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    How loving your dog changes the world

    By Alicia Amundson
    How purchasing natural supplements helps to save orangutans in Borneo
    Mother and baby Orangutans

    Some of you may already know that every time you purchase our all-natural products and supplements for dogs we contribute to a project each month on your behalf at no additional cost to you. 

    Why? Because we love building a business that works for:

    1. Those who search for free knowledge
    2. Those who love our all-natural products for keeping their dogs healthy
    3. Those who like to support socially-conscious and responsible companies like ours


    Last month we funded the planting of 45 trees in Borneo to help nurture the environment that is vital to orangutans. This species has lost over 55 percent of the natural habitat and replanting trees is crucial to their survival. 

    B1G1 has partnered with Friends Of The National Parks Foundation, a charity that is in charge of this project.

    To date, they have reforested over 415 hectares of national parkland and wildlife reserves in Borneo and help relocate orangutans from palm oil plantations to safer locations. 

    As you know, dogs are my favourite life form. It feels great that through caring for dogs, we can also help save endangered species. I’m thankful for Friends Of The National Parks Foundation for the role they play in helping the orangutans. Our big thanks go to you and everyone who trusts and purchases our all-natural products for dogs. Without you, none of this would be possible. 

    Sending you and your dog(s) positive energy and a big thank you!

    You Rock!

    For more information about our work with B1G1, please read: 

    Why B1G1 may not be what you think it is 

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    © Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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