GreenMin® H+

All Natural Mineral Superfood

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GreenMin H+ is an all natural, plant-based, calcium, mineral and amino-acid rich green superfood supplement that is formulated to fuel and energize your body.
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Sustainably harvested and high quality ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers, certified organic when possible, and go through rigorous quality control. We do not source from countries that are known to tolerate widespread animal abuse.

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Products made in USA and Canada
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Product analysis

GreenMin Powder

Product analysis

Per 2 capsules of GreenMin® H+:

Essential Minerals:
Calcium 224mg, Boron 0.13mg, Chloride 3.72mg, Chromium 1.96mcg, Copper 0.244mcg, Iodine 132 mcg, Iron 1.704mg, Magnesium 25.2mg, Manganese 50mcg, Molybdenum 0.032mcg, Phosphorus 5.23mg, Potassium 15.19mg, Selenium 0.24mcg, Silicon 13.98mg, Sodium 5.14mg, Sulphur 7.5mg, Vanadium 1.84mcg, Zinc 0.236mg

Essential Amino Acids:
Histidine 39mg, Isoleucine 112mg, Leucine 227mg, Lysine 106mg, Methionine 150mg, Phenylalanine 111mg, Threonine 131mg, Valine 128mg, Tryptophan 11mg

High quality ingredients: Certified Organic Alga Calcarea (Brazil), All-natural, Kosher Californian Spirulina (USA), Certified Organic Wheatgrass (USA).

Why Is GreenMin® H+ Essential For You?

The modern system of food production has led to soil and food nutrient depletion.

In a perfect world, a wide variety of food should be enough to keep you nourished. However, intensive agriculture and food transport over long distances prevent nutrients from getting back to the soil where they came from. This causes nutrient depletion in the entire chain. This is why wholesome food
is no longer enough

Plant Based Minerals And Aminoacids As Nature Intended

Woman sitting on hills

Plant Based Minerals And Aminoacids As Nature Intended

Raw food goodness is packaged in each jar. GreenMin H+ is carefully dried and crafted under low temperatures to protect its valuable nutrients.

GreenMin H+ is made from high quality ingredients and is packaged in recycled glass to preserve its goodness. It is tested multiple times for safety, purity and nutritional value before bottling.

Why Mineral Supplementation?

Why Mineral Supplements?

Dietary deficiencies are a primary cause of chronic disease and premature aging. 

Why Californian Spirulina?

It is one of the most nutritionally balanced species of blue-green algae, abundant with chlorophyll, essential amino acids, omega oils, beta-carotene and countless other phytonutrients that nurture, cleanse the body and help to eliminate heavy metals.

Why Alga Calcarea from Brazil?

It is a sustainably harvested, unique species of mineral-rich algae and a superfood that contains more than 20 essential minerals and numerous phytonutrients. It is also USDA certified organic and tested to show it is free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Why Wheatgrass Powder from Kansas?

Our wheatgrass powder is a green superfood that is grown in Kansas in glacial rich soil. It is grown in cold temperatures for nearly 200 days which results in a product with high levels of chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Our wheatgrass powder also is certified organic, gluten free and kosher.

Safety & Testing

Greenmin H+ Dr. Dobias Natural Healing

Safety & Testing

All of our ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers, certified organic when possible, and go through rigorous quality control.

There are several steps that we take to make sure that GreenMin H+ is safe and toxin free.

  1. Lab-tested for purity and heavy metals
  2. High quality ingredients
  3. We perform additional batch testing to confirm the results
  4. Packaged in glass as chemicals from plastic leach into the product

Most people are deficient in essential minerals. Minerals beat out metals/toxins for the binding site.

Supplementing healthy minerals pushes out heavy metals from your body

37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions occur in the body every second.

Missing minerals halt proper metabolic and organ functions.

Mineral deficiency causes dehydration as your body can’t maintain the optimal osmotic balance.

When the good minerals are deficient, heavy metals that compete with them are more likely to settle in the body.

GreenMin H+ Mineral and Amino Acid Profile

Minerals & Amino Acids Function Deficiency
Boron Boron Boron regulates the parathyroid hormone, influences the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Decreased growth Low hematocrit
Histidine Histidine Histidine is a precursor to histamine which is a compound involved in modulating immune response, digestion, sexual function and sleep-wake cycles. It is also involved in blood cell formation, protection of nerve cells and the growth and repair of tissues. Anemia Anxiety Reduced brain function Weak skin
Isoleucine Isoleucine The main functions of isoleucine include blood sugar regulation, supply of optimal energy levels, support of immune system response and wound healing processes. Confusion Depression Dizziness Fatigue Headaches Irritability
Leucine Leucine Leucine contributes to the growth and repair of tissues, blood sugar regulation, production of growth hormone and wound healing. Confusion Depression Fatigue Hair loss Irritability
Lysine Lysine Among its different functions, lysine supports the production of carnitine and collagen, aids in production of hormones and enzymes, growth and tissue repair, and wound healing and immune function. Anemia Fatigue Hair loss Irritability
Methionine Methionine Methionine is a sulfur-containing essential amino acid that assists with the maintenance of healthy hair and skin, absorption of the minerals selenium and zinc, protects cells against damage, regulates liver fat and removes heavy metals from the body. Atherosclerosis Depression Fatty liver
Phenylalanine Phenylalanine Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that is a precursor for the neurotransmitters of dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine and tyramine. It also plays a vital role in producing other amino acids. Altered alertness Confusion Depression Fatigue Memory problems Skin depigmentation
Threonine Threonine Threonine is a building block of collagen and has a role in the function of the nervous system. It also helps to regulate liver fat and may help to reduce anxiety and other mental health symptoms. Confusion Digestive disturbances Fatty liver Irritability
Tryptophan Tryptophan Tryptophan is a precursor for serotonin synthesis which is important for regulating appetite, mood and sleep. It also has a role in growth and repair processes. Anxiety Carbohydrate cravings Depression Insomnia Irritability Reduced brain function Slow growth in children Unexplained weight change
Valine Valine The functions of valine include supporting muscular growth and tissue repair, the nervous system and cognitive health. Fatigue Irritability Loss of appetite Memory problems Muscle weakness Reduced brain function Vomiting

Dosage & Administration

Young man on beach with surfboard

Dosage & Administration

Adults and children over 12 years: take *2 capsules daily or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Children under 12: take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a health care practitioner.

A jar of GreenMin H+ contains 90 capsules and lasts 45 days.

Store in a cool, dry environment. Recommended to take with food.

*The serving size and suggested daily dose for GreenMin H+ is 2 capsules daily. This is the recommended dose for general maintenance.

As each and every one of us is an individual, some may want to increase their intake depending on their personal needs.  If you are at risk of osteoporosis, have an organ disease, feel fatigued, are an athlete, your diet is not optimal, or you’re simply in need of extra support due to stress or disease, you can safely increase your dosage to 3 or 4 capsules daily. (One capsule three times per day, two capsules twice per day, or all capsules in one dose.)

As always, please consult with your health care practitioner for specific guidance based on your health needs and goals.

Best when used together with FeelGood Omega® H+,  SoulFood® H+ and GutSense® H+.

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Buy multiples or add other Dr. Dobias original canine or human products to SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 5-15%.


How do I store the product?

GreenMin H+ can be stored either at room temperature or in the fridge if preferred.

What is the shelf life of GreenMin H+?

The shelf life is three years, even if the jar has been opened. 

What is the nutritional value?

One dose of GreenMin H+ contains negligible fat, calories or carbs and is gluten free, dairy free and vegan.  Please refer to the label for nutrient content. 

Does GreenMin H+ contain any allergens?

GreenMin H+ does not contain: dairy, eggs, fish, crustacean, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy or gluten.  

Can I give GreenMin H+ to my child?

Yes! While every age category will benefit, children and seniors are especially sensitive to the effect of nutritional deficiencies. We recommend one capsule daily for children under 12 years of age and two capsules for children over 12 years.

Can GreenMin H+ be taken while pregnant or nursing?

Nutritional demands increase during pregnancy and while nursing. There are no known risks with any of the ingredients in GreenMin H+.  We recommend that you consult with your health care provider if you have any questions. 

Where is GreenMin H+ made?

Ingredients are sourced from the USA and Brazil. The product is manufactured in the USA.

How do I know it's safe?

Ingredients are tested by an independent laboratory for mineral and amino acid content and contaminants.

What is the difference between GreenMin and GreenMin H+?

GreenMin H+ is encapsulated and also contains organic wheatgrass powder (to aid digestion, to alkalize the blood PH and to detox the body).

If my dog doesn’t like the GreenMin powder, is it safe to give GreenMin H+ capsules instead?

Yes GreenMin H+ is safe for dogs!

Canine dosing:

up to 10kg (22 lbs)    1 capsule

11 – 25 kg (23 – 55 lbs)   2 capsules

26kg and over (56+ lbs)  3 capsules

*For small dogs that would normally take less than 1/4 tsp of GreenMin we recommend powder vs. capsules.

Do I receive bundle pricing if my order contains a combination of human and canine Dr. Dobias original supplements?

Yes! Bundle pricing applies if your order contains a combination of human and canine products from Dr. Dobias’ original product line.

Are there any contraindications? (combining GreenMin H+ with other supplements, prescriptions or over the counter medications or with medical conditions)

There are no known contraindications to taking GreenMin H+ with other supplements or medications but if you have any questions or concerns please check with your health care provider. 

GreenMin H+ has the same safety margin as wholesome food. If you are ill or depleted, introduce GreenMin H+ gradually over one week. Please consult with your doctor before using this supplement if you are on NSAID’s, blood thinning herbs or medications, or suffer from bleeding disorders.

Are there any side effects?

In some cases, gentle cleanse symptoms may occur when starting GreenMin H+. These may range from mild digestive upset or diarrhea, which can be seen as  favourable in the process of nourishing the body. The symptoms usually disappear within a few days.

What is the return policy?

All our products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Please see details of our return policy here.