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Eco-friendly dog bed

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Made from natural and organic materials to provide the comfort and safety that your dog deserves.

Size: Small
Color: Natural
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Your dog deserves a Non-Toxic sleeping surface

When our team set out to find a dog bed that was not stuffed with toxic foam or synthetic fill for Pax and other dogs we realized it was not easy to find a dog bed that would meet the mark.

We were looking for a bed made from natural and organic materials to provide the comfort and safety that your dog deserves and it was tough to find.

We jumped ten feet high when we finally found a producer of certified organic natural rubber foam who would make dog beds to the highest quality standards at a fair price.

We are bringing you the “Healthy Dog Bed” with your dog’s health in mind and without the toxic chemicals that most other beds are made from. Natural rubber also holds form which has proven to be more comfortable than a fill that becomes lumpy and hard to sleep on after a while. This is important for young but also senior dogs that may suffer from arthritis and stiffness.

Dogs love sleeping and I hope the Healthy Dog Bed will make your search for the perfect dog bed easy.

Get the Healthy Dog Bed for your dog today!

How is the Healthy Dog Bed made?

How is the Healthy Dog Bed made?

1. Harvesting

It all starts with the farmers who tap the organic rubber trees to extract the serum, or sap.

2. Curing

The serum is then whipped into a froth. Sulphur and Zinc Oxide are added so that the froth will bake into a solid layer when put into huge ovens. These two curing agents make up a small portion of the bed and are non-toxic. They meet all the requirements of Greenguard GOLD.

3. Assembly

The final product is then cut into various sizes of dog beds and covered with organic cotton fabric.

Common Toxins Found in conventional Dog Beds













Why your dog deserves a healthy, organic dog bed

Why your dog deserves a healthy, organic dog bed

The substances above are known to have a wide array of harmful effects on your dog’s health such as nerve damage, allergies, respiratory problems, lethargy, muscle pain, hormonal disturbances and some of them are known carcinogens. 

Even products labeled “made in USA” may contain toxic parts or pieces from other countries where some toxic ingredients are not even listed. (Source)

To help ensure your dog is sleeping on safe materials Healthy Dog Bed meets Certified Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and OneCert International.

THE CORE – 100% Natural, Organic Latex Mattress

Resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew
Helps to prevent and reduce stiffness, muscle pain and arthritis
Longer life-expectancy than other mattresses
Odor-free. No off-gassing (like synthetic latex)
Biodegradable and environmentally sound
Healthy and safe. Contains no toxic adhesives or flame retardants

THE COVERS – 7 oz outer cover and 5 oz inner cover, both 100% organic cotton

Grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals
Protective, yet breathable to maintain optimal temperature
Comfortable, strong and durable
Removable and washable outer cover
Toxin Free - contains no solvents, bleach or formaldehyde that can be absorbed by your dog

Safety & Certification

Safety & Certification

The Dr. Dobias Healthy Dog Bed features a 3″ mattress made from 100% natural, organic latex rubber, which has been rigorously tested by these third-party laboratories:

The inner liner and outer cover are both certified organic cotton:

The Dr. Dobias Healthy Dog Bed is eco-friendly.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Dr. Dobias Healthy Dog Bed comes with:
  • Core – 3” mattress made from 100% natural, organic latex rubber.
  • Inner liner surrounding the mattress, made from 5-oz organic cotton canvas.
  • Outer cover, made from 8-oz organic cotton flannel.
Choose from 3 size options: 
  • Small 20” x 30”, 10 lbs in weight
  • Medium 26” x 37”, 18 lbs in weight
  • Large 37” x 47”, 28 lbs in weight

To wash, remove outer cover and hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry. Once dry, place outer cover back over the mattress.

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Are they washable?

Yes. You can remove the outer liner and hand wash in cold water, hang to dry.

How long will shipping take?

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Can they be shipped to a PO Box?

Our Healthy Dog Beds are shipped via courier and require a physical address for shipping. A home or business address is acceptable.

Will they be available in Canada?

Dr. Dobias Healthy Dog Beds are only available in mainland US at this time.

Is there a discount for purchasing?

The Healthy Dog Bed does not qualify for quantity discounting.

What is the return policy?

Due to the Healthy Dog Bed being a custom order, there are no returns, exchanges or refunds. We thank you for your support and understanding.