Before you embark on a journey of discovery about energy healing and homeopathy, we advise that you read the chapter on Holistic Animal Health

Everything in nature - trees, animals, flowers, a grain of sand or a drop of water in the ocean – is composed of the smallest particles known to man: the atom. In reality, an elephant or an ant, jellyfish or a butterfly, coal or a diamond, fir tree or a dandelion are all made from the same building blocks. The only difference is that they each contain a different number of atoms organized in a specific and unique form.

Every atom is made of subatomic particles: electrons, protons, neutrons, photons and neutrinos which are produced copiously in the sun. Most of the particles that have been discovered are encountered in cosmic rays interacting with matter and are produced by scattering processes in particle accelerators. There are dozens of known subatomic particles.

To understand the power of the energy stored in subatomic particles, I would like you to become familiar with a breakthrough experiment conducted by a Japanese scientist and university professor – Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto filled glasses with water from the same source and left them in the presence of people in various emotional states. After a certain time, he took pictures of crystals of this water after flash-freezing each glass. Dr. Emoto confirmed that water crystals from the same source change their structure and shape depending on that person’s emotional state. In other words, water had the ability to register and record the energy of emotions. It appeared to have a memory.

Another group of scientists discovered that humans, animals and other living organisms “radiate” energy waves, called quanta. Quanta have the ability to travel faster than light and can be received by other individuals. This would explain unusual phenomena like telepathy. Most of us have had an experience thinking of a friend and receiving a phone call virtually within seconds after that thought. There are studies that confirm that telepathic thought transfer is possible.

The conclusions of Dr. Emoto’s study bring up one question. If our thoughts can affect water, what can our thoughts do to us considering that our body consists largely of water?

For many years, scientists have been finding correlation between a positive mindset and good health, longevity and disease resistance. 

History of homeopathy

Homeopathy, as a healing discipline, acknowledges the connection between the body and mind and is based on sound scientific principles.

In order to understand how its principles work, I would like to take you back to the subject of physics. As I mentioned before, everything in the universe is made of atoms and subatomic particles that in its core substance are pure waves of energy or vibrations.

Healthy individuals have a system of harmoniously-organized energy particles, which are organized in a specific fashion, that result in a specific form.

From the physicist’s point of view, the atoms of a healthy elephant exist in balance and harmony, while a sick elephant’s atoms are less organized or are in disharmony. The greater the disharmony, the more likely is the elephant to become ill; when the disharmony reaches a certain point, the elephant dies. A total disintegration of the form follows.

From the medical point of view, healing is a process of restoration of harmony of the elephant’s energy particles. In homeopathy and other forms of energy healing, this can be achieved by the neutralization of disturbing, disease causing forces like toxins, viruses, stress, fear, and trauma.

In contrast, conventional medicine uses a foreign substance, a drug, to eliminate the symptoms. On the surface, the elephant appears to be symptom-free. However, he is not truly healthy. The energy of the drug overpowers the symptoms in a similar way to that of a jet engine making squeaky car brakes seemingly disappear. In other words, the disease force is not truly neutralized. In reality, the patient needs to deal with the disease and the foreign energy of the drug.

Homeopathy is a healing method that neutralizes the disease force by deleting the disease energy and allowing the patient to heal.

Water has the ability to record the energy of emotions 

Dr. Emoto filled glasses with water from the same source and left them in the presence of people in various emotional states. Dr. Emoto confirmed that water crystals from the same source change their structure and shape depending on that person’s emotional state. 

How are homeopathic remedies made?

Virtually any substance from the environment may be used to prepare homeopathic remedies. Minerals and their compounds, animal substances like milks, venoms or plants and herbs. Presently there are more than 4000 substances available and the number is growing.

If a patient receives a sequence of homeopathic treatments early in the course of the disease, there is a high chance that the disease will be cured. However, sometimes the patient is too far gone to be cured completely. In such cases, homeopathy can also serve as a supportive or palliative care modality.

The selection of homeopathic remedies involves very careful and highly detailed case analysis where the patient’s individual nature is emphasized.

The preparation of homeopathic remedies is done by homeopathic pharmacies and consists of diluting and shaking the original substance several hundred or even a thousand times. This process of dilution and shaking fully eliminates toxicity and INCREASES the healing strength, which is called potency.

How is this possible? On the subatomic particle level, the healing or neutralizing energy becomes greater. In order to understand why, we need to return to explore the mysterious world of nuclear and quantum physics.

Homeopathy is not the only science that proves that smaller energy particles can store more energy and power than the larger ones. A large crater of the same size can be created by either the physical force of a huge meteorite or by the atomic power of a nuclear bomb. The nuclear reaction would require only a fraction of the volume and weight to achieve the same effect.

History of homeopathy

More than 200 years ago, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann became disillusioned with the state of medicine. Mercury purging and blood letting were the staple treatments of the times. Who knows if it was his intuition or coincidence? Dr. Hahnemann assumed that if mercury causes certain symptoms of poisoning, perhaps it could also cure the same symptoms if used in small diluted, non-toxic quantities. He intuitively sensed that the disease causing substance could be used to neutralize the disease and called this principle the law of similar: “like cures like.”

Studying and understanding homeopathy in detail requires years of dedication and patience. It is a discipline where the variables of each patient and a good understanding of the nature of the disease are essential. In order to find the right homeopathic remedy, a homeopath observes the symptoms – the disease energy – and matches it with the appropriate remedy.

As in any medical science, a homeopath usually adjusts the treatment and it is common that several remedies, sometimes more than 10 or 20, are needed depending on the severity and depth of the disease.

The information about homeopathic remedies is available thanks to homeopathic research and proving of homeopathic remedies.

The collected data are organized reference sources containing more than 4000 remedies and their detailed description. For more efficient patient assessment, most homeopaths use reference search engines and homeopathic software. This does not mean that a computer makes a prescription decision. A careful case analysis, years of experience, intuition and attention to detail are at the core of an each successful treatment.

Many great homeopaths have dedicated their work and life to ensure that homeopathy and other forms of holistic healing are not suppressed by the propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry. They worked tirelessly to increase the precision and accuracy of the prescribing methods.

The new progressive approaches show clearly that there is a direct connection between homeopathy and the fundamental physical laws.

Dr. Emoto’s water crystal experiments also confirmed that the state of the patients mind can also affect the healing process and everyone around them, like the health of family members or pets. Similar to other aspects of life, a positive attitude, determination, patience and commitment are essential ingredients of any successful treatment.

In reality, some patients respond to treatment quickly, others require weeks and months of treatment and regular re-evaluation.