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    DR. DOBIAS NATURAL HEALING PRESENTS A Quick and Easy Raw and Cooked Natural Diet Course for Dogs

    Course video, resources and FAQ’s BY DR. PETER DOBIAS, DVM


    "Step by step instructions with links to a course video, resources and FAQ’s."
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    Are You a New Dog Lover Here? Meet Dr. Dobias:

    Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM graduated in veterinary medicine in 1988. He is currently licensed in the European Union and is also the holder of the Canadian Certificate of Qualification (1995). He has more than 30 years of experience in both conventional and holistic veterinary medicine.

    Dr. Dobias is the best known for his progressive, innovative and non-conventional approach to medicine, animal healing, nutrition and disease prevention.

    Since 2008, he gradually shifted his focus from the conventional medical model that rewards doctors for treating disease, to a medical model where the rewards come from teaching, writing, disease prevention, natural nutrition and empowering dog lovers to create a healthy and long life for their dogs.

    Dr. Dobias has been an outspoken advocate of equality in medicine and freedom of choice. While he considers conventional medical methods an important part of the healthcare system, they should not be seen as superior to natural healing.

    Through his teaching, writing and his all natural supplement line, he helps dog lovers around the world to create healthy and long lives for their dogs.

    Course Topics

    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Raw diet safety
    • 3. Proportions of a balanced diet
    • 4. How much and how often to feed
    • 5. What to avoid
    • 6. Raw bone feeding safety
    • 7. What vegetables to feed
    • 8. Raw diet feeding precautions
    • 9. How to assess your dog's weight
    • 10. Food storage
    • 11. How to source food and avoid toxins
    • 12. Fish feeding
    • 13. Natural supplement guide
    • 14. Probiotics and disease preventions
    • 15. Choosing a safe Omega-3 oil

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