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Latest articles

Parsley for dogs: Benefits & more

What has more vitamin C than citrus? I want to take a moment to highlight an especially potent herb that can be very beneficial to your dog’s health and that is parsley.

What to do if your dog is limping or refuses to walk/run

Here is a first-aid guide for dogs and what to do if your dog has acute lameness, is limping or cannot walk or run. Also, learn how best to approach ongoing chronic mobility issues.

Why dogs with narrow shoulders are prone to heart disease

Help keep your dog's heart healthy by following a six-step heart disease prevention program.

Important info on hair mineral testing for your dog

Over the years, I have always tried to find ways of keeping our product costs as low as possible, while never compromising on the quality of ingredients and our customer care, and this includes the HairQ Test.

10 reasons why turmeric is good for dogs

This ingredient can help your dogs, teeth, heart, helps fight cancer cells and is well-known as an anti-inflammatory. Have you guessed what this amazing food is?

Do superheroes really exist?

We all need others in order to thrive, even our heroes are human in this way. But what to do when we aren't able to connect with others and find the support we need? Read on for my thoughts on how to find our way through this unusual time, and how...

Q & A On dog health with Dr. Dobias

Over the years, dog lovers have been asking why we don’t make an all-in-one supplement for dogs similar to other companies. Here is my answer.

101+ things dog lovers worry about

When our dogs are young we don't seem to worry as much about their future health, but as the years go by our worries tend to grow. Read on to learn my key steps to worry less, and how to prevent cancer in your dog. 

Why giving is worth not giving up

Do you make an effort to give back? It feels good to help others and be giving, but sometimes we can feel disappointed when it seems that our help is not truly appreciated. It is only human to feel this way, and it's how we manage our feelings that matters.

Holistic treatment of hypothyroidism in dogs

Hypothyroidism in dogs can be prevented and, in some cases, treated naturally with a few simple steps. Learn how in this article. 

Unravelling the myth of allergies in dogs

Allergies in dogs are one of the most common and also most commonly misdiagnosed conditions. In this article, you will learn what the true causes of allergies are, how to addressthem and get access to all you need to know to resolve your dog’s problems. 

Do dogs have a moral compass?

Good and evil, right vs. wrong, we all have a moral compass that directs us - but are we born with it or is it more complicated than that? In this article I ponder over this question and, as always, look to dogs as an example. I hope you enjoy...

Are you dancing to a song no one else can hear?

Happy New Year my amazing Dog Lovers! Here is a piece I wrote for you to make 2021 a great year! Wishing you and your dogs love, health, happiness and a COVID-free year!

Christmas, why dogs came to the rescue in 2020, and the story of two mice

It has been a challenging year for most of us, and many people are looking towards 2021 with hope and anticipation. In this blog I share my thoughts on the year, why many people turned to dogs and also a story of two mice that I hope you enjoy.

Can dogs send us messages from the other side?

I find it so beautiful when the most unlikely events occur. It is as if the universe talked to us in a mysterious way and that there was a true connection between this and "the other" world.

A serious problem in dogs that is often ignored

Daily, I see dogs, pulling and choking on the leash attached to either a choke chain, martingale, prong or even a shock collar. Here are some important tips on how to prevent your dog from suffering from collar-related injuries. 

The differences between Skai and Pax

Since Pax came on the scene and flooded our lives with unbound and sometimes “untamed” happiness, some of you have been asking how different Pax and Skai are. I thought it would be fun for me to share about some of the similarities and differences between my two dogs, I...

Do we subconsciously sabotage our dog's health?

We all want our dogs to live happy long lives, but do we always make the right choices when it comes to their health? Does it all come down to a matter of good or bad luck?

Searching for “The best vet near me?”

Looking for a vet you can trust? In a recent poll, 56% of dog lovers said they did not trust their vet. Finding a vet you trust with your best friend’s life is a difficult task, and it’s easy to make the wrong decision. Here are some tips on how...

Why I love being an "undercover agent"

Here is why I love being “an undercover agent” and why failures can lead to success in health and in life. All you need is a little courage, persistence, and an open mind. 

You and your dog can share this healthy treat

In our home, all the food we give to Pax is food we can eat as well. He loves this recipe and I am sure your dog will too. Give it a try!

Monkey's House: Where dogs go to LIVE!

An interview with Monkey's House, a holistic sanctuary for senior dogs located on a small farm in New Jersey, USA. Monkey's House is a special animal rescue organization we’ve supported over the last couple of years that was founded by life long animal lovers, Michele and Jeff Allen.

How to keep your dog safe and happy on Halloween

Halloween can be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress, for your dog. Learn how you can help your dog enjoy this spooky holiday and stay safe.

One part of life that people are better off than dogs

Everyone has their own perspective on things and their own world view, and this helps determine the choices we make each day. Read on to find out what this has to do with your dog's health. 

5 things I learned from my dog about gift-giving and receiving

Are you a good gift-giver, receiver, or both? Gift-giving and receiving can be a contentious topic for many people, which made me ponder the pros and cons of giving gifts, and the ways humans and dogs differ when it comes to gift-giving and receiving.

7 things good countries and good companies have in common

I came across something called the Good Country Index, and it got me thinking about what makes a company good? Find out where your country ranks on the Good Country Index, and learn about my criteria for a Good Company Index.

One principle that will add years to your dog's life

Every dog lover wants more years to spend with their best friend so I'm sharing what I know about diet and supplements to help everybody get more time with their dogs. Watch this video to hear how you can counteract the effects of toxins and nutrient depletion with one simple...

An unexpected journey into the dark past

Don't miss two new videos with my friend and colleague Dr. Eva Furnschuss (a holistic vet from Austria). We chat about life, dogs, health and friendship. Also, read about my visit to a concentration camp and why I believe it would be a good idea for everyone to visit, if possible.

Vestibular syndrome in dogs - Natural treatment and prevention

Stroke or Vestibular Syndrome? I hope your dog has neither but here is how to tell the difference. This article also has all the info on how to prevent vestibular syndrome and what to do if your dog starts showing symptoms.

Beware of the corporate veterinary medicine trap

When trust is broken it is shattered into pieces and can never be repaired back to its original state. It does not matter whether it's a cup, friendship or relationship with your dog's vet. Read more about the topic of trust and the reason behind why so many people don't trust their...

The most common diarrhea drug is harmful to your dog's gut

A recent study shows that the drug most commonly prescribed to dogs with diarrhea actually causes digestive issues and weakens immune health. Learn what to do when your vet prescribes Metronidazole and a safer natural approach that I have been using with my clients for the past 23 years.

Important warning about boarding your dog

Are you able to take your dog along with you when you travel? If not, what is the best option for your dog's care while you're away?

A message from 'dog paradise'

A recent mountain hike I did with Pax had a truly healing effect on us. Getting out of the city together and experiencing the beauty and freedom of nature has an indisputable uplifting effect, but today was even more exceptional because I had a vision of how dogs could be freer. 

Is your dog's health in your hands?

A fun and informative interview with my friend and Austrian colleague, Dr. Eva Furnschuss. Watch the video of our conversation for valuable insights into the energetics of disease, and how your decisions and treatment choices can greatly influence outcome.

Are human lives more valuable than animals?

Many people still consider humans to be better and more valuable than dogs and other animals, just because we have a higher ability to invent, think and get organized. However, all animals are equal and have emotions. Here is a piece on how we can start to cultivate respect and...

12 rules for safe dog treats: Fish, liver treats & more

As a vet, I often ask my clients about treats, but only recently I realized that treats can be a serious problem when it comes to your dog’s health.

Mobility is a biggie for dogs

Watching your dog get older and less mobile is one of the hardest parts of living with a dog. I hope this article and video will help you and your senior dog feel better and also prevent younger dogs from injuries that lead to mobility issues down the road. 

7 top holistic healing articles & videos of 2020

If life has kept you busy, here is a little compilation of the best of 2020 (so far...) to keep your dog healthy.

15 things to do to make your dog unsafe? 🤔 this summer 🏖☀️

Here is an upside down piece of helpful info on "summer do's and don'ts for dogs" to keep them safe and out of the emergency room.

Pancreatitis in dogs – Treatment and prevention – Natural approach

Pancreatitis is a very common, sometimes life threatening disease that can be successfully treated or prevented by drug free natural holistic methods.

One poison your dog is immune to, and you aren’t

Is being up-to-date on the news worth the toll it takes on our mental health and well-being? Our dogs have the answer.

How much food to feed your dog

Learn a few simple principles to ensure that your dog gets the right amount of food.

Is there something wrong when dogs eat grass?

Many people wonder if it is normal for their dog to eat grass. They often associate grass-eating with digestive problems or another disease, but in most cases that is not the situation.

Is empathy going extinct? Dogs may have the answer

We can learn a lot from our canine friends about being empathetic, kind and considerate of one another. Empathy works like magic and makes our world a better place.

Why dogs pant and are restless at night

I often hear people complain that their dogs are restless or panting at night. Unless your dog sleeps in a very warm room, this may be warning signal that your dog’s body is in a state of imbalance. While there is no single cause, this problem is usually a combination...

Why do dogs have bad breath?

The secret to getting rid of smelly dog breath. How health and halitosis are connected and 5 ways you can improve your dog’s breath.

A victory for dogs in China 🇨🇳 🐶 🙌🏼

I have felt a deep sense of helplessness in connection with the welfare of dogs and other animals in China, as it is impossible not to stumble upon images of dogs in meat markets. The good news is that the tides are changing! Read on for more.

Why are skin allergies in dogs often misdiagnosed?

Many dog lovers are surprised to find out the true reason their dog suffers from skin lesions and rashes.  Find out why skin allergies are often misdiagnosed and four ways you can help your dog.