

Although we can’t stop the natural cycle of our dog's life, what we can do is invest a few extra minutes in our dog, each day, to extend their life and help them be well until the very end.

What is much more dangerous than bacteria in raw dog food?

Are you afraid of bacteria?  If so, you are not alone. The fear of bacteria has been burdening humans since the invention of the microscope. It seems that our society has fallen for the bacterial drama and sensational media reporting that has turned bacteria into life-destroying monsters. 

How to choose the right puppy and avoid puppy mill disasters

Most people do not intentionallychoose to support the shady and torturous business of puppy mills and puppy brokerage.  Here are 5 steps to learn how to recognize and avoid puppy mill puppies and what to do if you suspect your new puppy came from a puppy mill.  

12 rules to being the perfect houseguest and how to get invited over and over again

I love being a host because when people visit, I can spend more time with them and get to know them better. I love the company of other people; hanging out, cooking meals, enjoying conversations and also seeing guests having fun. But as you may know, having guests also comes with countless...

See the faces of true gratitude!

Do you believe that we receive what we put out into the universe or what we need to learn? Life sometimes does not seem fair but I love to see how people overcome serious challenges and become much "better at life."

Why a dog-less life sucks

When flying, the cabin is my sanctuary and I have lots of time to think and reflect. Here are my thoughts on a dog-less life.

Can dogs eat carrots?

Carrots! The healthy vegetable archetype! How could anyone think that they would not be ideal for dogs? I thought the same until dogs, who are my patients, taught me a little more about this delicious, beautifully colored vegetable.

Another wild "coincidence"

Lately, I have been writing about nutrition, supplements, GreenMin, minerals, and other medical topics. However, today, I want to share something personal about the new puppy, the name guessing contest and another wild "coincidence". Is it really a coincidence, or is it a message from the other side?

A complete natural treatment protocol for lick granuloma in dogs

There are many misunderstood conditions in veterinary medicine, but lick granuloma is probably one of the most common ones. It could easily be the medical form of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Here is a 7-step natural treatment plan to address and treat your dog’s lick granuloma once and for...

Is your dog a picky eater?

There are a a few medical reasons why your dog may have low appetite. However, if your dog receives a clean bill of health from your vet, it could be this one simple thing you are doing that is turning him or her into a picky eater.

Paint with GreenMin!

Do you love to create, paint and have fun? One of our customer service team members (and Healing Ambassador), Shelina, who also goes by “The Doggy Diva Who Cares,” 🤓🤩🤪 came up with a really fun idea for a GreenMin painting contest.The reason is that, besides GreenMin being a mineral and amino-acid...

Why I take dog supplements

  Some of you have been wondering why I take dog supplements myself and the reason is very simple. I know where they come from, I know they are not sourced from China, and we have tested all our products on humans anyway so I know they work!  In this...

Itchy skin and how to protect your dog from dangerous anti-itch drugs

There are many things that you can do when it comes to your dog's health and the hardest part is often sorting out the information available out there. This is why I have offered a simple plan here for itchy skin that has made a big difference in the lives...

Giving update: Monkey's House

A heartwarming message from a dog hospice and sanctuary that we donated products to earlier this year.

Natural approach to treating skin infections, allergies and hot spots

Is your dog suffering from skin problems, hot spots and allergies? Have you seen many vets and are still not getting satisfactory results? Just read on and learn how you can help your dog without drugs, chemicals and treat these conditions for less and without side-effects.

Are you your dog’s boss, slave or a best friend?

I was lucky to meet Kathy Gibson, a now-retired behaviourist who taught me how to become my dog's best friend.  She brought to my attention the most common mistakes that can draw the line between your dog becoming a canine angel or a canine “pain in a butt.” Here are...

How long will my dog live?

I thought it would be a good idea to start building a database that would allow us to compare the average life expectancy of dogs based on the food they eat and the supplements they get. Naturally, such a project takes some time, but if we take this on together, we...

Holistic approach to treatment of reverse sneezing in dogs

Learn what causes of reverse sneezing veterinarians commonly overlook and how you can help treat or prevent this troubling condition in your dog.

Can you injure your dog by playing tug-of-war?

Discover the best way to exercise your dog, including what games are safe, and why playing too rough can cause neck injuries & other issues.

How forgiving others may benefit your dog's health

I can't believe I missed the most important one! A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about four characteristics that dogs are better at than people. Some of you reminded me to mention the fifth and very important quality of dogs that definitely deserves to be on the list.

When sadness and love come together

Often we want to find the perfect words to say when trying to comfort a friend who has recently lost their best friend; However, I find that grieving is a natural process that we should be allowed to flow through, even if that means we have to face our so-called negative...

Five reasons that we love dogs more than some people

Learn about the five traits that dogs are better at than humans and why following in our dogs’ footsteps can help us solve communication and relationship challenges with other people.

5 step holistic approach to paw licking in dogs

Is your dog licking and chewing their paws raw? Most vets diagnose allergies, but many dogs are actually suffering an undetected injury. Find out how collars and pulling on leashes cause paw licking and get a 4 step holistic treatment plan.

What do pills and peanuts have in common?

Last weekend I was on a plane and I saw passengers in the seat beside me popping pills like they were peanuts! It prompted me to write this article on drugs and drug interactions. This article could help save your dog from unnecessary suffering in the long run. 

What I can and cannot do about cancer

Most cancers in dogs are still very hard to treat, and while I have seen rare and miraculous cures under my care, they are hard to repeat predictably. This is why the best cancer cure continues to be prevention. 

Is bone broth good for dogs?

When it comes to giving your dog bone broth there is a lot to consider. Here are some frequently asked questions about whether or not bone broth is suitable for dogs and if there are better alternatives.

How a homeless dog from Greece found his forever home in Canada

Did you know that there are approximately 3 million stray dogs in Greece? Here is a heartwarming story about Nelson, a homeless dog from Greece who found his forever home in Canada, thanks to our community of dog-lovers who support our Healing Foundation initiatives through every purchase.

Does your dog suffer from monkey love?

How many times a day should you feed your dog? Here's why dogs should eat one to two healthy meals per day and fast once per week.

10 steps to choosing the right healthy treats for your dog

How to avoid the treat trap. 10 ways to choose healthy treats your dog will love.

What is the difference between the relationships with dogs and people?

Learning how to form a culture of excellent communication within our company has been a challenge, especially given the fact that there are now about 20 people on our team. However, it can be done and I'd like to share what I've learned from my company about effective communication with...

Blood tests for dogs: Are they necessary or a money grab?

A complete guide to blood testing for caring dog lovers. Learn what blood test and other diagnostics are essential to your dog's health and longevity. Become more empowered and skilled in deciding how to make decisions for your dog and avoid unnecessary tests and procedures.

Which one out of these three types of dog lovers are you?

Discover what personality traits will help you keep your dog healthy. See which one of these three dog lover types you belong to. See how a vet sees his clients and how it helps to get a dog healthier.

Why dogs with allergies and skin problems are less likely to get cancer

  Why do mellow and placid have higher tendency to cancer and why the feisty and more dramatic ones are much more likely to be allergic and over-reactive? This article will give you a very different view at cancer, chronic disease and how to reduce the chances of causing serious problems with...

Addison’s disease - Natural treatment + prevention

A complete guide for a holistic approach to treatment and prevention of this serious life-threatening disease. Essential info for you and other dog lovers.                   

One myth that can rob you of precious time with your senior dog

Why is feeding a high protein diet vs. a low protein diet much more beneficial to your dogs health?

What the universe can tell us about our purpose

Why are we all here on Earth and what is our purpose? It’s a big question, so where better to look than the universe - an area so vast it is truly incomprehensible.

Do you believe in guardian angels?

A ski trip and a problem with my car have me wondering if there is someone or something out there protecting us from disaster. Read this article and see what you think.

9 tips to keep your dogs safe this holiday season

Keeping your dog safe, happy and stress-free during the holidays can be challenging. Here are some ideas on how to keep this time happy and safe for you and your best friend. 

9 steps for a good relationship with your veterinarian

You and your dog’s vet may not always agree, but can you still work together? It’s not always easy, so I’ve written this article with 6 tips to help you build a great relationship with your dog’s veterinarian and when to cut ties.

Rescue dogs and a rainforest received your love

We paid forward the love and care you show to your dog to organizations around the world who love dogs and the earth as much as you do. Read our fall giving report to find out who received our monthly donations made on your behalf.

Why do dogs eat dirt and what you can do about it

Is dirt-eating in dogs a sign of indigestion, toxicity or boredom? Do you often wonder if there is something missing in your dog's diet? Find my 6-step holistic program to stop dogs from eating dirt.

Houston rescue shelter steps up during disaster

Here is a story of hope about the dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston that will warm your heart. And you are a part of the story!

5 things you need to know about bone feeding and dogs

We get a lot of questions about feeding dogs bones and bone meal. So I’m making no bones about it and answering the most frequently asked questions about how to make sure your dog is getting the best nutrition from bones, including calcium and magnesium.

What you can do when your dog is a picky eater and refuses food

It’s always worrying when our dog is not eating. We all want our best friends to be happy and healthy! So if you have a fussy eater, try these 8 steps to get them eating again.

Natural tick control arrived to rescue dogs in Egypt

How a Canadian company is helping a British dog lover rescue animals in Egypt.

A rescue shelter that feeds raw food!

One rescue shelter’s innovative way of raising funds and how our community has helped.

Is a solar eclipse safe or dangerous for dogs?

Is it safe to bring your dog to a solar eclipse? It is an exciting event for humans and of course we love to share these moments with our best friends. Here are 7 tips to keep them safe during an eclipse.

Can dogs send us messages after they pass away?

Have you ever wondered if your dog is still sending you messages after they have passed away? After the passing of Skai, I’ve been asking for signs of his presence. Is it possible our best friends' presence can still be felt after they leave us? Read this blog to find...

Thyroid gland disease may be related to collar injuries

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common and also the least understood conditions in dogs. Learn how you can prevent it, what the most commonly missed cause of hypothyroidism is and how you can prevent it.   

How much water should dogs drink?

Keeping your dog well-hydrated is essential to good health and longevity. Learn how much and what kind of water is best for your dog.

Can you prevent cancer in your dog?

Worried about cancer? This comprehensive article is full of useful information on how to prevent cancer naturally, what supplements to give and what drug companies do not want you to know.

7 most common reasons why dogs eat feces

Most people react the same when their dog eats poop. Ewww, gross! But there are some surprising reasons why your dog feels the urge to eat those stinky ‘leftovers.’ Learn the reasons why your dog is feeling the urge and three easy ways to help them stop by reading this...

Ear cropping and tail docking - Painful, unnecessary, and harmful to your dog's health.

Learn why I strongly believe that ear cropping and tail docking are unnecessary and potentially harmful to our dog's health and well being. As a vet, I believe it is my obligation to inform my community about possible health and emotional consequences of these unnecessary but still relatively common procedures.

Two tips on how to prevent your dog from getting lost or hit by a car

The sinking feeling every dog lover gets when they realize their best friend is missing is the worst feeling in the world. Here are two important pieces of knowledge to keep your dog safe and prevent tragedies

There is a message of good health and longevity in your dog’s hair and elephants know it!

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without human presence?   Why is it that we humans can’t resist the urge to tamper with natural systems that are flawless and replace them with artificial imitations that are seriously flawed?

How you helped save thousands of dogs’ lives

One man and his team have been saving thousands of dogs every year in the southern United States and you have supported his efforts! Learn how.

Is it ok to give dogs milk?

Milk or no milk? What could be causing your dog’s allergies? And what is the best diet for dogs with food allergies? You might be surprised!

Protect your dog from cranial cruciate ligament injuries

No one wants to hear their dog has a Cranial Cruciate ligament injury, which can mean surgery and permanent damage. Learn how to avoid this common knee injury.

Is your dog keeping an eye on you? More conversations with Skai

Many people say they can still feel their dogs presence after they’ve passed away. Could they be visiting you in different forms? 

How you’ve helped street dogs in Nepal

You’ve done it again! You helped street dogs a world away in Nepal get the chance for a better life. Read about the amazing work your loving and caring purchases have brought to dogs living a world away.

How to treat insect bites and stings naturally

A simple and natural approach to treating insect bites and stings without drugs and steroids.

Is there an afterlife? A conversation with my dog

Have you lost a dog and still felt their presence? If you’ve ever wondered if there is an afterlife for dogs you’ll want to read this article.

A big thank you + a little bit of Skai love

Its only been a week since my dog Skai passed away and I still feel his presence everywhere. Grieving the loss of our best friends is never easy, so I am sharing what I’ve learned with others suffering the same heartbreak.

What do mandarin oranges have to do with dogs?

Why you don’t have to despair as you watch your senior dog age. Ways you can prepare yourself for the time you have to say goodbye to your best friend.

How your dog has helped dogs In Costa Rica and the USA

Another way you help dogs - the new giving report is in! Two shelters that are saving dog’s lives, getting them healthy and happy and giving them great homes are the recipients of this month’s donations. We found a shelter in Colorado and Costa Rica that are making a huge...

Is it ok to mix a raw diet and kibble?

Is a little bit of kibble ok? Is mixing a raw and cooked diet with a kibble now and then harmless or harmful? This article answers your questions about feeding kibble to your best friend.

How you helped students access books, bikes and university education

Your purchases last month helped Cambodian girls overcome the many hurdles they face to get an education. Want to hear the amazing story of what it takes to get through school in that country and how you helped? Read on.

Should you try to stop a dog attack?

Dog attacks are scary and something no dog lover wants to happen. But what do you do if it does?

Natural treatment of acute allergic reactions and bee stings in dogs

There could be a surprising reason for swelling in your dog. Allergic reactions and bee stings can be the cause. Find out natural ways you can treat and prevent these reactions.

How you and other dog lovers helped restore orangutan habitat

How the love for your dog travelled all the way to orangutans in Borneo. Read the latest giving report to find out how you are making a difference for animals all over the world.

Is arthritis in your dog a reason to panic?

No one wants to hear their dog has arthritis, but there is good news. You don’t have to panic because there are 7 steps you can use that don’t include drugs and can make all the difference when you hear the diagnosis of arthritis.

A 7 step guide to picking the best veterinarian

Sometimes the right decision is right under your nose! Learn how to recognize a good choice from a bad choice when and why it is important to trust yourself.

Caring for dogs from Canada to India

Another day, another way to help dogs who need our help. It's time again to update you on how your Natural Healing purchases have helped dogs from around the world - this time in Canada and India. Read on to find out how you have been a part of a...

How you helped dogs in Brazil, Canada and the U.S.A.

Your purchases in October not only benefitted your dog, they helped out dogs in Canada, the U.S. and Brazil. That's a lot of love!

How dogs live in Costa Rica

You may have helped a homeless dog in Costa Rica find a home. Want to know how? Read this giving report to find out how loving and caring for your dog turned into a lot of love for other dogs too.

A mysterious connection between your dog's lung health, cough and emotions

What could be causing your dog’s cough? There are many lung diseases out there, but many people are still not aware about this one important cause. Read how this unique approach can improve your dog's lung health.

The mysterious connection between your dog's neck and internal organ health

There is one part of the body that affects many vital organs. The neck is the gateway for nerve, energy and blood flow to the rest of your dog’s body. I know you want to protect your dog and keeping their neck healthy is a very important principle to achieve...

What is claiming more dogs' lives than cancer?

There is one thing that most dog lovers forget to do for their dogs and it has huge consequences. See what increases the chance of your dog living a longer and happier life.

Why missing this may affect your dog's life span

Learn how to examine your dog’s spine and what might be hiding in plain view. See the commonly missed causes of disease and how to determine if your dog has back pain and discomfort. 

Why you need to know this about your dog's ears

Two things that will change your dog's ear health and comfort forever. Why that sore-looking ear may not be what you think and how your dog’s body takes care of its ears.

Your dog's invisible pathway of life that you must know about

You can avoid many harmful and unnecessary treatments for your dog with one simple principle. Learn how to check your dog’s spinal alignment and find out what ailments muscle injuries, pinched nerves and blocked energy flow can cause by reading this article.

One thing you may not know about multivitamins for dogs

You won't believe what most multivitamins are made from. Learn which vitamins work the best and which ones to avoid.

How to keep your dog safe from drugs and minimize side-effects

This time I've taken on the topic of drugs and how to decide which ones are ok to use if needed and which ones are too dangerous to use.

Do you know what you don't know?

If you believe knowledge is power you need to read this article and share it with others because sharing is caring.

Spirulina for dogs - What you need to know

In this day and age, knowing about healthy nutrition is not enough. As you will see in this article, ingredient sourcing knowledge is also crucial to your dog's health.

What other dog lovers think about one of the most debated and heated topics

The subject of collars took our social media by storm this weekend. Read some community members comments and my answers about the best way to keep your dog safe and healthy while out on a walk.

3 life lessons from an unplanned trip around the world

Is there more good than bad in the world? A much-delayed plane trip gave me some unexpected answers.

What is "The stubborn donkey syndrome"?

There are ways you can help dogs and their people. This article can help you deliver life-saving advice and keep your friends!

You should know about one of the most dangerous treatments for dogs

This drug can cause serious long term health issues for you dog - do you know what it is? You might be surprised to find out what you think is helping your dog is actually hurting them in the long run. Read on to find out how to avoid a...

Important! I hope you will read this.

This is a topic that every dog lover needs to know about because we can make a difference! Find out when humans make dogs more important than themselves and how it negatively affects your dog’s health.

Holistic approach to perianal tumours in dogs

I bet you never guessed that getting familiar with the back end of your dog’s anatomy could save them from surgery. A lump around your dog’s anus can be two things that you may not have heard of before. Read more about the differences between perianal adenoma and anal tumours...

5 steps to getting a dream team for your dog

Do you ever wonder why you can choose the best health practitioner for you, but if you want to take your dog to a chiropractor or acupuncturist you need a referral? A visit from a friend got me thinking again about how many manmade rules are not actually about helping dogs...

What is one of the most damaging treatments in medicine?

You often get what you pay for and drugs are no exception. The quick and cheap fix often only causes more problems in the long run. I am sharing my 6 natural treatments for inflammation that last longer than commonly used drugs and avoid the side-effects.

Should you worry about arsenic levels in chicken and dog food?

I have received a question about my last blog on the topic of  arsenic in food that I would like everyone to hear the answer to. I am happy to report there is good news about arsenic in chicken so please read on to hear about changes that might affect...

How loving your dog changes the world

Our caring initiative has already benefitted an endangered species in Asia. Our amazing community continues to show how much they care about their dog’s health by purchasing our all-natural products and in turn, we give a portion of the proceeds to amazing organizations that are saving animals around the world....

How to avoid foods high in arsenic and keep your dog healthy

Should rice be a part of your dog's diet? Many dog food companies include it because it is relatively cheap, but I always look to nature when it comes to choosing my dog's diet. Rice, especially from Asia, is also high in arsenic and that is an especially good reason...

One thing you should never risk with your dog

Tying your dog to a chair can have deadly consequences. Luckily I was able to catch four little dogs tied to a chair before they ran into traffic this week. This scary situation reminded me of how important it is to never tie your dog to moveable furniture.  

5 steps to protect your dog from antibiotic damage

Every living thing has a unique bacterial fingerprint. The unique mix of bacteria found on all living things could be the key to a longer life, a healthy weight and better health for your dog. Antibiotics can affect your dog’s bacterial makeup so only use them when necessary and use...

Probiotics can make a night and day difference in your dog’s life

My love of bacteria was almost stifled by boring text books, but I learned to love the helpful little ‘buggas’ and want to share why some bacteria is friend, not foe.

Carrying your dog the wrong way can cause back problems

Are you aware that the way you carry your dog around can affect his or her health? Many dogs suffer from back injuries, which are known to affect your dog's health very deeply. Learn how to keep your dog safe...

What is second-hand placebo?

Is it possible for dogs to feel the benefits of a placebo? Maybe not, but I’ve seen dogs benefit from what I call secondhand placebo effect and it may have something to do with their people!  

Why I strongly disagree with a veterinary specialist

A recent email response to an article I wrote on paw licking from a veterinary specialist in dermatology made me realize I need to keep sharing what I have learned about neck and collar injuries and paw licking.

Why older dogs stare or get stuck in a corner

Sometimes senior dogs seem to get stuck in a corner, blankly staring at the wall. This behaviour can be a sign of a liver deficiency or other deficiencies and can be easily treated with vitamin and mineral supplements.

4 reasons why ear cropping should be illegal

I love hearing from my community and my last blog on ear cropping has raised a lot of questions and received many comments. Now I want to answer four of the most common questions from ear cropping advocates.  

Why I am furious with the latest news on ear cropping

I was shocked to find out that the ban on cropping dog’s ear passed at the end of 2015 is already the subject of a legal challenge. Banning the practice was a step forward for the health and happiness of dogs!

What does airplane mode have to do with dogs?

Learn how your mobile phone habits can affect the quality of your dog's life. See what trick my dog Skai invented to get me off my phone and what you can do to have the best time with your dog.

What is the worst form of dog prison?

A true story about why leaving your dog alone in a dog house is the worst form of punishment.

5 steps to making more money to have more free time with your dog

Find out why your generosity plays an important role in generating abundance in your life and having more time to spend with your dog.

10 steps to keeping your senior dog happy and mobile

Living with dogs comes with much joy, but also the responsibility of keeping them healthy, happy and comfortable for years to come. By following some tried and true methods, you can make a huge difference in the quality of life of our senior best friends.

The world's most loyal dog

Have you ever heard of Hachiko the most loyal dog in the world? Read his story here and find out how it relates to our homeless dog project.

Why vets ban non-veterinarians from helping animals

I generally like to stay low profile and focus on helping you and your dogs. However, the reason why I decided to dive into the turbulent waters of healthcare bylaws and policies is that I strongly believe in the freedom of your choice when it comes to animal health care.

How to replace the “bad guys” with the “good guys”

Why you do not need to stop your dog's essential supplements during a liver cleanse. This is one of the most common questions that people ask.

Urinary bladder infections in dogs - What you need to know

Urinary tract and especially bladder infections are relatively common, especially in female dogs. One would assume that diagnosis and treatment are quite trivial. However, many dog infections are either missed or misdiagnosed.

5 steps to prevent calcium oxalate crystals and stones in dogs - Holistic approach

  It is my experience that dogs that are fed dehydrated processed food are most vulnerable because kibble causes acidic pH. It also causes highly concentrated urine, which further increases the chances of calcium oxalate stones formation. Find out what you need to know about calcium oxalate crystals and stones...

How can dogs teach us to be healthier and save the environment

If you are wondering if this article’s title is a typo, it is not. My plan today is to share with you a few thoughts on how dogs can help us solve environmental issues and health care.

Is green tea toxic to dogs?

If you share your life with a dog, you now how notoriously naughty they can be. Dogs love to scavenge for old food and other things and sometimes end up "naturally cleansing" themselves. Naturally, one would think that similar to humans, green tea could be used to treat diarrhea or prevent diarrhea in dogs. Learn here if green tea is safe for dogs.  

Why some vets still sell processed food and speak against raw diet

When I am in a dog park or on the street and see a dog, it only takes two seconds for me to recognize a kibble fed dog from the one that eats raw or cooked wholesome food. What do you do when you meet a dog fed kibble? I'm...

Why I feel strongly about ear cropping

When it comes to ear cropping and tail docking lets be kind to our dogs and each other, whether we agree or disagree on the practice.

How to treat and prevent laryngeal paralysis in dogs naturally

Laryngeal paralysis can be one of the most distressing conditions for the affected dog and his or her guardian.

How to recognize if your vet loves your dog and his job

  I often talk with you about choosing the right vets and other service providers and I know it sometimes is not easy. However, you can understand people really quickly by asking these two questions:Why do you do what you do?Do you have a dog? Tell me about him or her...

A letter from Africa

It feels very surreal to have been writing this for you in the middle of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania where my two sisters and I took our 80 year old mother to experience one of the most amazing places on this planet. So far I have spent only...

10 steps to bone feeding. What is safe and what is not?

What you need to know before you offer your dog the first bone. Essential guide to raw diet feeding and more...

How much swimming is good for your dog

Tips on exercising your senior dog - how much swimming is too much - 11 step exercise routine - 86 year old marathon runner and more

7 myths about dog care (written by a dog)

Learn about the 7 most important myths in dog care.    

Do dogs have past lives?

Most people would agree that living with dogs has only one flaw and that is that their lives are too short and it is so hard to get over losing them. At the beginning, it seems like we have plenty of time. We can’t get enough of the puppy smell,...

Solution to dog homelessness? It may be closer than we think

As you may be aware, I have recently returned from my trip to Thailand and Myanmar. The trip was challenging especially in Myanmar (formerly Burma), because the lives of people and dogs is far from easy. Please read my blog about my journey and why I think we may have a solution to dog homelessness.  

Demodex mange in dogs - Natural treatment and diet

If you have a dog with demodicosis or if you want to learn how to treat or prevent this complex and very common skin problem in dogs this article is for you. Learn about symptoms, holistic approach to treatment, symptom relief, diet, supplements, treatment results monitoring and why you should avoid...

Wondering what is missing in your dog's diet?

Research confirms that most dogs that do not receive full spectrum minerals and vitamins are depleted in essential nutrients.  Find out what is missing in your dog's diet and save hundreds of dollars on vet care by preventing health problems from happening.  

How to choose the right vitamins for your dog

If you are confused about the title of this blog, read on because you are about the learn something that may extend your dog’s life by years.

Ear infection in dogs - Natural treatment - Part 1

Otitis externa, inflammation of ears in dogs, is one of the most common problems. For many dogs, conventional treatments do not work unless they are used over and over again, and the side-effects of drugs and steroid medication can be severe. This article is a gift to all dogs lovers...

Healing cycle - The secret of holistic animal healing


Theatre of life - How to worry less about our dogs' aging

Do you wonder why dogs howl when they see the moon? Perhaps they are sending encoded messages to the Universe or God, reporting on the happenings here on Earth...

How to treat arthritis in dogs naturally

If you have a dog, this is one of the most important info you will read.  Stiffness, tightness, arthritis and weakness are some of the most common reasons why dogs age and deteriorate faster than necessary.  No matter if you have a young dog or older dog, this info will...

Let's start a revolution!

Most likely you have heard of people getting flesh eating disease. The reason this is happening is because of the overuse of antibiotics.  For many decades people have been resorting to wound care products that are not only toxic to bacteria but also to the body’s own cells. In doing this we have created Superbugs that developed resistance...

What natural supplements to give your dog

A convenient summary of essential supplements for your dog including the links to more information about each product. No chemicals, no synthetic products, sourced natural or certified organic ingredients.

Rabies vaccine – A holistic approach

One of the biggest dilemmas in holistic care is the use of vaccines. Over the years, a variety of different studies have confirmed what we were taught and told by vaccine companies is not true. Read on to discover a holistic approach to the rabies vaccine. 

Study on duration of immunity to canine vaccines

There have been many debates on vaccination in dogs.  I hope that this study will make you change your mind if you still vaccinate yearly.

Thai dogs want to be loved too

I felt so helpless seeing how much agony these dogs go through itching and scratching all day long. The problem is that so far, no one has really come up with flea treatment that is natural and effective. I have tried many different approaches. It seems that everyone has an idea. The problem is that none of them seem to work. The most effective way to prevent fleas is to...

Heartworm dilemma –Drugs or no drugs – Natural treatment protocol

When it comes to using heartworm prevention for your dog, ultimately you have to make your own decision.  Here are suggested heartworm treatment protocols based on where you live along with up to date maps with case incidences.

Why should surgery be the last resort

Unveiling the dark side of surgery, Dr. Peter Dobias sheds light on its potential risks and drawbacks. Discover the implications of altering energy pathways and the formation of scar tissue, and learn why surgery should be a last resort. Explore alternatives to surgery and embrace self-acceptance for holistic well-being.

Is there hope for our healthcare?

Questioning the influence of pharmaceutical and pet food companies on veterinarians. Declining vet visits and processed food sales suggest a shift towards natural alternatives. Embrace independent learning and challenge the status quo for better pet health.

Your secret key to preventing cancer

How to prevent cancer in dogs and people in 12 steps. For years, we have been hearing in the news that we have to “fight cancer” or “say no to cancer.” The statistics show clearly that cancer “fights back” at an ever increasing rate and intensity.

Natural treatment of ear infections in dogs – Part 3

Patience is a must when dealing with ear infections, which can become chronic, particularly when they are treated with corticosteroids. In this final instalment I have more tips on how to deal with ear infections naturally.

Grape and raisin toxicity in dogs

What you need to know if your dog eats grapes or raisins: The basis for kidney failure following consumption of grapes or raisins is unclear and is currently being studied in the veterinary community. Learn what to do if your dog ingests raisins or grapes.

Pure bred dogs may be facing a catastrophe

Witness the toll of irresponsible breeding on dogs' health. Question breed standards driven by ego. Prioritize function over appearance and consider rescuing mutts for healthier companions.

The mystery of health and disease

What is the most common challenge in keeping your dog healthy? My goal is to empower you, giving you a better understanding of your pet’s situation to achieve optimal health, happiness and a longer life.

Are drug companies honest about heartworm?

Is it really necessary to give your dog monthly drugs for heartworm prevention?  Find out if your dog is at risk and why some veterinarians recommend monthly treatment even when it's not needed.

What some vets don’t tell you

Discover the importance of disease prevention and join the discussion on handling the gift of health. Uncover the reasons behind procrastination and the benefits of proactive care. Trust in expert advice to ensure your beloved dog's well-being.

How to keep your older dog naturally flexible, happy and fit

Our dogs don’t have to be immobile and decrepit by the time they turn into seniors. I know you feel the time you have with your dog is precious, just like me, so I want to share how I kept my dog Skai active and healthy as a senior dog....

Why does the American Veterinary Medical Association propose the vote against raw food?

Exposing the dangers of processed pet food and sharing why I will never recommend it: discover the rise of health issues, the questionable motives of pet food companies, and the symbiotic relationship between the veterinary and processed food industries. Say no to fear-based marketing and embrace wholesome, natural nutrition for your...

5 things you need to know about arthritis in dogs

How to treat and prevent stiffness in dogs naturally. If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, or if you suspect your dog may have arthritis, this blog post provides everything you need to know about the natural treatment and prevention of arthritis in dogs.

What veterinarians and physicians do not like to talk about…

Read about disease prevention vs. overmedication and join this discussion about how we handle the gift of health and what we can do better.

Is your dog a drama queen or cool dude?

Explore the link between disease and emotions. Notice how your dog's well-being is influenced by emotions. Address withheld emotions for their health. Reflect on how your dog mirrors your emotional state. Consider anger, fear, hyperactivity, nutrition, and boundaries. Understand the connection between emotions and health for you and your dog....

Dog ghettos and dog toilets

Dog parks and bylaws often create a divide between dog lovers and those who prefer restrictions. Creating proportional dog-friendly spaces can foster responsible ownership and understanding. Dogs bring immense benefits to society, teaching us about play, love, and boundaries.

A happy end story about a dog diagnosed with cancer

I would like to share this beautiful story of one of my patients Rifki that his ‘mom’ Olena shared with us. It is a good example that even the bleakest picture can come to a happy end.

Introducing our new certified organic multivitamin supplement for dogs

Learn about SoulFood®, a breakthrough certified organic multi-vitamin for dogs. With a focus on nutrient deficiency and quality ingredients, SoulFood® aims to improve pet health and address common issues. Discover the benefits of this revolutionary product and give your dog the nutrition they need.

What causes pancreatitis in dogs and what you can do

Find out what causes pancreatitis in dogs, or inflammation of the pancreas, one of the most dangerous medical conditions in dogs.

7 steps to treating arthritis and stiffness in dogs naturally

This is one of the most essential articles if you want to prevent or treat stiffness and arthritis in your dog and do it naturally without drugs and chemicals.

How much is your dog’s safety worth?

I have tried many seat-belt harnesses to great disappointment, but I'm excited to say I've finally found 'the one'. It costs a little more than most harnesses, but there is no price I can put on my dog's safety.

A seatbelt harness saves two dogs from severe injury

I am so grateful when I can help other people keep their dog's happy and healthy and that is why I love this letter from a woman who shared her story about why she followed my advice and bought two seatbelt harnesses for her dogs.

Why kibble may be more expensive than raw

Since I started recommending raw food, I have heard some people saying that it is too expensive and that they can’t afford to feed their dog wholesome food.  While on the surface this may seem to be true, I can’t help myself asking the following question.   Do we really...

The mad science of processed food making

Here's why I will never feed kibble (processed food) to my dog and what it can do to your dog's body.

Why some dogs are smelly and some are not

Does your dog smell? Here's how often to bathe your dog, and how to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy the natural way.

Why fruit and protein should not be fed together…

Your dog doesn't need a lot of fruit, but if you would like to feed some, I have some guidelines that will keep your dog's digestion flowing nicely.

Why are drug companies against natural treatment methods

Dogs want us to take them off drugs… Most of us start the first year of vet school with big ideas to become the James Herriot’s of our towns and villages and be the magicians of miraculous recoveries. This noble goal is often followed by a sobering wake-up call that...

Ear infections in dogs – Natural approach to treatment – Part 2

Does your dog suffer with chronic ear infections? Here are three more tips on how to naturally treat one of the most difficult issues that requires a lot of patience.

Why you have the power to transform the face of conventional healthcare

Explore the limitations of conventional medicine and the pursuit of natural healing techniques. Join Dr. Peter Dobias as he delves into the potential drawbacks of pharmaceutical drugs and advocates for safer, more holistic alternatives.

Do you really know how your vet treats your pet?

Finding the right veterinarian can be hard. After all, they will be helping you care for one of your most important family members. Here's how to choose the right vet for you and your pup.

Traveling? Do not put your dog in a canine prison

Ensure your pets are cared for while you're away. Find reliable friends or reputable house sitters, explore boarding alternatives, and prioritize their comfort and well-being. Travel together or provide a safe environment at home. Improve the lives of your furry friends.

The evil empire of puppy mills and catteries

Discover how purchasing animals from puppy mills can drain your wallet and contribute to unethical practices. Instead, consider adopting from shelters or reputable breeders, and prioritize the health and well-being of animals over impulsive purchases.

Happy dogs rarely get ill

Make your dog's life fun and socialize them from an early age. Connect with other dog owners, arrange sleepovers and walks, and exchange dog-sitting services. Avoid leaving your dog alone for extended periods and involve them in outings whenever possible. Spend quality time with your dog, playing and bonding. Happy pets lead to fewer vet visits.

What are vets afraid of?

Discover the alternative approach to vaccination for your puppy's well-being. Learn about measuring antibody levels, the risks of premature vaccination, and how to navigate conflicting veterinary opinions. Trust your instincts and make informed decisions for your furry friend.

Why a rigid approach to medicine doesn’t do the trick anymore

Discover a natural approach to treating dog foot fungus, addressing underlying causes through holistic methods like Skin Spray and proper collar fitting. Share this informative article for pet well-being.

Is your animal friend safe in the car?

Ensure car safety for your pets. Reflect on your driving habits and buckle up promptly. Be aware of the risks and avoid letting pets roam freely in the car. Use pet carriers or seatbelt harnesses for their protection. Consider a vehicle with built-in safety features or secure attachments. Spread the message to save animal lives.

Unsure about vaccination safety?

Delve into the ongoing debate surrounding vaccines and their potential benefits and risks. Gain insights from an experienced veterinarian who shares a holistic approach to vaccination. Learn about alternative methods, such as titer testing, and how to make informed decisions to ensure your pet's well-being. Discover the importance of socialization...

I think my dog has fleas

Are you wondering if your dog has fleas? Use this step-by-step guide to find out if your dog has fleas, how to get rid of them and a natural way you can prevent them in the future.

A dog that helped me find my keys

Stay open and attentive to the Universe's signs. In a surprising twist, a barking dog helps you find your lost car keys on the beach, showing that the Universe will guide you if you keep your ears and eyes open.

Just jump in the lake

Imagine if you treated others the way your dog treats you: with selflessness and care. Be present, offer comfort, and lend a helping hand when needed. Like your dog, ask if everything is alright and jump in to help when necessary.

A pee story

A three step, natural plan to help your dog if they are suffering from urinary incontinence or leaking urine.

Raw food can transform your dog

A story from one of our readers. Read how raw food can benefit your dog and why a raw food diet is the best choice of food for your dog.