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How to treat acute or bloody dog diarrhea naturally: 7 steps

This blog is a must to read for everyone who has a dog. It is first aid for diarrhea and bloody stool in dogs. Learn how to recognize whether your dog's condition is serious, why you should stay away from conventional remedies and 8 steps you can take to stop your dog's diarrhea. 

Why mineral deficiencies lead to dehydration and premature aging in dogs

Over the years, I have frequently written on the topic of mineral and nutrient depletion in dogs, and data shows that almost every dog that doesn’t get supplements is lacking the essential minerals and vitamins needed for a longer, healthier life. In fact, mineral deficiency leads to body depletion, organ...

Natural kidney support for dogs

If you have been living with a pet  suffering from kidney disease or hope to prevent kidney problems in the future, this article is definitely for you because kidney problems are one of the most common conditions diagnosed in cats and dogs.

One myth that can rob you of precious time with your senior dog

Why is feeding a high protein diet vs. a low protein diet much more beneficial to your dogs health?

How much water should dogs drink?

Keeping your dog well-hydrated is essential to good health and longevity. Learn how much and what kind of water is best for your dog.