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Latest articles

Are risk-takers heroes or addicts?

Why are those that take part in extreme sports idolized and considered heroes? When do the impacts of their actions on those around them come into play? Read my thoughts...

Can you and your dog really be happy anywhere?

Are you living above your proverbial “tree line”? Could it be that we have our own optimal place of existence where happiness is easier for us - and our dogs...

Bartonella - A microbe suspected in cancer growth in dogs

Often called a stealth pathogen, Bartonella is neither a real bacteria or a real parasite. It can cause serious health conditions in dogs, including heart inflammation, cardiac valve disease, and...

Holistic approach to Cushing's Disease - Explanation, diagnosis and treatment

The main purpose of this Cushing’s disease series is to clarify some misconceptions about this adrenal gland disease, uncover some lesser-known connections in the disease developments and openly communicate the...

How to stop idiots from ruining the world

I know most of us are upset about what is going on in Ukraine. I do my best not to post about negative events too often but this one has...

9 out of 10 dogs and people suffer from this condition

Read more about trauma, a condition that affects 9 out of 10 people and many dogs. Find out why it's responsible for emotional suffering, disease, cancer, and lost lives, and read...

How to transition dogs from kibble to raw food

Are you worried about your dog's health or thinking of making the switch from kibble to raw or cooked natural food? Learn how to switch your adult dog or puppy safely...

An interview with Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Peter Dobias

I hope you enjoy this interview I did with Dr. Karen Becker. I admire Karen for her lifetime achievements, expertise, humility and tireless service to the cause of natural and...

An interview with Dr. Karen Becker

I hope you enjoy this interview! Dr. Karen Becker and I go as far back to courses of homeopathy in the late nineties, and I have always enjoyed connecting with...

Good news on the COVID front!

I would like to share this very well-rounded, common sense podcast on the topic of COVID, with the hope that if many people listen to it, perhaps we will be...

The right raw bones can save your dog's teeth and thousands in dental care

  This article could save you thousands in dental bills by showing you how you can keep feeding your dog bones and avoid broken teeth. 

Making life plans? Why you should listen to your dog

What do you think your dog or cat would tell you to do if they could speak? Do you think they would want us to work 12 hour days, spend...

Why dogs are the heroes of 2021

The end of 2021 is here. This is what I've learned during this challenging year, and why we should choose to be the mouse that ventures out of the pantry.

10 most common mistakes dog lovers make when raising a puppy

Don’t adopt a dog until you consider these 10 points. You and your new best friend will be much happier.

Many dogs are unwell and it's all the electrician's fault!

Did you know that dog food kibble was invented by James Spratt, an electrician? While he fancied himself a nutritionist, he really was just hungry for money. Read here to...

Why I would never attach a leash to my dog's collar

Your dog’s neck is vital to their health because it is in charge of the nerve, blood, and energy flow supply to the muscles and organs, and it also connects...

Best way to prevent surgery when your dog eats an indigestible object

This blog is an absolute must to read for every responsible dog lover.  Dogs eat things and in case it happens,  the info in this article may prevent unnecessary surgery...

5 steps that may add up to 3 years to your dog's life

Do you know the 80/20 rule, and how 20 % of your choices can make 80% of a difference? It applies to many things in life, including your dog's health....

The crazy world of yogurt aisles and why your choices matter

Do you ever wonder why there are rows and rows of the same items in a store, just different brands? Does it make you happy to have options, or do...

Fatty lumps (lipomas), other lumps and why surgery is not the best choice

An essential resource for every dog lover with a lumpy dog...  If you  find yourself confused about what to do when you  find a lump or immediately think of the...

An empath’s guide on how not to piss people off

What questions does your doctor ask you before prescribing medication to you, and what questions should you be asking your doctor about the pills they prescribe? In this blog post...

Natural health, supplements and internet trolls

Who is Mrs. Kratka, and what does she have to do with Internet trolls? In this blog post, I talk about what I really think about people who “slam” me...

Why Vienna scores low on the list of dog friendly cities

Do you wonder how dogs live in other parts of the world? When I travel with Pax, I get to explore the city from a dog’s point of view, and...

Diabetes in dogs - Treatment and prevention - Holistic approach

  Diabetes is one of the most frustrating diseases vets see, and it is so easy to prevent in many dogs. Diabetes happens almost exclusively in dogs on kibble, and...

How to find your place of truth

My goal for this post is to bring some sort of sense to the madness of the Covid vaccine debate, so that we can all talk to each other without thinking that...

A new dog safety page for every dog lover

Do you worry about how to keep your dog safe? Learn about our new page that includes info on toxic plants for dogs, car safety for dogs, dog first aid,...

Announcement! New H+ line multivitamin for you

This summer, my team and I have been busy launching our H+ human line of supplements. So now, in addition to FeelGood Omega H+, GreenMin H+ and NMNPure H+, I would like to introduce another ally on...

Why thousands of dog lovers may be harming their dogs without knowing

In my opinion, the current state of medicine is not as much of the fault of individual veterinarians and doctors, but a systemic issue that starts with one sided education...

Positive news on the anti-aging front

Sometimes people ask me why I talk about more than just dogs and their health, and it’s because I believe that our dogs’ well-being rests upon the state and well-being...

A story of a lost friend

Can you imagine living in a world where friends become enemies, and opportunities and freedoms are taken away, just because of differences of opinions? My life behind the Iron Curtain still...

The worst 18 hours of Pax's and my life

Usually I know how to begin, however today I am having a hard time finding my words. Perhaps I should step back and let Pax share his side of the...

Four ingredients for happiness

Do you know why many of my supplements for dogs and people, including SoulFood, are fermented? The fermentation process is powerful and transforms vitamins into whole foods, and increases potency,...

Natural treatment of wounds, incisions, hotspots, bee stings, insect bites and more

For many decades, people have been resorting to wound care products that are toxic to the bacteria but also to the body’s own cells. Hydrogen peroxide, Hibitane soaps and antibiotic...

Why hydrogen peroxide should not be used on wounds

Find out why hydrogen peroxide does not need to be in your medicine cabinet. I am sharing a simple six-step all-natural method with you for treating wounds, incisions, stings and...

5 most common mistakes people make when treating skin wounds and incisions

The status quo isn't always the best option so here are some reasons to follow a different and all-natural routine when it comes to treating wounds and incisions.

7 steps to trouble free natural wound care for dogs and people

When I was released from the hospital following a surfing accident, the hospital staff gave me zero instructions on how to take care of the wound! The only thing the...

Natural guide to giardia treatment and prevention in dogs

Does your dog like to drink from puddles, creeks and rivers? If so, here’s everything you need to know about Giardia, a tiny microorganism that can cause a lot of...

Freedom of choice will remain

Are you unsure about the COVID vaccine? It may surprise you to hear that I am not for or against the COVID vaccination, and that’s because we haven’t had enough...

The first human line product is here!

Our first human line product is here! Learn more about FeelGood Omega H+ and what benefits it can provide for your body, including healthy aging, cell repair, mobility and brain...

One important mineral that keeps you, your dog, and everything else alive

Do you know which mineral keeps you, your dog and all living things alive? If not, I suggest you read on to find out! Here in part two of my...

7 minerals that will make a huge difference in your dog's life

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t really like chemistry in high school. Now, I find it fascinating, because I can see how chemistry and minerals can make our dogs’...

Is spirulina good for dogs?

Here are 10 reasons why dark-green algae should be in every dog's diet.

Why mineral deficiencies lead to dehydration and premature aging in dogs

Over the years, I have frequently written on the topic of mineral and nutrient depletion in dogs, and data shows that almost every dog that doesn’t get supplements is lacking...

One thing will make the most difference to your dog's health

A long and healthy life can be so simple. It only takes one step to make a dramatic change.

Are your friendships in tune?

Do you know what your dog’s liver and your closest relationships have in common? If you’ve ever heard the saying that you are the sum of your five closest friends...

Anxious, fearful and worried dogs: What to do, in a nutshell

Anxiety, fear and aggression in dogs can be genetic or a result of their environment, and how you react in stressful situations can either increase or diminish the level of...

10 articles that will transform your dog’s health and life

Empower yourself with knowledge! If you’ve missed some of my articles over the past few months, here’s your chance to seize a unique opportunity to improve or maintain your dog’s...

Puppy Series Part 3: Behaviour, exercise, and training

Puppies, puppies, puppies! In Part 3 of my puppy series, I dive into 16 more mistakes people make when raising their puppies, such as allowing puppies to jump and lick,...