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Latest articles

How to treat acute or bloody dog diarrhea naturally: 7 steps

This blog is a must to read for everyone who has a dog. It is first aid for diarrhea and bloody stool in dogs. Learn how to recognize whether your dog's condition is...

Can dogs eat strawberries?

  Discover if dogs can eat strawberries and how to add this nutritious fruit snack to your best friend’s diet. This short guide includes the health benefits of strawberries, vet-approved...

Can dogs eat tomatoes? Are they toxic?

Explore a potentially misunderstood aspect of canine nutrition - the controversy surrounding tomatoes. Delve into the longstanding belief in veterinary circles of their potential toxicity, contrasted with evidence suggesting that...

Best bones for dogs: Complete vet-approved guide for pet parents

Dive into the world of raw bone feeding for dogs with our comprehensive guide, designed to help you navigate the benefits, risks, and best practices of this natural approach to...

Why do dogs fart? Tips for managing digestive issues in canines

Dogs may be man's best friend, but their flatulence can often clear a room. Excessive gas production in dogs is usually caused by incomplete or inefficient digestion, an inappropriate diet,...

The ultimate guide to safe and nutritious fruits for dogs

Can dogs eat bananas, apples, strawberries and other fruit? What about grapes? Find out what fruits are safe, toxic, and healthy for dogs. Learn about the potential health benefits and...

No more guessing about your dog’s diet

Now there is no need to guess if there is something missing in your dogs diet.  The HairQ Test is a highly accurate test for mineral deficiencies, toxins and heavy...

Are fish and fish oils safe for my dog?

Should you feed dogs fish or fish oils? Find out what our HairQ test results have found and read my 7 practical steps to a time tested liver cleanse.

What is the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus for dogs?

Whether you feed your dog a raw diet, or kibble, you'll want to read this important piece on how to ensure that your dog is getting all the essential nutrients...

What is the best time to feed your dog or puppy, and how many times per day?

An area that many dog parents have questions about is how often they should be feeding their pup, and what time of the day is best for feeding. This article...

What veggies are good for dogs?

  Wondering what veggies to feed?  Are you confused what veggies are safe to feed and which ones to avoid? This article contains all the essential information.

Why dogs lick their paws - Natural approach to treatment

Many dogs lick their paws and many of them are misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong problem. Learn what you can do for your dogs and treat him naturally.  All...

Diabetes in dogs - Treatment and prevention - Holistic approach

  Diabetes is one of the most frustrating diseases vets see, and it is so easy to prevent in many dogs. Diabetes happens almost exclusively in dogs on kibble, and...

7 minerals that will make a huge difference in your dog's life

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t really like chemistry in high school. Now, I find it fascinating, because I can see how chemistry and minerals can make our dogs’...

Is spirulina good for dogs?

Here are 10 reasons why dark-green algae should be in every dog's diet.

Why dog poop bags are a serious problem

 I’m about to make a confession that may shock you: I don’t always pick up Pax’s poop! While I’d never leave dog poop on a stranger’s lawn, I will...

All-natural homemade dog treat recipe

Your dog will LOOOVE these and Pax does too! Check out this healthy natural dehydrated dog treat recipe. 

4 steps that prevent 80% of your dog's health problems

Do you know why I love what I do? I’ve found my passion in life helping thousands of dog lovers every year learn the four steps to creating a healthy...

An incredible story of survival that may inspire you

If you’re feeling down or find yourself in a difficult situation, read how a raw bone for dogs, an army of ants and a washing machine inspired me to contemplate...

How to survive and thrive in 2021 and how your dog can help

Here are the tricks I am using to stay happy and positive in this world gone bonkers. I hope they will help you and your dog too!

Parsley for dogs: Benefits & more

What has more vitamin C than citrus? I want to take a moment to highlight an especially potent herb that can be very beneficial to your dog’s health and that...

A serious problem in dogs that is often ignored

Daily, I see dogs, pulling and choking on the leash attached to either a choke chain, martingale, prong or even a shock collar. Here are some important tips on how...

Do we subconsciously sabotage our dog's health?

We all want our dogs to live happy long lives, but do we always make the right choices when it comes to their health? Does it all come down to...

Why I love being an "undercover agent"

Here is why I love being “an undercover agent” and why failures can lead to success in health and in life. All you need is a little courage, persistence, and an open...

You and your dog can share this healthy treat

In our home, all the food we give to Pax is food we can eat as well. He loves this recipe and I am sure your dog will too. Give it a...

One part of life that people are better off than dogs

Everyone has their own perspective on things and their own world view, and this helps determine the choices we make each day. Read on to find out what this has...

Is your dog's health in your hands?

A fun and informative interview with my friend and Austrian colleague, Dr. Eva Furnschuss. Watch the video of our conversation for valuable insights into the energetics of disease, and how your decisions and...

12 rules for safe dog treats: Fish, liver treats & more

As a vet, I often ask my clients about treats, but only recently I realized that treats can be a serious problem when it comes to your dog’s health.

How much food to feed your dog

Learn a few simple principles to ensure that your dog gets the right amount of food.

Why do dogs have bad breath?

The secret to getting rid of smelly dog breath. How health and halitosis are connected and 5 ways you can improve your dog’s breath.

Why to feed raw dog food – The magic school bus through the digestive tract

I have always loved the cleverness of the “Magic School Bus” – one of the most ingenious educational programs to date. Today, I would like to invite you on a...

How to make homemade dehydrated dog food

A healthy way to travel with dogs Today I am writing on a train with sweet little Pax at my feet, snoozing away after running a few errands in Prague....

3 things that can seriously harm your dog

Click here to read the story of a two legged dog on two wheels; why tennis balls are dangerous for dogs; how ball chucking tools cause many injuries; why prong collars...

Why do dogs get bladder and kidney stones and how to treat them naturally

If you are you wondering why I decided to write about stones, I have two reasons. One, urinary, kidney and bladder stones are one of the most common problems found...

A candid conversation with two amazing dog parents

Do you believe in some sort of mysterious force that sometimes puts you in the right place at the right time? In early spring, I connected with two very like-minded...

Diarrhea in dogs & raw food diets | Interview with Dr. Judy Morgan

Our digestive system is part of a much larger picture than just processing food and nutrients. In fact, 80% of the immune system function resides in the gut. This means...

The dogs of Europe having fun! Beautiful dog souls To meet

This morning, I was wide awake at 5 A.M. which was the right time for venturing out in the sleepy streets of Prague. The light was perfect, and I really...

10 essential questions you should ask

The reality is that unless you make food yourself or it is made of whole pet food by a company you trust, your dog’s food will continue to be “mystery...

Holistic approach to treatment of reverse sneezing in dogs

Learn what causes of reverse sneezing veterinarians commonly overlook and how you can help treat or prevent this troubling condition in your dog.

Does your dog suffer from monkey love?

How many times a day should you feed your dog? Here's why dogs should eat one to two healthy meals per day and fast once per week.

10 steps to choosing the right healthy treats for your dog

How to avoid the treat trap. 10 ways to choose healthy treats your dog will love.

Addison’s disease - Natural treatment + prevention

A complete guide for a holistic approach to treatment and prevention of this serious life-threatening disease. Essential info for you and other dog lovers.               ...

One myth that can rob you of precious time with your senior dog

Why is feeding a high protein diet vs. a low protein diet much more beneficial to your dogs health?

Why do dogs eat dirt and what you can do about it

Is dirt-eating a sign of indigestion, toxicity or boredom? Do you often wonder if their is something missing in your dog's diet? Find my 6-step holistic program to stop dogs...

5 things you need to know about bone feeding and dogs

We get a lot of questions about feeding dogs bones and bone meal. So I’m making no bones about it and answering the most frequently asked questions about how to...

A complete guide to raising a puppy naturally

A natural approach to feeding, supplements, vaccination and procedures.

How much water should dogs drink?

Keeping your dog well-hydrated is essential to good health and longevity. Learn how much and what kind of water is best for your dog.

Is it ok to give dogs milk?

Milk or no milk? What could be causing your dog’s allergies? And what is the best diet for dogs with food allergies? You might be surprised!