Perfect Fit Harness - Front Piece

To Protect Your Dog’s Neck, Thyroid Gland and Health

Build your custom fit harness

Front Piece: 15mm - XXS
$24.30 CAD
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Many harnesses on the market have the leash attached to the back, and pulling still restricts the front portion of the neck, thereby pressing on veins, arteries, nerves and energy channels.

Made in England, the Perfect Fit Harness is a modular system that allows you to create a fleece-lined harness perfectly fitted to your dog.

A Perfect Fit Harness is constructed from three individual pieces: The front piece fits over your dog’s chest and clips into the top and girth piece to make a complete harness.

It comes with two D-rings that allow you to attach a leash to both the front and back of the harness, which offers the most control, balanced distribution and safety especially for dogs who are strong or pull on leash.

For dogs who do not pull, we have found that using only the front clip is a suitable option to use at your discretion.

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