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Latest articles

Can dogs eat strawberries?

  Discover if dogs can eat strawberries and how to add this nutritious fruit snack to your best friend’s diet. This short guide includes the health benefits of strawberries, vet-approved...

Can dogs eat tomatoes? Are they toxic?

Explore a potentially misunderstood aspect of canine nutrition - the controversy surrounding tomatoes. Delve into the longstanding belief in veterinary circles of their potential toxicity, contrasted with evidence suggesting that...

Why dogs eat dirt

Discover why dogs eat dirt and learn about the six-step holistic program that helps to understand and curb this behaviour. This guide reveals how to recognize normal behaviour from potential...

Best bones for dogs: Complete vet-approved guide for pet parents

Dive into the world of raw bone feeding for dogs with our comprehensive guide, designed to help you navigate the benefits, risks, and best practices of this natural approach to...

Why do dogs fart? Tips for managing digestive issues in canines

Dogs may be man's best friend, but their flatulence can often clear a room. Excessive gas production in dogs is usually caused by incomplete or inefficient digestion, an inappropriate diet,...

The ultimate guide to safe and nutritious fruits for dogs

Can dogs eat bananas, apples, strawberries and other fruit? What about grapes? Find out what fruits are safe, toxic, and healthy for dogs. Learn about the potential health benefits and...

The secret ingredient for a perfect No. 2

Dogs and humans have evolved side-by-side but they are still quite different when it comes to their digestive tracts and dietary habits. We have studied their original environments such as...

The nutrient depletion epidemic

Are you worried that your and your dog's diet is missing something? Maybe you're worried about toxin levels in food, the environment, or flea and tick products. Let's face it;...

How to stay positive in difficult times

It appears that coronavirus will become a fact of life. A big part of returning to our normal lives will include living healthier and keeping our immune system stronger. Here...

A new point of view on aging in people and dogs

Is aging a process or a disease? Read on to learn what some experts say, along with a definition of aging and when it truly starts, and receive some health-span...

My supplements have arrived!

Have you ever wondered what a shipment from my supplement store looks like? You might notice it looks a little different from other packages you receive. There's no plastic bubble...

Are natural dog supplements worth the cost?

Why do my supplements cost a little more than most and how does it benefit you, your dog and the entire world? Find out in this article, where I answer...

No more guessing about your dog’s diet

Now there is no need to guess if there is something missing in your dogs diet.  The HairQ Test is a highly accurate test for mineral deficiencies, toxins and heavy...

Are fish and fish oils safe for my dog?

Should you feed dogs fish or fish oils? Find out what our HairQ test results have found and read my 7 practical steps to a time tested liver cleanse.

What is the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus for dogs?

Whether you feed your dog a raw diet, or kibble, you'll want to read this important piece on how to ensure that your dog is getting all the essential nutrients...

Almost every dog is deficient in essential minerals

The body needs minerals to maintain the right osmotic balance (electrolyte concentration) and constantly regulates water volume to achieve the optimal osmotic pressure of body fluids and good health. When...

Four things you need to know about pet food and supplement packaging

Today's topic is close to my heart because it affects the health of your dog, your health and also the health of our planet. Pretty much all supplements you give...

How many supplements are too many for your dog?

A complete guide to natural supplements for dogs. Are you confused about which supplements dogs need? Do you find conflicting information? Would you like to know what to give your dog...

What dog supplements are good or bad?

What is humble-bragging and how it can help save you lots of time navigating the mumbo-jumbo jungle of online supplements for dogs?

Synthetic supplements for dogs can cause serious problems

One of the primary causes of disease are nutrient deficiencies, the second one is giving the synthetic supplements. Learn why.

How to make a safe turkey dinner for your dog

When it comes to holidays, it would feel wrong to ignore your dog’s pleading eyes. Who can resist?! Here's a guide to what's good and bad to share with your...

What is the best time to feed your dog or puppy, and how many times per day?

An area that many dog parents have questions about is how often they should be feeding their pup, and what time of the day is best for feeding. This article...

What veggies are good for dogs?

  Wondering what veggies to feed?  Are you confused what veggies are safe to feed and which ones to avoid? This article contains all the essential information.

Is ice cream ok for dogs?

A royal picture is causing an online uproar and has people asking the question - should dogs be given ice cream? Before you deny your dog a lick of a...

Health is like a Jenga tower

Do you ever feel like you would love the whole world to know something because it would make a huge difference in the lives of many? Personally, I wish everyone in...

Is NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) safe for dogs?

This article is an overview of the results of a three month clinical trial on whether NMN is safe for dogs and what, benefits it may provide for their health and lifespan.

Your complete raw feeding travel guide (BARF diet compatible)

If you love to travel and feed your dog raw or cooked food, you don't need to switch your dog's diet when you're on the road. Here’s a complete guide...

Why dogs lick their paws - Natural approach to treatment

Many dogs lick their paws and many of them are misdiagnosed and treated for the wrong problem. Learn what you can do for your dogs and treat him naturally.  All...

How to protect & care for your dog’s liver: Diet, cleanse & more

A proper liver cleanse is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and long living. It is also a great way to reduce liver enzyme levels in case of...

Why external "perfection" has nothing to do with true health

Are you sometimes unhappy when you look in the mirror? I am but this will not change how I feel about aging, and more. I would love to know what...

A simple test every dog should have done

We can't travel in the past and talk to our dear late friends and family, but we can travel to our dog's past to learn whether they've been exposed to heavy...

An easy way to release toxins from the body

The DDT days may be over but the chemical days are not, and our animal friends' health and our own health depends on it. Please read and share this post.

The best Omega-3: Fatty acids for dogs

How do you choose an Omega-3 oil?From the outside, sourcing a relatively simple product might seem easy, but sourcing the right and safe Omega-3 is like looking for a needle...

How to transition dogs from kibble to raw food

Are you worried about your dog's health or thinking of making the switch from kibble to raw or cooked natural food? Learn how to switch your adult dog or puppy safely...

10 most common mistakes dog lovers make when raising a puppy

Don’t adopt a dog until you consider these 10 points. You and your new best friend will be much happier.

Many dogs are unwell and it's all the electrician's fault!

Did you know that dog food kibble was invented by James Spratt, an electrician? While he fancied himself a nutritionist, he really was just hungry for money. Read here to...

5 steps that may add up to 3 years to your dog's life

Do you know the 80/20 rule, and how 20 % of your choices can make 80% of a difference? It applies to many things in life, including your dog's health....

Announcement! New H+ line multivitamin for you

This summer, my team and I have been busy launching our H+ human line of supplements. So now, in addition to FeelGood Omega H+, GreenMin H+ and NMNPure H+, I would like to introduce another ally on...

Positive news on the anti-aging front

Sometimes people ask me why I talk about more than just dogs and their health, and it’s because I believe that our dogs’ well-being rests upon the state and well-being...

Four ingredients for happiness

Do you know why many of my supplements for dogs and people, including SoulFood, are fermented? The fermentation process is powerful and transforms vitamins into whole foods, and increases potency,...

The first human line product is here!

Our first human line product is here! Learn more about FeelGood Omega H+ and what benefits it can provide for your body, including healthy aging, cell repair, mobility and brain...

One important mineral that keeps you, your dog, and everything else alive

Do you know which mineral keeps you, your dog and all living things alive? If not, I suggest you read on to find out! Here in part two of my...

7 minerals that will make a huge difference in your dog's life

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t really like chemistry in high school. Now, I find it fascinating, because I can see how chemistry and minerals can make our dogs’...

Is spirulina good for dogs?

Here are 10 reasons why dark-green algae should be in every dog's diet.

Why mineral deficiencies lead to dehydration and premature aging in dogs

Over the years, I have frequently written on the topic of mineral and nutrient depletion in dogs, and data shows that almost every dog that doesn’t get supplements is lacking...

One thing will make the most difference to your dog's health

A long and healthy life can be so simple. It only takes one step to make a dramatic change.

Why dog poop bags are a serious problem

 I’m about to make a confession that may shock you: I don’t always pick up Pax’s poop! While I’d never leave dog poop on a stranger’s lawn, I will...

All-natural homemade dog treat recipe

Your dog will LOOOVE these and Pax does too! Check out this healthy natural dehydrated dog treat recipe.