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Why JointButter?

Every dog deserves to experience the JOY TO MOVE!

Formulated by a veterinarian with more than 30 years of clinical experience and supported by scientific research and comprehensive studies, JointButter is the most comprehensive joint and mobility solution for dogs and it is a result of our passion and commitment to your dog's mobility, quality of life, and longevity.

JointButter is naturally preserved, free from harmful chemicals and fillers, and made in the USA.

Suitable for dogs of all ages

Growing Puppies: Supports joint, tendon, and bone development.

Adult Dogs: Helps to prevent osteoarthritis and reduce risks of ligament tears and injuries.

Senior Dogs: Enhance mobility, improve quality of life and extend lifespan.

Active and Performance Dogs: Maintains peak condition for sports and shows.

Rescue Dogs: Addresses mobility issues stemming from past malnutrition or neglect.

Easy to Administer

Formulated for an easy addition into your dog's meals, no matter what type of food you feed.

Innovation & Science

JointButter is a one of a kind fermented joint and mobility formula based on numerous scientific studies to ensure the highest absorption and the best results.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

The product ingredient quality and also commitment to protecting the environment is an extension of our love for dogs. We package JointButter in glass to prevent toxins from plastic leaching into the product. We are the only supplement company that ship in plastic-free eco-sleeves to ensure your order arrives safely. 

The research and science behind these ingredients

The Perna Mussel, or Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand, has emerged as a key ingredient in helping dogs with canine osteoarthritis and joint issues, as revealed in a 2021 systematic review.

Research confirmed the mussel's efficacy in reducing joint inflammation and enhancing mobility but
also highlighted its ability to mitigate gastrointestinal side effects commonly induced by NSAID medications.

Unique for its high content of bioactive glycosaminoglycans, especially Chondroitin Sulfate and Heparan Sulfate, the Perna Mussel stands out for its anti-inflammatory properties and its potential in promoting nerve growth and tissue repair.

These components contribute to the maintenance and repair of joint cartilage and have been incorporated into JointButter® to enhance its effectiveness and provide a broad spectrum of benefits.

Additionally, the sustainable cultivation and harvesting practices in New Zealand, overseen by the Mussel Reef Restoration Trust and Revive Our Gulf Foundation, underline the environmental responsibility and quality assurance of this joint support supplement.

Perna Mussel ( Green Lipped Mussel ) - A key ingredient in joint and mobility support.

In 2021, a study - a systematic review of the efficacy of green-lipped mussel (1) in treating osteoarthritis (OA) confirmed that Perna Mussel, also called Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand provides clinically significant positive treatment effect on osteoarthritis (joint inflammation).

This study included a review of nine clinical trials, focusing on Green Lipped Mussel effect on OA
pain and mobility but it also confirmed that Green Lipped Mussel improved gastrointestinal symptoms in OA patients taking NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that are widely used in human and veterinary
medicine. These drugs commonly cause negative gastrointestinal, kidney and liver side-effects.

What makes Green Lipped Mussel unique?

A study conducted by a Japanese research team (2)  focuses on the compounds behind its positive effect on joint health, pain and mobility - bioactive glycosaminoglycans from the green-lipped mussel Perna canaliculus

Marine invertebrates such as mussels are a rich source of these  highly sulfated and rare glycosaminoglycans, and Perna canaliculus, is one of the best sources produced on a large scale in New Zealand.

The glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) from the green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus), primarily Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) and Heparan Sulfate (HS), exhibit several notable biological effects:

1. Neurite Outgrowth Stimulation: The chondroitin sulfate chains, particularly those rich in the E unit disaccharide (GlcA-GalNAc(4,6-O-disulfate)), have been shown to stimulate the formation of nerve synapses which suggests potential applications in neurology and regenerative medicine, where promoting nerve growth and repair is needed.

2. Joint Health and Osteoarthritis Treatment: Chondroitin Sulphate is commonly used for its potential benefits in joint health, particularly in the treatment of osteoarthritis. It is believed to contribute to the maintenance and repair of cartilage, the connective tissue that lines and cushions joints.

3. Anti-inflammatory Properties: Both  chondroitin sulphate and HS possess anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial in reducing inflammation in conditions such as arthritis.

4. Tissue Homeostasis (stability) and Cell Proliferation (creation and growth): GAGs play critical roles in cellular phenomena like cell proliferation, cell adhesion, differentiation, and tissue homeostasis.

Why I have added Lipped Mussel (Perna Mussel) in JointButter® joint and mobility support.

The Glycosaminoglycans from Perna Mussel have unique structure and bioactivity and while we have added the traditional Chondroitin sulfate and Glucosamine in JointButter®, we have also a whole food source of GAG from Perna Mussel to significantly boost the supplement potency and increase the spectrum of available glycosaminoglycans.

How is Perna Mussel (Green Lipped Mussel) raised and harvested?

Produced exclusively in New Zealand, green-lipped mussels production involves several steps:

Seeds are first collected and planted in a hatchery. Once they hatch they attach themselves to rocks, long ropes and other hard surfaces. Once attached, the larvae transform into juvenile mussels and mature into adult mussels in about 12 months, ready to be harvested in 26 - 48 months (1)

A few notes on Perna Mussel production sustainability

Formulating and launching a mobility and joint support supplement such as JointButter® comes along with focus on quality, science supported efficacy but we also pay attention on environmental impact and sustainability.

The regions where Perna Mussel is harvested is under the stewardship of the producers in a successful collaboration with Mussel Reef Restoration Trust and Revive Our Gulf Foundation. [link]


1. "Green-lipped mussel review" by Catherine Ulbricht and team.
PMID: 22435354 DOI: 10.1080/19390210802690191

 2. "Bioactive glycosaminoglycans study" in Biochemical and Biophysical Research
Communications, Volume 612, 5 July 2022, Pages 50-56; Ayumu Mubuchi and team.

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Turmeric stands out not only for its wide-ranging health benefits but also for its safety profile, offering a natural, effective alternative to support your dog's health across various fronts. From fighting inflammation and protecting against cancer to supporting heart and cognitive health, turmeric is a versatile addition to your dog's diet that can lead to significant health improvements

It is important to remember that in order to take advantage of turmeric's full potential, increased bioavailability can be achieved by combining it with black pepper and a healthy fat like coconut oil which are both part of JointButter®. The fermentation process used in the production of this product further enhances the following properties of turmeric .

Turmeric’s science based and medicinal properties:

1. Natural Anti-inflammatory: Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound renowned for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs suffering from conditions such as arthritis, reducing pain and improving mobility without the adverse side effects commonly associated with NSAID drugs.

2. Antibacterial and Antioxidant Powerhouse: Turmeric's antibacterial properties protect against bacterial infections, while its antioxidant capabilities help to neutralize harmful free radicals, contributing to overall health and well-being.

3. Dental Health: The bactericidal properties of turmeric can prevent plaque buildup and tartar, safeguarding against gingivitis and related dental issues. This natural alternative is not only effective but avoids the toxicity of common veterinary rinses.

4. Heart Health: Curcumin in turmeric supports cardiovascular health by protecting against myocardial infarction and reducing inflammation, key factors in maintaining heart health and extending longevity.

5. Diabetes Prevention: Surprisingly beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels, turmeric can be a preventative measure against diabetes, especially in breeds predisposed to this condition.

6. Gastrointestinal Health: Turmeric has been shown to protect against the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers, offering a safer option for managing pain and inflammation without the risk of causing ulcers like NSAIDs.

7. Cancer Prevention and Treatment: Curcumin's ability to induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells provides hope in the fight against cancers, including colon cancer and lymphoma, offering a less invasive treatment option with promising results.

8. Radiation Protection: The phytochemicals in turmeric can shield DNA from radiation-induced damage, showcasing its protective benefits at the cellular

9. Joint and Mobility Support: For dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain, turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties can offer relief and improve quality of life, presenting a natural alternative to pharmaceutical interventions.

10. Cognitive and Mood Enhancer: Turmeric also supports cognitive health and can help manage depression and aging-related cognitive declines, contributing to a happier, healthier life for your dog.

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Glucosamine and chondroitin are vital components in maintaining and repairing joint health in dogs. Naturally found in the body, they aid in the formation of cartilage and offer anti-inflammatory benefits, providing relief from joint pain and improving mobility. Early incorporation into a dog's diet, especially for active breeds, can significantly delay joint degeneration and promote a more active, pain-free life. However, choosing high-quality supplements and adopting a holistic approach, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, is crucial for optimal joint health.

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Boswellia is an ancient resin known also as Indian frankincense, stands as a testament to the healing  power of nature. The medicinal use of crystallized Boswellia sap has been popular in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and it has now a firm place in veterinary practice for its remarkable anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and analgesic properties.

At the heart of Boswellia's potent healing capabilities are the Boswellic acids, a group of active chemical compounds that combat inflammation at its root. Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA), in particular, plays a pivotal role by targeting and inhibiting the 5-lipoxygenase enzyme, a key player in the inflammatory process.

This targeted action makes Boswellia a powerful ally against chronic inflammation and its associated conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, liver disease, and even cancer.

Joint Health Effect: Boswellia's efficacy extends beyond mere theory. Veterinary studies, such as one conducted across several centers in Switzerland, demonstrate significant improvements in dogs suffering from degenerative joint and spinal conditions. Over six weeks, dogs exhibited reduced symptoms of lameness, pain, and stiffness, underscoring Boswellia's role as a natural and effective treatment for arthritis—a condition affecting a significant portion of the canine population.

Neuroprotective and Antioxidant Properties: Boswellia's benefits reach into neurological health, offering protection against oxidative damage and supporting nerve repair. Its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties hold promise for treating neurological diseases and even combating age-associated memory decline, showcasing the resin's multifaceted contributions to canine health.

Liver and Gastrointestinal Support: The protective effects of Boswellia extend to the liver, where it helps combat conditions like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and liver fibrosis, improving liver function and antioxidant levels. Additionally, Boswellia aids in gastrointestinal health, soothing symptoms of disorders like IBD and promoting the integrity of the intestinal barrier.

Immunomodulatory Effects: Boswellia's influence on the immune system is marked by its ability to modulate the response, offering potential treatment avenues for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. By regulating the growth and activation of T cells without causing harm, Boswellia presents a balanced approach to immune system support.

The Right Choice for Your Dog: When choosing a joint support supplement for your dog, make sure that Boswellia is on the supplement ingredient list. Fermented Boswellia is preferred, as the fermentation process enhances the bioavailability and potency of the formula, ensuring your dog receives the full spectrum of benefits.

Introducing JointButter®: Embodying the latest in natural canine joint care, JointButter® is a testament to innovation, blending Boswellia with other active compounds through a proprietary fermentation process. This advanced formula promises not just to alleviate pain but to work in harmony with your dog's body, fostering mobility and health without the adverse effects associated with conventional medications.

In summary, Boswellia emerges not just as a supplement but as a cornerstone of holistic canine health care. Its wide-ranging benefits address not only the symptoms of joint pain and inflammation but also contribute to the overall well-being of dogs, making it an indispensable ally in the pursuit of a happy, active, and pain-free life for our four-legged friends.

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Fermented ginger emerges as a potent, natural remedy for enhancing the health and well-being of dogs, offering a blend of traditional wisdom and modern science.

Ginger has been revered for millennia, not just as a culinary spice but as a powerful medicinal herb. Its transformation through fermentation elevates its health-boosting properties, making it an invaluable addition to your dog's health and mobility regimen.

A Symphony of Beneficial Compounds: Ginger is rich in over 100 active compounds, with gingerols and shogaols leading the charge in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. These compounds are especially crucial for dogs, offering a natural pathway to reduced inflammation, enhanced mobility, and overall vitality.

Scientifically Proven Benefits: Research underscores ginger's efficacy in combating a range of inflammatory diseases, from arthritis to digestive disorders. Its bioactive components, such as 6-shogaol, zingerone, and 8-shogaol, have been spotlighted for their roles in modulating immune responses and suppressing inflammatory pathways, offering relief and protection to our canine friends.

Beyond Inflammation: Fermented ginger's scope extends beyond fighting inflammation. Studies illustrate its potential in managing metabolic syndrome, supporting
heart health, aiding in weight management, and even offering protective effects against cancer. Its ability to alleviate chemotherapy-induced nausea makes it a compassionate choice for dogs undergoing cancer treatment.

The Fermentation Factor: The process of fermenting ginger not only enhances its bioavailability but also amplifies its health benefits. This means your dog can absorb and utilize these beneficial compounds more efficiently, ensuring maximum impact from every dose.

Incorporating fermented ginger into JointButter supports not just joint health and mobility but also fortifies the digestive and immune systems, promotes skin health, and contributes to overall well-being.

Not all ginger supplements are created equal. Opting for a fermented version ensures that your dog benefits from the full potency of ginger's healing properties, making it a safe critical  ingredient when choosing a joint and mobility supplement for your dog.

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Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a powerful superfood that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and possessing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it beneficial for joint health, allergies, and general well-being in dogs. When dried or tinctured, stinging nettle is safe and therapeutic for canines, offering relief from allergies, support for joint health, and promoting skin, coat, and urinary health. Fermenting stinging nettle enhances its bioavailability and digestive benefits.

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Barley grass emerges as a holistic superfood for canines, blending ancient tradition with modern scientific validation of
many health benefits:

Nutritional Powerhouse: Barley grass is nutrient abundant superfood containing chlorophyll,
antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and all eight essential amino acids, Its remarkable nutritional profile supports a wide range of positive health effects, from immune response to digestive health, overall vitality and well-being.

Immune Boosting and Digestive Support: Barley grass's rich vitamin and mineral content, including high levels of vitamin A, C, and K, along with calcium, magnesium, and iron, fortifies the immune system and enhances digestive health. These nutrients play critical roles in various physiological functions, ensuring your dog maintains optimal health.

Antioxidant Rich: With a potent mix of flavonoids, chlorophyll, and other antioxidants, barley grass offers significant protection against oxidative stress and inflammation, which are at the heart of many chronic diseases. These antioxidant properties are crucial for preventing cellular damage and supporting overall wellness.

Joint Health and Mobility: The bioactive compounds in barley grass, including saponarin and various flavonoids, exhibit anti-inflammatory effects that can alleviate symptoms of joint conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This makes barley grass an excellent supplement for enhancing joint mobility and reducing discomfort.

Digestive Wellness: Barley grass is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, essential for maintaining healthy digestion. It promotes regular bowel movements, supports beneficial gut bacteria, and helps manage blood sugar levels, contributing to a healthy digestive system and potentially reducing obesity risk.

Detoxification and Allergy Relief: The detoxifying properties of barley grass, attributed to its high chlorophyll and beta-carotene content, aid in flushing out toxins and supporting liver health. Moreover, its immunomodulatory effects can help manage allergic reactions by optimizing the production of immune cells.

Barley grass stands out as a multifunctional superfood that can significantly contribute to your dog's health, well-being and mobility. Its wide-ranging benefits, from boosting immunity and supporting digestion to enhancing joint health and aiding in detoxification, make it an excellent addition to JointButter.

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Black Pepper powder is added for it’s synergistic benefits especially when combined with Turmeric. This combination is backed by science for significant health benefits. Black pepper's piperine significantly enhances the absorption of turmeric's curcumin, boosting its availability in the body by up to 2000% without adverse effects, thus maximizing curcumin’s potential benefits. Beyond aiding curcumin absorption, piperine itself has been recognized for its direct role in reducing inflammation and acting as a natural pain reliever. Further research highlights black pepper's contributions to gut health, including the promotion of beneficial gut bacteria, underscoring its importance in immune function, mood regulation, and prevention of chronic diseases. This potent duo not only elevates dishes but also offers a promising avenue for natural health support and disease prevention.

Quercetin has immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to naturally occurring flavonoid. We have chosen to use fermented quercetin as one of the ingredients in JointButter. The fermentation process notably increases quercetin's bioavailability and potency, making it a more effective component in supporting your dog's health.

Health Benefits of Quercetin: Quercetin's wide-ranging benefits, from anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects to antioxidant and anticancer properties. Its incorporation into JointButter through fermentation enhances these benefits, offering a safe and effective way to support your dog's health and mobility.

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MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is increasingly recognized for its significant role in improving joint health and reducing inflammation in dogs, acting as a natural, safer alternative to traditional NSAIDs.

This sulfur-rich compound, essential for the development of collagen, cartilage, and bones, supports the body's detoxification processes and aids in maintaining optimal tissue health. Recent research underlines MSM's effectiveness in strengthening connective tissues, boosting joint health, and its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it particularly beneficial for active, growing, or senior dogs.

Beyond joint support, MSM has shown potential in aiding cancer treatment and improving nutrient absorption and detoxification, enhancing overall cellular health. However, obtaining therapeutic levels of MSM from food alone is challenging, highlighting the importance of integrating high-quality canine supplements into your dog's diet.  

When selecting an MSM supplement, it's crucial
to look for formulas that combine MSM with other joint-supporting ingredients
and are made from high-quality, sustainably sourced materials to ensure maximum
effectiveness and bioavailability.

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Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for dogs, playing a significant role in joint health by promoting the production of collagen, a vital protein for the strength of cartilage and connective tissues. The fermentation process enhances the bioavailability of Vitamin C, making it easier for dogs to absorb and utilize. As an antioxidant powerhouse, fermented Vitamin C helps maintain the structural integrity of a dog's joints, addressing the risk of degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis. It also supports the body's tissue repair mechanisms and reduces inflammation. It also has an impact on immune function which is vital for warding off infections that could worsen joint problems. Incorporating fermented Vitamin C into your dog’s diet, either through food or supplements, is an effective way to boost their mobility and overall health, ensuring they remain active and joyful throughout their lives.

Rutin is a powerful bioflavonoid, offering many health benefits for both humans and dogs, particularly when it comes to vascular health, anti-inflammatory action,

Health Benefits of Rutin:

Vascular Health and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Rutin enhances the integrity of blood vessels and supports the lymphatic system, supporting to maintain optimal blood circulation and preventing blood clots, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.

Osteoarthritis Management:

The combination of enzymes and rutin presents a promising natural alternative to NSAIDs for osteoarthritis management. This synergy not only alleviates symptoms but does so with a lower risk of NSAID related side effects, making it a safer option for the long-term care of dogs suffering from joint diseases. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of rutin contribute to reducing joint pain and inflammation and improving mobility and quality of life of dogs.

Chylothorax Management:

In the treatment of chylothorax, a condition characterized by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the chest cavity, rutin has shown potential. Its ability to strengthen vascular health plays a crucial role in managing this condition,
offering a complementary approach to traditional treatments.

Metabolic Dysfunction in Aging:

Research indicates rutin's efficacy in improving metabolism in older animals, This points to rutin's broader applicability in promoting health and longevity in pets.


The Role of Fermented Rutin:

The fermentation process enhances rutin's bioavailability, making it a superior choice for dietary supplementation. Fermented rutin is more readily absorbed by the body, ensuring that pets receive the maximum benefits of this potent bioflavonoid when it comes to general health, vascular and lymphatic function and mobility.

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Coconut oil, has become very popular among dog lovers, thanks to its diverse health benefits. This natural superfood, rich in medium-chain fatty acids like lauric acid, has been confirmed to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. When incorporated in dietary supplements, coconut oil can significantly enhances joint health by reducing inflammation, improving mobility and supporting dogs with arthritis and injuries.

Additionally, coconut oil promotes skin and coat health, aids digestion, boosts the immune system, and may assist in weight management for overweight dogs.

All the above are the reasons why we included organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil into JointButter.

Olive oil, a well known, highly regarded staple of healthy diets, which also extends remarkable benefits to dogs. It is rich in oleic acid and antioxidants like vitamin E that contribute to reducing inflammation within the body, including the joints. Olive oil can help support optimal body weight, which also benefits joint health in dogs and people. 

*Fermented ingredients

The JointButter Difference

Benefits JointButter

Scientifically based formula

Made with organic ingredients

Glass packaging & metal lids

Plastic free shipping

Made in the USA

Formulated by a veterinarian

Easy to administer

No fillers, preservatives, or chemicals

No artificial flavors

Organic coconut & olive oil base

Made with 15 ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is JointButter made?

JointButter is made in the USA, in an FDA-certified facility using a proprietary fermentation process and high-quality, human-grade ingredients.

How should I store JointButter once opened?

JointButter can be stored at room temperature; it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge. The temperature at which JointButter is stored significantly influences its consistency and appearance, as it can go from a very firm blend to almost liquid similar to coconut butter.
Keep in mind that storing in the fridge will make it more difficult to scoop out; the optimal temperature for convenient handling is room temperature (20ºC / 68ºF).
We recommend that JointButter is not stored at higher than 25ºC  / 77ºF.

How should I introduce JointButter to my dog's diet?

JointButter can be mixed into your dog’s food or given as a treat similar to peanut butter. If your dog is a picky eater, mix it in food, yogurt or food that your dog especially likes. Follow the instructions on the product label to adjust the daily dosage for your dog’s weight.

How often should I give my dog JointButter?

JointButter should be given once  a day or divided into two doses preferably mixed with your dog’s meal or on its own.  If your dog eats dry food, we recommend JointButter® to be mixed in a palatable toper or soft food of your choice.

What makes JointButter different from other canine joint supplements?

JointButter is the first fermented mobility supplement for dogs on the market and has been formulated by Dr. Dobias based on scientific research, clinical experience and collaboration with dietary supplement formulation experts.
The product is made using a proprietary fermentation process proven to increase the bioavailability and potency of the herbs and superfoods, allowing for greater positive impact on your dog’s joint and muscle health and mobility.  
Unlike other mobility supplements, JointButter® comes in eco-friendly glass jars to prevent plastic chemicals leaching into the product and protect our planet.

Is JointButter safe for all dog breeds and ages?

Yes, JointButter can be used in all dogs, from puppies to seniors regardless of their breed, either as a preventative measure to support optimal mobility or as a natural alternative to conventional anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve degenerative joint disease, arthritis , muscle and tendon injuries and also for faster recovery from orthopedic surgery.

When should I give my dog JointButter?

JointButter is formulated especially for middle aged and older dogs, starting at 3 or 4 years of age depending on the size. However young, especially fast growing dogs older than 12 weeks and giant breeds can benefit from taking JointButter during the period of joint and bone development and on ongoing basis. 
In middle aged and senior dogs, JointButter is formulated to relieve arthritis symptoms and improve their overall comfort, mobility and quality of life. Our advanced mobility formula can also help ease inflammation and pain in dogs with joint injuries and speed up recovery after surgeries.

How long does it take to see improvements in my dog's joint health after using JointButter?

Depending on the severity of the mobility problem, you should see signs of improvement within 1-3 months of starting your dog on JointButter depending on the severity of the issue. However positive changes can be seen sooner.
It is also important to understand any supplements' limitations, especially in the case of severe orthopedic and advanced mobility issues. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Are there any side effects to using JointButter in dogs?

JointButter contains a unique blend of natural ingredients meant to help reduce inflammation and increase mobility and longevity in dogs. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its health benefits and safety profile in dogs.
Similar to any other supplements, start with the recommended dosage and closely monitor for any allergic reactions or potential adverse reaction.
Important: JointButter should be used with caution in dogs with shellfish allergies as its formula contains green-lipped mussels.

Can JointButter be used alongside other medications?

While JointButter can be given together with anti-inflammatory or pain control drugs, however, as time progresses, we recommended to slowly reduce the dosage and ideally stop the administration. Please note that JointButter® is best used together with FeelGood Omega® 3 fatty acid supplement which are scientifically confirm to reduce inflammation and promote cell repair.
The following medication should be used cautiously with supplements that contain glucosamine and/or chondroitin: doxorubicin, etoposide, heparin, and warfarin. Talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog JointButter if your dog is on any such medication.

Can JointButter be given to puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs?

JointButter has not been tested  in pregnant or lactating animals, therefore it is not recommended for this group.
While JointButter is safe for puppies, we recommend it being given only to fast growing dogs or to support healing after a joint injury or help manage mobility issues such as hip dysplasia.

Can I give JointButter to my cat?

JointButter is a joint supplement intended for use in dogs only and it is not recommended for use in cats.

What our customers say about our products

  • I have used all of your animal products and think they are all wonderful. Started using them when Louie was under 1 year and he will be 11 this December and he is very healthy. Thank you!

    Marilee Borden

  • 13 and a half still going strong good supplements, raw, physiotherapy and low stress

    Laura G.

  • My dog, Matéo, enjoys having this supplement spread over the top of his fresh homemade food. Matéo is very healthy and looks great which I attribute much to his daily Fab4 supplements.


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    The hairq test is an invaluable tool to ensure that my dog is healthy and that I'm doing a good job of caring for her. [...]

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