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    How to be generous without spending any extra money

    By Alicia Amundson
    How loving and caring for your dog can make a difference in the lives of others

    For anyone that missed our big announcement a couple of weeks ago and might be reading about this for the first time today here is a link to the first article on our new giving initiative.

    When we learned about the organization B1G1, we knew it would be a perfect fit for Natural Healing and what a great response we have received from our amazing community! 

    Thank you so much to everyone that gave supportive feedback and expressed their passion for a range of worthy projects in countries all over the world. 

    A few community members expressed concern about helping causes outside of North America when many groups need support here at home. 

    We really appreciate your honesty and want to emphasize that we will continue to support local organizations along with projects further afield. 

    Our community members are from around the world and we believe if we focus on solving problems globally, we will be more effective in reducing suffering at home and abroad.

    Please share this information with animal shelters you love that need help and encourage them to apply to be a B1G1 recipient. There is no cost for them to apply.

    Thank you to all that participated in our poll! You are amazing! 

    Here are  a few comments that made us smile;

    “Wish more companies would do the same!”

    “A great idea and I am very excited about this opportunity to help others.” 

    “I did not choose a country because I feel everybody should be helped!”

    “A wonderful idea that aligns with my personal giving philosophy!”

    What is our plan with B1G1?

    PHASE 1 

    It is simple and easy! Every time you purchase our all-natural products and supplements for dogs, we will contribute to a project each month on your behalf. 

    You will be able to see on our website which projects get supported on behalf of every customer each month and how, together, we are making a positive impact and can share in the joy of giving. 

    How do we choose the projects?

    Because there are not many animal-related projects, initially we will choose projects related to the environment, health and education. Based on some of the great feedback we know these are projects the community wants to support.PHASE 2

    Our plan is to bring meaningful dog-related causes to B1G1 and we have invited you, our amazing community, to help.

    Since announcing our mission to reduce dog homelessness through non-surgical sterilization of stray dogs, we have run into a few stumbling blocks, but that is not a reason to give up.

    B1G1 is very keen to help us get the pilot project started as soon as possible. The ball is already rolling, so stay tuned!

    What do you need to do to be part of B1G1?

    Nothing more than you already do; trusting, buying and recommending our products to keep your dog healthy and happy! 

    Stay tuned for our next announcement about the positive impacts we will create for some very special projects.

    P.S.: If you would like to learn more about B1G1 click here.

    © Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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