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    Here are your articles on health knowledge

    10 reasons why turmeric is good for dogs

    A magic ingredient that is worth every dog lover's attention If I were sent to a remote island, I'd make...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    This ingredient can help your dogs, teeth, heart, helps fight cancer cells and is well-known as an anti-inflammatory. Have you guessed what this amazing food is?

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    3 Steps to Treat a Dog's Green Eye Discharge at Home

    Why Does My Dog Have Green Eye Discharge?  Green eye discharge (which is referred to affectionately as “green eye boogers” by...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    An easy to follow step-by-step natural treatment plan for green eye discharges in dogs. Learn why it is not a good idea to use the traditional antibiotic and corticosteroid treatment and how you can help your dog naturally.

    A complete guide to natural ear care for dogs

    Solve your dog's ear problems and infections naturally without drugs and toxic chemicals If your dog has a hairy ear canal,...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    If your dog has a hairy ear canal, has had ear problems in general, such as moist, inflamed, yeasty or infected ears, or if you are just looking to prevent ear problems, this article is for you.

    7 steps to Treat Acute or Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs: Home Remedy

    My Dog Has Diarrhea: How To Help Your Pup at Home Some time ago, I said love is when you get...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    This blog is a must to read for everyone who has a dog. It is first aid for diarrhea and bloody stool in dogs. Learn what to feed and also receive a link to a webinar on how to feed a natural diet. Discover, why you should do all you can to avoid drugs that are commonly prescribed and what alternatives to choose. 

    25 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe Over the Holidays

    How to increase your chances of spending the holidays at a veterinary emergency clinic My team requested that I write about what...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    How to increase your chances of spending the holidays at a veterinary emergency clinic My team requested that I write about what foods are toxic for dogs, and how to make a festive dog meal for the holidays. When I am asked to do something like this, I confess I feel like a teenager who was told to do his homework. I find it booooring! 🤣Instead, I decided to ask you for some ideas around dos and don'ts with dogs around the holidays, and my...

    Why dogs pant and are restless at night

    Is your dog breathing heavy at night? I hear people often complain that their dogs are restless or panting at...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    I often hear people complain that their dogs are restless or panting at night. Unless your dog sleeps in a very warm room, this may be warning signal that your dog’s body is in a state of imbalance.  While there is no single cause, this problem is usually a combination of several factors. 

    Is the Kennel Cough Vaccine Necessary? Side Effects & Efficacy - Kennel Cough Vaccine Exposed

    Kennel Cough Vaccine: What Are the Risks? I have a question for you. Would you vaccinate a 16-year-old dog with...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    Despite the fact that kennel cough is nothing more than a dog version of cold, most boarding facilities, daycares, training centers and grooming facilities request dog's have the kennel cough vaccine. They often mean well, but they are mainly frightened of being held liable for a dog getting kennel cough. The risk of dog of dying of kennel cough is not any different that of a person dying of a common cold or flu.

    Beware of giving your dog too much of this popular treat

     Is your dog at risk of liver treat toxicity?  Being a dog lover or a veterinarian requires building a good rapport with...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    Learn why this popular treat is harmless in small doses but dangerous when it is given frequently or in large amounts. Find out more about vitamin A hypervitaminosis, so-called liver poisoning in dogs.

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