I have a VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE for our Canadian customers, however, I hope that those of you who are in the US and overseas will read it too because it is important for you to know.

Less than a month ago, I had to make a decision to renounce my Canadian licence as the college forced me to make a choice - either I take my name off my products and do not share any of the reviews and testimonials or surrender my licence. More info here.

For years, many of you have been saying how much of a difference my writing, teaching and natural supplements make in your dog’s life. I also love teaching you how to prevent disease and keep your dog healthy and a few weeks later, I still feel I made the right choice to renounce my licence.

The next paragraph may shock you and I am not sure if it has anything to do with the events of the past month. Until fall of 2017, the option to register our products in the Veterinary Health Product program was voluntary.  However, we learned this week that the registration became compulsory.

We have scanned our records and found no notification of this requirement. However, this week, we have received a notice that we have to stop selling our products in Canada immediately until each product is registered through the Veterinary Health Product program.

Please note that this has NOTHING to do with our product quality or safety. In my opinion, it is just another form of red tape and a result of lobbyist efforts to restrict natural product availability.

Our products have been sold for years without any reports of adverse effects and our current customer review rating is at 4.9 stars out of 5. The following lines will clarify what our plan is:

1. If you live in the USA and outside of Canada (overseas), the product shipments and delivery will continue as usual. If you need to place an order, you can click here.

2. If you live in Canada, unfortunately, we had to cease our product sales immediately. If you have placed an order before receiving this letter and received an order confirmation, your order will be processed as usual.

For now the products are currently marked as out of stock at our Canadian store and will be unavailable until further notice.

We hope that the issue will be resolved within 30 - 60  days and promise to work very hard on acquiring all the necessary new permits. Until then, we suggest that you reduce the dosing of your dog’s supplements by half to overcome this shortage.

A crossroad

On August 27, it will be 27 years since I moved to Canada, after spending 27 years behind the iron curtain of the Eastern Bloc. I was also born on January 27 and I can’t help but think that these four 27’s mark a cross road.  It is an important reminder that if we want change, we have to be resilient, persistent and defend our right to choose how we feed and care for our dogs.

This is not the first time I had to face adversity and pressure and I promise I will continue serving you and your dogs! If you are wondering how you can help, please share our articles and courses with your friends in the US and overseas and if you have a blog or a website, place links to them there.  I have included some links to the most popular articles bellow. Each share counts and would be an amazing gift!

What to do next?

For our  Canadian dog lovers, please be patient and rest assure this will be sorted. You can still order our Perfect Fit HarnessesGentle Leash and other supplies.

Update October 24, 2018 We have received re-approval from the VHP program for FeelGood Omega!

For our American dog lovers and others around the world,  thank you for your support, trust and sharing. You can still place your order here as usual.