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    "Give your best friend the gift of good health & long life this holiday"

    Up to 20% off ANY combination of 4 products

    Give your dog the gift of good health & long life.

    My Dear Dog Lovers,

    The holiday season is a time of gratitude for those you love and since you've arrived on this page, I'm certain your dog and the canines of your friends and family play an important role in your life. 

    One of the most meaningful things you can give is the gift of good health and happiness and that's what we based our holiday collection on.

    Thank you for loving and caring for your dog. 

    And thank you for thinking of the dogs of your friends and family.

    I love you for it.

    Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

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    With gratitude,

    Dr. D and the Natural Healing Team

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    This holiday season we have four health & wellbeing product categories

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    View your dog’s Health and Longevity essentials below

    Natural & Organic Supplements

    "Biggest savings of the year on the good stuff. Our four essential canine supplements are sourced from the finest ingredients and made in the USA, Canada and Norway."


    Mineral & Green Superfood

    This all-natural, plant-based mineral and green superfood helps cleanse the body in two ways:

    1. The good minerals push out heavy metals and toxins because they use the same cell receptors.

    2. Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll and essential amino acids that boost the body’s ability to detox and clean.



    Certified Organic Multivitamin

    SoulFood® is a certified organic and whole food vitamin

    SoulFood® is a revolutionary USDA certified organic multivitamin formula for dogs of all ages made with a patented, proprietary, all-natural probiotic fermentation process.



    Certified Organic Probiotics

    New generation probiotic and digestive support for canines

    Healthy digestion is the key to a healthy immune system. Eighty percent of immune function resides in your dog’s colon. Providing broad-spectrum, canine-specific probiotics supports strong and efficient immune function.


    FeelGood Omega®

    Sustainable Omega Oils

    A pure, sustainable omega-3 oil, tested toxin free, hypoallergenic

    Calamari is an incredibly rich source of EPA and DHA - the most valuable EFAs [omega-3]. It's the only source truly sustainable source. Calamari has been increasing in population since the 1950s because, unlike fish, it's low on the food chain, Our oil is also microfiltered and tested for your dog's safety.


    Hair-Q Test

    Toxin & Deficiency Test

    Test for Mineral Deficiencies and Toxins

    HairQ test results are obtained in a government-licensed clinical laboratory.

    You no longer have to wonder if your dog's diet is complete. A HairQ Test will answer your questions.


    “Many dogs get injured and become ill from the
    effects of collar and leash injuries.”

    Learn More

    Two steps to keep your dog safe and sound


    Durable & Soft Wool Leash

    A FeatherLight Leash to absorb any accidental pulls and shocks

    Absorbs shocks to keep your dog safe. It's easy to clean! Just throw it in the wash, stretch it out to the 5-foot length and lay it flat to dry!


    Great Work!

    You just built your perfect fit harness

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    Perfect Fit Harness

    To protect your dog’s neck, thyroid gland and health

    See how easy it is to use our Perfect Fit system.
    1. Select your desired top trim color.
    2. Enter your dog's measurements (detailed instructions when you tap "Click to Measure").
    3. Change quantity or build another Perfect Fit!
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    Add another harness
    You have built 0 perfect fit harnesses Total: $0.00

    Give the gift of a healthy & tasty snack time

    Treats Happen

    Healthy treats made in Canada

    Quality, single-source, healthy treats in two flavors:

    1. Sweet potato treats for any dog - healthy, plant-based, hypoallergenic, great tasting treats dogs love!

    2. Dehydrated lungs - healthy, single-source dog treats to support good health


    Cozy & cuddly- comfort blankets


    A Cozy, Comfortable Blanket

    Comfortable and quality - made in the USA.

    The holiday would not be the same without a cozy cuddle. No matter what size your dog is, we bet he or she loves comfort. This multi-purpose, high-quality blanket is made in the USA and is covered by our unlimited satisfaction guarantee.


    Big Wag

    $300 Gift Card


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    $200 Gift Card


    Little Wag

    $100 Gift Card

    Your love and care deserves rewards

    Save up to 20% off when purchasing 4 or more of the special products listed below

    Note: Our cut-off for guaranteed delivery for Christmas in the USA and Canada is December 8th. Any orders placed after December 8th will be processed as quickly as possible, but due to high volume over the holidays, we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas.

    IMPORTANT: The Perfect Fit Harnesses and Cozy Blanket are special order and will ship within two to three weeks. If you are ordering other products from our store, they will be shipped together with these items to keep your shipping costs low. We offer free shipping on all orders over $129.00. If you want the other items sooner, please order separately.


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    Thank you for caring for and loving your dog. Your gift gives twice because we are a B1G1 - Buy one Give one Company - read more here.


    Measure your dog starting from the bump of the breastbone midway to the dip between the shoulder blades.
    The above image shows the exact points on the chest where you want to measure. You will not be measuring the full way around the body at this point. Measure snugly but not too tight.

    Build the Perfect Fit

    Enter girth measurement:
    Or enter:

    Measure the chest all the way around at the point of the widest circumference. It may be closer or further away from the forelegs depending on your dog’s body build. Make the tape as snug as the body harness should be - not too tight, not too loose. Make sure that your dog is standing squarely. Figure 1 - Red Line.

    Enter front measurement:
    Or enter:

    Measure the distance from the lower portion of the throat where you can feel the chest opening (a little dip) to the top tip of the shoulder blades. The point where your dog’s shoulder blades are closest to the spine.
    Measure from point A to B - 1/2 way around your dog.

    We couldn't find a matching size, please contact us for sizing help.
    Next Step Help Me!

    According to your dog's measurements, you will be receiving the following pieces:

    Harness is adjustable with the buckles. Enjoy our Perfect Fit Guarantee (if your harness doesn’t fit perfectly we’ll work with you to find your perfect fit). Please contact us here if you need any assistance.

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