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Kennel cough in dogs - 10 steps for natural treatment and prevention

Here is what I learned about Kennel Cough in the course of 30 years and why I don't vaccinate Pax against kennel cough.

Why thousands of dog lovers may be harming their dogs without knowing

In my opinion, the current state of medicine is not as much of the fault of individual veterinarians and doctors, but a systemic issue that starts with one sided education...

A story of a lost friend

Can you imagine living in a world where friends become enemies, and opportunities and freedoms are taken away, just because of differences of opinions? My life behind the Iron Curtain still...

Puppy Series Part 1: Socialization and vaccines

I love meeting new puppy owners — most of them are not unlike “human baby” parents. They worry the most about their firstborn because everything is exciting and new, but...

How to survive and thrive in 2021 and how your dog can help

Here are the tricks I am using to stay happy and positive in this world gone bonkers. I hope they will help you and your dog too!

What puppy shots and COVID-19 quarantine rules have in common

These days all of us just want to be safe and stay healthy but at what cost? Read what puppy shots and pandemic rules have in common and why I...

Safer vaccination protocol in adult dogs and puppies

One may think that vaccines or 'shots,' as many people call them, should be the first step when they get a new dog or puppy. However, it is not that...

Blood tests for dogs: Are they necessary or a money grab?

A complete guide to blood testing for caring dog lovers. Learn what blood test and other diagnostics are essential to your dog's health and longevity. Become more empowered and skilled...

A complete guide to raising a puppy naturally

A natural approach to feeding, supplements, vaccination and procedures.

Rabies vaccine – A holistic approach

One of the biggest dilemmas in holistic care is the use of vaccines. Over the years, a variety of different studies have confirmed what we were taught and told by...

Study on duration of immunity to canine vaccines

There have been many debates on vaccination in dogs.  I hope that this study will make you change your mind if you still vaccinate yearly.

Unsure about vaccination safety?

Delve into the ongoing debate surrounding vaccines and their potential benefits and risks. Gain insights from an experienced veterinarian who shares a holistic approach to vaccination. Learn about alternative methods,...