Why is doing a cleanse necessary?

Dogs live in a challenging environment. The canine liver processes the toxins, pollution and chemicals found everywhere in our world. A semi-annual liver cleanse is the best way to ensure your dog’s liver is in top-notch shape and your dog is healthy and lives a long life.

How often and how long do you have to do a cleanse?

First time use: Administer orally for six weeks in your dog’s food.

Repeat every six months for four weeks as part of a preventative cleanse.

Are there any side effects from taking LiverTune and GreenMin, like more bowel movements or loose stool?

LiverTune helps expel toxins from the liver and the body, so we expect to see changes in stool, mucus passing, some diarrhea and sometimes ear or skin irritation as the body adjusts and rids itself of these toxins.

Side effects usually only last a few days to a week, but if they become severe, we recommend reducing the dose until the body adjusts.

Can my dog continue to take other supplements or medications while doing a cleanse?

LiverTune can be used in conjunction with Natural Healing supplements and most other supplements, as well as conventional medications. However, we don't recommend using supplements with the same main ingredients as LiverTune at the same time. For example, if the supplements you're using contain milk thistle or any of the other main ingredients found in LiverTune, then we recommend you stop using one of them.

We always recommend checking with your treating veterinarian before adding any supplements to your dog's routine.

Below is a link to the ingredients in LiverTune.

LiverTune ingredients

At what age is it safe to do a cleanse? 

While LiverTune is safe for all ages, there is no reason to start a liver cleanse until your puppy is at least 6 months of age.

GreenMin (multimineral) can be given at any age, including to pregnant and nursing mothers. Young and senior animals, in particular, can benefit because they are prone to deficiencies that can cause growth and developmental abnormalities and a shortened lifespan.

GutSense (probiotic) is a whole food, raw formula that is good for all ages. We respect nature, where there is no difference between the diet of younger or senior mammals, with the exception of nursing animals.

How do I introduce GreenMin and LiverTune supplements?

Please read the following link. 

Guidelines for introducing our essential supplements

Are there any risks from using LiverTune on an ongoing basis?

Follow-up LiverTune cleanses are intended to be given for a 4-week period, twice per year. An initial cleanse is to be administered for 6 weeks. If you wish to use it longer than the recommended period, it is important to work closely with your treating veterinarian to continuously monitor your dog’s liver function by having regular blood work done.

My dog may have a liver disorder. Is LiverTune safe to use? 

Dr. Dobias has found a cleanse to be very beneficial for dogs with liver disease. Read more on treating and preventing liver disease naturally here.

My dog is on several supplements for cancer. Is it OK to keep him on the cancer supplements while cleansing? Should I shorten the cleanse time?

Our product LiverTune is a liver cleanse and contains various herbs. We suggest that you take a look at our cautions and contraindications to ensure your dog does not have any of the conditions listed.

Caution: Dr. Dobias often recommends not doubling up on similar  supplements. If, for example, you are already giving your dog a product for the liver and it contains milk thistle we wouldn’t recommend using LiverTune at the same time as that supplement.

Unfortunately we cannot comment on products that we do not have any personal or clinical experience with, but we do recommend LiverTune.

The protocol for giving LiverTune for six weeks initially is standard and one that Dr. Dobias has had success with. Repeat cleanses are 4 weeks long.

What is the difference between GutSense and human probiotics? 

GutSense is a probiotic formula custom made for dogs. Most canine probiotics are made of human probiotic bacteria strains. GutSense is different. We have meticulously cherry-picked each probiotic strain to reflect the natural microflora of dogs, NOT humans. 

Is GutSense for dogs with digestive problems or is it appropriate to use it as a daily probiotic?

GutSense is appropriate to use as a daily probiotic. 

What is the percentage of probiotics in each capsule?

The individual colonies of bacteria, or CFU count, is 10.1 billion per two capsules. We also include prebiotic as 'food' for the bacteria to ensure it's survival within the capsules and through your dog's stomach acid, so it can reach the gut and the culture can flourish there.

Will the HairQ test tell me why my dog likes or dislikes certain foods or has a certain medical condition?

The test results will show the mineral deficiencies and toxicities in your dog. HairQ Test results are for additional information only. They are not indicative of any medical problems, but can help lead you in the right direction regarding diagnostic testing if your dog is experiencing any symptoms that are unexplained.

How much hair do you require for the HairQ test?

The test requires a minimum of a tablespoon or 125mg of cut hair to run the test. We cannot accept hair that has been brushed out or shed, it must be cut close to the skin. 

How do I read the results? Is a consultation included?

Although a consultation is not included, a supporting document with a general outline of the most common toxins and mineral deficiencies is provided along with the test results. Information on the HairQ product page may be useful and we recommend doing some research online about your dog's unique test results.