Gentle Leash for Comfort and Safety

Light, durable, shock absorbing leash made of natural wool

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A shock-absorbing, lightweight, super-strong dog leash made of natural materials to keep your dog safe and injury-free.

Size: Small
Color: Green
Fuchsia Merle
Deep Purple
Deep Red
Skai Blue
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Best Dog Leash for Safety & Spinal Health

Best Dog Leash for Safety & Spinal Health

There are many ways to tell your dog “I Love You” and one of them is to use a Gentle Leash!

Millions of dogs suffer unintended and undiagnosed neck injuries from leashes that are unforgiving and harsh.

There are many important vital structures in your dog’s neck: nerves, blood vessels, thyroid gland and branches of the autonomous nervous system that govern the heart, lungs, kidneys and the digestive tract.

Here are 5 reasons to give Gentle Leash a try:

Here are 5 reasons to give Gentle Leash a try:

  1. The unique weave of natural fibres make Gentle Leash strong and extremely shock absorbent.
  2. Gentle Leash is light, easy to carry and wash.
  3. Gentle Leash protects your dog from injuries and your hands from skin abrasions common with conventional or retractable leashes.
  4. Gentle Leash is environmentally friendly and contains no nylon or plastic.
  5. Gentle Leash is handmade in Canada with attention to detail and quality control.

Choose your favorite colour* and experience the Gentle Leash magic yourself.  There is a reason why so many dog lovers call it “the best leash ever!”

Gentle Leash comes with a 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee.**

*Because all leashes are individually hand made, a variance in colour and length (4-5 ft) can be expected.  

** Our 1 year guarantee covers manufacturing or material defects.  By purchasing the Gentle Leash, you agree that Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions, Inc. is not liable for any injuries or runaways due to loss of integrity of the leash because of chewing, rubbing or excessive wear, all of which are not included in our satisfaction guarantee.

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