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Incontia - for urinary incontinence in dogs

$36.90 CAD

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No more accidents, no more embarrassment, no more carcinogenic drugs! 

Incontia - a revolutionary treatment for urinary bladder incontinence

Drug, hormone and side-effect free!

If you have a dog with urinary incontinence, or leaky bladder when your dog is sleeping, you most likely know how frustrating this problem is. 

The main cause of urinary incontinence in dogs is low estrogen levels in spayed females. While it is true that some female dogs respond to estrogen hormones; this theory fails in male dogs suffering from incontinence.

What you need to know
  • Most people are not aware that there is a connection between urinary bladder incontinence and lumbar spine muscle injury or strain
  • Physiologically, urine leaking is caused by weakness of the urinary bladder sphincter. This sphincter receives its nerve supply from the caudal-lumbar area of the spine
  • When the lumbar muscles get injured or overexerted, they get tight and the bladder sphincter nerves get impinged
  • This results in the sphincter numbing out and leaking urine

It was the year 2002 when I met Caz, a lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback female who lived with my friend Pat. Her previous owner gave her up after she accidentally fell off the back of a truck. She was dragged behind, but fortunately recovered from this horrible accident.

Pat loved Caz. She brought her to me for treatment of urinary bladder incontinence that had not responded to traditional treatment. For several months we tried non-traditional approaches and saw no change. It was a frustrating situation and we were all at our wits end.

However, I was stubbornly determined to solve the mystery and, after a brief conversation, Pat allowed me to take Caz home for a few days of observation.

To our surprise, Caz showed no signs of incontinence for three days! I started to think that her incontinence was somehow connected to walks and exercise she did with Pat. I decided to join them on a walk to see if I could get any clues.

As soon as we started walking, Caz was completely obsessed with chasing her ball. Pat, being the “good dog mom” threw Caz’s ball over and over because she wanted to make her happy. Thirty minutes later, her tongue was hanging out like a big pink yo-yo, she was panting and finally looked like she had enough.

When we got back to the car and Caz hopped in - bingo - a big puddle of urine appeared on the blanket almost immediately.

Now we knew Caz’s incontinence was related to exercise, muscle strain and back injury. After a few weeks of gentler walks, no ball chasing, a specific homeopathic treatment and a few physiotherapy sessions, the problem was solved for good. The good news was that we didn’t use any carcinogenic estrogen hormones.

This was 2002. To date I have treated many dogs for incontinence and less than 5 percent needed estrogen. 

Urinary incontinence can be reliably treated with gentler and safer methods than hormones

An Incontia pack Includes:

  • Detailed proprietary treatment protocol on how to address urinary incontinence. Following the entire protocol is key for this treatment to be effective. 
  • Optimal exercise recommendations for dogs suffering from urinary incontinence.
  • High potency homeopathic remedy - Phosphoric Acid 1M that works with the detailed protocol to help with symptoms of incontinence. Please note that homeopathic preparations are 100 percent safe and non-toxic. To read more about homeopathy click here.
  • Each vial contains enough remedy for one t0 10 years! (Approx. 35 doses) 
  • Administration: One dose = a single layer of pellets that covers the bottom of the lid. Do not fill the entire lid, only a single layer at the bottom.
  • Homeopathic remedies are energy-based medicine. The remedy should be placed inside the mouth of the mucous membranes to dissolve. It should not be swallowed. 
  • For maximum efficacy, it should be given a minimum 30 minutes before or after food in a clean mouth. 

You have nothing to lose and you and your dog have so much to gain 

Incontia comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.





Detailed proprietary treatment protocol on how to address urinary incontinence