GutSense® H+ 3 Pack

Human dairy-free probiotic supplement with prebiotics for advanced GI and immune support

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The bundle contains three bottles of GutSense® H+ at a special discounted price.

To ensure you get the best nature has to offer, we launched the GutSense® H+ 3 Pack, the complete nutritional support in order for you to boost your gut health, made from wholefood based, synthetic free, sustainably sourced, human-grade ingredients.

GutSense® H+ is sustainably-sourced and made from natural, top quality, human-grade ingredients, certified organic and fermented to increase healing capacity when suitable. 

We package our supplements in glass bottles and ship using cardboard eco-sleeves instead of plastic.

Our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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This bundle contains

  • GutSense® H+
    GutSense® H+

    GutSense® H+ is a dairy-free prebiotic and probiotic supplement for people formulated with 9 clinically proven probiotic strains and high-quality, certified organic, natural ingredients to support healthy digestion and immune function.

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