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    Perfect Fit Harness Builder

    My Dear Dog Lovers,

    Over the years, I have searched for the best way of making dogs safe and to prevent neck injuries and tried many harness system. Harnesses that have the leash attached at the front of the chest are the best solution because they distribute the pressure of tugs and jerks throughout the whole body and keep the neck and throat free.

    Many harnesses on the market have the leash attached on the back and pulling still restricts the front portion of the neck thereby pressing on veins, arteries, nerves and energy channels.

    Made in England, the Perfect Fit Harness is a modular system that allows you to create a fleece-lined harness perfectly fitted to your dog.

    A Perfect Fit Harness is constructed from three individual pieces.

    The front piece fits over your dog’s chest and clips into the top and girth piece to make a complete harness. It comes with a D-ring that allows you to attach a leash in the front of the harness.

    The harness is fleece-lined for comfort. Use cold wash and air dry for easy maintenance.

    This harness comes in multiple sizes to fit every dog. In order to ensure you get a Perfect Fit, please use our easy to use sizing app to determine the correct fit for your dog.

    All Perfect Fit Harnesses are imported from the UK, so may take 2-3 weeks for processing before shipping out. 

    With much gratitude,

    Dr. D, Mr. Skai Wantstofly, and the Natural Healing Team

    Great Work!

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    Perfect Fit Harness

    To protect your dog’s neck, thyroid gland and health

    See how easy it is to use our Perfect Fit system.
    1. Select your desired top trim color.
    2. Enter your dog's measurements (detailed instructions when you tap "Click to Measure").
    3. Change quantity or build another Perfect Fit!
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    Measure your dog starting from the bump of the breastbone midway to the dip between the shoulder blades.
    The above image shows the exact points on the chest where you want to measure. You will not be measuring the full way around the body at this point. Measure snugly but not too tight.

    Build the Perfect Fit

    Enter girth measurement:
    Or enter:

    Measure the chest all the way around at the point of the widest circumference. It may be closer or further away from the forelegs depending on your dog’s body build. Make the tape as snug as the body harness should be - not too tight, not too loose. Make sure that your dog is standing squarely. Figure 1 - Red Line.

    Enter front measurement:
    Or enter:

    Measure the distance from the lower portion of the throat where you can feel the chest opening (a little dip) to the top tip of the shoulder blades. The point where your dog’s shoulder blades are closest to the spine.
    Measure from point A to B - 1/2 way around your dog.

    We couldn't find a matching size, please contact us for sizing help.
    Next Step Help Me!

    According to your dog's measurements, you will be receiving the following pieces:

    Harness is adjustable with the buckles. Enjoy our Perfect Fit Guarantee (if your harness doesn’t fit perfectly we’ll work with you to find your perfect fit). Please contact us here if you need any assistance.

    Back to Measure Save and Select

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