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Is Boswellia good for dogs?

Looking for ways to ease your dog’s joint pain naturally? Boswellia is an ancient resin with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-arthritic properties, making it a safer alternative to conventional drugs. Check out our latest blog to learn how to introduce Boswellia to your dog's diet and help them live a...

Green-lipped mussel for dogs: A key ingredient in joint and mobility support

If you've been looking for natural ways to improve your dog's mobility, there's a high chance you've come across green-lipped mussel, also known as Perna mussel, at least once. In this blog, you can dive deeper into the health benefits of green-lipped mussels for dogs and how it can help...

New gen joint and mobility support for dogs is coming soon!

New generation fermented joint and mobility support formula for dogs coming soon to our Healing Store! 

Meet my four not-so-good friends

Today is not the first time that I have written on the topic of regret. Vets witness regret on a daily basis when working with pet guardians who wish they hadn't waited for so long to deal with a health problem. Regret is the “best friend” of a whole bunch of characters...

What to do if your dog is limping or refuses to walk/run

Here is a first-aid guide for dogs and what to do if your dog has acute lameness, is limping or cannot walk or run. Also, learn how best to approach ongoing chronic mobility issues.

10 reasons why turmeric is good for dogs

This ingredient can help your dogs, teeth, heart, helps fight cancer cells and is well-known as an anti-inflammatory. Have you guessed what this amazing food is?

Mobility is a biggie for dogs

Watching your dog get older and less mobile is one of the hardest parts of living with a dog. I hope this article and video will help you and your senior dog feel better and also prevent younger dogs from injuries that lead to mobility issues down the road. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when exercising their dogs

It hurts to see dogs get hurt. That is why I find it difficult to visit the dog park. You often see dogs being overworked and sustaining injuries that can bother them the rest of their lives. Find out nine ways to keep your dog happy and healthy with exercise...

Is arthritis in your dog a reason to panic?

No one wants to hear their dog has arthritis, but there is good news. You don’t have to panic because there are 7 steps you can use that don’t include drugs and can make all the difference when you hear the diagnosis of arthritis.

What is claiming more dogs' lives than cancer?

There is one thing that most dog lovers forget to do for their dogs and it has huge consequences. See what increases the chance of your dog living a longer and happier life.

10 steps to keeping your senior dog happy and mobile

Living with dogs comes with much joy, but also the responsibility of keeping them healthy, happy and comfortable for years to come. By following some tried and true methods, you can make a huge difference in the quality of life of our senior best friends.

How to treat arthritis in dogs naturally

If you have a dog, this is one of the most important info you will read.  Stiffness, tightness, arthritis and weakness are some of the most common reasons why dogs age and deteriorate faster than necessary.  No matter if you have a young dog or older dog, this info will...

5 things you need to know about arthritis in dogs

How to treat and prevent stiffness in dogs naturally. If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, or if you suspect your dog may have arthritis, this blog post provides everything you need to know about the natural treatment and prevention of arthritis in dogs.

7 steps to treating arthritis and stiffness in dogs naturally

This is one of the most essential articles if you want to prevent or treat stiffness and arthritis in your dog and do it naturally without drugs and chemicals.