Fab4 H+ Bundle

Complete human nutritional support pack with top-quality natural and fermented supplements

The bundle contains the following products: FeelGood Omega H+SoulFood H+GreenMin H+ and GutSense H+.

The Fab4 H+ Bundle is complete nutritional support for you, made from wholefood based, synthetic-free, sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients.

The key to keeping your body and mind healthy is to follow the simple principles of natural healing. That's why we launched the Fab4 H+ Bundle, which includes all-natural products made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients meant to help you restore balance, eliminate heavy metals and toxic chemicals accumulated within the body, treat nutritional deficiencies and boost your gut health.  

Love yourself as much as you love your dog, and get healthier together!

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This bundle contains

  •  FeelGood Omega® H+ - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Solutions
    FeelGood Omega® H+

    A pure, sustainable-source calamari-based Omega-3 (EFA) oil (fish oil alternative). High in EPA and DHA, micro filtered, tested toxin and heavy metal free.

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  •  Greenmin® H+ - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Solutions
    GreenMin® H+

    GreenMin H+ is an all natural, plant-based, calcium, mineral and amino-acid rich green superfood supplement that is formulated to fuel and energize your body.

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  • GutSense® H+
    GutSense® H+

    GutSense® H+ is a dairy-free prebiotic and probiotic supplement for people formulated with 9 clinically proven probiotic strains and high-quality, certified organic, natural ingredients to support healthy digestion and immune function.

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  •  SoulFood® H+ Pills - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Solutions
    SoulFood® H+

    Naturally fermented, complete multivitamin and organ support. Good for all ages.

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