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Latest articles

A new dog safety page for every dog lover

Do you worry about how to keep your dog safe? Learn about our new page that includes info on toxic plants for dogs, car safety for dogs, dog first aid, and much more. I hope it will help you prevent accidents and prepare you in case an emergency does occur....

Announcement! New H+ line multivitamin for you

This summer, my team and I have been busy launching our H+ human line of supplements. So now, in addition to FeelGood Omega H+, GreenMin H+ and NMNPure H+, I would like to introduce another ally on your journey towards greater health and longevity: SoulFood H+ a complete, fermented, certified organic, multivitamin.

Why thousands of dog lovers may be harming their dogs without knowing

In my opinion, the current state of medicine is not as much of the fault of individual veterinarians and doctors, but a systemic issue that starts with one sided education and ends with lobbyists working hard to protect the interest of pharmaceutical companies. The three “moments” I share here are...

Positive news on the anti-aging front

Sometimes people ask me why I talk about more than just dogs and their health, and it’s because I believe that our dogs’ well-being rests upon the state and well-being of the people caring for them, and it’s why I started making supplements for people, too. Learn more about NMNPure...

A story of a lost friend

Can you imagine living in a world where friends become enemies, and opportunities and freedoms are taken away, just because of differences of opinions? My life behind the Iron Curtain still sometimes haunts me, but it has allowed me to see the threats to democracy more clearly. If no deer has...

The worst 18 hours of Pax's and my life

Usually I know how to begin, however today I am having a hard time finding my words. Perhaps I should step back and let Pax share his side of the most scary 18 hours of my life, and tell you all about how he survived being lost in the high...

Four ingredients for happiness

Do you know why many of my supplements for dogs and people, including SoulFood, are fermented? The fermentation process is powerful and transforms vitamins into whole foods, and increases potency, along with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. And, all my supplements are also made with four key surprising ingredients — ones...

Natural treatment of wounds, incisions, hotspots, bee stings, insect bites and more

For many decades, people have been resorting to wound care products that are toxic to the bacteria but also to the body’s own cells. Hydrogen peroxide, Hibitane soaps and antibiotic creams damage the skin cells around the margin of the wound, delay healing and cause more visible scars.

Why hydrogen peroxide should not be used on wounds

Find out why hydrogen peroxide does not need to be in your medicine cabinet. I am sharing a simple six-step all-natural method with you for treating wounds, incisions, stings and other skin ailments.

5 most common mistakes people make when treating skin wounds and incisions

The status quo isn't always the best option so here are some reasons to follow a different and all-natural routine when it comes to treating wounds and incisions.

7 steps to trouble-free natural wound care for dogs and people

When I was released from the hospital following a surfing accident, the hospital staff gave me zero instructions on how to take care of the wound! The only thing the nurse did was apply a big blob of Polysporin antibiotic ointment, which I washed off immediately. This whole experience made me...

Natural guide to giardia treatment and prevention in dogs

Does your dog like to drink from puddles, creeks and rivers? If so, here’s everything you need to know about Giardia, a tiny microorganism that can cause a lot of digestive issues if your dog has a weakened or inflamed gut. Learn how you can help strengthen your dog’s intestinal...

Freedom of choice will remain

Are you unsure about the COVID vaccine? It may surprise you to hear that I am not for or against the COVID vaccination, and that’s because we haven’t had enough time to know what the right answer is. Based on my research and expertise as a veterinarian and health care...

The first human line product is here!

Our first human line product is here! Learn more about FeelGood Omega H+ and what benefits it can provide for your body, including healthy aging, cell repair, mobility and brain function support, and more.

One important mineral that keeps you, your dog, and everything else alive

Do you know which mineral keeps you, your dog and all living things alive? If not, I suggest you read on to find out! Here in part two of my Essential Minerals for Dogs series, I talk about six minerals your dog can’t go without, how much of each mineral...

7 minerals that will make a huge difference in your dog's life

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t really like chemistry in high school. Now, I find it fascinating, because I can see how chemistry and minerals can make our dogs’ bodies, and our own, function optimally. There is something so mighty and powerful in giving the body minerals: They power...

Is spirulina good for dogs?

Here are 10 reasons why dark-green algae should be in every dog's diet.

Why mineral deficiencies lead to dehydration and premature aging in dogs

Over the years, I have frequently written on the topic of mineral and nutrient depletion in dogs, and data shows that almost every dog that doesn’t get supplements is lacking the essential minerals and vitamins needed for a longer, healthier life. In fact, mineral deficiency leads to body depletion, organ...

One thing will make the most difference to your dog's health

A long and healthy life can be so simple. It only takes one step to make a dramatic change.

Are your friendships in tune?

Do you know what your dog’s liver and your closest relationships have in common? If you’ve ever heard the saying that you are the sum of your five closest friends in your life, you might know what I’m talking about: if those friendships aren’t in tune, you might be feeling...

Anxious, fearful and worried dogs: What to do, in a nutshell

Anxiety, fear and aggression in dogs can be genetic or a result of their environment, and how you react in stressful situations can either increase or diminish the level of anxiety or fear your dog experiences. Here’s what I have learned over the last 30 years, and how you can...

10 articles that will transform your dog’s health and life

Empower yourself with knowledge! If you’ve missed some of my articles over the past few months, here’s your chance to seize a unique opportunity to improve or maintain your dog’s health. Click here for a compilation of my best articles of 2021 (so far) and receive important information you’ll need...

Puppy Series Part 3: Behaviour, exercise, and training

Puppies, puppies, puppies! In Part 3 of my puppy series, I dive into 16 more mistakes people make when raising their puppies, such as allowing puppies to jump and lick, using improper equipment, reinforcing poor recall, giving puppies the wrong kinds of toys, improper exercise and so much more. Learn...

Puppy Series Part 2: 15 mistakes people make feeding puppies

New puppy owners are faced with many decisions, and often one of the most perplexing is choosing the right puppy food. Throughout my career, I’ve seen puppies start out on “life stage” processed puppy food and the health conditions that have resulted, and I’ve also helped countless clients raise their...

Why frisbee fetching may be risky for dogs

This is not an easy article for me to write and I do not want to seem like a party pooper but I do need to think about the safety of your dog. Repetitive  exercise, twisting and jumping may look like fun for your dog, but can result in long-lasting injuries.

Puppy Series Part 1: Socialization and vaccines

I love meeting new puppy owners — most of them are not unlike “human baby” parents. They worry the most about their firstborn because everything is exciting and new, but also a little scary, as it is difficult to determine good advice from the bad. Unfortunately, there are three harmful...

What if this were the last time?

As I travel from Maui to visit my mamma in my home country, Czech Republic, I can appreciate the island as being one of my greatest teachers. In my early days there, I was met both with happy times and the volcanic eruptions life inevitably brings. But as time went...

Complete guide to natural tick prevention and lyme disease in dogs

Did you know that there’s a tiny insect more dangerous than a Great White Shark hanging out in our backyards, forests and favourite trails right now? If you're as concerned about ticks as I am, you’ll want to read this comprehensive guide on how to prevent ticks (and fleas, another...

Why dog poop bags are a serious problem

 I’m about to make a confession that may shock you: I don’t always pick up Pax’s poop! While I’d never leave dog poop on a stranger’s lawn, I will leave it in the grass or forest, with good reason. Read on to learn why so-called eco-friendly dog poop bags...

All-natural homemade dog treat recipe

Your dog will LOOOVE these and Pax does too! Check out this healthy natural dehydrated dog treat recipe. 

4 steps that prevent 80% of your dog's health problems

Do you know why I love what I do? I’ve found my passion in life helping thousands of dog lovers every year learn the four steps to creating a healthy life for their dogs: feeding our dogs natural food, providing our dogs with essential supplements, putting our dogs through a...

Urinary incontinence in dogs

Here is all you need to know about treating your leaky dog naturally without cancer-causing hormones.

A dog utopia like no other

Ready for two provoking and thought inviting topics?! You are at the right place. The first one is freeeeedom! You know the thing that we used to be entitled to according to the charter of rights.😉 The second topic is about letting our dogs sleep in our beds. Check it...

Introducing my new podcast: Not Just About Dogs

My team and I always do our best to make sure that our content, free learning material, and nutritional and healthy supplement info reaches dog lovers like you, and today I have an exciting announcement to share!

An incredible story of survival that may inspire you

If you’re feeling down or find yourself in a difficult situation, read how a raw bone for dogs, an army of ants and a washing machine inspired me to contemplate human resilience and why just a little bit of stress can actually do us good.

Nail injuries, and toe and nail bed tumours in dogs

Has your dog ever had a bleeding or broken nail? Learn how to treat an injured nail and stop it from bleeding. Recognize the difference between a common nail injury and a toe nail bed tumour. Discover the causes of toe tumours in dogs and ways of preventing them.

5 most common causes of allergies in dogs and people

What are true allergies in dogs and how can they be treated naturally? Here are 5 common causes of allergies in dogs (and people), as well as, a 5-step plan to help your dog overcome allergies, naturally.

Detox: A hoax or an effective treatment method?

Recently, I came across a program where the author’s goal was to discredit doing a detox or cleanse; suggesting that they are a hoax. This prompted me to look at the objections the author made and share my professional point of view of cleanse and detox procedures in dogs, based...

Your dog may be your mirror

Do you think that you and your dog are alike? From what I have seen, the longer dogs live with us, the more they’re “dialled into our energy field” and are like us. Today I share my thoughts on this topic, as well as an announcement of something very exciting...

How to survive and thrive in 2021 and how your dog can help

Here are the tricks I am using to stay happy and positive in this world gone bonkers. I hope they will help you and your dog too!

No-clueitis: a problem that you may want to know about

No-clueitis is a term I like to use for nonsensical behaviour that we humans exhibit in many areas. Do you know someone who suffers from no-clueitis? I am willing to wager that you do! Read on to learn more about this common human affliction.

Dandelion: Great for dog liver support

Dandelions are considered nothing more than a weed by most people, but it is actually a little flower that can do great things for your dog's liver and has many other medicinal qualities. That is why I have included it in SoulFood and wrote this article to answer the questions I...

Meet my four not-so-good friends

Today is not the first time that I have written on the topic of regret. Vets witness regret on a daily basis when working with pet guardians who wish they hadn't waited for so long to deal with a health problem. Regret is the “best friend” of a whole bunch of characters...

Parsley for dogs: Benefits & more

What has more vitamin C than citrus? I want to take a moment to highlight an especially potent herb that can be very beneficial to your dog’s health and that is parsley.

What to do if your dog is limping or refuses to walk/run

Here is a first-aid guide for dogs and what to do if your dog has acute lameness, is limping or cannot walk or run. Also, learn how best to approach ongoing chronic mobility issues.

Why dogs with narrow shoulders are prone to heart disease

Help keep your dog's heart healthy by following a six-step heart disease prevention program.

Important info on hair mineral testing for your dog

Over the years, I have always tried to find ways of keeping our product costs as low as possible, while never compromising on the quality of ingredients and our customer care, and this includes the HairQ Test.

10 reasons why turmeric is good for dogs

This ingredient can help your dogs, teeth, heart, helps fight cancer cells and is well-known as an anti-inflammatory. Have you guessed what this amazing food is?