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  • We are here for you and your DOG because we know how much they mean to you!
  • Our goal is to help you keep them healthy and happy for years to come.
  • Why do we offer free knowledge? Because we love dogs and believe healing and medical knowledge is not private domain, but available for free to everyone.
  • Why do we offer all-natural supplements? Because we believe that your dogs deserve top-quality, human-grade supplements that are made by nature and NOT in a chemical lab in China. 
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    A big thank you + a little bit of Skai love

    Its only been a week since my dog Skai passed away and I still feel his presence everywhere. Grieving the loss of our best friends is never easy, so I am sharing what I’ve learned with others suffering the same heartbreak.

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    What do mandarin oranges have to do with dogs?

    Why you don’t have to despair as you watch your senior dog age. Ways you can prepare yourself for the time you have to say goodbye to your best friend.

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    How Your Dog Has Helped Dogs In Costa Rica and the USA

    Another way you help dogs - the new giving report is in! Two shelters that are saving dog’s lives, getting them healthy and happy and giving them great homes are the recipients of this month’s donations. We found a shelter in Colorado and Costa Rica that are making a huge difference - just like you!

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