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    Episode 0

    Why I Do What I Do - with Dr. Peter Dobias

    How did a young boy riding horses in the Eastern Bloc end up as a veterinarian living in Canada?

    And why did that veterinarian leave his practice to start a mission to help as many dogs and dog lovers as possible live healthy, happy, and long lives together?

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    Episode 1

    We Don't Know What We Don't Know

    What is the one thing that EVERY dog lover needs to know or keep in mind when considering their dog's health and life expectancy?

    In this episode, I discuss the importance of keeping in mind that there will always be things we don't know and how an open mind and curious attitude will help you and your dog live a healthier, happier life.

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    Episode 2

    Protect Your Dog from Toxins

    Unless you and your dog live in a glass bubble, exposure to toxins is a sad part of daily life. 

    In this episode, I explain how toxins and foreign substances can cause a chain of events in the body that lead to disease. I also share why hair testing is such a valuable tool to detect and monitor toxin levels, and how to use the info collected to stay healthy.

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    Episode 3

    How to know if your dog is hurting or has suffered an undetected injury

    Dogs love to play, run, swim and have all sorts of fun, and while activity is the essence of healthy and happy life, injuries happen.   

    In this episode, you will get insight into knowing when you need to take them to the vet, how to do a simple exam and find out where your dog hurts, and what to do. 

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    Episode 4

    Why drugs are like dirty sink water / Also tips on how to survive and thrive in 2021

    Disease is a loss of balance in the body, and a conventional approach to treatment using pharmaceuticals often doesn’t address the root cause of disease. 
    Learn about 4 commonly used groups of drugs for dogs, their side effects, and which ones are okay and which ones you should avoid. 

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    Episode 5

    What do airplanes and dogs have in common?

    Can you believe that everything in this universe, from your dog to a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, are made out of the same building blocks?

    But what happens when those building blocks are missing, or are in short supply?

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    Episode 6

    Knowing the pinched hose principle may save your dog’s life

    Nature is the perfect architect. Every bone, blood vessel, nerve, muscle, and organ is placed in an intricate and deliberate design. But what happens when something in the design becomes out of place or misaligned? 

    Dogs love to play, chase, and be active, which often leads to spinal twists, misalignments, and injuries. Many well-meaning dog lovers use collars and retractable leashes that can also cause damage to a dog’s alignment.

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    Episode 7

    Your dog may be your mirror. And what are dogs 2.0?

    Do you think you and your dog are alike? What do you most enjoy about your dog? Does your dog ever make you feel embarrassed, frustrated, or angry because they’ve been acting naughty? I cover these questions and more in this episode. 

    I also discuss why some dogs become aggressive, and why punishment and negative training can backfire. I provide an overview of a gentle and respectful approach that can help even the most misbehaved and/or misunderstood dogs.

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