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Latest articles

Why some dogs are smelly and some are not

Does your dog smell? Here's how often to bathe your dog, and how to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy the natural way.

Why fruit and protein should not be fed together…

Your dog doesn't need a lot of fruit, but if you would like to feed some, I have some guidelines that will keep your dog's digestion flowing nicely.

Why are drug companies against natural treatment methods

Dogs want us to take them off drugs… Most of us start the first year of vet school with big ideas to become the James Herriot’s of our towns and villages and be the magicians of miraculous recoveries. This noble goal is often followed by a sobering wake-up call that...

Ear infections in dogs – Natural approach to treatment – Part 2

Does your dog suffer with chronic ear infections? Here are three more tips on how to naturally treat one of the most difficult issues that requires a lot of patience.

Why you have the power to transform the face of conventional healthcare

Explore the limitations of conventional medicine and the pursuit of natural healing techniques. Join Dr. Peter Dobias as he delves into the potential drawbacks of pharmaceutical drugs and advocates for safer, more holistic alternatives.

Do you really know how your vet treats your pet?

Finding the right veterinarian can be hard. After all, they will be helping you care for one of your most important family members. Here's how to choose the right vet for you and your pup.

Traveling? Do not put your dog in a canine prison

Ensure your pets are cared for while you're away. Find reliable friends or reputable house sitters, explore boarding alternatives, and prioritize their comfort and well-being. Travel together or provide a safe environment at home. Improve the lives of your furry friends.

The evil empire of puppy mills and catteries

Discover how purchasing animals from puppy mills can drain your wallet and contribute to unethical practices. Instead, consider adopting from shelters or reputable breeders, and prioritize the health and well-being of animals over impulsive purchases.

Happy dogs rarely get ill

Make your dog's life fun and socialize them from an early age. Connect with other dog owners, arrange sleepovers and walks, and exchange dog-sitting services. Avoid leaving your dog alone for extended periods and involve them in outings whenever possible. Spend quality time with your dog, playing and bonding. Happy pets lead to fewer vet visits.

What are vets afraid of?

Discover the alternative approach to vaccination for your puppy's well-being. Learn about measuring antibody levels, the risks of premature vaccination, and how to navigate conflicting veterinary opinions. Trust your instincts and make informed decisions for your furry friend.

Why a rigid approach to medicine doesn’t do the trick anymore

Discover a natural approach to treating dog foot fungus, addressing underlying causes through holistic methods like Skin Spray and proper collar fitting. Share this informative article for pet well-being.

Is your animal friend safe in the car?

Ensure car safety for your pets. Reflect on your driving habits and buckle up promptly. Be aware of the risks and avoid letting pets roam freely in the car. Use pet carriers or seatbelt harnesses for their protection. Consider a vehicle with built-in safety features or secure attachments. Spread the message to save animal lives.

Unsure about vaccination safety?

Delve into the ongoing debate surrounding vaccines and their potential benefits and risks. Gain insights from an experienced veterinarian who shares a holistic approach to vaccination. Learn about alternative methods, such as titer testing, and how to make informed decisions to ensure your pet's well-being. Discover the importance of socialization...

I think my dog has fleas

Are you wondering if your dog has fleas? Use this step-by-step guide to find out if your dog has fleas, how to get rid of them and a natural way you can prevent them in the future.

A dog that helped me find my keys

Stay open and attentive to the Universe's signs. In a surprising twist, a barking dog helps you find your lost car keys on the beach, showing that the Universe will guide you if you keep your ears and eyes open.

Just jump in the lake

Imagine if you treated others the way your dog treats you: with selflessness and care. Be present, offer comfort, and lend a helping hand when needed. Like your dog, ask if everything is alright and jump in to help when necessary.

A pee story

A three step, natural plan to help your dog if they are suffering from urinary incontinence or leaking urine.

Raw food can transform your dog

A story from one of our readers. Read how raw food can benefit your dog and why a raw food diet is the best choice of food for your dog.

Who is wrong? Nature or processed pet food giants

Are you wondering about the Bone and Raw Food diet for dogs? Learn how to feed the right ratio of meat, veggies, bones and organs.

Your dog is no garbage bin! A few things you should know

Some raw pet food companies use  fatty trim meat which is much higher in fat and pets  eating too fatty meat can suffer from fat overload

Fed up with the state of health care? You can be part of the solution

We're concerned about the medical system and rising costs. Knowledge empowers us to take charge of our health. Let's understand health, disease, the effects of drugs, and embrace a holistic approach to medicine. Together, we can make a positive change and reduce vet bills.

Protecting your pet from radioactive fall out

Learn about iodine supplementation for pets to protect their thyroid glands from radioactive iodine in the event of a nuclear incident. Potassium iodide may cause side effects, and a natural source like GreenMin may be a safer alternative.

Detox your pet – Why and how

Read this interview with Ryan Carnahan on why learning how to detox your dog naturally may add months and years to your best friends life.

Bacterial conspiracy – Why we should not be afraid of bacteria

The recent E. Coli scare highlights the flawed system of pharmaceutical companies, antibiotic use in farming, and the blame on organic producers. We can make a difference by reducing drug dependency in both veterinary and human medicine, protecting our health and the planet.

First "dogs only" vet in Canada

Dear friends, today I would like to announce that I will be the first Dog Only veterinarian in Canada and I trust that the cat lovers will forgive me. My decision to take the canine direction is mainly based on the fact that cats and dogs are very different.

Doctors are caught between a rock and a hard place…

Healthcare reform is crucial for both humans and animals, as natural methods can solve many health issues. We need to advocate for doctors' access to natural healing knowledge and challenge the dominance of pharmaceutical drugs. Together, we can make a difference and spread awareness of the natural choice for better health.

Two veterinarians write on the topic of raw diet for dogs. Is it safe or not?

If you're wondering whether or not a raw diet is safe for dogs, here's why I can say it is safe, and why I disagree with some other vets.

Why our dogs deserve more freedom

We need more freedom for our dogs. Restrictive dog bylaws and animal control punish all dogs for the actions of a few. Let's explore open discussions and solutions, like dog registration and designated areas, to ensure responsible ownership without treating dogs and their people as second-class citizens.

Novartis in trouble – Recall

Be cautious with pharmaceutical drugs. Novartis issued a recall due to stray tablets found in their products. Veterinary drugs are also affected, causing backorders. Minimize drug usage when possible. Stay informed about the risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

Healthy dogs euthanized at veterinary board exams

Has it ever happened to you that moments from the past suddenly return? Perhaps they reappear because we grow into finding a solution to take the right action that we couldn’t take before. Generally, I believe that we can influence the world in a more beneficial way if we focus...