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    Dog of the Month


    Dog's Name: Pickles

    Owner's Name: Ursula E.

    My Dog Pickles is a rescue dog from California. He was severely abused and found on the side of the road. His feet were all matted together, and his skin was covered with contagious fungus. Pickles' foster home did an excellent job caring for him and bringing him back to health. Since I adopted him...

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    Welcome, I am so happy to see you here!

    When this website was born, I knew that people needed a solid and reliable source of information and quality natural products and supplements they could trust.

    My journey started with dogs only but as time progressed, I realized that our dog’s health depends on our health too. That is why this website and our products are for dogs and people. (Our human line is coming in Spring 2021)

    During more than 30 years in veterinary practice, I have developed a unique healing system that has bridged the knowledge of Western and natural veterinary medicine and nutrition achieving reliable and proven results without the side-effects of drugs.

    Here on my website, I share a unique healing system and top quality products that bridge the knowledge of conventional and natural medicine and nutrition.

    Good health is not achieved with drugs but by supporting the body and embracing solid principles of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition inspired by nature.

    I hope you will find here what you are looking for to create great health and happiness that will last for many years to come.

    I bet you are here because you care a little more...


    Dr. Peter Dobias,

    Veterinarian and Founder on behalf of my whole team.

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    A hello from
    Dr. Peter Dobias

    For your peace of mind


    We love these products for our senior...

    We love these products for our senior dogs. I only wish we started them on it when they were puppies. Excellent quality, customer service and we really appreciate the discounts and that they ship to the states and Canada! Thank you for all your love and care!

    - Kira Webster


    Simply the best.

    Dr Dobias products and information saved my dogs lives. I am so thankful for what Dr. D and his team do. Please never stop providing your information and making top of the line supplements!!

    - Dana Muskett


    Dr. Dobias

    Dr. Dobias products are absolutely the best quality. His advice is excellent, and the customer service on the website is second to none. Highly recommended.

    - Kate S.

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    The world is changing and it is simply not enough to 'do business as usual'. We believe in giving back on your behalf to those who need help.

    Donations to date: $117,365

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