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Our search function in the upper right corner of this page can help you find articles and supplements relating to many common health conditions in addition to information on the individual product pages. You can also email us at customercare@peterdobias.com if you cannot find the answer to your question about one of our products in our articles.*


Our blog section contains a wealth of information on different medical conditions and diet recommendations. You can browse through our collection of articles, or use the search function to enter keywords for the information you are looking for. 

Please note that due to the regulations of the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia and to achieve proper care for your animal friend, we cannot diagnose or treat via email, phone or social media. However, we will do our best to share our knowledge and experience from many years in clinical practice and help as much as we can.*   


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*If your dog has a medical emergency, please contact your primary care veterinarian or your local emergency clinic. Dr. Dobias is unable to provide any emergency medical advice. All information provided on our site and by email is of an informational nature only and is not intended to diagnose or treat. Information provided is not meant to take the place of proper medical treatment by a licensed veterinarian.

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Existing clients* of Dr. Dobias' housecall practice can book a follow-up consultation at:  www.drpeterdobias.com/consult

*Due to overwhelming interest in holistic treatment and Dr. Dobias’ work, he has reached the maximum capacity for private consultation and he cannot accept new patients. However, there is an upside of this situation. Dr. Dobias believes medical information should be available for free to anyone who needs it. His plan is to continue focusing on providing free comprehensive information on holistic care for dogs. He trusts that his information will empower you and other community members to create a healthier and longer life for your canine friend.

Phone: 1-604-982-0987 or 1-800-980-4886.