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    Episode 0

    Podcast: Why I Do What I Do - with Dr. Peter Dobias

    How did a young boy riding horses in the Eastern Bloc end up as a veterinarian living in Canada?

    And why did that veterinarian leave his practice to start a mission to help as many dogs and dog lovers as possible live healthy, happy, and long lives together?

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    Episode 1

    Podcast: We Don't Know What We Don't Know

    What is the one thing that EVERY dog lover needs to know or keep in mind when considering their dog's health and life expectancy?

    In this episode, I discuss the importance of keeping in mind that there will always be things we don't know and how an open mind and curious attitude will help you and your dog live a healthier, happier life.

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    Episode 2

    Podcast: Protect Your Dog from Toxins

    Unless you and your dog live in a glass bubble, exposure to toxins is a sad part of daily life. 

    In this episode, I explain how toxins and foreign substances can cause a chain of events in the body that lead to disease. I also share why hair testing is such a valuable tool to detect and monitor toxin levels, and how to use the info collected to stay healthy.

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    Episode 3

    Podcast: How to know if your dog is hurting or has suffered an undetected injury

    Dogs love to play, run, swim and have all sorts of fun, and while activity is the essence of healthy and happy life, injuries happen.   

    In this episode, you will get insight into knowing when you need to take them to the vet, how to do a simple exam and find out where your dog hurts, and what to do. 

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    Episode 4

    Podcast: Why drugs are like dirty sink water / Tips on how to survive and thrive in 2021

    Disease is a loss of balance in the body, and a conventional approach to treatment using pharmaceuticals often doesn’t address the root cause of disease. 
    Learn about 4 commonly used groups of drugs for dogs, their side effects, and which ones are okay and which ones you should avoid. 

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    Episode 5

    Podcast: What do airplanes and dogs have in common?

    Can you believe that everything in this universe, from your dog to a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, are made out of the same building blocks?

    But what happens when those building blocks are missing, or are in short supply?

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    Episode 6

    Podcast: Knowing the pinched hose principle may save your dog’s life

    Nature is the perfect architect. Every bone, blood vessel, nerve, muscle, and organ is placed in an intricate and deliberate design. But what happens when something in the design becomes out of place or misaligned? 

    Dogs love to play, chase, and be active, which often leads to spinal twists, misalignments, and injuries. Many well-meaning dog lovers use collars and retractable leashes that can also cause damage to a dog’s alignment.

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    Episode 7

    Podcast: Your dog may be your mirror. And what are dogs 2.0?

    Do you think you and your dog are alike? What do you most enjoy about your dog? Does your dog ever make you feel embarrassed, frustrated, or angry because they’ve been acting naughty? I cover these questions and more in this episode. 

    I also discuss why some dogs become aggressive, and why punishment and negative training can backfire. I provide an overview of a gentle and respectful approach that can help even the most misbehaved and/or misunderstood dogs.

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    Episode 8

    Podcast: Puppies Part 1 - Socialization and Vaccines

    In this first episode of a three-part series on raising healthy puppies, Dr. Dobias uncovers the first common, yet harmful, myth about how to rear a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted puppy. 

    Many well-meaning dog parents have been told by their veterinarian that it is dangerous to socialize their pup before they get all their “puppy shots.” In reality, this approach is harmful for puppy socialization.

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    Episode 9

    Podcast: Puppies Part 2 - 15 dangerous myths that may make puppies sick

    It may surprise you, but 25 years ago, Dr. Peter Dobias was once a top-selling processed food veterinarian in his province of British Columbia. So, why did this once award-winning “kibble seller” ditch the processed food in favour of a natural, species-appropriate diet for our canine friends? And what were the major health problems and warning signs Dr. Dobias noticed in puppies and dogs that made him question the kibble status quo? 

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    Episode 10

    Podcast: Puppies Part 3 - Behaviour, exercise and training

    Puppies, puppies, puppies! Whether you’re a puppy parent or a people parent, we know that raising a little one can be hard, and it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made. In Dr. Dobias’ third and final podcast of his Puppy Series, he discusses 16 common mistakes new puppy owners make, from face licking and recall disasters, to mistakes with nail trimming, grooming, treats, and more. Hear Dr. Dobias’ tried and tested solutions, and learn how you can raise a healthy, happy and well-behaved puppy.

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    Episode 11

    Podcast: Balancing the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus in your dogs’ food

    Has your doctor ever suggested that you eat a diet made up only of processed foods? Of course not! 

    Listen as Dr. Dobias dives deep into how to achieve the correct ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus in our dogs’ food; how to balance a raw diet for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages (even puppies!); why supplements are necessary and why good food is no longer enough; if there is healthy kibble for dogs; and how to prepare nutritious, natural food for your dog at home. 

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    Episode 12

    Podcast: How exercise, activities and injuries can affect your dog’s lifespan

    If you have a dog, you’ll know that playing, fetching, swimming and walks are the highlights of their day.  But did you know that some forms of exercise can cause injuries, shorten your dog’s lifespan, and even cause organ damage or cancer?

    In this episode, Dr. Dobias outlines safe exercise for your dog, how much exercise is OK, and what activities to avoid. He also describes how to examine your dog’s spine for injury, pain and discomfort, and discusses the top 6 commonly missed causes of disease in canines. 

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    Episode 13

    Podcast: 13 essential minerals that will make a big difference to your dog’s health

    Do you love your dog more than your house, car or bicycle? Of course you do! We all know the work that goes into maintaining these things, and your dog’s body is no different. In this fun and informative podcast, Dr. Dobias discusses minerals, the essential building blocks responsible for the 37 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 chemical reactions taking place in your dog’s body every single second. Listen here to learn what minerals your dog needs, signs your dog may be mineral-deficient, and how your dog’s hair can tell you what’s missing in your dog’s diet.

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    Episode 14

    Podcast: Giardia in Dogs - Natural Treatment and Prevention

    Are you worried your dog will get Giardia? In this episode, Dr. Dobias gives insight into the western treatment and approach to Giardia, as well as the holistic and natural approach to treating this parasite. He also outlines his 3-step natural treatment protocol for Giardia should your dog be diagnosed with the parasite.

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    Episode 15

    Podcast: Why dog collars cause disease and shorten dogs' lives

    Some people believe that the brain and head are the centre of the body, but that’s not exactly true. In this episode, Dr. Dobias discusses the mysterious link between our dogs’ necks and their internal organ health, and how the autonomous nervous system, or ANS, regulates the most essential functions and organs in the body. Learn how dog collars, including common dog training tools such as prong and shock collars, can cause irreversible damage to your dog’s entire body...

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    Episode 16

    Podcast: Interview with an Australian holistic vet - Dr. Edward Bassingthwaite

    I always love chatting with my good friend and colleague, Dr. Edward Bassingthwaite. We have so much in common not only in our perspectives about holistic veterinary care, but in life too. In this podcast, we talk about the three keys to your dog's health, how to detect if your dog is in pain, and much, much more. Be sure to listen to the end, where we share...read more

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    Episode 17

    Podcast: 9 Step Natural Treatment Plan for Skin Yeast Infections (Malassezia) in Dogs

    Are you spending sleepless nights with your itchy, scratchy, and smelly dog? In this episode, Dr. Dobias discusses how to diagnose skin yeast infections in dogs (Malassezia), as well as symptoms, causes, and prevention. You’ll also hear why the conventional anti-fungal drug and shampoo protocols just don’t work, and learn about Dr. Dobias' nine-step natural and drug-free treatment plan for yeast and fungal infections in dogs. 

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    Episode 18

    Podcast: Interview with Jill Robinson, CEO of Animals Asia

    Get ready to hear about true kindness in action! In this episode, Dr. Dobias sits down with Jill Robinson, CEO of Animals Asia, an organization dedicated to ending bear bile farming, the trade of dogs and cats for meat consumption, and abusive animal practices in zoos and safaris in Asia. You will learn how Jill discovered her calling, why she does this important work, how she handles emotionally hard situations, and how the strength of her 300+...read more

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    Episode 19

    Podcast: How to lengthen your dog’s life and live with no regrets - an Interview with Dr. Karen Becker

    In this episode, Dr. Dobias sits down with his dear colleague, friend and ally, Dr. Karen Becker, DVM.

    Listen as they discuss how Dr. Becker became drawn to the natural world and veterinary medicine; how 90% of the diseases vets see in the operating room are not emergencies, but lifestyle diseases that can be prevented; the most common misperceptions people have about veterinarians and the biggest challenges veterinarians face today; how Dr. Becker handles criticism and loss; and so much more.

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    Episode 20

    Podcast: One drug you should protect your dog from and how to stand your ground when it is prescribed

    In this episode, Dr. Dobias explains how to protect your dog from the harmful side effects of steroids, and what to do when you veterinarian or doctor suggests them for you or your dog.This episode also includes a bonus on how to choose the best vet for your dog, how to establish a good relationship with your veterinarian and how to stand your ground when it comes to making the best decisions for your dog.

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    Episode 21

    Podcast: A story of a lost friend and How to find your place of truth

    Can you imagine living in a world where friends become enemies, and opportunities and freedoms are taken away just because of a difference of opinions? Listen as Dr. Dobias discusses his perspective on the world’s current events as someone who has lived behind the Iron Curtain, along with his thoughts on the two sides of the COVID-19 vaccine debate, and why redefining "wrong" and "right" in search of safety and happiness, and staying in the middle, is important.

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    Episode 22

    Podcast: Natural Health, Supplements and Internet Trolls

    Who is Mrs. Kratka, and what does she have to do with Internet trolls? In this episode, Dr. Dobias discusses what he really thinks about those who troll online, and also tells a heart-warming story of Mrs. Kratka, his childhood champion and life-long friend. And a bonus: Dr. Dobias is often asked what he feeds and packs for Pax while travelling — listen here to find out!

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    Episode 23

    Podcast: 5 Things and Just a Little Bit of Smoking

    Do you know about the 80/20 rule, and how 20% of your choices can make an 80% difference? This rule can be applied to many things in life, including your dog's health, as well as your own. Listen to find out why you shouldn't stress about tiny details, and the simple steps that will help you and your dog live a longer life together.

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    Episode 24

    Podcast: 10 most common mistakes dog lovers make when raising puppies

    Are you, or someone you know, thinking about adopting a new puppy? In this podcast, Dr. Dobias discusses 10 key points to consider when getting a new puppy, from how much food a dog needs, to what diseases the breed is predisposed to, to training, over-exercising, over-vaccinating, too many prescription drugs, premature loss and much more. Be your dog’s best friend, and thank you for sharing!

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    Episode 25

    Podcast: How listening to your dog can transform your life

    Are you planning changes in your life? Find out why you should listen to your dog before you take the plunge. Hear the story of how my dog Skai helped me transform my life, and learn how your dog can do the same for your life. 

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    Episode 26

    Podcast: Are you and your dog getting older?

    Watching our dogs and loved ones get older isn’t always easy. It may surprise you, but some experts say that aging is not a process, but a disease. Listen here for some of my thoughts on this topic and what you can do for you and your dog.

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    Episode 27

    Podcast: How to switch from kibble to raw and the best bones for dogs

    Are you worried about your dog's health or thinking of making the switch from kibble to raw or cooked natural food? In this episode, Dr. Dobias discusses how to switch your adult dog or puppy safely to a natural diet, and how to make their diet complete. You’ll also learn why bones are an essential part of every dog's diet, what kinds of bones to feed your dog, why sourcing your bones from the right place is important, what to do about splinters and bacteria, and why dog food of any kind no longer contains all the n

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    Episode 28

    Podcast: Interview with Dr. Katie Woodley on Life, Medicine, and Thinking Differently

    In this episode, Dr. Dobias sits down with Dr. Katie Woodley (a.k.a. The Natural Pet Doctor), to talk about everything from life, to holistic medicine, to thinking differently and connecting with others. You can find Dr. Katie here: https://thenaturalpetdoctor.com/  Thank you for listening! 

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    Episode 29

    Podcast: Interview with Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM, on cancer prevention in dogs

    In this episode, Dr. Dobias sits down with integrative veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan to talk about how she discovered holistic medicine, why diet is key to your dog’s health and longevity, and the prevention and treatment of cancer in dogs. You can find Dr. Judy Morgan here: https://drjudymorgan.com/


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    Episode 30

    Podcast: 9 out of 10 dogs and people suffer from this condition

    In this episode Dr. Dobias discusses trauma, a condition that affects 9 out of 10 people and many dogs. Find out why it's responsible for emotional suffering, disease, cancer, and lost lives, and learn how working through it can change your life and the life of your dog. Thank you for listening! 

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    Episode 31

    PODCAST: An interview with a frontline pet rescuer in Ukraine

    If there is one interview you should listen to, this is it. I had the privilege of speaking with Lana Niland, a Canadian who has been living in Ukraine since 2003. We discuss the brave work she is doing to help the people and animals of Ukraine, and how we can all contribute to her efforts. This interview has not been edited or sugarcoated - so there is some upsetting content for animal lovers - but it will give you a balanced view of what is happening in Ukraine.

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    Episode 32

    Podcast: Interview with Rodney Habib, best-selling author and dog lover extraordinaire

    A beautiful and heartfelt interview with New York Times best-selling author, Rodney Habib. There is a reason why Rodney has been able to build a thriving online community that is over 3 million strong. He is one of the most inspiring, humble, and kindest people I know, and he's also just a delightful person to talk to. I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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    Episode 33

    Podcast: Empowering and Inspiring Pet Parents with holistic vet Dr. Jeff Feinman

    In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my most trusted colleagues and dear friends, Dr. Jeff Feinman. Dr. Jeff is a veterinarian, microbiologist, and one of the most beautiful and humble people I know. While we’ve been friends for decades (and even roommates while taking a course!), I learned much more about Dr. Jeff’s work in this interview, including what he thinks about our connection to animals, more on his BEAM philosophy, and the importance of the re-growth mindset. 

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    Episode 34

    PODCAST: Do dogs behave better when they have more freedom?

    Do you know a fearful or reactive dog? What if dog restrictions and leash laws are at the core of dog behaviour issues? I’ve spoken on this topic many times, and I won’t stop until countries like the USA and Canada recognize how important dogs are to our wellbeing and that marginalizing and restricting access does not work. I have lived in three different countries, Canada, the USA and the Czech Republic. I have seen the difference freedom, trust, and socialization make in the quality of life for people, dogs, and society. 

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    Episode 35

    PODCAST: Poop, diarrhea, and dietary allergies in dogs - The perfect No.2 toolkit and First Aid

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights cleaning up messes and say hello to the perfect No 2! Learn what to do if your dog has diarrhea and how to improve your dog’s gut health. Also, home remedies, a first aid diet, supplement recommendations, and why you should beware of some commonly used anti-diarrhea drugs.  

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    Episode 36

    Podcast: Helping the pets in Ukraine - a follow up interview with Lana Niland

    You may have noticed that the media coverage of the war in Ukraine has all but disappeared, but the war is still going strong. It is now in month 6, and the people and animals in Ukraine still need our attention. In this follow-up interview with Lana Niland of Ukrainian Patriot, hear about the work she is still doing in Ukraine and how we can all help. 

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    Episode 37

    PODCAST: The universal key to treating almost any disease and how to help your dog live longer

    This is probably the most important podcast to keep your dog healthy or help it recover or get better from any disease. Find out why toxicity is one of the primary causes of disease, the importance of providing the body with the proper building blocks of wholesome food and essential nutrients, and the correlation between spinal energy flow and disease. You will also learn about the latest development in the science of longevity and health.

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    Episode 38

    PODCAST: Toxic positivity, wrinkles, and inner beauty

    In this episode, I explain how toxic positivity leads to the perception that emotions are divided into two groups, the negative and the positive. Anger, frustration, fear, and feeling overwhelmed, are normal emotions just the same as joy, happiness, and excitement. They would not be able to exist without each other, and they are all part of being human. 

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    Episode 39

    Interview with Cat de Rham - on life, yoga and happiness

    Here is an interview with one of the most influential people in my life, my friend Cat de Rham. I owe my health and wellbeing to her, and hope that she will inspire you to make the best out of your life. In order for our dogs to be healthy, they need us to be well and mobile, and this is why my website is not just about dogs. Also, Cat has now created hundreds of yoga classes that are available for free on YouTube (link is listed below)...read more

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