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Latest articles

How to make a dog throw up: Best way to prevent surgery if your dog ate a foreign object

This blog is an absolute must read for every responsible dog parent. Dogs often eat things they shouldn't and in case it happens, the info in this article may prevent unnecessary surgery or tragedy. Learn what to do when your dog eats a foreign object, when to wait or when...

What to do when someone steals your wings

Inspired by the resilience of Icarus and the power of truth and love, we're reminded that challenges may try to steal our wings, but our determination can help us fly higher. Join us in celebrating the strength of the human spirit and the pursuit of a better world!

A letter to my dog, Mr. Skai Wantstofly

Most dog lovers fear losing their dog more than losing their own life. Strangely, these sad times bring a blend of deep love and sadness. Letting go of my best friend was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. After 16 years, it was Skai’s time to fly without me.

Save Maui's pets: Lahaina fire relief fund

The recent devastating fires in Maui have left a mark we can't ignore. The historic city of Lahaina, known for its breathtaking beauty, is now a scene of ashes and heartbreak. While the immediate toll on human life is tragic and overwhelming, there are also countless pets that have been...

My confession - Why I can fly with my dog in the cabin

In my article, I share the personal story of how I'm able to fly with my dog, Pax, thanks to overcoming challenges with sleepwalking and night terrors. This unique experience not only allowed me to travel with my service dog but also serves as a reminder that even difficult situations...

8 communication hacks for a happier life

Successful communication is essential for building healthier and more fulfilling relationships and happier lives. In this article, I'll share with you 8 communication hacks to help you avoid unnecessary drama, prioritize active listening and address conflicts effectively.

The fine line between feedback and criticism

Criticism can hurt a brand, but constructive feedback can help it grow. In this blog Dr. Dobias talks about the differences between these approaches, and how to handle the power of influence and opinion with care. 

How to set healthy boundaries

Many people cross boundaries without even realizing it, which may leave us thinking, "Ugh, why don't they just get it?" In this blog, I ponder the topic of setting healthy boundaries and explain how you can magically erase most problems from your life. Read on!

In the eye of the storm: How dogs help us find peace amid chaos

How do you navigate the seas of life? How do you deal with disappointment? Whatever life throws at us, we can always rely on our dogs to bring joy into our days. In this blog I share my thoughts on the support our dogs provide during the difficult moments in...

Why we struggle where our dogs excel

It appears that most of the world is ready for change, but whenever I think about the solutions to any of the problems that plague our world, I can’t prevent myself from thinking that we humans are acting like little toddlers who have broken a toy and do not know...

8 ways your dog can save you from negative news

Do you have trouble staying positive during difficult times? These days we are surrounded by a lot of negative messaging, and it's easy to let that get you down. Here are some of my tips for remaining positive, and don't forget to share your tips with me!

Why being weird can be good

Why being weird or different is better than being the same, especially when it comes to your dog's health. Here are some top examples of how the conventional thinking can harm your dog and prevent them from living a happy and long life. 

The secret to a happy life

The greatest life lesson we learn from our dogs. How our dogs teach us about empathy, connection, caring and compassion.

Make small deposits, and don't bet on winning the lottery

I am writing to you from the plane as I fly back from spending time with my mother, who has been critically ill. I have been pondering life, and wanted to share some thoughts on why setting goals doesn't seem to work. 

Are collars dangerous for dogs?

Traditional dog collars can be incredibly dangerous. Click here to learn more about the dangers of collars and safer alternatives.

Is your dog a narcissist or an angel?

I can't help noticing the glaring contrast between the nature of humans and the nature of dogs, who selflessly focus on their people's well-being. I share some ways you can emulate your dog and be more empathetic towards others, and gain a different perspective on shoddy customer service experiences. 

Are you a trustworthy friend?

A few thoughts on the power we have over our own lives and the choices we make, as well as the importance of trust. In this blog I share my thoughts on these topics and ponder about how we can safely navigate the stormy seas of life.

Why adaptability makes dogs happier than people

One of the driving forces behind progress is our desire for safety, comfort, and physical and emotional well-being, but is it possible to be too comfortable in life? What important life lesson can we learn from our dogs?

The dog rescue world paradox

Are some dog rescue organizations causing an increase in dog homelessness and puppy mills? Read here for more.

Why your dog may get seriously injured from pulling too hard

Most people are unaware that leash corrections and choke chains cause a lifetime of problems.. Here are 5 ways to protect your dog from harm. 

How to protect & care for your dog’s liver: Diet, cleanse & more

A proper liver cleanse is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and long living. It is also a great way to reduce liver enzyme levels in case of liver inflammation (hepatitis). In this article, you will learn all you need to know to take your best friend through...

What is toxic positivity?

Are you positively toxic or not? Why positive thinking may not always have a positive impact on your life or others'.

Do dogs behave better when they have more freedom?

Do you know a fearful or reactive dog? What if dog restrictions and leash laws are at the core of behaviour issues? Read my latest blog post for my thoughts, and also see some fun interviews I did with dog lovers from around the world.

Do dogs think?

If you ever wonder what your dog is thinking, or what they are thinking about, click here to read why I would love to have a dog's mind.

I am no longer a COVID-19 virgin

COVID finally got me but don't worry, I am okay!  This brought me onto thinking about how non-sensical it is that the Canadian and US governments do not recognize natural infection as a form of "immunization." Also, do you know what Population Bias is? Read my thoughts here.

Why I deleted my news app, and I'm proud of it

Are you reading or watching news daily? Do you find it stressful, depressing and draining? You can still stay informed but also feel much better about the world. Read here to find out why I deleted my news app, and why I'm proud of it!

Why we should measure twice and cut once

We all goof up sometimes! I hope you will enjoy this piece on how to avoid saying something hurtful, and what the common Czech phrase, measure twice and cut once, means.

Video: Who is helping the pets of Ukraine?

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, people and animals there still need our help. There are a number of organizations working directly with the people and animals in Ukraine, and in this interview, Dr. Dobias interviews Lana Nicole Niland, the founder of, who is bravely providing humanitarian aid to...

Superpowers you may not know you have

Did you know that you have superpowers? If you can tap into them, you can use them to help make the world a better place. Read on to learn some of the straightforward ways our actions and choices can create change for good.

The best Omega-3: Fatty acids for dogs

How do you choose an Omega-3 oil?From the outside, sourcing a relatively simple product might seem easy, but sourcing the right and safe Omega-3 is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Are risk-takers heroes or addicts?

Why are those that take part in extreme sports idolized and considered heroes? When do the impacts of their actions on those around them come into play? Read my thoughts on this here, along with why we shouldn't take risks when it comes to our dogs' health.

Can you and your dog really be happy anywhere?

Are you living above your proverbial “tree line”? Could it be that we have our own optimal place of existence where happiness is easier for us - and our dogs - to achieve? Click here to read my thoughts on why ideally, we should strive to increase our level of tolerance,...

How to stop idiots from ruining the world

I know most of us are upset about what is going on in Ukraine. I do my best not to post about negative events too often but this one has a positive feel good solution and also an avenue for you to help if that is what you would like...

Making life plans? Why you should listen to your dog

What do you think your dog or cat would tell you to do if they could speak? Do you think they would want us to work 12 hour days, spend hours in traffic, watch too much TV, or shop for things we don’t need? Read on to see why you...

Why dogs are the heroes of 2021

The end of 2021 is here. This is what I've learned during this challenging year, and why we should choose to be the mouse that ventures out of the pantry.

The crazy world of yogurt aisles and why your choices matter

Do you ever wonder why there are rows and rows of the same items in a store, just different brands? Does it make you happy to have options, or do you think it’s wasteful that most of these items will end up in the landfill? Here’s why I always recycle,...

An empath’s guide on how not to piss people off

What questions does your doctor ask you before prescribing medication to you, and what questions should you be asking your doctor about the pills they prescribe? In this blog post I have put together a few real life stories to demonstrate how I choose when I talk to others about...

Natural health, supplements and internet trolls

Who is Mrs. Kratka, and what does she have to do with Internet trolls? In this blog post, I talk about what I really think about people who “slam” me for selling supplements for dogs, and why they don’t make me upset. I also tell a story of Mrs. Kratka,...

Why Vienna scores low on the list of dog friendly cities

Do you wonder how dogs live in other parts of the world? When I travel with Pax, I get to explore the city from a dog’s point of view, and I always make sure my hotel is close to a park or green space for Pax. Some cities are incredibly...

How to find your place of truth

My goal for this post is to bring some sort of sense to the madness of the Covid vaccine debate, so that we can all talk to each other without thinking that the other side is either insane, or dangerous. Here is how I understand the current situation in 11 simple points,...

Why thousands of dog lovers may be harming their dogs without knowing

In my opinion, the current state of medicine is not as much of the fault of individual veterinarians and doctors, but a systemic issue that starts with one sided education and ends with lobbyists working hard to protect the interest of pharmaceutical companies. The three “moments” I share here are...

A story of a lost friend

Can you imagine living in a world where friends become enemies, and opportunities and freedoms are taken away, just because of differences of opinions? My life behind the Iron Curtain still sometimes haunts me, but it has allowed me to see the threats to democracy more clearly. If no deer has...

The worst 18 hours of Pax's and my life

Usually I know how to begin, however today I am having a hard time finding my words. Perhaps I should step back and let Pax share his side of the most scary 18 hours of my life, and tell you all about how he survived being lost in the high...

7 steps to trouble-free natural wound care for dogs and people

When I was released from the hospital following a surfing accident, the hospital staff gave me zero instructions on how to take care of the wound! The only thing the nurse did was apply a big blob of Polysporin antibiotic ointment, which I washed off immediately. This whole experience made me...

Freedom of choice will remain

Are you unsure about the COVID vaccine? It may surprise you to hear that I am not for or against the COVID vaccination, and that’s because we haven’t had enough time to know what the right answer is. Based on my research and expertise as a veterinarian and health care...

Are your friendships in tune?

Do you know what your dog’s liver and your closest relationships have in common? If you’ve ever heard the saying that you are the sum of your five closest friends in your life, you might know what I’m talking about: if those friendships aren’t in tune, you might be feeling...

What if this were the last time?

As I travel from Maui to visit my mamma in my home country, Czech Republic, I can appreciate the island as being one of my greatest teachers. In my early days there, I was met both with happy times and the volcanic eruptions life inevitably brings. But as time went...

A dog utopia like no other

Ready for two provoking and thought inviting topics?! You are at the right place. The first one is freeeeedom! You know the thing that we used to be entitled to according to the charter of rights.😉 The second topic is about letting our dogs sleep in our beds. Check it...