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Thank you for your trusting our products and caring about your dog’s health!

We hope these guidelines will make it easy to introduce our supplements to your dog and keep them healthy and happy for many years to come.

Week One

SupplementWhat is it good for?Tips
GutSenseProbiotics are helpful for digestion and immune system support.
Prebiotics are food for the probiotic culture.
Give the whole capsule, or open the capsule and mix with food.

Probiotics should always be taken with food.

Organ balance
Turmeric for cancer prevention

Mix with food.

FeelGood OmegaJoints and inflammation.
The nervous system, brain, and mental health.
Skin and coat health.

Mix with food.


*Please note that if your dog is sensitive or has a history of allergies, we recommend starting the supplements one at a time, seven days apart.

You can also start with 1/2 the recommended dose and work up to a full dose over the course of a week.

**Daily recommended dose is based on the size of your dog. Dosage charts for all supplements are available on the product pages and the product label. The daily dose can be given at one meal or split between multiple meals.

Week Two

SupplementWhat is it good for?Tips
FeelGood Omega

See Week One chart.Continue as with Week One and add GreenMin as outlined below

GreenMinMinerals and trace elements.
Gentle detoxing and cleansing.
Liver and digestive balance.
Better energy, joint health, skin, and coat.
Antioxidant and cell regeneration.

Mix with food.
Daily recommended dose is based on the size of your dog.

Gentle detox is expected when starting GreenMin. It is not uncommon for mild digestive upset, or other detoxifying symptoms including loose stool to appear for the first few days.

Instructions for giving our Essential Supplements during a Liver Cleanse.


SupplementWhat is it good for?Tips
FeelGood Omega

See Week One and Week Two charts.Continue as with Week One and Two and add Livton as outlined below

LivtonLiver Support.
Cleansing and Detoxing.
Continue all other supplements during the cleanse.
Use for two months if this is your dog's first cleanse, or for one month if your dog has already had their first cleanse.

For humans, it is recommended that Livton is taken on an empty stomach, but we have found with dogs it is easier and just as effective to mix it with their food, either crushed or whole.

If your dog has an existing medical condition or is on any medication, we recommend checking with your veterinarian before adding this product to your dog's regimen.

Livton is recommended to be used every six months as a regular cleanse.

Once the Livton cleanse is complete, continue giving full doses of GutSense, SoulFood, FeelGood Omega and GreenMin daily to maintain your dog's peak health.

Please remember, Livton is a liver cleanser.
As your dog's body expels toxins, it is normal to observe changes through:

  • Stool - temporary loose stool or diarrhea, changes in consistency, color, and smell.
  • Urine - temporary increaes in volume, frequency, odor and color.
  • Skin - minor skin inflammation, ear infection, or hot spots.
  • Other: temporary bad breath

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: A longer term increase in drinking and urination may be a sign of unrelated pre-existing problems such as kidney disease, diabetes or adrenal disease.
    Please have your dog examined by your dog's medical care providor if this is observed.