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  • We are here for you and your DOG because we know how much they mean to you!
  • Our goal is to help you keep them healthy and happy for years to come.
  • Why do we offer free knowledge? Because we love dogs and believe healing and medical knowledge is not private domain, but available for free to everyone.
  • Why do we offer all-natural supplements? Because we believe that your dogs deserve top-quality, human-grade supplements that are made by nature and NOT in a chemical lab in China. 
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    One principle that will add years to your dog's life

    Every dog lover wants more years to spend with their best friend so I'm sharing what I know about diet and supplements to help everybody get more time with their dogs. Watch this video to hear how you can counteract the effects of toxins and nutrient depletion with one simple principle.

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    Two tips on how to prevent your dog from getting lost or hit by a car

    The sinking feeling every dog lover gets when they realize their best friend is missing is the worst feeling in the world. Here are two important pieces of knowledge to keep your dog safe and prevent tragedies

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    There is a message of good health and longevity in your dog’s hair and elephants know it!

    Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without human presence?   Why is it that we humans can’t resist the urge to tamper with natural systems that are flawless and replace them with artificial imitations that are seriously flawed?

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