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    PeterDobias.com / Blog / Stories & News

    A letter to my dog, Mr. Skai

    By Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

    Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM has 30 years of experience as a veterinarian. His love of dogs and passion for natural healing and nutrition led him to writing, teaching and helping people create health naturally, without drugs, chemicals and processed food.

    How I'm coping losing my sweet best friend

    My sweet friend,

    Today is a very, very big day. The kind of day most dog lovers fear more than our own death.

    I didn’t get much sleep last night – maybe two hours at best. Work took me nine time zones away from you. I didn’t realize how bad things were when I left. Perhaps, deep inside I didn’t want to see what to you was already obvious. 

    Your injury took a lot out of you. You are sixteen, that is two times eight, or 112, in human years. That is old for a large dog like you. But you did so well for so long that I almost forgot. You didn’t even have much gray hair, your coat was shiny and the neurologist who saw you last week could not believe how good your teeth were.

    When we went to see your neurologist, uncle Nick, and he told us you suffered a serious cervical disc injury, I should have clued in, but at that moment I was not a vet. I was a hundred percent your dad and dads don’t want to see their kids leaving, not for school, not for travel and especially not for good.  

    When a baggage porter accidentally swung a heavy suitcase and hit your head two weeks ago, first you tried to be brave, but then I had to carry you on the flight. The people of Westjet were amazing. They let us fly home and then one of their employees and a dog lover came to check on you when we arrived. But I could see the sparkles in your eyes had faded away. We knew, considering your age and diagnosis, surgery was simply not an option. I wouldn’t want you to go through that, my sweet friend. You didn’t deserve to suffer, it would be more for us than for you.


    Deep inside, I hoped you’d bounce back like you always have. Brave, shiny, sweet and full of beans. You have always been caring, so worried about everyone else. Always ready to help, asking: “What do you need? What can I do for you? What else, what else?!” That was you – Mr. Skai Wantstofly, a border collie at heart, more human than a dog.

    When we met, you were holding a bone, growling at all your brothers and sisters, fiercely defending your prized possession. But when you saw me, you dropped your bone, forgot about the growling and came to say hi. That is how the story began.

    Yes, it’s true I was told by your people that you’d be aggressive and I should not choose you, but they could not be more wrong. All I needed to do is to get you two bones and teach you, by switching them, that there will always be enough food for you. 

    Over time, you turned into a Zen dog, our pride and joy, a true best friend! As time progressed, you’ve taught me so much and inspired hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions of dog lovers to take better care of their best friends. You were a true dog ambassador and I was very happy to live in your shadow. You were the star and I was your dad.

    And then there were the girls. Boy, you loved girls! You had it pretty dialed, walking on the beach or in the park, laying right at their feet! Girls love boys to be at their feet and you were a master at that. Your success rate was pretty close to 100 percent. 

    In fact, you were the only male I know who got to sleep in the bed on the first night every single time. That is a skill that many guys would love to possess!

    Yes, I know, the Labs and Golden Retrievers were sometimes challenging. They were like the Italians. Loud, rowdy and cordial. “Manger, manger!!! Mamma Mia!!!” For you, they were a little too much. 

    You were the master of manners and etiquette, after all, your ancestors were British. Many people told me you were the best trained and well-behaved dog and I agree. Your manners led you to be my guide and protector, my service dog to help me with my sleepwalking. Yes, I sleepwalk and have since I was a child. When I was at vet school, I walked through a glass door and almost died. But since I got you, you made sure I was safe. You were my guardian, and I was yours.

    Adventures! Oh boy, you lived for adventures and we had so many! There is enough for a whole book. Do you remember when we cashed our air mile points and flew you to Paris in first class?  As a service dog, you were able to fly in the cabin and had your own pillow! And there was a woman having a fit because there was a dog in the cabin. If I had an airline, I would fly all dogs first class and put all the anti-dog people in cargo!

    It was fun to see my crazy dreams come through. You ran around the Eiffel Tower, you loved that. Also around the Louvre pyramid. Do you remember how we put you in the lap of a female statue in the park and took pictures? You were smiling as if you understood it was funny. That picture is one of my favorites.

    There was a point when you were clearly trying to tell me that I was burning out at work. It was you who gave me the idea of living a more balanced life, doing yoga, enjoying nature and spending our winter months in Maui. I loved doing yoga in the park with you because I could watch you sleeping and chasing bunnies.

    The first time I brought you over to Hawaii, we flew to the island of Oahu. I took you to the beach, the water was warm. You taught me that anything was possible. You were seven-years-old then. 

    When you were a puppy, I almost thought you didn’t love me because you were always ready to go for an adventure with your other human and canine friends. But one day, we went to a lake and everyone tried to coax you in the water, but you would not go. 

    Then I jumped in and in a second you were in the water, trying to ‘rescue’ me. Perhaps my swimming style made you think I was drowning? 

    Your sister, Peggy was a very special friend to you and us too. Did you know, originally, I chose her, but then she started to run away from me. Obviously, she had a plan. She didn’t want me to leave you behind. Have you ever thought what would happen if I left you behind? I can’t imagine. It was meant to be.

    There are not many dogs who get the chance to see their sister or brother every week. I love spending time with my siblings, so I understood how much you loved being with her and you especially loved sleepovers. 

    I could go on and on, writing about our adventures and crying my heart out because today is a pretty tough day. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had a tougher day in my life and there were some tough ones!

    You were barely walking when I took you to your favorite park the other day and I found a little stuffed doggie leaning against the post. I couldn’t believe my eyes because the doggie looked exactly like you, brown and white and he even wore glasses. It was you! I took the little stuffed “you” with me to Norway because I missed the real you so much. 

    And then there was the phone call. You were not doing well. The call I was the most afraid of. I saw your eyes and knew you were asking me to let you go. You didn’t eat or walk for three days and you were waiting for me to come home.

    I spent three hours looking for flights to see how I could get to you faster. Interestingly the same airline that carried us home when you were injured is now carrying me to you.

    I am on the way and I know you are waiting. They say the biggest expression of love is when we let someone go despite the pain we feel.

    I am aware I could go to heroic measures. I know I could take you through procedures, but that would mean more suffering. I have had many breakdowns today. Walking through the airports, not caring if someone sees me crying. I know I am coming home to help you and it feels like someone ripped my heart out. 

    I so don’t want to let you go, but I know that the biggest expression of my love is to let you go.

    I will cuddle you, I will kiss you, I will lay down beside you and then I will let you go because I love you.

    I am writing this letter on the plane to pass the time, ease the pain and be closer to you.  

    You, Mr. Skai Wantstofly, are the big reason why my life has been so good. You taught me how to be a better vet and a healer, you showed me how to be a better person and that the biggest purpose in life is to help others and spend time with family and friends.

    So, when I get to Vancouver we will act like big boys who know that the real you is timeless and limitless and that in our world you will never leave. I could hang on for a little longer because many people do. Often, I have seen people hanging on for too long. I know you loved to run and I really do not want you to suffer, unable to walk and not eating. You are telling me to let you go.

    You see, I am terrified right now, but I know I need to be strong. As a vet, I have seen many heartbreaks but I also learned that the biggest expression of love is to let you go my friend, even though it hurts like hell.

    Just hang on Mr. Skai, I am coming….


    Note: I arrived in Vancouver at 1 p.m. on Wed. May 17, 2017. When I got home, Skai was waiting on his favorite sofa, a pillow under his head. (He loved pillows) We spent a few hours together. He had his loved ones by his side. He passed away at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time at his home in North Vancouver, Canada.

    Our hearts are broken and it will take time to recover from losing him so fast.

    My family and I thank you all for all the messages of support and encouragement.  

    I promise I will continue to be there for you and your dogs as soon as I can.

    With love and gratitude,

    Dr. D



    Mr. Skai Wantstofly  2001 - 2017

    © Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM



    Angela said:

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet friend. What a beautifully written letter of your shared memories. I will keep you in my prayers. I remember how hard it was when I lost my Sophie to a heart attack at her vet’s office several years ago. A routine procedure that went awry. It was so painful for a season. But when I think of her now, I can laugh and smile at our sweet memories and am so grateful for our time together. I believe our dog friends are precious gifts from God. They love us unconditionally and remind us daily to slow down and live in the moment. My heart hurts for your loss, but I hope you find peace in the precious gift of all the years you had with Mr. Skai. ♥♥


    Sharon said:

    I am so saddened and sorry for your loss. Mr.Skai waited for you, to let you know he would be okay and it was time for him to “fly”. Thank you for sharing him with us for all these years.


    Sherry said:

    This is the bravest and most heartwarming tribute to a cherished family member. I’m crying buffalo tears because I know how much it hurts and my senior dog will one day be in this situation. I’m not sure I can be so brave. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.


    Barbara said:

    Heartbreaking. My deepest condolences on Skai’s passing. May cherished memories of your time together bring you comfort and peace.


    Blaine said:

    Our companions are always there for us. Unfortunately, the only time they have to be absent is when they end their journey. We become so dependent upon their presence that they become our shadow and it seems so strange when we look down and they are no longer there. I lost my own rescue dog, a lab-retriever, by the name of Velvet just two years ago. It is funny because although I still miss her, I look at a photograph or a memory comes to mind and she can still bring a smile to my face. That is part of their everlasting gift to us. Namaste and my thoughts are with you and Skai.


    Tilly said:

    Dear Dr. D,
    Kindest thoughts, sympathy, empathy and condolences for the loss of beloved, cherished, wonderful Mr. Skai Wantstofly.

    The two of you have been extraordinary role models and mentors. Thank you, for sharing extensive knowledge, compassion, humor and your adventures with us. Charming, intelligent, debonair Skai will be greatly missed.

    Its been said our previous dog helps us find our “next dog.” If this is true, there are glorious adventures waiting for you.

    May fond memories, God, and time help mend and heal your broken heart. Sympathy, empathy, kindest thoughts and love. .. ~Tilly

    Joyce Rolfe

    Joyce Rolfe said:

    So so sorry for your loss. So terrible when your dogs life has to be cut short by someone swinging a heavy suitcase. People really need to be more careful. Your dog passed on my chows 1st birthday. I will remember the date your best friend died.So glad you made it home and he waited for you to get there. So sorry ;((

    Liz Timbit Sammi

    Liz Timbit Sammi said:

    Oh my that is so heart breaking but you and Skai are bonded always and for that we are thankful that you both brought us tears, laughter and joy and kindness. My thoughts are with you. LOVE LOVE LOVE to you both.


    Rhonda said:

    You were a loving dad and how lucky he was. My prayers to you and your family


    Beth said:

    I’m so sad for your loss! What a lovely tribute! It’s so, so hard to lose any dog but especially those who are really special, so have that extra sparkle. Many of us have been there. Thinking of you and sending love and positive thoughts during this difficult time.


    Lolita said:

    With my deepest sympathy Dr. D. Thank you for sharing your life with your amazing dog Skai. Loved the pics.

    Nancy wallace

    Nancy wallace said:

    I am so sorry to hear about your precious Mr. Skai Dr. Dobias. You were such an awesome Dad to him. You are in my thoughts and prayers

    Bev Finlay

    Bev Finlay said:

    Dear Peter,

    Your letter was wonderful and truly from the heart. I know as many dog lovers do, how difficult losing a pet can be. I lost a beautiful chocolate lab Molly, at six years old, she died in my arms, it took me months to get over the loss and to this day I still miss her. We do have another lab and she is wonderful but the memories of Molly linger and I will never forget her. She was my soul mate as Skai was yours. How wonderful to have spent all those years of full life together. You are blessed to have had him and he to have you. I have something special for you that I have shred with bereaving pet owners.

    The Rainbow Bridge

    There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
    It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colours. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge, there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.
    When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this pace.
    There is always food and water and warm spring weather. The old and frail animals are young again.
    Those who are maimed are made whole again.
    They play all day with each other.

    There is only one thing missing: They are not with their special person who loved
    them on Earth. So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly looks up! The nose twitches. The ears are up. The eyes are staring. And, this one suddenly runs from the group.

    You have been seen and when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her in your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again. You look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.

    Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never agin to be separated.


    Janet said:

    As I read about Skai I thought this is almost my story. I’m so sadden with the lose. I lost my sweet Santis in April. It is so hard to let go. You see the eyes, knowing, they know it’s time. I know exactly how you feel. We did everything to keep her here a little longer. We knew it was time, but couldn’t let go!! We miss her so much, we look for her, call her name to tell her it’s time to go outside!!
    We had her for 15 years, beautiful teeth,still had that Husky spunk!!
    We were up with her all night holding and hanging on to her for the last time! We decided we had to stop being selfish and let her go!!
    My heart goes out to you.

    Sharon W

    Sharon W said:

    I"m so sorry, my heart is broken with you. For Skai to live such a long, healthy life to have it cut by that handler’s carelessness just makes me so angry. Thank you both for all that you have taught us and prayers and hugs to you as you recover from this great loss.


    Patti said:

    What a beautiful tribute to Skai, My love goes out to you and your family, I understand your grief all to well. Skai will always be with you and us too. I will be thinking of you and praying that your heart will mend. Thank you and thank you Skai for everything you have done for all of us.


    Joni said:

    I am so so sorry for your loss! This made me cry. ? Such a tragic loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Natalie Rublik

    Natalie Rublik said:

    I am so shocked and sorry for your loss. I had read earlier about Skai’s head injury but thought he was improving. I know how much he meant to you. I have lost a few dogs and know it is always hard. Take care of yourself.


    Jamie said:

    Tears flowing and my heart aches for you and your family. I pray that all the joy and memories will help with your healing. Skai was such a wonderful companion and will continue to live on through you and your work. Much love being sent ??


    Lauren said:

    Sending lots of love and healing vibes. I lost my beloved Porkchop February 22nd, barely 3 months ago. Hopefully they are playing together. You have so many lovely photos and memories.


    Karen said:

    Such a beautiful letter and a beautiful life. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Angela Jensen

    Angela Jensen said:

    My heart goes out to you. I lost my beloved friend and companion on 4-26-17. Dogs don’t have lessons to learn here on earth. They are naturally good hearted, so their stay on this earth is brief.

    Tina Ballestrasse

    Tina Ballestrasse said:

    Dear Dr. D.
    My heart is breaking with yours and I am so very sorry that your beautiful Skai has gone on. Your letter perfectly honors Skai’s life with you. What an amazing life he had, giving you such joy, companionship and love. I am crying as I write this, crying for you and also because I know all too well the heartbreaking loss of losing a dog that was my constant source of love, comfort, joy and fun, a dog that loved everyone and in turn was loved by so, so many.

    Take all the time you need to heal. But having said that, know that your heart will always grieve for a dog, a soul, so amazing. We go on, but are never quite the same. For all the help and love you give, praying it comes back to you to help you through this time. With deepest sympathy, Tina (along with Cappi and Carlie and our Angel in heaven, Roscoe)


    Dana said:

    I am so sorry for your loss, i know the feeling of dread and grief you are feeling, it’s a horrible pain. I pray for comfort for you.


    Andrea said:

    I’m so sorry for your loss of Skai dog. Your story brought me to tears, as I can relate to helping your best friend and heart dog pass. It’s by far the hardest thing we have to go through in life. Take comfort in knowing you gave him the best possible life, and hold onto all the wonderful memories. Memories with my boy help get me through the day. Take care Dr. D.

    Suzanne Bielak

    Suzanne Bielak said:

    All the dog lovers of this world feel the heart wrenching pain you are experiencing. Rest in Peace beautiful Skai – you have been and will continue to be a wonderful addition to this world of ours. God bless Peter and his family-we know how you feel – there are no words. Our best wishes for your recovery and for finding peace with the passing of your best buddy.


    Lori said:

    Oh Peter, W/tearful eyes, I’m sooo sorry for the loss of your beloved Skai~Sooo thrilled u were able to b right there just like Shai wanted before resting n peace~Shai hung on until u got home which is sooo special


    Vera said:

    Grieving for you, so sorry you lost Skai when he was still so full of life! Prayers for healing and moving on, I feel your hurt.


    Princess said:

    My heart sank to the lowest it has ever been when I saw the subject line in my email box “With deep sadness and broken heart” because I knew then the worst had happened. I could no longer see from crying after I read your long letter to Skai. I am so sorry for your loss. Dogs are our best friends, our children, our soul mates and to lose one is beyond what a non-dog person could understand. You are still blessed though for the amount of time you had with Skai. It was meant to be and now he will forever rest in his creators hand. My prayers are with you.


    Dina said:

    :( I’m so sorry on the passing of Skai.What a beautiful tribute to your best friend!Sounds like he had an amazing life with you & you taught each other so many things.My heart aches for your loss, but just know that your beautiful Skai will be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.

    Sam said:

    The Road goes ever on and on
    Down from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    And Skye must follow, if he can,
    Pursuing it with eager feet,
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say.


    Tina said:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I read this. So many of us know this heart wrenching pain and we grieve with you. These wonderful creatures are spirits of love who teach us how life should truly be lived and their love is so pure. Your words to Skai are truly beautiful and how lucky he was to have you. Until we all meet again…..


    Debee said:

    What can I say that all of these other comments have already. I started following you after my dog was already in a downward spiral from diabetes and Cushing. I tried everything, nothing worked, she passed and took some of my soul with her. I decided to still apply your supplements and advice to her brother that even at 14 was still sprite. Today at 16 he strives. Thank you Dr. Peter and Thank you Mr. Skai, the world has been a better place because of you both. God bless.??


    Rain said:

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Skai is the sweetest boy on the planet and we will all miss him. Even if we never had the honour of meeting him in person. He shared a very special life with you and will always be right beside you. Forever and more… Take good care Dr. D


    Caz said:

    Dear Peter

    I was so very sorry to read your sad news about Mr. Skai. My heart goes out to you knowing how you must be feeling at this dreadful time – we had to say goodbye to our beloved Golden Retriever Jay Jay last summer.

    Rest assured in the knowledge that Mr. Skai will be happy and painfree now at Rainbow Bridge, probably playing with all our other beloved friends who have gone before us.

    Remember the happy times and your treasured memories with Mr. Skai, The letter you wrote was beautiful and I read it with tears running down my cheeks and pain in my heart for you.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care.


    Cara said:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, time doesn’t heal all wounds but eventually, the happy memories help cover the incredible hole in your chest where you once had a heart. Skai helped with insight & he will continue to do so, forever.


    Caz said:

    I lost a treasured friend today
    My beloved dog that used to lay
    His gentle head upon my knee
    And shared his silent thoughts with me

    He’ll come no longer to my call
    Retrieve no more his favourite ball
    A voice far greater than my own
    Has called him to his golden throne

    Although my eyes are filled with tears
    I thank him for the happy years
    He let him spend down here with me
    And for his love and loyalty

    When it’s time for me to go
    And join him there this much I know
    I shall not fear the transient dark
    For he will greet me with a bark

    Karen prince

    Karen prince said:

    I am so very very sorry for your loss . What beautiful letter to your boy . It is so hard to lose our beloved furry family . My heart breaks for you and your family .Take care


    Marlyn said:

    When I read, sad news, I began to cry and I still am. Your letter was beautiful and loving. You and Mr. Skai are in my prayers and loving thoughts. I can’t express how badly feel for you. Mr. Skai is in a better place but for you, this will be a difficult time. Continue to think of how blessed you were and are for the time you have had with each other and how much you both have helped all of us and our precious fur babies. Take care and know that you are in the hearts of so many of us.

    Marie Koen

    Marie Koen said:

    So sorry about your loss. I still miss my Irish terrier, has been 5 years now since she left for doggy heaven.


    Debbie said:

    So sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is to go through this. What an awesome tribute to Skai. i have so many tears, I can barely see to write this. I hope you find peace and comfort in the coming months knowing how much you loved him.


    ilse said:

    I don’t know you, and I didn’t know Mr. Skai. But I understand your heartache and your grief. You cannot see Skai any more, but surely his love is there to comfort and soothe … and always will be. Just feel.

    Rita Fazio

    Rita Fazio said:

    My deepest sympathy for the loss of your fur baby Dr Dobias. It is never easy losing these precious beings who bring so much love and joy into our lives. May your precious Skai Rest In Peace and may you find peace knowing you acted in love for him. I will pray for you and all who love him. God Bless and keep you safe and well.


    Valerie said:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your letter to Skai was beautiful I cried while reading it. I lost my Em last June and still weep over losing him, he also was 17 yrs old. Even though I have two new pups now I still miss my Em. We have to remember that our best friends are in doggie heaven playing and enjoying themselves. Stay encouraged. Thank you for everything that you do for our furbabies!


    Sue said:

    It was so sad to read this this morning. Fly high Sweet Sakai. You were well loved and cherished. Dr. Dobias, I am so sorry for your loss. You had amazing adventures together. I pray your wonderful memories get you through this difficult time.


    Diane said:

    With tears running down my cheeks I send you my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Skai. I too know how heartbreaking it is to loose a dear member of our family. You wrote a beautiful tribute to Shai, thank you for sharing it and the photos.

    Barbara Dailey

    Barbara Dailey said:

    I’m so sorry to hear that it was Skai’ s time to leave this earth.
    Skai will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. He is healthy now and able to run like a puppy again. He appreciates your last gift to Him although it was so hard. My prayers are with you as you recover from this very hard loss. Your letter to Skai was beautiful and so moving. Just keep remembering all the good times and adventures that you had with Skai.

    Mike Franzen

    Mike Franzen said:

    Dear Peter … I know how your heart is so broken as my family lost a “member” a few years back. It was the worst time that I felt in my 67 years of living … my wife, my 3 children, me!!! Freyja, our family dog, and our grown children have now left our home and moved on with their lives. Time does heal! We all KNOW and BELIEVE Freyja is in Heaven and waiting for us. We WILL see Freyja again! In the meantime, each of our now grown children have new dogs that have grown to be family members. My wife and I have a new rescue dog that is our “child” and a valued family member. We all love our new dogs, but Freyja will never be forgotten. I’m reminded of a verse called “I’m Free.” It goes “Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free. God wanted me now, He set me free.”

    God bless you Peter and Mr. Skai


    Janice said:

    I am so, so sorry; your pain is palpable. Thinking of you with thoughts of peace for your very broken heart. {{{?}}}


    Kathy said:

    Peter, my heart is breaking for you. I know your pain, as my beloved heart and soul dog transitioned in April. Oh what a beautiful life you shared with Skai! You gave him everything and more! And he, in turn, is (never past tense as he is always still with you) your greatest inspiration and teacher. What a deep bond you share with this lovely soul. Peace to you and Mr. Skai Wantstofly.

    Idania Palacios

    Idania Palacios said:

    I understand the pain you’re going thru, and i feel sorry for your loss. A dog is not just a dog, a dog is all you need in your life cuz they become your best friends, their love and loyalty cant be compared as theirs is truthful, is real. I have a 14 yr old lhasa apso, i have him since he was 4 months old, ever since i got him my life completely changed. I understood that animals were so fragil but at the same time strong, little but big in their hearts, innocent and defensless. I became their voice by defending them from neglect and abuse. My love for animals/God’s creation grew ever since this little angel came to my life. I learned to understand the things he wanted to do like going out to the park, eat, play etc., He has been by my side thru good and bad and now is my time to pay him back with my care, love and patience as he became ill a few months ago. His liver enzyme were extremely high, he also lost strenght in his back lower spine, he lost his sight and hearing. A few weeks ago he catched a stomach flu, he had severe diarrhea and vomit with blood so i rushed him to the vet. He was examined, he had some blood work and the Vet said he was not gonna make and so to think about a decision. I stood there confused, with my heart broken knowing i had to let go of my best friend. I then prayed and said “Lord, if this is the time i will let him go but if not then let me see your hand of mercy and dont make me make a decision taking his life away as you are our creator and the only one that could take him away from me as i had ask you before, to take him in his sleep, at old age but resting like a baby” then a miracle happened. The Vet came out and said she couldnt understand how fast my dog reacted after an episode of seizure. She said his blood work came all normal and she was surprised my baby was alert again. My heart was happy, she let me take him back home with some meds and he is doing wonderful. I know its hard and i know that day will come when he crosses the rainbow, but wanted to share this cuz i understand the pain and sadness you might feel right now. I pray for your emotional recovery and strenght to accept things as I will need it one day as well. The only good side of all of this is that your lovely angel is now in doggy heaven with no pain, no more suffering and Im sure one day you’ll see him again. Be strong, blessings!

    Tammy Bales

    Tammy Bales said:

    Dr. Dobias, my sincere sympathy to learn the news of the passing of your dear Skai. He has and has always been an inspiration to the .dog health and healing community. I have supported and sold your product for years and I support you now in your loss of your heart dog, Skai. Life is so precious, take time to grieve, deepest sympathy Tammy Bales

    Christine Coppola

    Christine Coppola said:

    There are no words that can heal your broken heart but know that I share in your grief. I lost my dear sweet Rudy (my son) a beautiful yellow Lab mix, this past August. He was 12 years old, The last 2 years of his life he survived 2 major operations. One for a septic infection and the other to remove a cancerous mass on his adrenal gland. One of his kidneys along with his adrenal gland had to be removed. He bounced back and was his old self despite becoming a diabetic and dealing with cancer. He never gave me any trouble when I had to give him insulin shots twice a day. In the end he got pneumonia and could not survive. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t talk or think about him. I have a picture on my desk of him smiling wearing his tuxedo that he wore for my daughter’s wedding. It helps to see it everyday. Our pets give us unconditional love every day of their life. Skai is up in heaven with my Rudy and someday we will be united.


    Lynn said:

    Thank you for pouring your heart out. I can hardly type through my tears. It brought it all back putting our girl down 9 months ago.
    Our 16 year old asked us to put her down late one night before we went to bed,
    We thought her pancreatitis was bad again and after waiting for me to return from hospital that night she tried to tell us but we didn’t know what she wanted until she said “it’s time” by sitting by the door, then we knew. The all-night emergency clinic called us in the morning to tell us she didn’t have pancreatitis again, she had a large tumor in her tummy that was pressing on her hungs which is why she was coughing more than usual.
    We too didn’t want her to suffer. I had suffered long enough with my cancer but at least I could tell someone, which you couldn’t. I still feel guilt and sadness that you had to suffer because neither our vet or us knew how sick you really were … please forgive us sweet girl.
    Thank you for being the glue and peace maker in our family and all the weight you bared on your shoulders to protect us all. We still miss you and your little brother still waits on the landing every night for you to return as he knows you left at night, so you should return at night, right? We tell him “no Empi, no girlie, go to bed baby boy”. He was with you for 15 years so we know he’s sad too.
    You will always be in our hearts and we’re so grateful you’re no longer suffering. Thank you for all the beautiful memories.
    Thank you Dr D and Angela for all you’ve done for us over the years. We know how much you’re suffering and our hearts are with you. Love, Lynn and Sam


    Linda said:

    So very sorry for your loss. No matter how long they stay, it is never long enough. Such wonderful photos of all your adventures together. You certainly gave him an amazing life! Cyber hugs!


    Margaret said:

    So very sorry for your loss. I am reading this at work and crying at my computer. Thank you so very much for sharing your story and Skai with us. I happened upon your site a few years ago when my older dog Daisy was having some incontinence issues. She is 13 now and her “brother” Ray is 9 and with your help, they are both doing very well. One of the most important things you have taught me is to enjoy each and every day with them and try not to worry about the future. My deepest sympathy and love goes out to you and your family.


    Angi said:

    I am so very sorry for your loss! Hugs to you! What a lovely letter. Take care.


    Nancy said:

    Right this very minute I’m going to my friend’s house to be with him as his 16 year old doggie, Fred passes away gently at home. Crying, crying, crying but also loving, loving, loving.

    Bless Skai in his new adventure, bless Fred on his way to new heights and bless everyone who grieves. Love to all!


    Cynthia said:

    Holding you all in such sweet love and light…the love you share(d) is so palpable…such a beautiful tribute and continued source of inspiration


    Cara said:

    So sorry for your loss. Both of you are so inspirational. I am so thankful to have come across your website and many stories.


    Leah said:

    What a beautiful letter from such a loving man and his perfect companion. My heart is breaking for you both. Love to you all.


    Jessica said:

    I cried reading this!! There are no words to express my sympathy for losing a best friend and companion. Its always a reminder to hold our furbabies close and enjoy every second…


    Donna said:

    Sending my deepest condolences to you and your family. What a tremendous loss. But what an amazing life you both lived with each other’s presence. Dogs are amazing teachers. Because we have no choice in the matter of years we get to spend with our dogs,,,,It’s the QUALITY in how we spend our time with them. Lucky dog to have seen the sights he did in his travels.
    Mr. Skai was soooo loved,, And so were YOU.
    My sincere gratitude to you both in teaching me so much. D


    Jude said:

    Can’t stop crying … Thinking of you at this time of sorrow – thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of your life with your amazing buddy ?


    Nancy said:

    I share the heartbreak you feel after losing Skai. I lost the love of my life, my 9 year old Golden Retriever, Holly, in March. You are so right…it was the worst day of my life. I cried like I have never cried before, I was terrified, and so completely grief stricken. I understand the relationship you had with Skai. I wish you love and comfort, and in time, I hope your broken heart will heal. Skai loved you as much as you loved him, and he had the most wonderful life ! I hope each day will get a little easier for you. Thank you so much for the great work you do and for caring for animals the way you do. ❤


    Suzanne said:

    I am so very sorry for your loss, thank you for sharing Skai with us over the years, I love hearing stories about your adventures. Skai run free, you will be missed.


    Lora said:

    The best walks in life are always too short. So very sorry for your loss, Dr. Dobias! It is so hard to lose our best friends even when the time has come and they’ve had a long and good life. Wishing you peace and comfort in all the loving memories. And grateful for all that you, Skai, and your team have taught all of us about natural health!


    LeeAnn said:

    I am so sorry for your loss……Hugs…xo

    L Cole

    L Cole said:

    Dear Dr D,
    How sad to learn of Skai’s passing. My heart is broken too. He’ll always be in your heart. You were the luckiest to have shared his short life.

    joyce Bilodeau

    joyce Bilodeau said:

    What a beautiful, heart wrenching tribute to Skai, he was so loved, I wish you peace in the days to come and may your beautiful memories be your solace!


    Vicki said:

    Dear Peter,
    Your letter was a beautiful tribute to your best friend Skai! I cried as I read it knowing both the love and pain you shared . Thank you for sharing your adventures in life together with Skai with us. Mr Skai will be greatly missed by all
    The love that you shared every day with Skai is reflected in your letter. Even though he has given more to you then you can put in words; Assuredly He has always felt that love, pride and deep connection that you had for him and could not have felt more loved! May you find joy in the time shared and the memories you have… You will always have him with you in your heart and soul until you are together again….
    In my thoughts & prayers…

    Rachel Neild

    Rachel Neild said:

    Today Skai’s abundance of followers celebrate his life! Dr Tobias you were blessed to have shared Skai’s journey in this world for 16 years. I can only hope to be as fortunate with my two beloved canines now ages 8&9.
    Skai reached and touched the hearts of many and will live on in our hearts forever! Your relationship with Skai served as a platform for all that share a deep connection with their four legged companions.
    It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye but take comfort in knowing his spirit will live on forever. Hugs from Ottawa,

    barbara kreemer

    barbara kreemer said:

    Peter, my heart breaks for you. It is so hard to lose him. I"m glad you had 16 great years with him, and he with you, because of your great care and your mutual love.

    peter lammers

    peter lammers said:

    So very sorry for your loss of your best friend, I am reading this at work with tears in my eyes reading your story.. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with Ska.

    Tail Blazers North Haven - Marlene

    Tail Blazers North Haven - Marlene said:

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your family member, your tribute to him is absolutely beautiful. I thank him for all he has done for you and in turn you for him. The bond is beautiful and will be there forever. You have accomplished a “Bucket List” of dreams with your companion which will create memories for life. No words can take away the pain in your heart, thank you so much for sharing. It has taken me over half an hour to read… I can not see through fogged glasses. Love to you and Skai… run again sweetheart xox


    karen said:

    So very sorry to hear about Skai’s passing. You gave him the best life a dog could ever wish for. He was happy and healthy to the very end thanks to your love and care. His passing is a huge loss and will leave a gaping hole in your heart. Know that he will be patiently waiting for you at the other side of the rainbow. Sending you warm thoughts and comforting prayers. Thank you for sharing all your stories, experiences, and expertise. You and Skai together helped and continue to help keep us and our dogs healthy, happy, and aware of how precious time with our dogs is.

    Henneke Versteeg

    Henneke Versteeg said:

    Dear Peter,
    The definition of Life is Love and the definition of Love is Life. The two are intertwined and can not die. Yes, the body dies. It was never meant to stay, but the spirit, the soul, the Love, that is real Life and it will never leave us. It is part of us, as we are part of Love,The love that some call God, or Allah, or Yahweh… or many other names…. There is no beginning and there is no and to that Life/Love. Therefor there is no beginning and no and to Skai… Mr. Skai Wantstofly is now really flying. But I can tell you: he is not flying away from you. He is flying with you, around you, in your head, in your heart… in every part of your being.
    I know your sadness, as well as everyone who grieves with you, and it is okay to grieve. Grieving is what makes us human. Grieving is what makes us remember what Love really is. So take your time, dear Peter, with your loved ones, to grieve, but while you are doing, sort through your memories. I know they are countless. I also know that each of them will bring a smile in your heart and eventually will bring a big smile on your face.
    Bless you me friend and brother, and thank you for sharing your love for Skai so generously with everyone of us.
    My heart goes out to you and your family.


    Kathleen said:

    My heart is with you. We are all so very fortunate that Skai has shared so much with you and you have in turn shared with all of us. Your stories and products have made me a better servant to my wonderful dog. You have helped me to hear with my heart what my dog cannot speak. With all my heart I wish you peace and comfort as you move into the next chapter of your journey with Skai.


    Donatta said:

    I found you on the internet at a time when I had a dog that had a horrible ear infection. She suffered with pain for almost a year. Doctors could not help. They just wanted to perform surgery. i read all your information, watched all your videos. The only problem was, I was in the central United States and you were not. I was armed with your knowledge and I managed to find a wonderful holistic vet only a short hour away from me. This wonderful vet started healing our little ladybug. Today her ear is better. We are not sure if she can hear out of that ear, but the surgery never happenend. That’s what’s important. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As I read your letter to your friend. My heart feels for you. Your wonderful furry friend was handsome and proud. You, I know, were proud of him. So many memories you will treasure. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your life and your wisdom with us. I’m eternally grateful and also saddened that your friend is gone. God Bless.


    Joanna said:

    I cried though this whole letter. I am so sorry for you, but happy, too, that you had your bright and sunny Skai for so long, and will have him always because he is your light and will lead you to the next shinning star. You helped me so much with my Irish setter boy, Dylan, who is now 2 1/2 and had such terrible digestive problems I thought I would loose him. But as soon as I started feeding him a homemade diet and adding the Green Mins, he turned 360 degrees and hasn’t had a tummy problem in 10 months! I can’t thank you enough and I hope you will find your boy again as I found mine in this boy, Dylan V, In the words of my favorite poet, Dylan Thomas, "do not go gentle into that good night… rage, rage against the dying of the light … Peace and love, Dr. D!

    Angela Bacon

    Angela Bacon said:

    I didn’t want to read this email in my inbox because I knew what it was going to be with your subject line. I am glad I read it. What a lovely letter to Skai. He was such a lucky dog to have found you. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s so heartbreaking. Thanks for your photos and letting us know how much you loved him. You will be best buddies forever.

    Mary Pearson

    Mary Pearson said:

    Dear Peter,

    I has tears in my eyes as I read your letter. There is nothing quite like the friendship & love received and shared with ones companion dog or dogs as in my case. I have lost many through the years. I also always reflect back with complete awe over the magnificence that particular companion and friend was. They always connect with us for a special reason & you have only to look back as you are now doing to recognize all the gifts, the guidance & genuine love they have given you. Take the proper time to allow yourself and family to truly mourn and yes, even cry as often as necessary, as I feel one cannot really heal and move forward without experiencing the full pain of loss. He is still with you just across the way in another dimension, happy, content and full of life.

    With deepest sympathy to you and your family,

    Mary Pearson


    cindy said:

    Your letter to your best friend brought me to tears; I, too, have had “very very bad days” none of which have been harder than losing your beloved dog and a large piece of your heart. The joy of having him, one day, will surpass, the pain of losing him.

    Catherine Wright

    Catherine Wright said:

    I am so, so, very sorry for your loss. Skai was so lucky to have you as his Daddy? Brother? I know he had the best life of all dogs with you. I cried, am crying, too, for your loss. I have 2 rescued dogs, one of whom I can see is really slowing down, so I suppose some of my tears are for him, too, and what I and all dog lovers have to face eventually. Take care.

    Sandy Haddix

    Sandy Haddix said:

    My heart is breaking for you on the loss of beloved Skai. We have many of our loving furry friends waiting across the rainbow bridge. I know they are all romping and playing with each other. I have several there. I hope your memories of Skai help ease the pain you are feeling now.

    Wanda Redel

    Wanda Redel said:

    My tears welled up as I read this emails header and my heart sunk because I dreaded what was inside. I feel your pain and endless sadness because we lost our 12 years old golden 1 years ago. The loss is immeasurable like an abyss. Words can not explain the grief of losing a best friend nor are their words to give to ease that grief but I am so very sorry to hear of Skais passing.I am so grateful you were able to get home in time to be with your precious pup. Cry remember and grieve.


    lynette said:

    It almost sucks the life out of us to lose the animals we love. They’re a combination of child, parent, teacher and best friend, all in one being. No words can express condolences sufficiently. The pain of separation is too profound. At times like this, I go to my collection of famous quotes.

    ‘Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.’
    -Roger Caras – American Wildlife Photographer

    Skai embodies this.

    Kay and Creig Houghtaling

    Kay and Creig Houghtaling said:

    So very sorry.


    Soile said:

    So very sorry for your loss, Dr.D….! I read your beautiful letter with tearful eyes. R.I.P.you beautiful Skai…


    Sue said:

    I’m so very sorry to learn of your loss and the pain that you are suffering. Your tribute to Skai is beautiful and moving. I have followed along on your adventures with Skai for a few years now and reading your letter to him I realize what an extraordinary relationship that you and Skai have and what an incredible dog he is. You have many beautiful photos of the good times that you spent together and he clearly had a full and good life with you. I wish you courage, faith, peace and love during these difficult days, weeks and months.

    Wendy and maizie

    Wendy and maizie said:

    Very sad to hear this. A reminder to us all to appreciate every moment we have have whith our loved pets. We will all remember the Sakai stories and be happy you shared them with us.


    Trudy said:

    My eyes are filled with tears.. so much so i cannot continue to read your beautiful letter. My deepest condolences to you and your family.


    Jan said:

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family and friends. It is so heartbreaking to hear how tragic this loss is for you and Skai. I know the feeling since I lost a soul mate to a neck injury and couldn’t do any surgery due to age and other health issues. My heart was broken as yours is now. It’s a truly horrible time. Praying for you to have strength to get thru this. He’ll be waiting for you. Memories will be bittersweet; but still good. Thank you and Skai for all the good you brought to so many.


    Anita said:

    Thank you, Dr. D., for so eloquently sharing your feelings—feelings that so many of us have lived, but were unable to express. Your many friends and followers share in your sadness. Fly high, Mr. Skai. We are all the better for having known you.

    Robin A Lewis

    Robin A Lewis said:

    I cannot express my feelings at your loss of Skai, Peter. I have come to look forward to your sharing of your experiences together since I joined your newsletter list looking for ways to improve the life of my little Chinese Crested. I have found your advice and your products invaluable. My deepest sympathies.


    randy said:

    Peter, yours is the most intimate tribute I have ever heard in 6 decades of hearing tributes. Thank you for sharing Team Skai with us—how special to have met you, and what a shared honor for you and Skai to have been with and taken care of each other for so long (though never long enough…). My Newfs and I are richer for knowing your partnership with your best friend. Thank uou for sharing your heart with those who cherish dogs and for making an important contribution to a species that makes our planet a better home. Cyber hugs from California.

    Eric Ringquist

    Eric Ringquist said:

    Such a beautiful letter to your beloved Skai. I am so glad you were able to be there with him at the end, that is a true gift that he gave you…waiting for your arrival. Peace to you and your family as you grieve losing this beautiful, loving soul.

    Sandy Gray

    Sandy Gray said:

    My heart bleeds for you and your lose! It is one of the hardest things to do to let go of your family but I know they count on us to make that decision for them , it is so hard.. I am so sorry …

    sally wong

    sally wong said:

    Mr. Skai and Your Dad
    Have Faith in God, Skai’s life is not over, May God protect You through Jesus Christ and declare God’s goodness. Your beloved pet will be waiting for you in eternity when you arrive, that is, if you believe in Jesus’ promise of eternal life which means we leave to go outside of this planet to a new one. There is dog heaven there where he is the boss, his own master.


    Leeyong said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,

    my heart sank when I saw your email. I can’t express how extremely sorry I am to hear of the news of your sweet Skai. You are truly right, it’s the fear in us when we are going to lose our best friend. I know for sure Mr. Skai knew he was so loved by you and his friends – I can just see the love you had for each other in those photos you’ve shared with all if us. Reading your email just really make me want to run home and hug my sweet Stevee.
    Thank you Skai for loving your poppa like you did and because of that he is such an incredible person to share all the knowledge he knows with all of us.
    I don’t think anyone of us can say anything that will make the hurt any easier. Once my partner had said to me when I lost my cairin terrier almost 4 yes ago… She said if the pain of losing my best friend isn’t deep enough then he didn’t matter.
    Mr. Skai, run like the wind and continue to watch over your poppa.

    My deepest condolences,


    Carol said:

    Oh. I am so sorry. Terrible pain. Deep sympathy.


    Debbie said:

    Peter, I am so sorry for the loss of such a large piece of your heart. Though most of us can identify with this moment in time, none can truly know the depth of your personal heartache. Skai came into your life when he was needed most to become your best friend, to support you through the good times and the bad, to give you strength when life wore you down, and to love you with all that he was. Thank God that you were there when the time came. Your lives were worthy of so much more. In your letter and your photos, we feel like we shared your lives. Please, don’t let these beautiful memory pages of your lives end here. I ask that you share your story in print with these elegant pictures in a book to immortalize Skai’s lifetime journey with you. Just as the words in this letter allowed us to live your adventures, please bring Skai back so that so many others might take this journey with you two. Your story is unique and through sharing, people for generations will keep Skai alive, living in the pages of their favorite book….the riches of your story will live on to inspire so many. Take the time you need to grieve your loss and when you are ready, let your memories lift you up. The joys you and Skai shared together can live for an eternity. Perhaps that is the true reason Skai came into your life. When you are ready, let me know. I will be honored to assist.

    Pam Baumann

    Pam Baumann said:

    Dr. Dobias — I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your good friend, Skai. My heart aches for you. It is perhaps the hardest thing we do as pet parents: recognizing when the time has come to put our pet’s welfare above our own. It is one of the greatest expressions of love we can give. Take time to grieve. And talk to him - ask him for signs. You will be amazed what comes back to you. :) You are in my thoughts and prayers.


    Robin said:

    My dearest Peter I’ve read your blog for a very long time and always thought you were one of the most caring empathetic ves, I can try to think of the appropriate words to say at the moment but there are none…. as you know unconditional love is what skai provided from the moment you brought him home which is very rare to find on this planet .
    I too , make the same decision two weeks ago with my oldest cat and said my dear friend I’m doing the most selfless thing right now because the selfish me wants to keep you and tried every intervention any surgery to have you here a few more days but that would’ve been selfless that would have been the selfish thing for me to do. Upon putting my sweet Vixen to Sleep two weeks ago.
    There was a huge rainbow across the whole sky I know that was my Vixen telling me she was in a great place and she’ll see me soon…
    Skai will being waiting….

    Carla Austen

    Carla Austen said:

    Our heartfelt sympathies to you Peter for the loss of your precious and dearest friend Skai. I am crying so hard that it is difficult to write this. In my opinion as we have no children Steve and I know that the loss of our beloved animal companions is one of the most painful there is. He is now in a most beautiful place, young, free of pain and happy again. You will be together again one day. Your letter is so beautifully written and has touched our souls. Our deepest sympathies to you and all who knew and loved Skai. Carla & Steve.


    Kim said:

    As I sit here with tears running down my face, my heart breaks for you Dr D. I’m so sad that it had to end like this. The memories you have with Shai are priceless, hold on to those memories to get you through this unbelievably painful time. Sending prayers to comfort you & your family. Love & hugs!


    Donna said:

    Beautiful words of true love for your furry child! I can feel your pain and my heart breaks for you for I know that pain. Prayers for you all.


    Esther said:

    I am so sorry about the lost of your Skai. My deepest sympathy. What a wonderful letter you wrote to him, RIP Skai


    Sheila said:

    Can’t tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Teared up a lot reading your letter to Mr. Skai. I’ve been through it a couple of times now with some very dear fur babies (one of which I lost way too soon to cancer, which led me on an endless quest to find the best practices for raising dogs, and led me to you and some other vets I rely on and respect greatly.) My heart goes out to you as you grieve. Take the time you need to heal. We’ll be here.

    Noranne Duffy

    Noranne Duffy said:

    Hi Peter and Skai you are both the most wonderful example of how our lives can be so magical when we share the bond of love. Fly well Skai.
    Peter you are Blessed and a Blessing to us all.
    Thank you Skai for your teachings <3


    Karen said:

    It is such a huge loss of your little boy.
    Words cannot express the sadness I know you are going through.
    Please take care of yourself, your little man is in your heart, until you meet again………..xo

    Carol Lorraine

    Carol Lorraine said:

    I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is aching for you. Mr. Skai should have lived to an extreme old age. He had the best of everything. You are in my thoughts and now I have to go and have a long cry :(


    Patti said:

    It is so heartbreaking for your whole community to learn of Skai’s passing, but most of all I can’t imagine your grief. My heart breaks for you. I too, have a best friend travelling planes, cars ant trains with me. My liitle 14 year old maltese,Chorong, that I adopted in Korea 12 years ago has benefited so much from your products and lessons with Skai.

    Thank you for sharing your letter. Once again, you and Skai were teachers to us when it is time to let go. What a beautiful life Skai shared with you. I suspect he will always be beside you. I hope those memories will help bring you peace through the grieving process. So much love and gratitude sent your way.

    Margarita Torres

    Margarita Torres said:

    So sorry to hear of your loss but happy to hear of your love for each other and that you got to be with your boy as he passed.


    Linda said:

    We try so hard to take care of our dogs for they are family to us and not just a dog. When they pass it is as if life is over for us too and it seems the tears never stop flowing. We walk without our friend at our side and the world seems so lonesome and empty and it seems nothing can take away the pain but then I know God did not mean for it to all end this way for I know when I leave this world too I will once again be with my companion and friend. To know you did your best for them while they were here on earth gives little comfort but to know some where out there is another little pup so in need of love is the best thing we can do to say thank you to our lost friend is to help another who needs us so. Yes it seems so hard but our friend will never leave our hearts but others need us too and the best way for us to heel is to help another of Gods creatures to heel also and have a chance at a loving and wonderful life. God Bless

    Cheryl Infantino

    Cheryl Infantino said:

    Dr. Dobias, I have followed you and Skai for some time now…always looking forward to the tales of your adventures together. I took particular interest because Skai reminded me so much of my Rosie, an amazing Springer Spaniel who gave every part of herself in service to others as a therapy dog and an amazing loving companion. Midway through her life, I took the leap of faith that a raw diet and holistic approach to all aspects of Rosie’s (and my) life was the way to go. Your articles and videos have been immensely inspiring to me. Rosie was 15 yrs, 8 mo when she passed away six months ago. In her last days, she suffered severe mobility issues, but always had that spark in her eyes, ready to go in the car to her favorite park and in a stroller when it was getting tough to walk. We could still go on adventures and meet wonderful people along the path, with that stroller! Then the day came that she lost that sparkle in her eye and I knew that she was only hanging on for my benefit and the greatest act of love that I could show her was allowing her to cross over peacefully. I miss her so much but I know she served a most honorable purpose. She made me a better person and I pray that I continue to live by her example. I feel your pain and as my tears stream down my face, I can feel Rosie’s presence…her silky muzzle pressed up against my face, licking my tears away. Then she would look at me with her head tilted and ears perked as if to say, “Don’t worry Mom, everything is going to be fine. See, the tears are all gone!” I wish that our canine companions could stay with us longer. It amazes me that in their short lifespan that they manage to leave us with a treasure trove of wonderful memories and life lessons. I am ever thankful for that gift. I thank you Dr. Dobias for your gift of healing wisdom that you passionately share so that other dogs can live a healthier, longer life. Please continue to be our inspiration, along with Skai, whose spirit will always be with you. God bless you Dr. Peter Dobias. Rest in peace, beloved Skai.

    Dennise Stackhouse

    Dennise Stackhouse said:

    Through you I felt like I knew Skai. He was everyone’s dog here in the internet world and you had me loving him and following all the adventures you took with each other. Thank you for sharing one of your most precious things with us. Both you and Skai were very lucky to have found each other. You have made many memories and those times will be a balm to your soul.
    Peace & light to you and you family Dr. Dobias

    Nina otulakowski

    Nina otulakowski said:

    As I am reading your goodbye letter to Skai,
    I cry the tears that you cry, and feel the loss for you and your family.

    Visualizing every detail of Skai’s full life in all its glory that you have shared with him…
    Please know that in This bittersweet moment , you have found enormous courage to say goodbye to your truest friend.

    Thank you for sharing your letter with us, and Please know that each of us who reads this opens their heart
    to share your tears, your pain and sorrow , your loss, and your everlasting love for Skai.

    Amy Walsh

    Amy Walsh said:

    You have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your dearest devoted friend. The pain is intense as I know from my loss of my own best friend in December. The pain does lessen but sometimes it will be so intense it will take your breath away. The waves of grief will slowly subside however please know that all of us send you and your family uplifting prayers to ease some of your grief. Rest in peace dear Skai and please watch over your grieving friend.


    dl said:

    Having lost so many to tragic health issues and a fire the loss it felt deeply with each one. So sorry this freak accident caused the lost of your best buddy and “son”

    Marlene Bresnahan

    Marlene Bresnahan said:

    My heart stopped, when I opened the email:(
    There are no words for the sadness and pain of saying goodbye.

    Rest in Peace beautiful Skai…..may your spirit soar and may you run free…xoxo
    My heart and soul go out to you Peter….??❤️

    Karen Brown

    Karen Brown said:

    They leave us too soon. We are never prepared to let them go. Thinking of you today Dr Dobias and going forward. Tears and love heading your way.

    Sheryl Reed

    Sheryl Reed said:

    What a beautiful & heartfelt tribute. I share in your sorrow at the loss of one so loved & cherished.
    Our dogs teach us sooo much about living every day to it’s tail-wagging fullness, but not how to deal with the profound loss when it is their time to leave us.
    Wishing you much peace & calm, & healing thoughts until you & Skai are once again reunited. ♥

    Dee Keane

    Dee Keane said:

    Peter, you don’t know me, but I have just read your heartbreaking tribute to Skai. I cried all the way through. It brings back the terrible pain we go through when our beloved dogs have to leave us. My thoughts are with you. Try and remember what a wonderful life you gave her and how happy she was with you.


    Henryetta said:

    Peace while you’re hurting and healing when you are ready Dr. D. May God who sees all our grieving hearts and hears each tender prayer for you and Skai, be near us and keep us close. Much love and appreciation for you Skai! xoxo

    Karin Nikischer

    Karin Nikischer said:

    I am so sorry for your loss. My tears are running reading your letter and looking at all the pictures. You gave Skai a beautiful life and he gave you unconditional love and memories to treasure till you meet again. Sending you and your family Dr. Dobias much love and light…


    W said:

    My heart is also breaking reading your email. I know no words could really console you.. Deepest condolences for your loss.

    Christine Tetreault

    Christine Tetreault said:

    I write this with tears streaming down my face in empathy for the heart break you are experiencing. Take comfort in the adventures and joy you and Skai shared together and which will live in your heart and memory forever.

    Margo Del Piano

    Margo Del Piano said:

    My heart is broken for you. I had to let my once-in-a-lifetime dog Rambo go 3 days before Christmas this year and am still trying to deal with it. You gave Skai the best life possible and more. You are in my thoughts..I am so very sorry for your loss.

    Margo Del Piano

    Margo Del Piano said:

    My heart is broken for you. I had to let my once-in-a-lifetime dog Rambo go 3 days before Christmas this year and am still trying to deal with it. You gave Skai the best life possible and more. You are in my thoughts..I am so very sorry for your loss. RIP Skai, enjoy your wings!


    Pam said:

    I am confident Skai will visit you in your sleep as my Dusty did after he passed. He will be dressed in his “sparkle suit”, and you will get a glimpse of heaven. He will let you know that he is fine and waiting for you.


    Asana said:

    My thoughts are with you and I wish you strength and peace during this time of mourning. I cried my eyes out reading your letter and can’t help but think of the day that I will have to face what you faced. My 2 rat terriers are my children, my world and I can barely stand the thought that someday I will have to make the decision to say goodbye. I am so glad that Skai had you as his dad and he got to live such a full life of adventure but also that he taught you to be a better vet. You and Skai have helped so many dogs and humans and I hope that gives you just a little comfort. He will always be with you and he will be waiting for you when it is your time to leave this physical existence. Love and Light to you.


    Ellen said:

    You and Skai were the most beautiful man-dog love story I’ve ever known. I am so sorry that the story has come to an end. The love will continue. I write with tears in my eyes, I know how terribly sad and hard it is to lose a friend. Take good care of yourself. Sending love.


    karen said:

    no words . the pain is so hard. Both of you were blessed to be with each other.

    karen at VOKRA

    Linda McClure-Woodham

    Linda McClure-Woodham said:

    My heart is breaking, as I try to type through the tears. Yes, letting them go is the most difficult thing we ever have to do. It hurts more than losing a human family member. The only time our doggie or kitty children are unkind to us is the day they die. Skai is surely running without pain or limitations at The Rainbow Bridge, waiting for you. This assurance is what keeps me living without them. I believe in reincarnation, and have proof right beside me now. Skai will send to you, at the right time, another dog with much of him recognizable. Skai will return in spirit. I am sure. Bless you, Peter, for everything you’ve done to help us prolong the lives of our precious furbabies. RIP, Skai. You made this world a kinder place, and I know our Creator will reward you greatly.

    Dee Sams

    Dee Sams said:

    Dr. Dobias,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Finding you and Mr. Skai has been the so inspiring for me and my best friend Maxwell, my poodle.
    You are inspirational and have a gift to heal.
    As you know, Mr. Skai will remain in your heart always. RIP, Mr. Skai.


    Jerri-Lynn said:

    I am so so sad to hear of Skai’s passing, so many hearts are breaking with this news. Then I read all the beautiful comments and see what an amazing friend he was to so many. Skai’s legacy to you is all his love coming back to you tenfold. Feel it, embrace it, this is his gift to you.Run free sweet Skai.


    Jonne said:

    I too felt like I knew Skai. He was the inspiration for so much good through you Dr. Dobias. Your love of Skai was so apparent in all that you wrote and did.
    The depth of our pain is in equal measure to the depth of our love.
    Take good care of your self Dr. Dobias….Godspeed Skai.


    Lucy said:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful, heartfelt letter to Skai with us Dr. D. The pain of losing a dear companion runs deep and I send prayers for you to feel peace in your heart. I believe your precious Skai, who has become precious to all of us, is joyfully continuing his adventures in heaven and that his spirit will look over you until you meet again. We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready. Your wisdom has guided me countless times in caring for my two sweet, now senior, furry babies. And I share your website and resources every chance I get! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Karen Reid

    Karen Reid said:

    Heartbreaking to read of your loss. I pray for comfort and strength in the days ahead. Such a beautiful tribute to Skai. Thank you for sharing.

    Kim K

    Kim K said:

    Dr. D, there are just no words to convey the sadness I feel. I have no right to be sad myself, but as a dog-mom I grieve right along with you. I feel the pain anew of every ‘child’ I’ve lost. Your love of Skai was so crystal clear in everything you wrote, and it is what inspired my trust. You shared Skai with us, and for that I feel honored and I thank you. Just as you were lucky to have him, he was lucky to have you. He knew that you would make it home to him, and you did. My sincerest condolences to you and your loved ones. Run free Mr. Skai. ❤️

    Jeanine Lindquist

    Jeanine Lindquist said:

    What a beautiful letter to your sweet Skai! I was crying so hard that my 2 sweet dogs are watching me type this… I think for those who have had to say goodbye to our best friends and truly incredible gifts from God, it brings us back to that awful day! I held my sweet Riley and whispered in His ears that I would see him again someday as he passed at 13. I begged God to please take us together as the pain of letting go was the worst pain I have ever felt! As much as I thought I was healed from this the emotions I am feeling now tell me that maybe we never truly heal from this pain. 3 days after burying my best friend, our little beagle mix puppy (whome I like to think of as Rileys pup since they look similar and somehow that helps me in a strange way to feel like I’m caring for Riley’s baby) was rescued. He licked away my tears and helped me heal and find joy again and it felt like a kiss from God to have another one of His greatest creations entrusted in my arms. We have since rescued another little guy, a little chihuahua mix that was at the rescue for 6 months and needed a family, and they have quickly become our furry family once again. Thank you so much for the work you do, My heart breaks alongside yours, and I pray that another sweet dog will come along your path soon and help you heal. ❤️ Dogs really are such incredible creatures, and I had to decide not to be mad that God allowed him to pass, but instead, to be SO thankful that He opened my eyes to what a gift our sweet Riley was to us! I wasn’t even sure I wanted a dog, but I’m so glad I was able to know this kind of love in life! Now I’m one of those people who like dogs more than people… something I know you understand! I send you a big hug!

    Betty Joned

    Betty Joned said:

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Skai. I have lost so many of my fur babies go & I miss them all still but I know I will meet up with them one day as you will with Mr Skai. RIP. Betty Jones


    Pat said:

    I have tears in my eyes reading your letter to your beautiful Mr. Skai. You gave him a wonderful life, full of adventures and he lived a long life for a big dog. I know it was a lot of love that kept Mr. Skai going. So sorry for your loss, I feel your pain.

    Karin Maez

    Karin Maez said:

    Dear Dr. D, I so sorry that you have lost your sweet dear friend Skai. As dog owners we all know the day will come all too soon to make the most difficult decision in our life to let go. My heart goes out to you and Skai at this time. I pray for your peace and comfort, knowing Skai is free to run, play and jump in his heavenly home. His legacy will live on for all of us.Thank you for sharing his amazing life with you, teaching us how to be better responsible owners. God Bless.

    Tom Tupper

    Tom Tupper said:

    What a wonderful testimonial to a dear,dear friend. Skai has been such a great companion and friend. Every day and every way he has been there for you. Celebrate all of the rich and full memories you have shared He was notable in bringing such love in your life. Thank you for sharing this sad event. This makes me treasure my best friend, Cheyenne


    Gina said:

    I was so sad to read this and cried for you. I couldn’t believe he didn’t bounce back from his injury, but that seems to be how it does with the elderly.
    I know you must have joy in your heart to look at all his photos and the great life the two of you shared for such along time! As you know most of us are losing our dogs at a much younger age now, thanks to all the chemicals!
    But thanks to you, we all have a chance to have our best friend and soul mates with us for a much longer life.
    He’ll be waiting for you at the Rainbow bridge with a wagging tail and is grateful for the love you gave him.
    You are not alone in your grief.

    Nancy Crawford

    Nancy Crawford said:

    I cry as I write this and my heart grieves for you. There is no stronger bond than between a dog and his human. May Skai live forever in your heart.


    Joy said:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and the love of your life. Sending a big hug from California.

    Brenda Teagarden

    Brenda Teagarden said:

    Dr Dobias & Skye
    I am so heartbroken over your loss. It brings tears to my eyes. I know how much you loved him as I do my Casper.
    Bless you in your pain and sorrow,
    Brenda T


    Chris said:

    Oh Peter, I am so sorry to read this. There are tears falling down my cheeks as I read your beautiful letter so Mr. Skai. My Luna has done so much for me (I have a rare nerve disease) and my heart breaks for you. Sending condolences and thoughts for peace at this difficult time.


    Tracy said:

    Deepest sympathy. The value and respect placed on your relationship with Skai is beautiful and so important to be celebrated. Thank you for sharing, and know many hearts, human and canine are with you.

    Maryann Scalise

    Maryann Scalise said:

    I am deeply sorry for the death of your fur baby son Ski. I know the joy that he brought to your life. I know he is now free of pain and teaching manners to his new friends at the Rainbow Bridge including my Buster.. He was a very special and unique friend to all of us who read your e-mails about your journeys.

    Maryann Scalise

    Maryann Scalise said:

    I am deeply sorry for the death of your fur baby son Skai. I know the joy that he brought to your life. I know he is now free of pain and teaching manners to his new friends at the Rainbow Bridge including my Buster.. He was a very special and unique friend to all of us who read your e-mails about your journeys.


    Paige said:

    I am so sorry to hear Peter… my heart is heavy .. for you and your family…. your beautiful letter… what a beautiful letter… I know sweet Skai is smiling down on you…my aussie is 14 and has been through heartworms, eating poison, now he has aggressive cancer… I refuse to give in… he will let me know when it is time… you have a forever paw print from Skai on your heart.. and again I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby!!!

    Suzanne Foster

    Suzanne Foster said:

    This is beautiful Peter. Skai was the most amazing dog and beloved companion. My heart goes out to you and Dean…love from Suzanne, Stella Bear, Will and Emma xo

    Kris Dooley

    Kris Dooley said:

    As a fellow animal lover this breaks my heart. I know that love for your best buddy all too well.

    I’m so sorry his life was cut short. I’m sorry you lost your best friend.


    Lisa & Keisha

    Lisa & Keisha said:

    HUGS sorry for your loss. I broke out in tears reading your letter. So much hit home with my girl Keisha. She’ll be 15years this September (a rescue) who actually ‘rescued’ me.
    Skai will always watch over you until you meet again.

    Debra Bottalico

    Debra Bottalico said:

    So sorry to hear about your sweet boy, Skai. I totally know how you feel since I have lost two dogs myself. My heart goes out to you and wish you well. You have some wonderful memories that will always be in your heart.

    tamara west

    tamara west said:

    Oh Peter, I so feel your pain and disorientation that it brings. The loss of our beloved friends is like ripping an appendage off. You know that your Skai is actually right there with you sharing all of his new adventures with you and he will always be "alive’ in your heart. I can’t think of a dog who had a better life than his. He was blessed and so were you. Be brave, my man and when you can find a peaceful moment when the energy around you isn’t frenic, then “listen” for him. He is there. Much love and light being sent your way. You are a beautiful man who was blessed with a most beautiful experience for 16 years.


    Susan said:

    My deepest condolences. Losing a beloved pet is by far the most difficult experience. You will never get over it. Over time, you will learn to deal with it. Until you meet again. Godspeed.


    Heather said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,
    You’re beautiful Mr. Skai was such an inspiration. I am so sorry that you lost your soul mate pup. I lost my best friend Clark on February 16th, this year, & still find myself in tears at some point everyday. I just can’t imagine how to go on or why without him. But he was always my joy and sunshine and I know he would want me to try and be happy. I know you’re boy Skai would want that for you too. If its any consultation, your not alone. I feel for you. Hang in there kid.<3
    It may sound woo woo but I am a very spiritual person and plan on making an appointment with some animal communicators, just to check in with Clark in whatever dimension he is now. Danielle Mackinnon (who wrote Soul Contracts) seems solid and Brent Atwater (she’s a bit showy , either gifted or a charlatan :-/) both seem to be in touch with our animal companions beyond. Well, it may bring you some comfort anyway. I am going to try it soon, as life without my Clark seems too surreal. I guess, I just need to know he ‘s okay. It’s like having a child die. It’s just too soon, always.
    Well, sending you love from the NW. Skai was so lucky to have you & you him. He was so loved. And he will always be with you. It’s just different now.<3

    erhapsHanalea Joy

    erhapsHanalea Joy said:

    Awwww . . . I am SOOO sorry for your untimely loss of Mr. Skai. I live in Los Angeles area, so I don’t know you personally, but your letter, and your deep Love for your pup, have touched me deeply. I am 7 weeks into the process of falling in love with my rescued Maltipoo, and it is, indeed, scary. How will I be able to stand it assuming she goes first. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message to your Mr. Skai — yes, I feel you, and I am SOOOO sorry. My prayers are with you. I know he is fine – he’s romping with the Divine. Perhaps he’ll be back with you in another doggie body – I had that blessing with my soul-mate kitty. May your heart be soothed.


    Betsy said:

    So very sorry for your loss. What beautiful memories you have.


    Shirley said:

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know it takes time to heal and get over the loss, I, myself have had to do it many times, but we do heal and learn to deal with the loss. Take your time, you’ll get there. Skai is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, happy, healthy and watching over you. Take care

    Kelly Robbins

    Kelly Robbins said:

    I literally just lost it reading this. I got on your website today to see how Skai was doing. The last time i was on, I read about Skai’s accident and I was hoping to to hear he’s doing so much better. I wasn’t prepared and am so sorry for the loss of your “best friend”. I just gave my little guy the biggest hug and told him how much I appreciate and love him. Skai was an amazing companion and together you created the best bond imaginable….no love, like dog love!! Dr. Dobias, thank you for touching our lives with your knowledge and passion for the health and wellbeing of man’s best friend. I refer so many clients to your website. I’ve had customers come in talking about your blog and Skai. Wishing you much strength during these challenging times. You gave him such a great life and in return he made you a better person!!!!

    Grace Y.

    Grace Y. said:

    Sorry for your loss Doc. I am a mommy of my babies Tyke Boy and Roni and we grew to love Mr Skai. I’ll miss the adventures and especially your personality which always reminds me of why I love my Tyke and Roni. Thanks Mr Skai for teaching me a lot. We’ll miss you all the way from Molokai, Hawaii❤️

    Jerri Johns

    Jerri Johns said:

    I know this pain. He will let you know he is okay, and in a place of love. Peace and love to you Peter.

    Pia  Florenzano

    Pia Florenzano said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,can’t tell you in words how i feel right now after reading your letter to your beloved skai, and also our friend, we loved Mr. skai also I can’t stop crying, and I cant imagine you being without your Skai, as you were a Team,.Iam so so very sorry, He will be very missed, and yes you are right, by Millions of Skai fans and lovers. for skai you were not only his DAD, but also his Herro.sending prayers . Dr. Dobias… We Love you.


    Julie said:

    My heart breaks for you. I sobbed reading this. I have lived through the loss of my beloved dogs and know that it feels as if your guts have been ripped out of your body and your heart is breaking. It was a gift that you made it home and were able to be with him. I am sure your bond was so strong, that Skai felt and heard you, saying, “hang on, I am coming”. Just as you heard him calling to you when he was a little puppy. You two were meant to be together. Skai was exactly where he needed to be and got to live a beautiful, happy, fulfilled, wonderful life, being who he was meant to be in this universe with the person he was meant to share it with. True, pure love.

    Skai was truly a bright, shining light. He really did make this world a better place. You have taught me so much and Skai was instrumental in teaching you. I am so sorry for your monumental loss. Sending prayers and love for you and your family.

    Evelyn Elliott

    Evelyn Elliott said:

    Never, never enough time. So very sorry for the loss of your precious pup.

    Jill Griffith

    Jill Griffith said:

    Dr. Dobias,

    I am so sorry about Skai. My heart is broken for you. I lost my best best friend and it is painful. He had a wonderful life! What a lucky dog! Maybe he will come back to you soon in another dog body.


    keile said:

    So so sorry for your huge loss. I can relate as my own Ben left suddenly on January 8,…Skai was as very lucky to have you in his life as you were to have Skai. Hopefully Skai will see Ben on the Rainbow Bridge


    Jason said:

    Dr Dobias

    Much love to you during these tough times. RIP Skai.


    Brooke said:

    I knew one day you would be so kind and share this heart breaking news. Even though I dont know you personally, I have felt a huge connection with you and skai due to your love for him and the love I share with my girl Layla. She is a daughter to me. You have helped us so much and I’m so greatful. When I read the sad news I cried so hard because he truly was a special inspiration and will be missed. You could see his precious personality through his pictures. I always thought he would go from old age not an accident like this but I think its so great he was at home with his biggest fan by his side, I hope to be that lucky. Words cannot express how sorry I am and hope you feel the love from your followers. I can’t imagine what you are going through but I will pray for your heart and for your handsom boy in heaven. I look forward to seeing pictures of you with a new friend when you are ready. Your new friend will be lucky to have u, maybe a little girl named Skailer?


    Bobbi said:

    There are absolutely no words in any vocabulary to express the pain and sorrow when you lose your best pet friend and child. I am so sorry Peter. Why can’t our pet children live as long as we do? My thoughts are with you


    Gladys said:

    Dear Dr. D, Still have tears after reading the beautiful letter to Skai. Please know you are in my prayers that our heavenly Father will strengthen and lighten the burden of your loss. We as pet owners know that there is that horrible time when we must say Good By, We can only hope we will meet over the rainbow bridge.. Gods Blessing on you and yours.

    Roberta Welsh

    Roberta Welsh said:

    You are so very much in my heart right now.
    I have walked this road many
    times in my 74 years of life.
    You became my friend over
    2 years ago when I was fed up
    With traditional Vets.
    I found you on line and knew
    I was where I wanted to be
    to start a new way of caring
    for my dog.
    I met you and your sweet dog
    Skai fell in love with you both
    and your way of helping folks
    like me.
    My thoughts of love and caring go out to you for your
    In 2011 I lost my 9 year old Dobie.I felt the same heart ache you are experiencing
    In 2012 I lost my husband of 48 years.
    My kids,talked me into getting
    another dog when I felt I couldn’t go through another loss.
    It is you who have been helping
    me to be a better parent to my dog Gunner through your
    articles and also Dana.
    Good luck to you as you go
    through this journey of life
    and loss.
    You will be with Saki again
    down the road.
    May God richly bless you and
    A Loyal Client.

    Suzanne Martin

    Suzanne Martin said:

    I read somewhere that medium dogs age slower and that 16 would be about 87. Skai was still a senior, but what I don’t understand is why this happened to a service dog in the first place. What if it had been a toddler? How negligent! As much as I am sad this has happened, I am angry also,


    susan said:

    What a wonderful testimony to a Precious Pet. God Bless You Dr.D


    phillip said:

    ugh….your tribute was gut wrenching, yet so beautiful. it’s the day we all dread and live in denial about. skai won life’s lottery and in turn, so did you….he is now in heaven, preparing all kinds of new adventures for when your together again someday.

    Amy Malone

    Amy Malone said:

    Dr.D., I’m so sorry to hear about Skai. I just wanted to say I understand your pain must be unbearable right now. Please know this person whom you have never met sends you her support love and understanding through this hard hard time.You and Skai will always be an inspiration and a shining example of pure love. Thank you for sharing, and for all you do for all of us. Amy and Chester ??RIP DEAR SKAI ??

    Shirley Warke U.K

    Shirley Warke U.K said:

    Hi Peter and family,
    I am so, so sorry about Skai. I know what it’s like as my Newfie’s don’t live as long lives as some dogs but their partings are just as painful. I’d like to share a poem with you that I wrote when Sophie my first Newfoundland died at the age of 8years9 months.

    A Gift of Love by Shirley Warke ©

    You are my shining star
    In a midnight sky
    A breath of spring
    On a winters day
    A warm, caressing
    midsummer breeze
    You were so special
    In every way.

    You’re my gentle ripple
    On the evening tide
    A friendly whisper
    In the trees
    You are the rarest diamond
    In the world
    You’ll shine
    To eternity

    You’re the rising sun
    In the early morn
    You’re the mist
    upon the loch
    You’re the morning dew
    On a deep, ? red rose
    You were a gift to me
    Of Love.

    For Skai – whose energy will never leave your side. ❤️❤️

    Teri Niccoli

    Teri Niccoli said:

    My heart is heavy for you and your family Dr. D. When I lost my first girl it was a heartache I had not experienced before – even with the loss of a human family member. Thank you Skai for your inspiration and everything you taught us about good dog health and loving life with your Dad. When my Buddy girl passed 8 years ago (she was 15 when she passed) I never thought I would get another puppy, it was too painful to let go of that beautiful creature. What I have realized is that by loving my first dog – my heart’s capacity to love became bigger and in turn I was introduced to a beautiful golden girl names Luna who I am hopelessly in love with and my life is richer yet again. From our family to yours may love continue to find it’s way to you through Skai and all other four-pawed creatures that will love you.


    Jennifer said:

    I’m crying with you, sharing your sorrow of the loss of an incredible dog and friend.
    I ha e loved reading about your adventures with Skai!! I hope you continue to share stories…
    I believe everyone who has helped their beloved pet/friend pass is a courageous and kind person! I pray I have the strength to accept the time when it arrives.
    God speed Skai…you were loved beyond measure and will never be forgotten!!

    Gina Somma

    Gina Somma said:

    What a beautiful letter! You were both very lucky to have shared so much love and so many years together! I feel your pain for the big loss you have suffered, been there three times already! May you find confort in all the great memories you both shared!


    Diana said:

    Absolutely heartbroken. Sending you a big hug from San Diego. Thanks for being such a compassionate vet and sharing your amazing life journey with Skai.


    Veronica said:

    What a beaufiful yet heartbreaking tribute to Skai. You shared such a special bond and that transpires time and space. Wishing you peace and healing as you remember your wingman and soul mate.


    Nadia said:

    So so sorry for your loss!
    He had an amazing life and you were lucky to have each other!

    Love and light to both of you xxx


    Diana said:

    I knew what this was going to be about before I even opened the email. I had already started to tear up before I even read your dear sweet letter to Mr. Skai. Well that even made it worse I’m still tore up about it and I feel your pain. I pray in time that your heart will heal and the sadness will fade away in time. You were such a caring and loving Dad to Mr. Skai the both of ya had some wonderfull adventures together. Hopefully when the time is right you will be able to bless another sweet little pup and your wonderful adventures will continue. God bless you and Mr.Skai.


    Debra said:

    Dogs are God’s creatures entrusted to us for such a short time. But in that short time we learn so much from them. Love, loyalty, trust, companionship and so very much more. Our hearts break in two when they are taken from our care. Skai is back with God, waiting for the day he will see you again. Thank you Dr Dobias for sharing your heart, your words and your pictures of Skai’s wonderful and amazing adventures. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved friend and companion. Sending you hugs and prayers for one of the most difficult times in our lives. And thank you again for your dedication on teaching us how to better care for our furry 4 legged God’s gift of love.

    MaryRose Ardolino

    MaryRose Ardolino said:

    Dear Dr D,
    My heart hurts for you. I was checking on Sweet Skai yesterday and all I saw was a white blanket with the little toy Skai on it I had a feeling it was sad news. Your letter you wrote is so deeply touching made cry. Skai is an incredible soul and he picked you he is always a part of your heart you are such an amazing soul Skai and you made this world a better place in so many ways your love has helped so many of us dog parents. And I loved seeing and hearing all about Skai I really love that sweet baby. Now it’s all of us to send you love and healing please be gentle with your heart and know Skai is right next to you?? My family sends our Love MaryRose


    cheryl said:

    I am so sorry for your loss, I know where you are, i have been there. I thank you for being such a loving parent and such a wonderful support to everyone else, Skai was well loved and taken care of and there will be a time when you will see him again.

    Sherryl Y.

    Sherryl Y. said:

    Such a beautiful sadness, if there can be such a thing, to have enjoyed 16 years loving a wonderful companion like Skai and be loved back so greatly. Helping Skai to cross over the rainbow bridge with the people he loved most by his side is a good ending. I hope your heart can heal enough to love a new furbaby sometime soon Dr. D.

    robin piazza

    robin piazza said:

    So sorry to hear about your loyal bestie. I have followed you and Skai for a couple of years now and feel somehow close to you both. Thank you for sharing so much of your journey with Skai with such deep love and commitment . Your authenticity and spirit shines so bright and is a gift to so many. I know Skai knew your soul as you knew his. Life is a continuum, our energy, I believe, continues on. Look for him and he will be there for you, in the breeze, in the sunlight, with each breath. Much love, Robin


    Eve said:

    There’s a saying – “dogs aren’t your whole life but they make your life whole”
    I too have been blessed with the love and companionship of my fur babies and know how hard it is to have to let them go when the time comes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful letter to Skai with us. God bless and thank you for letting us into your life. from Eve and my two fur babies in Australia

    Olivia & her huMom

    Olivia & her huMom said:

    Sakai knew love.
    Be gentle with yourself.

    Nose nudges,


    Allison said:

    Your letter is so brave and so touching Dr. D. I cried the whole way through. Thank you Mr. Skai for inspiring so many of us and being such a positive role model for so many dogs and their humans. You have both given me so much wisdom and so many gifts over the years that I share with my own dogs. So much love to you Dr. D and to your family.


    Kim said:

    What a beautiful tribute…I especially love the part about letting all the dogs ride first class! We all that one dog who holds a special place in our hearts. Fro me it was also a border collie, Chelsea. She was my best friend for 17 years. The hardest decision I ever had to make was to let her go. I selfishly wanted her with me forever but knew, like you, that she was not loving life any more. The spark was gone. That was 10 years ago. I love the dogs I have now, all three of them, but there will never be another Chelsea.


    Karen said:

    My heart is breaking and tears are streaming down my face. I loved your posts about Skai and how amazing he was doing!!
    Cherished the photos of him enjoying every moment of life with you.
    We too have a family member who is a dog. She is a14 year old Springer Spaniel who just recently had surgery for a twisted stomach. She is doing amazingly well and we are cherishing every moment we have with her… Life is so precious and we are so grateful to have whatever more time we are given with her….
    Once again, I weep for you and theh so special bond you shared with Skai….just wish they could live as long as we do!! ???

    Liz S.

    Liz S. said:

    What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us. I am very sorry for the loss of your special friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. May God bless you always.


    Gail said:

    How terribly sad for you, I am so, so sorry!

    Su Shields

    Su Shields said:

    You took him in with the arms of love and let him cross over in the arms of love. How beautiful he waited to say goodbye to his best friend. So sorry for your loss the cherished memories you made together are what is important. RIP Skai

    Sharon Sutton

    Sharon Sutton said:

    So very sorry for your loss. You had the best adventures with your better than best friend. Our Annie passed 8 weeks ago, and I am at a total without her.. She too was 16, and she knew it was her time. I am honoured and grateful that she trusted me to be a part of her leaving. I trusted my dog more than I ever trusted people,

    niki robinson

    niki robinson said:

    When I would have dark passing thoughts of one day when I would lose my dog Bear, I thought to myself, there would be only one other human I knew of who loved their dog just as much as I do and would one day have to suffer like hell …and that was you, Dr. Dobias. You and Skai set the bar…courage and love…


    Christina said:

    Dr. Dobias,

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m so sadden to hear this news, I can’t imagine what you are going through.

    What a great life you and Skai gave each other. The letter is beautiful. It’s a testamament to us all!

    When I found your products I trusted in you and Skai and still do! I read Skai’ s protocols and followed them for my own 2 dogs (they are rescues and probably have border collie too). I want to give them the best and healthiest life like you have for Skai. We will continue to follow your guideline for health and longegevity in doing that Skai lives on.

    I’m so very sorry. I’m so glad he waited for you and you were there when he needed you most.

    Lots of love,

    Christina, Charlie and Hailey


    Aurora said:

    I’m so deeply sorry for your loss, words cannot come close to expressing the pain we feel when losing a close companion.

    Jenene and Timber my GSD

    Jenene and Timber my GSD said:

    Am so sorry for your loss,he will always be with you and when you go he will be waiting for you and greeting you home also. Healing energies to you. Blessings


    Angie said:

    Dr D, I’m so sorry to hear you lost your sweet dog.I too lost my Maggie (King Charles Cav) this past Sat. She took her last breath in my arms on the way to the vet for the second time that day. Dr said it was MVD but she only started coughing on Friday so we were stunned at her death.Please know I feel your loss and pain!!


    Julie said:

    I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss of your furbaby. May God hold you near as He is holding your sweet boy. My condolences.

    Niyaso Cannizzaro

    Niyaso Cannizzaro said:

    No doubt Skai’s journey to the light is filled with warmth and love.

    Toni Thompson

    Toni Thompson said:

    Dr Dobias:
    I am so sorry to hear about Skai. I have always enjoyed reading about your adventures with Skai.
    I have a poem that was given to me when my little one passed and I thought I would share it with you.

    Loyal, Loving, Faithful and Brave
    This is my saddest day
    When you went alone
    Here I had to stay
    You will live in my heart
    My friend so true
    Memories of you
    Fill my mind
    Until I go to you .

    Kelly Boldon

    Kelly Boldon said:

    I am so sorry for your loss of this incredible boy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care of yourself. Skai would want you to.

    Richard Pleat

    Richard Pleat said:

    I feel so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels because I lost my baby girl Ginger in January of this year. She was 9 years old. She died from kidney failure. It helps that I have her brother Sean with me.
    My condolences again.

    Laurie J.

    Laurie J. said:

    Dear Dr. D.

    I have only recently been introduced to you through your Blogs and products by Christy @ the H. H.
    In the last 6 months I felt I have gotten to know both you and Skai by reading your letters, seeing videos and pictures of your beautiful relationship.

    Since your return from Maui and the story of Skai’s accident he has been on my mind a great deal. Seeing your letter this morning and reading of his passing felt like a kick in the stomach and I sobbed as I read your remarkable letter to your best friend.

    I too have lost 3 precious companions and my Devon is now 12 years old so I am cherishing every minute with her and live in fear of what you are going through right now.

    You and Skai shared the most perfect bond of unconditional love, a gift not everyone experiences, losing that leaves the most enormous hole in your heart but I know from experience the pain eventually softens and you are left with the beauty of what you two shared.

    My heart aches for you beyond any words I could ever express, I will think of you and your wonderful boy and know that you were both so very fortunate to have each other.
    Thank you for sharing your pain and beautiful memories and pictures of Mr. Skai.

    He will be right by your side forever.


    Cathy Shryock

    Cathy Shryock said:

    Our dear friends have quirks and unique personalities, but they have only one true fault – their lives are never long enough. Know that we have all shared the heartache.


    Stefani said:

    I am so sorry for your hurt. As a animal lover myself, been there. Nothing takes the hurt away, but in time it won’t be as big. Please heal. We all await your return.


    Millie said:

    As I sit here, with tears streaming down my face, I am moved by the love, compassion and beauty of your post. My heart is breaking for your loss and pain. I am so sorry and please know that I am sending you positive, healing, and loving energy.


    Julia said:

    Peter. It’s been a while but I read your letter to Skai and felt I had to write you a message. I am so sorry to hear about Skai. I have said good bye to three dogs and it never gets easy. I can only say that I have never doubted my decision. The pain is intense initially but the memories keep me full of love. Moxie is 12 years old now and has a heart murmur so I know her time with us is limited. I send my love to you and hope your pain eases as time goes by. You have so many great memories of a great friend. Know that you have set him free and he is smiling down on you from heaven. Warmly, Julia

    Donna McCaskill

    Donna McCaskill said:

    Dr Dobias

    My heart was breaking when I read your letter to Skai. I too couldn’t stop crying. You and Skai have been such an inspiration to me. You truly have made a difference in showing me a better way to a healthier dog. I hope your beautiful memories of Skai will carry you and help you heal.
    Take Care Of Yourself.
    Love from Alberta.


    Jennifer said:

    I cried through you’re entire letter understanding you’re heartbreak, knowing I will soon face the same painful goodbye but I just can’t imagine how I’ll handle it. My most heartfelt sympathies to you and those who loved Skai.


    Flora said:

    So very sorry for the loss of your best friend. I loss mine on December 9th 2015 shortly after 10 am from congestive heart failure. Lilly was 17 years of age her provider said we can’t make them live forever. I held her in my arms until she faded away and then some. She was my forever….prayers be with you and your family.


    Constance said:

    Dr. Dobias, Can’t hardly see to type thru my tears…Love the testimony and memorial to Skai. So glad he was able to wait for you, and so glad you moved quickly to go to him. I have 3 baby Yorkie’s; pray I can step-up, compose myself during/when our time of separation comes. Simply unfathomable to me…Memories of Skai – PRICELESS, Blessings my dear friend. Love, Constance, Miss Prissy, Miss Fancy, & Miss Jazzy.


    Karyn said:

    Having gone through the loss of animal best friends myself, I know that deep sadness, pain and grief. This breaks my heart. Thinking of you both. May Skai’s energy travel alongside you all of your days. Big hugs.


    Janet said:

    So very sorry for your loss Dr. D. Lost my little girl Jody in July 2016 and miss her still. Also lost my husband 2 weeks ago and miss his lovely smile. Rest in Peace Skai.

    Jane ozuna

    Jane ozuna said:

    This is the most heartfelt tribute to your best friend that I’ve ever read. I cried – I laughed and felt I was with you on your journey. True dog lovers understand every word and every emotion you shared. RIP Mr Skai. ?


    Anela said:

    My heart is breaking. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    Mjolnir Thrower

    Mjolnir Thrower said:

    I commend your courage Dr.Dobias. I lost my dog Hershey on this same date five years ago, and know the look and lost sparkle you describe in your letter like it was yesterday. I know how overwhelming it must be for you. I wish you courage and peace, because walking alone without your number one pup by your side is a hard thing to do,

    Susan Seddon

    Susan Seddon said:

    What a beautiful letter to your best friend. I feel your pain as I lost my 10yr old Boxer last May she was truly my best friend! My thought’s are with you. Sending you a BIG HUG!


    Carol said:

    So very very sorry for your loss of your beloved pet. I have a 14year old big Yorkie that I love more than anything else I’m the world. I thank God every day he is still with me to run and play.

    Lori Jobak

    Lori Jobak said:

    OMG…..what a major tear ’:( jerker! Sending huge heartfelt condolences to you and your family. The pain of losing such a loved furry family member/best friend is so very difficult. This is hard for me to even read and look at the pictures as I feel the pain of loss…..makes me think of the day that will come to losing my own soul mate. I wish you peace and comfort….and may the memories bring you smiles, laughs, and a warm heart. He will always be with you…..and one day…you shall meet him again. RIP you beautiful soul! <3

    Faith Mc

    Faith Mc said:

    Dr. Peter, I am so sorry to hear about your favorite pal. I read your letter to Skai Wantstofly and cried the whole way through. You’ve been on the internet for quite sometime with Skai and I fell like we are all friends. We were all friends when I lost my dobie Axel and then my dobie-lab mix. I love older dogs but you know that time with them will come to an end much sooner then you’d like. Take care of yourself and thank you sharing your beautiful Skai with all of us. He’s gone over the rainbow bridge where he can run and run and run and love with all our former pets. Thank you, again for sharing this very difficult time.

    Mary Ann

    Mary Ann said:

    Dr D,
    I am so, so very sorry for your loss. From the moment I started reading your note this morning, the tears starting flowing immediately. Even though I’ve never met you or Skai, you have been so generous to share your adventures and advice with us that you feel like dear friends. I don’t want to face what’s happened and that he’s gone but it gives me great strength to know how lucky he was to have such a great Caregiver in you – he very clearly enjoyed his time with you and I hope you’ll find some comfort in knowing that his memory lives on in so many of us whom he touched so deeply, even from afar. Thank you for sharing him with us. I only hope I will have half the strength you’ve shown when the time comes for my little one. Sending you prayers and love.


    Melanie said:

    DrD. My heart ❤️ is saddened with your news if Skai.
    We are so enriched when we are blessed to become parents to our 4 legged babies. We are lucky to receive their unending love & loyalty. Once in a lifetime we get lucky to have ones whom truly connect to our souls. Skai was your soul mate. My Kodi ( St Bernard/ border collie) was mine. He chose me& my life was so full of love & adventures. The most gentle loving soul I’ve ever known. He knew me better then I knew myself at times. And saved me many times over.
    I truly believe Skai loved you as much as as you did him. My tears flowed as I read your letter to him.
    Much love & light to you as you go the next journey forward. You will feel his presence many times when you need him most.

    Pamela O'Sullivan

    Pamela O'Sullivan said:

    Dr.D your dog was loved and had a wonderful life,how lucky for you to be loved back.
    Heartbreaking saying goodbye to friends.
    My NINO turned 17 on ANZAC day 25th April ,so every day is a gift.
    Our condolences from Western Australia


    Bonnie said:

    I can’t see through my tears right now. I am so very, very sorry. My heart breaks right along with yours. I will hug my two little chihuahua girls tonight and send Skai and you much love. So happy that you shared so many happy years together. Saying good-bye is an impossible task.
    Aloha from Oahu

    Julie and Ginger

    Julie and Ginger said:

    Dr D this is clearly one of the hardest moments in your life to say goodbye to your very special little boy! I cried with you for your loss. I can only say that in time you will be able to smile again every time you tell a story or someone mentions Skai’s name. I promise. Please know you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Sending sincere condolences.

    Lynne S.

    Lynne S. said:

    Dr. D.
    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I know your heart is broken. You will heal, but it will take time, wonderful memories and prayers. I felt just like you do when I lost my beloved friend Skeeter; she rescued me one day with a smile on her face and a fiercely wagging tail. I loved her so much like you do Skai. You will always have Skai in your heart and memories, but it’s so hard to let go, yet it’s the right thing to do. Love holds on, but it knows when it’s time to release the one you love. You can see Skai again in heaven if you ask Jesus into your heart. Some say this is foolish, but others have seen their pets in heaven and have come back to tell it. Like the boy in “Heaven is for Real”. I look forward to seeing my pets there one day. I pray you will too. I will pray for you. Thank you for helping so many people take better care of their beloved pets. You are a wonderful vet and person. It is a special compassion that God has placed within your heart to help animals and those who love them. God bless and comfort you.
    Lynne S. In Florida, U.S.


    Sue said:

    Everyone here has said the same thing, how sorry we are about Skai. He did have an amazing life with you!!! He certainly knew what love was, adventure, good health, great food! He was an amazing dog and for a bigger dog, he lived a good long time. We as pet guardians know exactly where you are right now and it’s one of the hardest times of animal lovers!!! I know first hand as well and just lost my little Bea girl last October. I miss her everyday, but getting now that I can smile when I speak about her, but not to say that I still have my moments. You have an amazing support team and know that you can turn to all of them for a shoulder or just to talk.
    Take good care and thank goodness for sweet memories and photographs. Forever in your heart for he left paw prints there.


    Kathy said:

    My heart goes out to you! I lost my beautiful boy 2 years ago to cancer…hemangiosarcoma….I know what you are going thru. I prayed that I would know when the time was right to let him go. He let us know, he was not eating, and in the end he collapsed and could not get up…..I relive that night over and over again. But it was a peaceful passing and I was with him to the very end. My beautiful" Lucky" dog.! I will never forget him….What a wonderful testimony to your beloved boy as well…..They are in our hearts forever and we will never, ever forget them!!


    Deb said:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have been there with our dogs ,Bear and Lacy, and currently have two 14 year old dogs, Kalli and Charlie. I dread going through it again, so heart piercing. What a beautiful tribute to your baby. Praying for you.

    Pauline Law

    Pauline Law said:

    So very sad to read about your loss of Dear Skai, My heart is broken for you, Thinking of you lots and sending hugs, Take good care of yourself.

    Jennifer H

    Jennifer H said:

    Thank you for the post. I know you loved your boy as much as I love my girls. I am so frightened at the thought of losing them. It helps to hear someone survive it and celebrate their life!❤

    Dickson & Frances

    Dickson & Frances said:

    Take care doctor D. Sending you lots of love. We recently lost Rosie and totally can relate. He was lucky to have you as his dad. ❤️

    C. Draper

    C. Draper said:

    A lovely letter to your boy, my love to Dr. D, and your family, peace to you.

    Meaghan Simpson

    Meaghan Simpson said:

    Dear Dr Peter Dobias your letter to Skai has me surfing the big tsunami of grief and reminds me of my letter I wrote to my service dog Dr Seuss after he went sky dancing over the rainbow bridge leaving me with his massive gifts of light from the source. Born Oct. 8, 2002, came home with me Dec. 10, 2002… And blessed my life and every human and animal he came in contact with. Changed my life forever a divine fairy prince SO smart, cooperative, talented, gifted, sweet soulful born to improv dancer shaking booty…hypnotized dogs, cats and horses to fall in love with him… Passed in my arms with fave family and friends all around and most loving local vet here at home on May 2, 2013. We had talked a lot about it… Our animal communicators friends and dear community friendly psychic astrologer and many healers and artists friends tuned in and had been part of his health recovery support team… Up cooking GAPS chicken healing diet in the pressure cooker all hours and since our primary care professional, Marina Zacharius of NaturalRearing.com, had passed away a year and a half before Seussie’s chronic acute gastritus episodes…we were winging it without her
    As she was one of a kind disciple of Julliete de Bairclay levy…organic raw foods natural rearing… Also finest advanced homeopathic compounder East German trained…saved so many lives and all my natural rearing vets admired her and recommended her. All homeopathic canine NOSODES instead of BIG VAXX BIG PHARMA.

    The grief comes rushing over and around me like I am radical long-fin body surfing Big Waves on
    Maui, HI in the full moon light so big and strong that I’m doing full on cartwheels in the waves rolling in fine tuned perfect waves and I’m singing the salty blue blue blues at the top of my lungs sending out the love… The beyond forever love has me dancing because he was the best dancer improv live music loved loved loved MUSIC! I can dance all night long surfing salty tears in honor of my soul mate ambassador. I used to say to him, "hey how’d I get so lucky to have you in my life?! Everyday it love you more and more and more!

    Oh I wrote songs and poems and stories for him while he lived with me… He was such a playful rhythm master!

    It was the hardest thing I have ever done
    They could have euthanized me too at the time. Everyone knew he did not want to go… He was such a good patient and never did we ever have a BAD day in our relationship. Born to be together and all doggies go to heaven, I know, I made a ten day retreat there in 1972 and I’m not afraid to die.


    Jane said:

    I am crying my eyes out at your beautiful post. I also was thinking about you and Skai on our dog walk earlier today at Bridgman Park. My beautiful Bonnie is getting up there in years, she was limping a bit today and lagging, but we swam and enjoyed and did not talk on or use the cell phone (as per an earlier post of yours) on the walk. She is aging, every second is precious. Like you, we have also got a close relationship with her brother and we have a fondness for Westjet as she is also a service dog and Westjet treats dogs very well. Dear Dr Dobias you have inspired us to feed raw, use your supliments and be present with our dog. In return she is sparky and still playful and great at her very important job as a Therapy Dog for children and youth with mental health disorders. Your work has had an impact, Skai has had an impact and with deep gratitude and blessings I send you my sincere condolences.

    Chris Fletcher

    Chris Fletcher said:

    Wow , what a beautiful tribute and what an amazing love story between a man and his dog . Not many people can claim to have been so blessed with so much love shared … lovely lovely story .. Thanks for adding value to the planet … all The best …

    nina cassity

    nina cassity said:

    I am saddened by the loss of your beloved friend Skai. He will be truley missed, please know that Skai and yourself have been a great inspiration to me and my beloved Tate who will be 11 this fall. Having lost my beloved 13 yr old German Shepherd Max a few years ago I know the sorrow and emptiness in your heart. After Max’s passing I was determined to find a way to improve on Tates nutrition and health. It was then I stumbled upon an article with you and your Skai and the wonderful products that you created. I was impressed by Skais vigor and health as a senior and liked what I read . Skai was my Inspriration in that senior dogs can live active quality lives into their golden years if given the proper nutrients and care. I will miss reading the stories about Skai’s travels and his daily life
    However I know he is off to even greater adventures up above with my beloved Max.
    You and Skai are in my prayers.

    With deepest sympathy Nina Cassity and Tate
    Cheryl Joy

    Cheryl Joy said:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m bawling my eyes out after reading your letter to Skai. It’s heart wrenching and brings to surface the heartache I feel at losing my 15 year old pup 2 years ago. He was my best friend and I understand how you feel at losing your best friend. My condolences.


    Johlene said:

    Wow I am crying. So beautiful. Don’t know what I will do when that dag comes for my big boy Max, now 11. He is my protector and follower every day. May God take all the sadness away and comfort you in this difficult time. Remember and cherish all the special times.

    Donna White

    Donna White said:

    Beautiful. Our pups are so special and your letter shows the tremendous bond you had with your boy.

    Amelia's Pet Services

    Amelia's Pet Services said:

    This was such a lovely letter and I nearly cried, he was such a beautiful dog and very handsome. ALways clearly very happy but yes they do tell you when they need to go and you and other vets know best when not to prolong life.

    We put our Lhasa Apso Pickles down 2 months ago, my sister is a vet now just got into RVC, and she was very brave and let her go with us all around infront of the woodburner one evening. No a day goes by when we don’t think of her and miss her. I now want my own dog but I take comfort in the fact that I can help others in feeding, walking and caring for theirs when they are away. It feels like I have many pups and I love my job but I feel like I need my own furry companion.

    I hope you have a relaxing time enjoying and celebrating his life as you had a very special bond. I love reading your blog. Hear from you soon

    Sandra Thompson

    Sandra Thompson said:

    How lucky were you to know that kind of love! Glad to read you are taking time for yourself in these early days of your grief journey.


    Barbara said:

    I’m sorry. I know how you feel. It is a heartbreak and grief, sadness and helplessness, and letting go of being together in “the physical space”, losing your best friend. I know that Skai is still all around you, but in a different way. I know you are open to feeling him and I pray that you do. He will be around, just in a very different way.


    Tim said:

    Very sorry about yur pup Skai. He truly led “The Dog’s Life” Mr Skai Gonna Fly!!!
    Take care


    Rebecca said:

    Thoughts and prayers with each of you. He will be forever in your heart and waiting for you when it is your turn to join him on the other side of the bridge.

    Christine & Rudy Dawg

    Christine & Rudy Dawg said:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My Rudy Dawg is turning 11 next month and I can’t even begin to think about my life without him. Border collies are an amazing breed. Fly high over the Rainbow Bridge Mr. Skai, find my Flysie and he will share his ball with you ?
    Love and prayers coming across the miles

    Pat Quinn

    Pat Quinn said:

    So Sorry for your loss … I love the fact he was so much a part of you … And he always will be … <3

    Jeanine Reinhard

    Jeanine Reinhard said:

    Dr. D, you and your family have been so blessed to have such a wonderful long and lasting relationship with such a beautiful spirit as Skai. Letting them go is never easy, but becomes necessary in the final season of life. I know the inspiration you have gained from this awesome relationship, you have helped so many people better the health of their four legged family members! May you find peace in future days to carry on the mission you started because of your amazing ambassador! God Bless you,


    Lynn said:

    Dr. D., The tears flow down my face as I feel the pain in your words. When I first saw the subject line in this email, “Sad news,” I couldn’t open it to read it because I knew what had happened and instantly knew he had not recovered from his injuries. It took me a few hours to build up the courage to read your letter to Skai. I always related to your intense love for him because I feel that for my Shih Tzu, Max, my best friend that has always loved me unconditionally. You and yours will be in my prayers for these many months to come as you mourn the loss of Mr. Skai and the way he transformed your life.


    Philippa said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,
    How sad that Skai was brought down by an accident. You had nutured his health so brillaintly giving him many many extra years. Sharing these best practices in dog care is Skai’s legacy.
    Thank you both!
    Please accept my condolences as you grieve. Your letter was so moving sad, yet inspirational.


    Laura said:

    Next Thursday I will be saying goodbye to the last of my girls, the one who should have lived on and kept me company for many years ahead.When her auntie Nana, my heart dog, died of osteosarcoma in January I did not have time to mourn for her because Maggie, my youngest Newfoundland, not even five, was diagnosed with lymphoma, after being sick with what was believed an ulcer, for a few months. In March even Coffee Bean, my Siamese, was lost to a tumor. And now, after an unsuccessful chemo, is time to let Maggie go, while there is still some spark in her. She has lost a lot of weight,,, if she had not so much fur she would look emaciate, but everyone thinks she is ok till they pet her and feel the bones poking through her skin. I wanted to let her go this weekend, but her vet is away and I did not want someone she did not love and trust to be the one to send her on her journey. So we soldier on, five more days, doing our best to make them memorable and happy, even if my heart is breaking and I do not know how I will do without my girls,Thanks for your inspiring letter. I can’t help but envy you those 16 long years compared to my short five ones. But each of us is given a different time to live, and Maggie has run out of it… I hope she meets Mr Skai over the Bridge, I am sure they will love running together,

    Susan Broks

    Susan Broks said:

    I am so very sorry fir your loss,i find myself tearing up as I read this. We have 4 fur friends and the oldest is 17 in July. Deaf, blind, she has beaten cancer…but now she has kidney failure…..I feel your pain…..hugs

    Susan Broks

    Susan Broks said:

    I am so very sorry fir your loss,i find myself tearing up as I read this. We have 4 fur friends and the oldest is 17 in July. Deaf, blind, she has beaten cancer…but now she has kidney failure…..I feel your pain…..hugs


    Jenny said:

    I am so sorry for your loss Dr. Dobias. I can relate and am feeling your pain, as any dog lover would. I teared up instantly when I read the news. Just know that you gave Skai the best life he could possibly imagine and he is so thankful for your dedication to him. His experiences and life with you was incomparable. You are the pet owner I, and many others, aspire to be. The good news is that Skai is no longer suffering or in pain. I will be praying for your peace and fast recovery. Take your time coming back to work, as we all empathize with the process of grieving the loss of a best friend. Thank you for your dedication to our pets as well and being an inspiration to many. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Constance Brooks

    Constance Brooks said:

    I feel your loss greatly. I put one of our girls down at 14. Her heart condition got the better of her and I could not bear to see her suffer. That was 2 years ago. We are now facing illness again with the other ShiTzu raised with her

    Shasta turns 17 this year and she has always been given a clean bill of health. Clear lungs, no heart murmur or issues and not diabetic.

    Her last visit to vet we asked for her to be checked for diabetes, which once again revealed she is not diabetic. It did reveal kidney disease however. So our vet said no more raw diet. Said use science diet KD. She won’t eat it.

    We refuse to give up the fight for her. She had mammary gland cancer,and beat it for number of years now. Appears for good vet said. This kidney thing can’t be as tough as that. She injured an eye and had it removed and her other eye has glaucoma and relies on her nose for everything. Makes her way around fine. Still wants walks and to play. She beat the odds again. Kidney disease just can’t stop her now.

    She loves her treats and can’t have them, her raw food diet has been stopped and she loves it. She won’t eat th KD . She is getting thin and we have cooked up and purred chicken for her, but add what else she needs she doesn’t want it

    She has bladder control 7/8 hrs at a time. She will pee on command as trained. She can’t be that seriously ill yet and we want to nip it now.

    Please, before we need to put her down, what are your best recommendations for food. How do you deal with this issue?

    Again my deepest sympathies too you as I truly can feel your sorrow. Your piece was proof of your love for your dog……only someone with the emotional ties you indeed have could have written such an emotional tribute.

    Heide Mayne

    Heide Mayne said:

    Sad, wonderful and amazingly beautiful.
    Bless your heart and the gift of a life Skai shared with you.


    Shelby said:

    I am so sorry to hear all this. I have been through this. I had no idea he got injured. You are being super strong and amazing. You’re right, some of us wait too long. Being a vet and seeing it can be the force that helps you make good decisions for your own fur family. I will keep you guys in prayer. It takes awhile to mourn such a great loss. Thanks for all you do in making a difference in the world. Your beautiful dog will always be remembered, their spirits are eternal from God they came- to God they go back. You are an awesome manager and I am sure you got an A+!. Take all the time you need. Thanks again for being so awesome! I know how hard it must have been to share the news with us. I am crying just writing this because I know the love of a dog and the loss. The hardest part of owning a dog is the end. Hugs to you all.


    Linda said:

    What a moving & heartfelt dedication to Your Mr. Skai Wantstofly! U were both so fortunate to have found & chosen each other & to have the privilege of spending so many happy & fun filled yrs. together. He was so blessed to have u for his caring & loving lifelong companion & human dad.
    Skai was such an inspirational dog ambassador to so many, including myself, in how to take better care of our two dogs, Lola, “the showgirl” & Chico, “the man” and, for that, I can’t thank u & him enough.
    I feel so saddened for your pain & sorrow with the passing of Skai—your protector, your guide, your dear soul mate & sweet best friend. May all the beautiful memories of happy & fun times shared with him stay in your heart & mind to help to heal your pain & sorrow. May u & Skai’s family & friends find comfort in knowing that he is now forever happy & at peace & free of pain & any suffering and that u will be with him again in another life. Peace, Prayers & Hugs—Linda, Lola & Chico ?

    Holly Farish-Hunt

    Holly Farish-Hunt said:

    Please remember at this difficult time that Mother Nature’s creatures all have energy in their existence; energy never dies and travels on when our earth space suits are retired. On any day, be still and concentrate on a wonderful Skai memory and you will experience his presence. Those memories that now bring tears and pain will eventually bring smiles. One of Skai’s greatest gifts by sharing this life with you is your focus on helping so many dogs and their pet parents focus on health to assist in a long and enriched life. Were it not for reading your thoughts online I would not have had the experience of gaining new knowledge to focus on the Count of Monte Cristo’s (“Cristo”) healthier life. Thank you Mr. Wantstofly for enriching our lives and to Dr.D feel the energy bathing you in comfort. Breathe!


    Shar said:

    Mr. Skai wants to fly IS flying…with the angels ?


    Shar said:

    Mr. Skai wantstofly is flying…with the angels


    Sunitha said:

    I couldn’t get through this letter, as my eyes started to well up. I’m so sorry to hear about Skai. I hope that the strength, love and zeal Skai lived with and shared with you, will help you move past the grief. You and Skai have been so inspirational in your journey so many around! Thanks to you, Skai is loved by so many around the world! I hope all of that love finds its way to heal your pain.


    Marcia said:

    Dear Dr Dobais
    Reading your beautiful tribute to Skai—just can’t stop the tears pouring out for you and the sadness you must be feeling. Thank you so much for sharing Skai with all of us through the years. The love bond you shared with him can never be broken.


    Eva said:

    Dear Peter, I worked with you and Skai you and he taught me so much! I will always remember him, he lives in our hearts! I know he meant the world to you, and I know it will take a long time to live a regular life without him by your side. he will always be with you though. lots of blessings and hugs from Austria


    Deborah said:

    It was on the 17th when I thought of Skai – out of the blue – and wondered how he was doing. To some, this could seem a bit strange, since I don’t personally know Skai or you, but I’ve always felt a deep connection to you both through your devotion to making the world a better place, and of course to eachother. When I saw your email, I knew.

    Reading your letter through tears. I feel your heartbreak, having recently I had to let my bestie girl go. Still I struggle immensely with it.

    Thank you for sharing Skai’s amazing life with us – he brought sunshine into mine. He will always be cherished.


    Jill said:

    Dear Dr. D
    What a shock this is. I am hurting too. I pray that you can get thru this. I will be praying for you. You were the best dad a dog could ever have. You gave your dog such a wonderful life with all the adventures and good times but especially all the love you gave him. He knew you loved him. He knew you were best friends. He died knowing these things. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life with him. You are in my prayers.


    Kinu said:

    You are so lucky to have a buddy like Mr. Skai. So did he. Love gives us courage to do what is best not for ourselves but for the loved ones.My deepest sympathy to you and thank you for sharing your beautiful thought with us Dr. D.

    JulieAnn Marshall

    JulieAnn Marshall said:

    Dr. Dobias I just wanted to extend my heartfelt sympathies and condolences on Your loss of Mr. Skai. Our dogs really occupy such a large amount of our hearts and leave us with a devestating loss whenever it’s their time to leave us. May he RIP Eternally??


    Barb said:

    Wow, Dr Dobias, how blessed you & Mr Skai were to journey together. True soul mates. And the depth of that kind of love and connection surely rips our heart apart when the time together ends. Someone directed me to your website this winter when my Aussie (Toby) had stage four lymphoma & I was scrambling for every natural remedy & healthy diet to manage his remaining days. He looked so much like Skai & was a cattle dog on our farm, and amazing frisbee champ. He ran the show in our household. He passed 5 months ago in our arms at age 11 with ease. When their time is up they go so naturally, they have so much to teach us about the process. I pray for your healing and thank you for all you do to keep our dogs healthy and safe with the knowledge you share. May all the love, protection & companionship you found with Skai be returned to you in miraculous ways.


    Shae said:

    My heart goes out to you. You and Skai were such an inspiration. I am grateful that when I was seeking help with my Molly that I stumbled across your website. I feel your loss as I have followed you and Skai for a number of years and loved seeing the relationship the two of you shared. I am so, so sorry.


    Vivene said:

    Ah, if only we were more like our canine companions – balanced, non-judgmental, loyal and accepting. Hail, sweet Skai!
    The privilege of knowing Skai personally was not mine, but like so many, I too have stood in your shoes and felt the excruciating pain of saying farewell to a best mate. Let’s face it, there are no words of comfort. If there is anything in which to take solace, it is in the fact that in letting him go, Skai felt the full magnitude of your love.
    His, was a full life, filled with love and laughter and free of regrets, and without him the world is a little sadder. However, a life lived well is enduring and for Skai, that legacy is a philosophy in which we could all benefit, one where life is lived authentically, with adventure and fun. Thank you for sharing Skai with us. As you can see from these posts of sympathy, you are not alone. Your loss is also ours. May your grief soon dissolve into the warmth of fond memories, and for you and your love ones, blessed be.


    Prentise said:

    Do you live on Maui? I saw your article about the abusive off-leash ticket you got
    here, and was sad to hear it.

    Jill Brown

    Jill Brown said:

    I am keyboarding though tears. I know how much you loved your Sakai.
    I have an aging dog and will love and cherish the time remaining.


    Mary said:

    I just returned from Columbus, Ohio attending the Annual Remembrance Ceremony for our lost, beloved pets, which was hosted by the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospitals. I have been crying on and off all day and didn’t realize I had any tears left until I read your beautiful letter to your amazing best friend. Seeing all the wonderful pets photos today and hearing some of their stories, I know your Mr. Skai is in such good company on the other side. May God bless and comfort you while you make your way through this very, very difficult time. I truly understand and empathize with you.


    Krista said:

    Dear Dr. D.,
    I am deeply saddened by the news of Skai’s passing.
    Let’s remember that his eternal spirit is alive and well as ever and will be with you always.
    What an amazing life the two of you had together. May the gratitude for his presence in your life soon be outshining the grief over his loss.
    Sending you so much love in this time of grief.


    Joy said:

    I have been crying a lot about Mr. Skai. I am so upset. I have looked forward to hearing of the journeys you both took together. My best friend "Daisy"passed a year and half ago, I miss her terribly, can’t believe she is not by my side anymore. I am so sad… but I understand we all have our time and then must go, But dealing with this emptiness just hits me hard.Peter I trust you have good friends to help you thru this painful time. As you put your mind on the good memories. You were a wonderful dad to skai. and thank you for sharing your journey with us folks. I appreciate you and all your effort to educate us and just be real. Thank You


    Eve said:

    Skai has never left your side. In your dreams and visions Skai too is there with you. Life herevis short but when its time Skai will be there at your side again waiting for you to cross over for your both infinate next adventure together via Rainbow Bridge. Love n Light Eve Sydney Australia♥

    Vicky N

    Vicky N said:

    This (along with my own journey) is the exact reason for www.bymyside.net.au / www.facebook.com/BymysideOur animals are ever so precious. Love to you Peter.


    Angelique said:

    This is absolutely beautiful and I understand my brothers dog got cancer and when it came down to it after all the money for chemo etc. I knew it was time to let her go, another unfortunate reminder in life that it’s not always about us…..


    Carol said:

    So very sorry for your loss.

    Uta Harrison

    Uta Harrison said:

    My heart is breaking for you. Thank you for sharing Dr, . :(

    Amy Petersen

    Amy Petersen said:

    So touched by your letter. Just can’t even bear the thought of Simba, my beloved Australian Shepherd, no longer being by my side in life. Time will heal, we all know this instinctively, but the pain and sorrow is so very raw and will be for some time….when I lost my best friend in my mother 28 years ago, I thought that the was the deepest human pain I could ever experience, but I know, deep down, it will be losing Simba as our beloved furry ones are the ones who have been WITH us through all of the pain and happiness over several years…they accept us faults and all and bring out the very best in us. My heart breaks for you..I think Simba and Skai would have been great buddies had they ever met. Peace to you…RIP Skai

    Joanne Keenan

    Joanne Keenan said:

    I’ve come to your lives in just the past few years but from your stories and journeys, Skai seemed to be so much younger. A true testament of your lives together and the love you shared. Our furry friends are never with us long enough but to lose them so suddenly and unexpectedly is heartbreaking. May all the memories of a life well-lived and well-loved soon replace the sadness and shock. May Skai’s spirit continue to guide and comfort you.


    Barbarahaskins said:

    So deeply sorry for the loss of Skai. Once again I have learned something from you and Skai and that is the loss of a loved pet. You see I have 5 who are over the age of 12 and I know that day will come when I must make that excruciating decision to let them go! Even in a time a sure agony and grief Skai has helped other pet owners understand letting go! Please find peace within for the wonderful care and love you provided endlessly!


    Carol said:

    What an amazing 16 years of love you shared – it is never enough but he will always be close in your heart. Try to remember the lesson that dogs teach us – “share the love”


    Debbie/Michigan said:

    Like others with a lump in my throat, tears streaming down my face and a heavy heart I just wanted you to know how so sorry I am to hear about Sakai and to know the pain and emptiness you are feeling. What a great life he had with you and you with him and such a wonderful tribute for a wonderful dog. In my prayers tonight. Love you both.

    Gary and Carol Smith-Blum

    Gary and Carol Smith-Blum said:

    Hello, Peter,

    I saw your e-mail this morning, and read your letter. Tears streamed relentlessly, down my face, as I read through all your fears, concerns, as well as suffering through the decisions, so Skai , would have your supportive love to the last heart beat.
    It is right after that last breath, that
    reality hits, and, you know, your life will change. At the time those endearing photos taken through the years, don’t mean so much, instead, you hope you can get through the next few minutes, without losing it, and the next and the next few hours after that.

    Those images of Skai, won’t stay in place too long, because, a few hours later, or maybe a few days, you’ll be grabbing them, to stare at , till every feature, is etched in your mind. It would be about the same, if you were saving them on your computer, I guess. You will probably sob as if the flood gate opened in your heart, but damn, you have every right to. Just let those tears pour, it is OK.

    When you look at those images with Skai, snuggling his beautiful face into the strength of your arms, remember his body stature, and confidence,
    and know that balance of self esteem,
    afforded Skai, a freedom of expression
    because you are that way too. Your bond with Skai, is synomynous to a parent /child, and because you were kind, loving, respectful, and considerate, a strong bond, was formed from the foundation of your values. I believe that is why Skai was such a loving and caring soul. He finally proved to you, that you were the center of his earth, I loved that part in your letter.

    Those last minutes of his life were peaceful, because he was with you, and familiar faces, whom,he knew, also loved and cared about him. The security of that love and connection, was priceless, during those last minutes, he was conscious , with you. I hope you feel comforted by that Peter, because you gave him peace, a gift that means everything, to every living creature on this earth.

    Peter, we said good bye, to our “lil” Shih-Tzu, whose name is Denzel, on Friday, May 19th, at 3:00 p.m. in the small dog clinic at UC Davis, CA. We struggled as you did, and tried to brave through the pain of watching his confident , adorable spirit, lose vitality, to the point, where , finally, he could barely walk, and his beautiful big brown eyes, soulfully begged for mercy. Like you, we struggled with the knawing void ,we knew we would feel in our hearts, once he was gone, but we agonized , because we knew how badly, he was suffering.

    Denzel, couldn’t take most medications , so it became a challenge, finding supplements that would help him feel better. I read a lot of your newsletters, concerning kidney, liver, and thyroid diseases, and decided to try your pet gut probiotic, and it did help.

    We are having a difficult time right now, as we know you are. My prayer for both of us, Peter, is that both Skai, and Denzel, will find everlasting peace and happiness in their journey, and come back to visit us, from time to time. I do believe it will happen that way. I believe in a higher power, who will act as a loving guardian, and bring us together, when it is our time to be with them again. This afternoon, a sparrow, came to our bedroom window, and started squawking. My husband was with me. We smiled at one another, and I said , Oh my god !!! Denzel, came to visit us, what a nice surprise !!!

    We are sorry for both our losses. Skai was a beautiful , and charming spirit, both physically and emotionally, and our “lil” Denzel, was an adorable, and opinionated , free spirit, who made us laugh, mostly, and touched our hearts as well as many, who loved him. We know Skai had the same irresistible characteristics, and your photos told a story, all by themselves.

    Both , were extremely loved, and well cared for. All three of us, are kind, loving, respectful, and considerate of our pets, so our values are in sync with each other.

    A million times, thank you, Peter, for sharing your story, in a wonderful letter to Skai, that inspires and helps all of us who are struggling through the loss of losing a most loved and valuable pet, but , through our own individual circumstances. It did help.

    Warm regards to you Peter, and your family, We will be reading your news
    letters , and buying your products, because, I know you take pride in doing your best for all the animals , that need your help. I trust that about you. Again, thank you, for being you.

    Gary and Carol Smith-Blum


    Diane said:

    Dr. Dobias,

    I am so so sorry for the loss of your beloved Mr. Sakai.


    Patti said:

    My heart feels your pain having lived through this so many times myself. The greater the love the greater the loss. Skai lived a dog’s dream life and was so fortunate to have such a loving human companion. I know you will cherish and hold dear all those amazing memories with him. My thoughts are with you ….

    Chrissy D

    Chrissy D said:

    Hi Peter…

    I sobbed as I read about you and Skai. I have 3 dogs and my eldest, Celeste, is going on 17 years young. You and Skai have helped me keep everyone healthy and happy…especially Celeste. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to Skai. The two of you have changed the lives of many of many people and many dogs… the contributions you have made will go on forever. We are thinking of you and Skai and sending our love your way. Xoxo

    Sue W

    Sue W said:

    Dear Peter
    My heart cries with you. I lost my beloved Abby, a once in a lifetime Doberman soul mate, from the same problem.
    Gone to soon, forever in your heart.
    Peace and love to you.

    Juliet Whitfield

    Juliet Whitfield said:

    Wow, what a great letter Dr. D. I am sending you a big hug. You did good and you loved fully and deeply and of course Skai new that. It’s just hard, I still cry for my Minnie who passed 3/12 years ago, it’s much easier now, but I still miss her. Hang in there and be kind to yourself.


    Sheryn said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,

    My heart broke for you when I read your beautiful letter, and like so many of the dog lovers you and Skai have inspired, I cried and cried. When the grief eases a little, may Skai visit you often in your dreams; may you sense his spirit beside you with each step, knowing that he is as fully engaged and vibrant and full of joy as he was in this earthly life. Most of all, may your deep connection with Skai ascend to a new level – he will always be with you, just in a different form. What an amazing journey the two of you shared on this earthly plane; thank you for all the lives you have helped change (including my “Buddhi”, Arnie-Bean). Love, blessings, gratitude and prayers to you, Sheryn, Melbourne, Australia


    Denise said:

    What a beautiful tribute. I have loved seeing all the pictures of Skai and reading your stories, and this one too although so sad. Thank you for sharing. Sending love during this painful time of loss.


    Maya said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,
    My heart sends love to your heart. Nothing holds a candle to this level of heartbreak. The way you met Skai’s transition with such presence, honesty, and love is truly inspiring.
    For what it’s worth, I found “The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief” by Francis Weller invaluable when my fur soulmate transitioned. You already know that your connection with Skai is eternal, but the grief at the loss of the physical connection is very real. You are both in my heart as your relationship now evolves to a spiritual plane that transcends time and physicality. Stay in your heart. That is the key. ♥️


    Cathy said:

    Dear Dr. D
    My heart breaks for you. So very sorry for your loss. I hope all the wonderful memories will help you get through this hurtful time. He will always be with you and I hope you take comfort in knowing that you will be reunited someday.
    Run free handsome Skai.

    Michele Pentes

    Michele Pentes said:

    I pray for you. Your boy is waiting, dutifully at the Rainbow Bridge. My little boy, Connor, only 3, will be there to show him how fun everything is. God Bless!

    rosemary smith

    rosemary smith said:

    Last October my border collie passed. We had 17 wonder years together but it’s never enough time. I know how special border collies are, unlike any other relationship. Please trust that there will come a day when you’ll be able to think of your memories with smiles instead of tears. I’m so sorry for your Loss


    Sherryl said:

    I am beside myself in tears….I have loved Mr. Skai from afar and enjoyed all the adventures and health tips. I am loving my wonderful old mutt dog…Emma LouLou Ballerina (in full) and hugging her tighter than ever.

    I have always thought that I would be able to let Emma go peacefully into dog heaven when the time comes, now I know that is not true…

    Rest in Peace Skai…

    Kameron Lackey

    Kameron Lackey said:

    Dear Peter aka Skai’s Dad and Soul Mate – Tears ran down my face while reading your heartfelt letter. My heart aches for you as I too know how painful it is loosing your soul mate. I lost my beautiful border collie, Godiva, almost two years ago to Lymphoma at age 6 and still to this day my heart aches for her. You never get over loosing a piece of you.

    You gave Skai the best life he could have ever wished for. All the adventures you two had together. Most dogs could only dream about. Skai had his best guardian giving him the best care possible. It was truly meant to be that you both picked each other.

    It takes time to heal this pain you are feeling. Just know you have so many supporters that are praying for you. Warm hugs to you during this emotional time.

    Run pain free sweet Skai as you cross over the rainbow bridge. Godiva is waiting to greet you, Skai. You will forever be our hearts. Until we meet again…


    CeCe said:

    Thanks for sharing your awesome love of Skai, I feel like family and mourn with you. I recoil at the lack of respect at the airports, for Skai and all humanity. We “met virtually” when I needed your help the most to help heal Bela, our now 12-year old Border Collie boy, Bela, to recover from totally unnecessary intubation pneumonia from a careless veterinarian teeth cleaning. Thanks to your liver cleanse, Q-tests, vitamins and canine food education, people think he is half his age, much like your beautiful Skai. May God bless you to continue your excellent work. And thank you for restoring my trust. CeCe

    selina d chavis

    selina d chavis said:

    Dr. Dobias I feel your love for your best friend Dog, Mr. Skai. I will miss him with you.

    Take Care.

    With love,


    Leslie said:

    Dearest Dr. Dobias,

    What extraordinary LOVE Skai has for you that he held on and waited for you to return all the way from Norway….

    How beautiful…. What extraordinary LOVE….

    You are so beautiful Skai…. Run free….

    Linda Graham

    Linda Graham said:

    I am so very sorry to hear about your loss, I know there will never be words to help ease your pain, but I do want you to know you are thought of, and that my heart breaks for you, What a wonderful life you shared with Mr. Skai, I wish you eventual peace and I hope all of your beautiful memories will give you smiles and laughter, RIP Beautiful Soul <3

    Sharon Hann

    Sharon Hann said:

    Peter, you do not cry alone. Thank you for being with me in my darkest hour. I wish I could do more for you in yours. I have no other words…just love. Sharon

    Agnes Harasymyk

    Agnes Harasymyk said:

    So very sorry for your loss, reading your letter to Mr. Skai brought tears to my eyes. I lost my beautiful Australian Kelpie a few months ago and I still miss him I will always miss him, he was 12 years our years. May god bless you for being you, My heart goes out to you!!!

    Sandy Battista

    Sandy Battista said:

    I’m so sorry to hear this sad news Peter. I remember when you first got little Skai. He was a very special boy who taught you so much. Sending my love and hugs.


    Sandy said:

    So very sorry to hear about Skai. No tears were held back reading your letter to him. I was so glad to hear that Skai waited for you and you got to spend his last hours with you. I loved reading and seeing your stories about Skai and how he brought you to do the work you are doing. I know me and my Mr. Marvin can’t thank you enough for your products and time spent in sharing these products with us. I hope you continue to bring healthier products to us and our dogs that we love so much. Marvin would not be the healthy dog he is today without you, your advice, and your products. Thank you and thanks to Skai for all your help. Prayers are with you!

    Mary T

    Mary T said:

    thank you for your lovely share of such an intimate friendship. our pets – all of them – from pup to lizard to goldfish – all of them – God’s great creatures. We will see them again. They wait for us in His Loving Arms.

    I lost Noah just a few months. I will join with him again and all my former pets, of whom I’ve been priviledged to be a good steward, Thank You Lord for all of your Beautiful Creatures. Thank You Lord for Love.

    David Silver

    David Silver said:

    I can barely see the screen on my phone as I read about Mr. Skai. My tears of sorrow are for you and all who will experience the loss of their loved one(s). Your kindness and compassion has touched me deeply and greatly improved the life of my little friend, Fibi Joy.
    Your beloved boy will now fly eternally.
    My deepest heartfelt condolences!

    Fran Leard

    Fran Leard said:

    Your beautiful Skai had a wonderful life full of love and so many happy places he traveled and enjoyed being with his best bud.
    God bless you both and know he is now running over the rainbow bridge back to his happy and carefree lifestyle.

    adrienne coleman

    adrienne coleman said:

    Dear Dr. D…
    my daughter sent me this. i lost my lab a year ago. she was 16 and amazing. we had each other always.
    your letter sent me to the back yard to visit my annie and thank her for spending time with me here. write it out. write more. your skai has a poem waiting to be lifted. so sorry.


    Lisa said:

    He will always be in our hearts, such an amazing dog


    karen said:

    I came back to work to see this sad news. I immediately went into meltdown. You see, Skai, in a way, was “our” dog….all of us in your “family”. We lost our precious Bailey (a soulmate type of dog) 3 years ago due to a mis-diagnosis and the pain of loss came rushing back in tri-fold after reading about Skai. Our prayers are with you. Please find comfort in knowing that your precious Skai, whom we all loved so much, had his daddy by his side, in his own home, when the gentle tide carried him toward his reward.


    jody said:

    What a beautiful homage to Skai!!

    Truly a special bond you two had!!!

    Rest in peace,and exploring in lots of adventures dear Skai.

    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt and deeply moving letter Dr. D.



    Paula said:

    Is there a place we can direct a question regarding the supplements and how to best to introduce them? I wanted to do a liver cleanse for both our new puppy (5 months old who had puppy strangles) and our 15 year old who is otherwise healthy and then start them on the supplements (purchased bundle)


    Paula said:

    I apologize for this comment posting below your tribute to Skai as I didn’t realize it was on this page.


    Pathmah said:

    Dear Dr Peter and wonderful Skai,
    Thank you for all the journey. No words can express the pain and loss that you’re going through. As much as it hurts, I wish to take comfort that he’s in good hands. I know the excruciating pain as I am going through it myself as I gave my most beloved son Rexon on 30th this April to heaven. He was the sweetest 16, most loveliest and good looking heck of a guy with greatest demeanour that attracts all souls just like skai. I don’t see much difference between them as both are very much alike in more than many ways. I miss him enormously but I also want to celebrate his life on earth with me and all those wonderful moments, lessons, love cherished deeply in my heart, thoughts and deeds always. May you the good Dr Peter overcome this sadness and pain and May our cherished companions finds the best happiness in heaven and keep us in their thoughts as well.

    Rosalyn Flanagan

    Rosalyn Flanagan said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,
    I do not have words to express my sympathy to you. However, I wanted to take a moment to pray for you at this time of loss…
    Dear God,
    Please be with Dr. Dobias at this very difficult time. Please help him to express his sadness to family and friends. Please give him the strength and courage each day to continue helping, encouraging and inspiring dog parents all around the world. Be with him each moment to carry him through this time of trial. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
    Many Blessings,
    Rosalyn Flanagan

    cindy sanson

    cindy sanson said:

    When I saw the heading on your email I knew what had happened and I am so sorry for your loss.
    I know how it feels to loose your best friend. For ten years I suffered through the pain,loss and guilt of losing him til I finally said Enough. I worked for a long period of using EFT to clear all the emotional pain and finally got to the point where I was no longer crying or blaming myself. I haven’t cried or felt the pain since…..until I read you letter to Skai. He may stay with you for a while longer, look for signs. He wants to be sure you are going to be OK. When he moves on, as all non-physical beings do you can rest assured that now Skai can fly! And one day you will meet again your best friend.
    In time you may meet your next best friend, One that needs you as much as you need them.
    God bless you for all the good you do.

    Cindy Sanson

    Juliana M. Pavelka-Johnston

    Juliana M. Pavelka-Johnston said:

    Truly sad news to hear of his passing. What lovely words Dr. Dobias, you made me cry too. I don’t think they ever really leave us. We just learn to live with the pain, because we miss them so much. Then there are the moments in the day that you can almost hear them, their feet pitter-patter down the stairs, or as it is in our home, when food falls to the floor my husband and I say" Oh, Kano’s here". Condolences – Hugs from Vaudreuil, QC, CANADA


    Sheryl said:

    I’m very sorry to hear of Skai’s passing. Your letter to him is just lovely, I also lost my precious Brody just hours before you lost Skai. Know that I am grieving with you. Thank you so much for what you do.

    Rita Hogan

    Rita Hogan said:

    There is never enough time. As I read this bauling my heart goes out to you. I lost my beloved Finn 16 years and his mate Fran within 60 days of each other this year and it is hard to let them go. I’m glad that you found each other and shared such a wonderful friendship. Thank you for all that you do. Rita


    kathy said:

    My heart just breaks for you. What a beautiful letter you wrote to Skai and shared with us all. Thankyou for all you do for the many pets that rely on your products and your education.
    My deepest sympathy. Kathy

    Di Scurr

    Di Scurr said:

    Very sad to read about Skai. How great for you to have loved so deeply. I share your tears (feeling for my boy too who transitioned nearly 4 yrs ago now although it is a great comfort knowing he’s still around me in spirit, I hope you find comfort and strength too.)


    Karen said:

    My heart is broken for your Dr. Peter. The letter was beautiful along with the many brilliant pics of Skai and you. Thank-you for sharing this very difficult time. I wish you comfort and healing in the coming days. I have only seen a silver of the wonderful life you had with Skai. It is very inspiring to see the beautiful relationship you had. Skai will always live in your heart and soul. Thank-you so much for all you do. Karen

    Nancy Butler

    Nancy Butler said:

    My heart is broken for you at the loss of your best friend. I wanted you to know that through you and Skai, I think my dog is going to live a much longer and healthy life. I found you on the internet while searching for information on those fatty cysts that dogs get on their belly. My dog was 10 1/2 at the time (Brittany spaniel) and he had just started to slow down and “moan” a bit when he got up and down. He is now on Omega, Green Min, Gut Sense and the vitamins (powder). It has been amazing the difference we noticed in his activity level and overall well being – he looks and acts like a puppy again (when he is awake :-) He is now almost 12 and healthy. I know he won’t live forever and while I dread that day – I want him to feel good until the end. Thank you so much for all you do. Skai’s legacy lives on through all the dog’s lives you both have changed. Forever grateful!!

    brenda prince

    brenda prince said:

    Awwwww man as I am sitting here in Tears!! Mr. Skai Wantstofly may you be running free and pain free. Knowing you are looking down upon your forever love and daddy??? My heart and prayers are with you all. Remember Dr Dobias Mr. Skai Wantstofly you may be far yet close at forever in your heart?

    Becky Nelson

    Becky Nelson said:

    My heart breaks for your loss. Having three generations of English Springer spaniels, I have had to experience loss many times, and it is always so hard. Even now, when I see a photo of a Springer, I get teary. My husband had a Sheltie, Misty, before I met him, and he cries every time he talks about her, and she’s been gone for 16 years. No one understands your sorrow more than other dog lovers. May you find comfort in all of your cherished memories of your beautiful friend.


    Wendy said:

    Thank you for writing this touching letter about your dog. My Sharona Momma girl would have been 15 by mid summer, she passed just days after yours did May 21, 2017. I was hoping she would have lasted for me to be able to take her to the water and get her swimming in the cool water she loved to relieve some of her hip pain. But she stopped eating one day, and by the early morning hours the next day, she was gone. So reading your letter brought tears for me and for you, but the truth is, for the dogs, they are free of pain and spending joyous time now in Heaven, true, waiting for us. I have three of her puppies, which is my greatest consolation. They are going on 12 by fall, so the signs of aging are creeping up, getting tired more easily especially. So I am hoping to put more energy into trying to do my best for them. I think that is another great consolation, to be able to say I’ve done my best to keep them healthy, and at death, to keep them comforted in saying goodbye. I’m glad I knew she was on her way when it happened, to say my goodbyes and let my family say theirs too. I read a story of a man who died and returned back to tell. He said he awoke in heaven, and his dog was at his side. He said our beloved pets will be there. That has been a comfort to me to know. Thank you for taking the time to upgrade your education with the natural medicine research you’ve done. I’m pretty sure that isn’t easy to find in the traditional vet schools. I look forward to learning what I can from you for my Sharona’s “puppies”! Thank You!


    Shana said:

    My heart is breaking for you and words can’t express the sadness I feel reading this beautiful tribute to your special friend. May your wonderful memories help you through these darkest days. Run free Mr. Skai with all your friends who have gone on before you.


    Maggie said:

    Your letter is lovely. I am so sorry for your loss Skai was an amazing dog. You are awesome as well thank you for treating your dog how dogs deserved to be treated. Thank you for all your knowledge and compassion. I lost my dog when she was 11 and it was the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my entire life to this day. I wish I could say it gets easier, but it always hurts but in time you realize how blessed you were to have them in the first place. You slowly start to remember only the great times you shared together and instead of being devastated you feel lucky to have shared your life with them. We never have them long enough because they already have life figured out when they get here :)


    Veronica said:

    Dear Dr D
    I know there are no words that can comfort your heart right now …… that’s why, I just want to say thank you!
    Thank you because once again you taught me through your letter that the most important things in life are shared with those we love, and in this case our dogs are included!
    Thank you because when no veterinarian gave me hope with our beloved Bichon Frise Messi, with a liver very sick, I found your website and not only saved the life of my doggy ​​but it has made that today he has better health than ever! And he’s 11 years old!
    Through you, thanks are also to Sky, because he inspired this wonderful project in your life. And for that, he will always be in my heart.
    May God bless you Dr Dobias and fill your heart with love and comfort.


    Angelyn said:

    Dr. Dobia,

    I just saw your email today, and I want to tell you that I share your heartbreak. Skai was a wonderful companion, and you were a wonderful doggie-dad.

    I had a similar experience with my dog, Cooper. He had cervical disc disease, most likely worsened by an injury that I could have prevented. Sadly I couldn’t find an answer for my guy. And I did wait too long to say goodbye. The pain is still with me…

    Skai is at peace now,and free of pain, but still missing you too. You will see him again across the Rainbow Bridge. God bless you and remember that he loved you so much.

    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…


    Angelyn said:

    Dr. Dobias,

    Sorry for my misspelling of your name in my comment above. :)


    Verónica said:

    My sincere apologies for my misspelling of Skai in my coment above ❤


    Diana said:

    I only learned about Dr. Dobias and Skai just a few weeks ago, when I googled “canine liver issues” and found your website. I ordered a couple of things and then read a little about Skai and his adventures, I’ve had a busy month and wasn’t reading the emails -
    not until this morning. To my surprise, I am overwhelmed with sadness in reading the news of Skai’s injury, and then his passing away ten days ago. Skai is the dog we all would want to know – clearly he was loved by so many, even those who never got to kiss his furry face. He will live on forever in the hearts of many….even in the hearts of strangers. That is a life well-lived, indeed. You may feel that the only comfort right now is that you didn’t have a choice in making that tough decision – but more comforts will come soon. Skai will see to it. Godspeed in healing your hurting heart.


    Lisa said:

    Sending you peace. Grief is such a terrible pain. I believe you will see your boy again and be with him forever. Skai knew how much you loved him…may that give you comfort as you move forward…just like he would want you to do.


    Jenny said:

    God… I’ve cried so much with this letter. I’m so sorry… I can feel your pain. But know that Skai is in a good place, and he had the best life a dog or anyone could wish for. You let him fulfill his life purpose and, like you said, thanks to him, you found yours. Thank you so much to you and Skai.


    Sherie said:

    My heart broke when I read about Skai. You and he were so lucky to have each other and we thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. I’d like to share an experience I had that truly helped eased me through the passing of our beloved Woody, our wonder dog! After he passed I dragged my husband to the shelter to find another dog who needed us as much as we needed him or her. The dog that picked us was, we were told a 2 year old female lab mix, 45 pounds, about the same weight as Woody, and coincidentally the same markings. Months after we had her we realized she wasn’t a 2 year old lab mix. She was a 6 month old Great Dane mix and not completely house trained. If she woke up in the middle of the night, I’d have to run to get her outside before she had an accident. It was 4th of July weekend and our daughter came to spend the weekend. I woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but didn’t want to wake Winnie, our pup, because I didn’t really want to have to take her out. While in the bathroom Winnie came and stood in the doorway. I asked her if she needed to go out but she didn’t get excited as usual. Great! We get to go back to bed. I gently guided her back into the bedroom but she didn’t jump up on the bed. I sat down and called her up and patted the bed only to realize that I was patting Winnie! It was Woody that I’d been talking to!! When I looked back at him he just faded away. The next morning I said to my daughter that I had the most amazing experience last night. She said “Did you see Woody?” She said she woke up in the middle of the night because Woody jumped up on her bed as he always did when she stayed over. Nothing like that had ever happened to us before and obviously I don’t tell everyone about it. Crazy, right!? But it is true and I feel so blessed that I know now, without a doubt that loved ones never leave us. Please take comfort in knowing that Skai will always be with you. Your bond is much too great to be broken by the physical passing. Thanks for all you do!!


    David said:

    I’m very sorry about your Skai. Your supplements helped give my dog 16 yr old dog extra good year of life and I appreciate that allot. With you the best in grieving. It’s definitely tough.


    Taina said:

    Dr.Dobias. I am so sorry to read about Skai. My heart goes out to you. I couldn’t help shedding some tears reading about how he got hurt. You were lucky to have each other and I am sure he is watching over you. We will miss him too.


    Berenice said:

    I am crying so hard hearing your story from your loss, so sorry and yet inevitable. I also was dreading the day i will loose my dearest friend about 3 years ago. I too have cried so much and the grief was excruciating. it was my birthday on May 18, i am thankful i just get to read about Skai paassing just now, it would of been too much to hear about it then. Sending so much love and compassion, my experience from my own loss is that truly time will heal, i just made a sculture of my dog and it was such a happy and profond communion with him. I was thankful to have come to feel at peace with him gone. His name was Moka and he was my angel.


    Sue said:

    I could barely read this through the tears, my heart breaks for you as I know exactly how you feel as I let my girl, AJ go October 27 2014. I still miss her so much, she was 2 months shy of her 16th birthday. My memories of her bring me comfort and I hope yours will too. I’m sure Skai is still watching over you as a bond like yours cannot be broken. May your pain pass quickly so that you may think of him and smile without the sadness.
    I have a new best friend now, I feel it honors AJ’s memory because she gave me so much love and happiness and feel that she would want me to give my love to another. Rain is a wonderful girl and every now and then she will do something that only AJ had done and I look up at AJ’s portrait and say “you told her to do that” and I believe she does to let me know she’s still with me. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Denise and Fozzie

    Denise and Fozzie said:

    Thank you for sharing your love and life with Mr. Skai. Now we share in your sorrow and we all know the unbearable pain of the last day with him and the first day without him. May time, memories and his undying love heal your heart. May his spirit surround you and bring you peace and the strength to find another…


    Beryl said:

    Just know that Skai had one of the best dog lives ever. He should be proud that he inspired you to help so many people and their dogs. I am forever grateful to you and Skai and how your products have made my best friend so much healthier. I have never lost a dog yet and couldn’t imagine what you’re going through. Even though I have never met you or Skai, my heart broke when I read this. I know he will always be with you and watching over you.

    Sandy Salvetti

    Sandy Salvetti said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Skai. As I read your letter my heart feels so broken and the tears are running down my cheek. Skai definitely lived such a complete life with you and he will always be with you. As I write this my best friend is sleeping on the floor close to me having his dog dreams and I wish that he will have a long and wonderful life as Skai!!!!

    Jeannine Belliveau

    Jeannine Belliveau said:

    Hello Peter,

    My heart feels your heart and I cried as I read your letter to Mr. Skai. That’s because I had to let go of my 16 year old Husky Arctic a year ago last May 20th. It was full moon that night and the biggest heart ache ever. Now every month I think of him on the Arctic Full Moon which shines through my bedroom window. I imagine it as Arctic’s bright personality that we shared for 16 years. I celebrate our memories with both joy and grief. It gets a little less painful but the grief still remains. I’m very sorry for your loss Peter. You are a great pet parent.
    Sincerely, Jeannine

    Niki Higgins

    Niki Higgins said:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I write this with tears in my eyes. Skai is now over the rainbow bridge with my precious Abby. I know she will take good care of him. My prayers are with you and your family. He will be in your heart forever. Faerghas and Aurelia send you lots of licks and love to help mend your broken heart. xoxox

    Marie Beatrice Rose Pugh

    Marie Beatrice Rose Pugh said:

    Dear Peter I am sorry for the loss of your soul mate Skai, I also lost my Darling sheep dog Tara Blue suddenly before last Christmas, heartbreakingly only six weeks before that I also lost my Wonderful soul mate Lani Gizelle…A piece of my heart has gone with my two girls that can never be replaced…however I have sixteen wonderful years of memories to hold onto, as I know that you will also have of Skai…Animal heaven must be a wondrous place, for it holds our beautiful furry friends …Blessings Marie xx


    Chantal said:

    I am so very sorry for your loss.


    Cindi said:

    I saw the email for this post when you first sent it out, but I couldn’t bring myself to read it until just now. My heart hurts so much for you. It hurts for me as well, as I know the day will come for my sweet guy, who is now 11. I’m so very sorry for your tremendous loss. :’-(


    Laurie said:

    I just read today about your Skai and I simply can’t put into words how sad I am for you! What an amazing furry friend! I can only imagine the adjustment your life is going through.Such a special guy and I totally get the talking to him, seeing him. We lost our 13 1/2 year old dog recently and I can totally relate to talking to him, seeing him, actually sensing him. I have this to share that I ran across when Maxie first left Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief there was great love. Never any doubt how deep the love that was and will always be there. He will love on forever inside of you. So so so so so very sorry Dr. Dobias I just knew if any dog could live forever he was going to be the one.


    Cindy said:

    Dear Dr. Peter,
    Thank you and Skai for sharing your life journey with all of us!
    Skai Wants to Fly was awesome!
    I have been honored, humbled, and privileged to watch some of your videos and share some of your products with Sophie, my sheltie, and heart.
    You and precious Skai are in my thoughts and prayers. Sophie sends furry snuggles your way.
    Skai’s spirit and love will live on forever.
    Though I do not know your faith, I hope you find this video comforting.
    Blessings, Cindy and Sophie


    ROB VAN HOEN said:

    to our part Aussie mutt deuce who passed on the last day of February 2017!!!
    my heart goes out to you!!! Deuce was my special friend and i miss him everyday still i often feel he is walking with us in spirit everyday!!! he loved his walks and his bone after his walk, and his yard and home !!! we’ll meet again someday on the other side of the rainbow bridge!!! adios to all good friends of mankind our loving dogs!!!!


    Kimberly said:

    I can barely see my screen from all the tears. My heart breaks for you & the loss of your best bud, Skai. I pray peace & healing over you during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom in caring for our fur babies.


    Lorina said:

    I can hardly see through my watery eyes after reading your touching words about Skai……a beautiful story of a love and life you two have shared. I feel your pain as it aches my heart knowing my little furry baby Akiah is going to be 14 this year and she is in her senior years of life …..the love that is shared between her and I is untouchable ….. it is similar to the relationship you describe with Skai. Thank you for sharing your inner and personal thoughts and story of Skai ….. I am sending you big hugs and warm thoughts from Tampa, FL


    Bridget said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias -


    I stumbled upon you a few years back and have turned to your guidance several times in the health of my dog. Your beautiful relationship with Skai gave me confidence that you were trustful resource. My heart aches for your loss.

    “He who kisses joy as it flies by will live in eternity’s sunrise.” – William Blake


    Cindy Valentine

    Cindy Valentine said:

    You were given a special gift to have such a relationship with Skai all those years. I don’t think anyone truly understands unless they have loved a dog that way. I lost my ❤️Dog last January. I still cry most days over that loss. I had wonderful dogs before Sophie and would have thought I understood. I did not . Any great love comes with great pain at some point.


    Mikey said:

    Peter, I just wanted to let you know how much you and Skai inspired my family and I. Our Labrador, Sophia, started having hip pain and problems walking and going to the bathroom as she got older. I spent alot of time researching how to help her online and your articles were invaluable. Sophia passed away this past winter, having turned 14 in December. Skai’s story inspired and encouraged us, knowing that we could continue to help Sophia have a long and healthy life. I am so sorry for your loss, but I would like to think that Sophia and Skai are playing in Heaven right now:-)


    karen said:

    We’ve been through the heart-rending pain of losing that “special” dog. Please, please consider something that saved us from the over-the-top pain. We had adopted another dog, Dusty, (age 1) when our Bailey was about 10…..this new dog was a happy-go-lucky guy with a never-ending wagging tail……with none of the intuitive soul bonding attributes of Bailey. But when we lost Bailey and came back home…there was Dusty. He was clueless….he was not intuitive….he was not a cuddler…..all he knew to do was what he was best at….he was full of joy every moment of our presence and wagged and wagged and wagged. Much later it occurred to us, our grief had blinded us to a dog that thankfully we got to still come home to every day. His joy in us and life itself was probably what we needed to cope. We learned to stop comparing him to Bailey and loved him for the joy he was trying to give us a lesson in. “Hey, it’s a new day! Isn’t that great!”was his mantra every moment of every day. Also, because we had him to come home to after losing Bailey….we did not have to put away toys, beds, supplements and food and water bowls. Please don’t allow yourself to set a time limit on another dog coming into your life. It may be sooner than the 2 years you’ve given yourself and we don’t want you to miss out on the joy. Also, please consider getting 2 dogs with some age span between them. It’s such a blessing and comfort to have a fur-kiddo to greet you every day after a loss of another. Our 1 year old “Joy” dog is now 12….so we are currently looking for another fur-kiddo for him and us to help ease the next future heart-break. We hope this helps. Our hearts are with you. Skai was our Bailey and we fully know your heart-ache. Sending you big hugs!!!


    Clarity said:

    “You see, I’m not exactly certain about the afterlife. Some of the other dog lovers in our community are so sure, but how can we be sure, for sure, right?”Some of us can, and we are. You know it. I can tell from your words, here and in other posts. Continue to listen to your heart. Feel it. It’s showing you the truth. <3

    Ms. Derek CS Burr

    Ms. Derek CS Burr said:

    Speechless. I have had so many dogs in my entire life. I can’t think of more than 2-3 years out of my 52 when there was not a dog. I now have three, and all are getting to be seniors. We cherish our time with them and even if it were 50 years, it wouldn’t be long enough. There is another pup out there waiting for your…..Peace be with you.


    Helen said:

    What a loving tribute to Skai – thank you for sharing the bond you two had with us. You two were an inspiring duo. And thank you for all that you do for enlightening the rest of us on holistic care for these unbelievable creatures who grace our lives. Just know that Skai is watching over you and on the other side – playing with all the other dogs (my 3 dogs who just left too) and being cared for by St Francis of Assissi- best animal caregiver ever. Your love will live on and you will see each other again. Thank you for being a wonderful role model of a dad to Skai. May another special soul enter your life and change it for the better. May you be blessed in all ways


    Betty said:

    My dearest Dr. Do bias,

    With great sentiment I pour my tears of bitter sweet sorrow. I came across your blog due to me doing research for my jack russell terrier Rowdy, he’s owns my heart I dnt knw what I will ever do wen that time comes and I have to let him free like a dozen doves. I pored my heart out and really felt your pain wen I read your true enduring last beautiful full of real love your tribute to Shai wantstofly. Wen u truly love someone u let them go. I’m still crying for your loss as I’m writing you this letter, I hope one day your love for your son heals, because u do so much for other dog parents. I feel I love with my boy Rowdy omg he is a very special I can say I haven’t had a dog like him, I hope I can post and share rowdy. But I wnt to thank u Dr. for everything u did for everything that u continue doing. Time will help u cope. The love u and ski have is forever your love burns for eternity. Continue his legacy Skai WANTSTOFLY 4 ETERNITY. R.I.P SKAI.



    Felicity said:

    Hot tears poured down my cheeks as I read your story. I lost one of my own 8 months ago and am still grieving. What a wonderful life you and Skai had together. What adventures fill your heart and mind. Cling to those as you grieve and know how much you were loved by your beautiful boy. Til you meet again.

    William Bach

    William Bach said:

    I cried, really cried for you and Skai. I have my sole mate, Mikey, my trusted Dachshund. I hold him tight every day, he is my love. Sorry to hear about your loss. It hurts me to hear about these things. Death, does not come easy to me. RIP

    Tammy Drury

    Tammy Drury said:

    I have not words…I feel you connection and your love. I am so sorry for your loss and I admire your courage and bravery and compassion to let your sweet pup go. My girl is 12 1/2, border collie/lab/golden, she is also more human than most humans. My heart goes out to you and Skai and your family. I feel your pain and know that this is what life will have in store for my Maggie and I. As she gets older I have shed many tears about our lives separating from one another in the not too off future. Big Hugs xox RIP Skai xox
    Tammy and Maggie


    Katalina said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,
    I can honestly say that I think about Skai very often! I still cannot believe the irony of what happened, but I can only hope you take solace in knowing that so many of us, around the world, are thinking of you – and forever remembering Skai. Every time I go to your page to get a link to share with a friend, I see Skai’s picture and tears well up. Such a special purpose Skai had though and as they say, those with the biggest hearts and spirits get called home first.


    Nicky said:

    Dear Peter,
    When I first found your page some years ago, I found out during a webinar that Skai was the same age as my black lab Mac who was born in June 2001.
    I was lucky to have Mac with me until February this year, when he passed away at home with us naturally.
    The next day the house felt empty and although I knew it was his time to go (he was nearly 16) I felt like I couldn’t swallow literally.
    I remember the first night without Mac, I was laying in bed and I asked him to help me. Suddenly I felt a beautiful energy invade the bedroom and I felt very calm and fell asleep.
    The next morning my husband “by chance” found our new black lab puppy Teddy that we adopted. I thought it was too soon and I wasn’t ready, until I saw him!! I feel Mac sent Teddy to us to help us and to share our life with another incredible companion. I’m so grateful. Many incredible things have happened that make me feel that Mac chose Teddy for us and is guiding him. I don’t know if this may help you like it helped me. Lots of Love Nicky


    dl said:

    Skai will always be a part of you and you are right. You will know when the time is right. It took me two years after the passing of my boy and I go back and forth now with the passing of one of my girls.

    I left it to the Lord as with the last time. I asked the Lord to send me a dog after two years and he sent me two beautiful girls both abandoned at different places. Now He has taken the older beauty home and I asked that If Shaye needed someone to send them or if she is okay with her feline buddies we would be okay.

    Cheryl James

    Cheryl James said:

    Thank you for sharing your love story. We lost our beloved boxer mix Bindy last October after loving her for 13 adventurous years. My heart goes out to you and yours. Loved your pictures of your life with Skai, again thank you for sharing

    deepa prakash

    deepa prakash said:

    I am so sorry to hear about Skai .. I can feel the love when u write about Skai .. i cannot imagine life without Jenny i love her very much she has helped me live and smile when i am very sad .. I also thank you fr all the supplements that you have provided us with .. thank you Dr. Dobais


    Crystal said:

    Thank you for sharing your story. We just went through the same thing with our beloved dog and your story helps us heal.


    Sharon said:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have followed your adventures with Skai for some time and feel like I too have lost a dear friend. In the last few months, I have lost 2 dogs of my own. One, a 15 1/2-year-old lab who has been my companion and helper for all those years. I understand your sense of loss. I hope it will get easier for both of us.

    Theresa Desmarais

    Theresa Desmarais said:

    I am also so sorry that you lost your beautiful pet Mr Skai, I lost my baby on Tuesday and it is breaking my heart I am having a very hard time and you must have been hurting also, how long does the pain take to go away It was my first time at the Vet but I never thought that I would lose her the same day, thank you and God bless you and your family


    Neil said:

    Thank you Peter and Mr Skai for everything you do. I hope you’re finding some peace. You will never stop missing Skai but he’s always going to be with you. I’ve been through some intense times since loosing my two, first in January and the second in May the day after you had to let Skai move on. I will never stop missing Wilma and Mildred but I’ve had some beautiful experiences recently that at first made me very upset. It was hard to feel such elation and to see such beauty all around knowing my dog is the most beautiful thing in the world to me and she couldn’t share it with me. It also made me regret that I’d never explored these experiences whilst she was still alive because the moments were so profound and the connection between us would of been so strong. Then I realised that every moment with her was profound and filled with beauty and that I didn’t need these experiences to always have that with her. Then I realised how strongly I feel her and presence and I now know she will always be with me. I know how much you love Skai and my heart goes out to you. I hope you’re on the road to recovery, it’s what Skai wants and he will be cheering (howling) you along the way. Best of luck for the future and keep up the incredible work. You haven’t really lost Skai, his physical body may of gone but his soul will remain for eternity and I like to believe that one day you will be reunited with him as I imagine I will be with Wilma and Mildred. You gave him the best life a dog could have. Such a tragic accident. I hope this isn’t insensitive, my dog Wilma went through a rapid decline and I made mistakes too. I was loosing my mind and in denial to what was happening and I regretfully took it out on her. In a way we were blessed, we had 15 wonderful years together filled with love and forever memories. I let her down in the end and she went sooner than she needed to but it saved me and her the heart ache of watching her slowly disappear to old age which I think I was dreading more than her dying. I only had to see her suffer for a short time and she only had to live it for a short time. Although I would give it all up for just one more day with those two, I actually feel that things maybe happen for a reason. I’m devistated that she had to die but find great relief that she made it to 15 and I never had to watch her get old and wither away. She didn’t have to live through that pain and I didn’t have to witness my soulmate go through it. I wish she was here but in a way we were both blessed that she went when she did. All my love and best wishes for the future.



    Jean said:

    My heart is broken, I am a puddle of tears. But that must pale in comparison to how you are feeling. I pray you find strength and comfort.

    Cindy Brokus

    Cindy Brokus said:

    I read this a few months ago and just now again :( I hope your heart is gather the million pieces that it must be in. There are just no words for a loss like this one. Prayers to you and your family my dog friend.

    Maggie McJannet

    Maggie McJannet said:

    I read this letter as far as I could,,,,will go back and read the rest later,,,why do I cry,,,I know Skye is still alive ,,,,I know we’ll see him again,,,so why do I cry,,,why do I miss a dog I never physically touched,,,,perhaps because he was and is part of a vetinarian who I am so grateful to,,,

    Kate Muncaster

    Kate Muncaster said:

    Wonderful to read and share your love and compassion for your special lad. I also have a Border Collie his name is Tamdhu he likes to keep my 6 Samoyeds in order as he thinks they look like sheep… I hope that made you smile. Recently discovered you and look forward to reading more about your work… best wishes Kate UK.. xx

    Lori Checchi

    Lori Checchi said:

    Tears are streaming down my face as I read your tribute to Skai Wantstofly. I am so sorry for your loss. It is the thing all of us dog parents dread. It sounds like you gave Skai a wonderful life and he knows how much he was loved and cherished. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us so we too can give our beloved dogs a great life like Skai had. God Bless you Peter!

    Marc Hall

    Marc Hall said:

    God Bless you Peter for your inspirational and loving gifts of sincere dedication, education, and celebration of Dog Life.

    We recently lost my Soul Mate GRACIE in October after the best 11 years of my life so I certainly feel your pain with SKAI and I’m so sorry for your loss.

    What I thought for weeks would be the saddest Thanksgiving ever actually morphed into extreme Gratitude instead and thanks to God for having the opportunity to know her all those years and incredibly changing my life for the better.

    That’s when I again realized looking in a mirror that DOG is GOD spelled backwards and I think they really do see right through you into your soul.

    Debbie Reynolds

    Debbie Reynolds said:

    I flipped over to “Skai” on your web page today just to check on him and was so heart sick to find you had passed him on! I feel your pain as I am 66 and have had many beloved pets that I have had to let go.It truly does rip your heart out. My most deepest condolences go out to you along with gratitude to Skai for all he taught us. He has left his “paw print” on many hearts! May God be with you through this grieving stage. I know Skai is still with you…just in a different form.
    Love, Debbie


    Pallu said:

    I am so sorry about Skai. I had no idea. I have a 15 yr old Flatcoat retriever. I am going through some issues with him/ We just lost our 11 yr old Border Collie/Lab/Springer mix to Osteosarcoma. She had an amputation, chemo but cancer came back 11 months later. Samba my 15 yr old flatty misses her and has age related issues. Like you, I know we have to make some decisions down the road. I was in tears reading your letter here and seeing the pix. Your dog was blessed to have you as his dad. Like I say, my one wish is that all dog owners get to be reunited in heaven with our pets…..running free of pain and worry. Someday that day will come…..

    Jennifer Morgan

    Jennifer Morgan said:

    I’m reading this beautiful message and tears are flowing down my face as I know the hurt all to well. Saying goodbye to my heart dog Jewell just a year ago. I swear she took a piece of my heart with her and also a piece of my smile. Skai sounded like an Amazing friend and how Awesome is it that he had 16 wonderful years of Love, Joy, Adventure and Companionship with you. Memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing a peace of your wonderful life together :)
    Sweet Dreams sweet Boy. I know you and my sweet Aussie Jewell are the best of friends. Running pain free and making everyone smile.


    JAYNE said:

    While looking over your site to find some help for my aging samoyeds…healthy one day and both became ill one month apart…I saw you and your family lost your beloved Skai…so very sorry for your loss…the letter you wrote has had me crying for hours…Rest In Peace Most Majestic Skai…how they change and shape our lives, Jayne, Ricki & Willie


    Debbie said:

    Dear Dr Dobias,
    Being new to your page and reaching out to you i stumbled upon your letter to your best friend Skai… my heart was so saddened, I am truly sorry for your pain and sorrow through this loss. Even though it was many months ago I just had to express my deepest condolences.
    After losing my girl over 7 years ago I still miss her devoted, loyal and loving ways and her magical personality. She was my best friend for only a short period of 9 years. But in those 9 years as many as pet parent concurs she was my world….

    I have a new man in my life, he entered only six months after Chloe’s passing. He was my sons dog at 3 months old and entered my life. A month after he became mine and has never let me down. He is with me always, wherever I go Brawlic is by my side. He kinda saved me from many nights of grieving for Chloe, as he was just a pup and needed me just as much as I needed him.
    I am astounded by the many many sincere people you have touched through your work and Skai… And I thank you for your compassion and dedication to helping others.
    I’m so happy to have found you….
    Thanks so much,
    Debbie D.

    Cynthia Hodges

    Cynthia Hodges said:

    Dear Dr. Dobias,

    Although it’s been a little over a year since Skai’s death, I want to express to you my deepest condolences. Losing such a precious gift is extremely painful. Especially if his death was caused by a needless accident. I pray that you and your family have healed enough now to adopt another precious little one to make your own. Any dog would be blessed to have you watching out for them.

    Respectfully, Cynthia


    Martha said:

    Dear Dr. D,

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. You can tell how Skai loves you—always making eye contact or leaning into you. A year later I hope the pain has softened, and in its place more love and happy memories. So, so hard to lose our pups, but Skai be flyin’ now. Thanks for caring so much about dogs and their people.



    mark said:

    I just found your website, and in reading this letter it reminds me of my boy Elvis, I remeber when I was very ill and I could not move he woud take his large body and move ever so slightly so I could rest my pancreas side down on him, he would just lay there for as long as I needed him to without making one move, boy do I miss him still till this day, and its been 10 yrs. I feel every word you wrote, please accept my heart felt condolences.

    Carolyn Gray

    Carolyn Gray said:

    Dear Dr. Peter, I am so very sorry. I lost my Golden, Frodo, one week ago today. We were out of town and a friend was babysitting. He was 12 years plus and not doing well. He also was waiting for us to come home. We had our gentle vet come to the home and administer his sedative while he licked his frozen yogurt. We loved on him for hours before and he loved his steak dinner. The comfort I have is that I believe with all my heart I will see him and our other pets in heaven. Here is a saying from Billy Graham…https://kcdn.christianquotes.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Billy-Graham-Quote-Dogs-in-Heaven.jpg
    God bless you and all the work you do to save animals.


    Frances said:

    I am going to admit that I could not finish reading your article as I am here crying a river. I feel your hurt and know it so well as I lost my girl 5 months ago at age 15 and still can’t believe she is gone. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for helping us with our beloved dogs.God, how much we love them. My heart aches. I have 2 dogs left and to think of that pain again is unbearable.


    Anne said:

    Your story about Skai touched me so much. I know I am on borrowed time with my two senior pups Charlie Jacob “Booboo” Bennett and Enna Rene “Girlfriend” Bennett. The thought of them not in my life saddens me, but I am grateful for holistic vets like you and my holistic vet Dr. Rosemarie Niznik for educating me to be the best She-Momma to these babies I can ever be. Thank you for sharing your story.


    Cee said:

    Sincere condolences Dr. Dobias, never met Skai, but he seemed sweet. Hopefully someday you and he would be reunited in heaven, where there is no time, no death. Keep up the good work, and may God guide and bless you and your work.

    John Momberg

    John Momberg said:

    May I please use your letter to Mr. Skai for my book?

    James , uk

    James , uk said:

    I feel your loss my GSD died the same year ,she was my shadow never far from my side ,, still can’t shift the pain , although the wife went against my wishes and got two small working cocker spaniel s, love them but can’t bond

    Lynda Newman

    Lynda Newman said:


    Lynda Newman

    Lynda Newman said:

    Mar 2019. I have just discovered you and your site. I have enjoyed so much,your love of your dog Skai. He went to more places, and had more adventures, and had more love the most humans. Lucky him and lucky you. I am sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. I find that over time it is more of a gain than a loss. I am sure you miss and think of him every day. I also believe that like us their spirits are present. At my job there was a beaded collie named Arragorn. Arie for short. I startex there when he was 6yrs and had to let him go in June 18.He was an incredible friend. I miss him dearly. I do a fair bit of dog sitting for people. It’s alittle bit like being a grand parent. Spoil them,lots of love,treats and back to their parents. One of those clients have two maltese. One standard size Oscar and one mini or teacup (5or6 lbs) Daisy. Daisy had sudden blindness aprox 2or3 yrs ago. She seemed to develop skin problems hot spots and what was believed to be allergies. Not with me but she had some falls from being blind and her humans adjusting. Of a time i was sitting them in my home, Daisy fell down my basement stairs. The door was not closed. It happened so fast, i was devistated. Took her to the vet right away. They did not feel there was any neuro issue. There were no xrays taken. That was a year or two ago. I believed i could help get her better. I tried her with raw food. No issues. Did not fix the issues. She went back to her home. She was secured in a bathroom while they were ar work. Never with Oscar. Out for a little in evening, back in bathroom for overnight. I had offered to take Daisy. After a period they came to me and asked if i would take her. So i did, a yr ago now. She has been with me 24-7 since. To work everyday. She loved Arie too. When i say “we going to work” she gets excited. After reading and listening to your video on hot spots. I was very, pleasently hopeful for Daisy. There has been a part of me that has thought it was her spine as she does have a cyst on her spine and all the itching seems to come from there. She has been on VanectalP for almost 1yr. I am going to get back xrays for her. I am wondering if her spine trouble could have something to do with her blindness (optic nerve).?. Does the same thing apply to cats with the spine? Thank you. Resting in peace Skai.🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
    Peggy must miss him too. Is she still living? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. God bless you Peter. Lynda☺


    Marilyn said:

    Such a great tribute of pictures for such an amazing dog, what a life well lived, no dog could ask for more! You have my deepest heartfelt condolences. I lost my 14 year old Sadie (Lab) a year and a half ago and we went on a million adventures too. She had those almost human like yellow eyes that could see my heart thing going on that still haunt my dreams today. Haven’t been able to get another because I know she was a one of a kind dog just like your Mr. Skai who’s waiting for you in doggy heaven. I really do hope we get to see them again if only in spirit…I read the book A Dog’s Purpose to help me heal through the pain of her loss.

    Michael Seda

    Michael Seda said:

    I am very sorry for your loss. If not for that accident, he could’ve lived a lot longer. I can remember the first dog I ever had. When he passed away, I had his body at pet cremation in houston. Then I placed his remains near his favorite spot in our house.


    Dena said:

    Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your heart with us all and thank you for being good Dad to him. ❤️ (((Hugs))) to you and your family. 🙏🏼

    Bobbie Harbicht

    Bobbie Harbicht said:

    what a beautiful tribute to Mr.Skai may he RIP

    Cara-Leigh Wallden

    Cara-Leigh Wallden said:

    I’m crying, at the office, as I read this. What a lovely and touching tribute to your best friend and fur baby. I lost my baby girl, Sweet Pea, at 4 1/2 yrs of age, last June (2019). She had stage 4 congenital heart failure, an enlarged heart and a heart murmur. She converted me from a large dog lover to a tiny dog lover as she was a tiny 3.9 lb Chihuahua. But she was such a huge presence in my life! I had to let her go when she looked at me one day and I just knew. All it took was the initial anaesthetic to stop her poor sickly little heart. I will never fully recover from losing her as I’m sure you will never fully recover from losing Skai. Some dogs touch us much more than we ever thought humanly possible. My heart goes out to you and your family, even though it’s been 2 years now. I’m certain the pain is still there. It certainly is for me. Huge hugs from myself and my new fur baby, Chick Pea.

    Ann S

    Ann S said:

    Dr D. I asked for it and I got it…how to deal with the passing of your best friend.. Maggie is my life ..14 yrs and I can’t imagine living without her..
    I only met you a short time after Skai passed but your tribute to him is beyond words. What an amazing life you and he had together… both of you so blessed! I’m trying to give my little girl the best I can also… thanks for your love ,guidance and advice on nutrition and supplements.
    Now Pax can share in the love and adventures that you and Skai had! God bless!


    Wendi said:

    I just lost my oldest bestest boy last month. I see yours was 2017. Just read this story with tears. Mine was born at my house and his mother tried to kill the litter. So I raised him from the first moment. I broke his sack, I cleaned him, I warmed him, I fed him. I am his mother! I am lost and broken 💔


    Christina said:

    What a beautiful boy xxx His eyes are eternal, and knowing. I am still grieving mine after 2 years, but I know he is waiting. He was my special one, out of all of them. I know Mr Skai is there for you, biding his time. After my boy died I had a magical dream that I went to visit him. I learnt that one of our years is just one day for them. By the time you leave this place, it would be, to Mt Skai, like you were away on holidays and have finally come home :)


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