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    Drug free solutions for your dog's allergies

    No more guessing, no more frustration. Learn what is really going on with your allergic dog. Most dogs are misdiagnosed and you need to know why in order to help.

    While true allergies do exist, they are rare, and are the body’s over-reaction to a common harmless protein from the environment, or food. In essence, the problem is not the allergen, but the immune system that has lost its ability to distinguish between harmful and benign substances.

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    Common Myths

    Whenever I mention in one of my articles that 80 percent or more dogs diagnosed with allergies are misdiagnosed these are usually the replies that I get:

    'What do you mean, my dog’s allergies are not allergies?! My vet told me so and I can see him having skin problems.'

    'What do you mean my dog is not allergic to his diet? I see him react to different foods and all he can eat is a special diet!!'

    These questions make me realize that I need to discuss this topic even more.

    Why most treatments fail and how you can help your dog
    • While true allergic reactions happen, they are often suppressed by medication such as antihistamines

    • A large majority of skin and digestive problems are not caused by antibody-antigen (trigger protein) reactions.

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    Treating Allergies Naturally

    Treating allergies naturally

    No more guessing, no more frustration. Learn what is really going on with your allergic dog. Most dogs are misdiagnosed and you need to know why in order to help.

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    Treating Skin Infections, Allergies & Hot Spots

    Most skin lesions, with the exception of conditions such as fleas, thyroid, auto-immune or adrenal issues are related either to undetected spinal injuries, over-exercise or sprained muscles. Dogs can’t tell us how they feel so the only thing they can do is scratch! Similar to the garden, the skin will be visibly different, hair may be missing or there may be bumps or lumps in the areas.

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    Dog Allergy Articles

    It is a good idea to limit feeding red meats such as beef, bison, buffalo etc as they have a higher content of inflammatory factors which can affect the immune system and trigger an allergic response.

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    Essential Supplements to help your dogs allergies

    Research has confirmed that proper immune function can only be achieved when your diet is not only healthy but also complete. Intensive agriculture and nutrient depleted soils have caused a cascade reaction that affects our health and our pets too. This is the core problem of dietary deficiencies, as depleted soils produce depleted food, including meat.

    This is why so many people see such profound changes when they put the essential supplements in their dogs’ food. From my perspective, it is the only way to ensure there is nothing missing.

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