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Advanced Joint, Mobility & Injury Supplement for Dogs

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JointButter has been meticulously formulated with a scientifically proven fermentation process to enhance bioavailability and active ingredient benefits.  

We selected the highest quality herbs and superfoods based on the most current scientific research, coupled with 30 plus years of experience in clinical veterinary practice to address symptoms of arthritis, muscle inflammation and orthopedic surgery recovery. 

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The research and science behind these ingredients

JointButter’s formula is based on a proprietary fermentation process and contains a unique blend of active compounds with joint-supporting properties that help ensure pain-free movement in dogs of all ages.

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The Perna Mussel, also known as Green-lipped mussels, are highly regarded for their benefits in improving joint health in dogs. These mussels are a natural source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which include chondroitin sulfate and heparan sulfate. These compounds are essential for maintaining and repairing cartilage, the connective tissue that cushions the joints. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of these mussels help reduce joint inflammation and pain associated with conditions like osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that supplements containing green-lipped mussels can significantly improve mobility and reduce discomfort in dogs suffering from joint issues, making them a valuable component of canine joint health management.

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Organic Turmeric offers a range of health benefits for dogs. It combats inflammation, supports heart and cognitive health, and has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Turmeric also promotes dental, gastrointestinal, and joint health, and may help prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer. To maximize its benefits, combine turmeric with black pepper and coconut oil, as found in JointButter, which enhances its bioavailability. The fermentation process in JointButter further amplifies turmeric’s medicinal properties, making it a potent addition to your dog's diet.

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Glucosamine and chondroitin are vital components in maintaining and repairing joint health in dogs. Naturally found in the body, they aid in the formation of cartilage and offer anti-inflammatory benefits, providing relief from joint pain and improving mobility. Early incorporation into a dog's diet, especially for active breeds, can significantly delay joint degeneration and promote a more active, pain-free life. However, choosing high-quality supplements and adopting a holistic approach, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, is crucial for optimal joint health.

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Boswellia has been valued in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for its anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and analgesic properties. Its active compounds, particularly acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA), target the inflammatory enzyme 5-lipoxygenase, making Boswellia effective against conditions like arthritis, diabetes, liver disease, and cancer. Studies highlight its ability to improve joint health, reduce lameness, pain, and stiffness in dogs. Additionally, Boswellia offers neuroprotective and antioxidant benefits, supports liver and gastrointestinal health, and has immunomodulatory effects. For optimal results, choose supplements like JointButter, which enhance Boswellia's bioavailability through fermentation, providing comprehensive health benefits and supporting overall canine well-being.

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Ginger is increasingly recognized for its benefits in canine health, particularly for its role in enhancing mobility and digestive health. This superfood, when fermented, offers a more bioavailable form of gingerols and shogaols—compounds known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This makes it an effective natural option for dogs suffering from conditions like arthritis and digestive issues, while also supporting overall joint health and vitality.

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Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a powerful superfood that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and possessing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it beneficial for joint health, allergies, and general well-being in dogs. When dried or tinctured, stinging nettle is safe and therapeutic for canines, offering relief from allergies, support for joint health, and promoting skin, coat, and urinary health. Fermenting stinging nettle enhances its bioavailability and digestive benefits.

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Organic Barley grass is gaining recognition not just for humans but for dogs too, due to its rich nutrient profile and health benefits. This plant is packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, surpassing many traditional food sources. It supports immune function, digestive health, and detoxification, and has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce joint pain. For dogs, the fiber in barley grass promotes digestive regularity and gut health, while antioxidants like chlorophyll and saponarin help combat oxidative stress and inflammation.

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Black Pepper powder is added for it’s synergistic benefits especially when combined with Turmeric. This combination is backed by science for significant health benefits. Black pepper's piperine significantly enhances the absorption of turmeric's curcumin, boosting its availability in the body by up to 2000% without adverse effects, thus maximizing curcumin’s potential benefits. Beyond aiding curcumin absorption, piperine itself has been recognized for its direct role in reducing inflammation and acting as a natural pain reliever. Further research highlights black pepper's contributions to gut health, including the promotion of beneficial gut bacteria, underscoring its importance in immune function, mood regulation, and prevention of chronic diseases. This potent duo not only elevates dishes but also offers a promising avenue for natural health support and disease prevention.

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Fermented quercetin, as featured in JointButter, significantly improves the bioavailability of this potent flavonoid, making it more effective in delivering its health benefits. Studies have shown that quercetin supports immune function, reduces inflammation, and protects against oxidative stress, which can lead to chronic diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Its safety and efficacy make it a valuable component of dietary supplements for both dogs and humans.

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MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is renowned for its joint-protective properties, making it a staple in supplements aimed at enhancing canine mobility. As a naturally occurring sulfur compound, MSM strengthens connective tissues and supports collagen production in dogs, which is crucial for maintaining healthy joints, cartilage, and bones. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities also aid in detoxification and improve nutrient absorption, providing a holistic approach to managing joint pain and boosting overall health.

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Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for dogs, playing a significant role in joint health by promoting the production of collagen, a vital protein for the strength of cartilage and connective tissues. The fermentation process enhances the bioavailability of Vitamin C, making it easier for dogs to absorb and utilize. As an antioxidant powerhouse, fermented Vitamin C helps maintain the structural integrity of a dog's joints, addressing the risk of degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis. It also supports the body's tissue repair mechanisms and reduces inflammation. It also has an impact on immune function which is vital for warding off infections that could worsen joint problems. Incorporating fermented Vitamin C into your dog’s diet, either through food or supplements, is an effective way to boost their mobility and overall health, ensuring they remain active and joyful throughout their lives.

Rutin, a bioflavonoid found in various plants and fruits, is recognized for its potential in treating conditions like osteoarthritis, vascular issues, and chylothorax in dogs. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties support vascular health and enhance blood circulation, which can prevent blood clots and improve cholesterol levels. Particularly in dogs, Rutin offers a natural alternative to NSAIDs for managing arthritis symptoms, reducing joint pain and inflammation without the associated side effects, making it a valuable component of canine health management.

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Organic Coconut oil, has become very popular among dog lovers, thanks to its diverse health benefits. This natural superfood, rich in medium-chain fatty acids like lauric acid, has been confirmed to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. When incorporated in dietary supplements, coconut oil can significantly enhances joint health by reducing inflammation, improving mobility and supporting dogs with arthritis and injuries.

Additionally, coconut oil promotes skin and coat health, aids digestion, boosts the immune system, and may assist in weight management for overweight dogs.

All the above are the reasons why we included organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil into JointButter.

Organic Olive oil, a well known, highly regarded staple of healthy diets, which also extends remarkable benefits to dogs. It is rich in oleic acid and antioxidants like vitamin E that contribute to reducing inflammation within the body, including the joints. Olive oil can help support optimal body weight, which also benefits joint health in dogs and people. 

*Fermented ingredients

Why JointButter?

Every dog deserves to experience the JOY TO MOVE!

Formulated by a veterinarian with more than 30 years of clinical experience and supported by scientific research and comprehensive studies, JointButter is the most comprehensive joint and mobility solution for dogs and it is a result of our passion and commitment to your dog's mobility, quality of life, and longevity.

JointButter is naturally preserved, free from harmful chemicals and fillers, and made in the USA.

Suitable for dogs of all ages

Growing Puppies: Supports joint, tendon, and bone development.

Adult Dogs: Helps to prevent osteoarthritis and reduce risks of ligament tears and injuries.

Senior Dogs: Enhance mobility, improve quality of life and extend lifespan.

Active and Performance Dogs: Maintains peak condition for sports and shows.

Rescue Dogs: Addresses mobility issues stemming from past malnutrition or neglect.

Easy to Administer

Formulated for an easy addition into your dog's meals, no matter what type of food you feed.

Innovation & Science

JointButter is a one of a kind fermented joint and mobility formula based on numerous scientific studies to ensure the highest absorption and the best results.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

The product ingredient quality and also commitment to protecting the environment is an extension of our love for dogs. We package JointButter in glass to prevent toxins from plastic leaching into the product. We are the only supplement company that ship in plastic-free eco-sleeves to ensure your order arrives safely. 

The JointButter Difference

JointButter is a revolution in joint care. Leveraging nature's most powerful elements and backed by cutting-edge science, this formula is designed to rejuvenate and enhance your pet's mobility. Unlike many supplements that are heavy on fillers and light on efficacy, JointButter delivers with 100% active, organic ingredients in a scientifically-based formula. Every scoop is packed with a blend of 15 natural ingredients, without a trace of chemicals or artificial flavors. And because we care about our planet just as much as we care about our pets, our packaging is completely sustainable and plastic free. Made in the USA and formulated by a veterinarian, this is the joint supplement that changes everything.

Scientifically based formula

Made with organic ingredients


Glass packaging & metal lids

Plastic free shipping

Made in the USA

Formulated by a veterinarian

Easy to administer

No fillers, preservatives, or chemicals

No artificial flavors

Organic coconut & olive oil base

Made with 15 ingredients



JointButter comes in a convenient buttery form and can be added daily to any type of natural raw, cooked or soft processed food ideally just before feeding.


  • up to 14 kg (31 lbs) – 1 tsp / approx 69 days
  • 14 – 30 kg (31 - 67 lbs) – 2 tsp / approx 34 days
  • 31 - 45 kg (68 - 99 lbs) – 3 tsp / approx 23 days
  • over 46 kg (100 lbs) – 4 tsp / 17 days

This product contains a unique blend of natural superfoods and joint and mobility supporting ingredients. While each component has been carefully selected for its benefits, safety profile and quality, every dog is unique and individual response to the product may vary.

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Buy multiples or add other Dr. Dobias original canine or human products to SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 5-15%.


Where is JointButter made?

JointButter is made in the USA, in an FDA-certified facility using a proprietary fermentation process and high-quality, human-grade ingredients.

How should I store JointButter once opened?

JointButter can be stored at room temperature; it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge. The temperature at which JointButter is stored significantly influences its consistency and appearance, as it can go from a very firm blend to almost liquid similar to coconut butter.
Keep in mind that storing in the fridge will make it more difficult to scoop out; the optimal temperature for convenient handling is room temperature (20ºC / 68ºF).
We recommend that JointButter® is not stored at higher than 25ºC  / 77ºF.

What is the shelf life?

JointButter is good for 2 years from the manufacture date, even once opened.

How should I introduce JointButter to my dog's diet?

JointButter can be mixed into your dog’s food or given as a treat similar to peanut butter. If your dog is a picky eater, mix it in food, yogurt or food that your dog especially likes. Follow the instructions on the product label to adjust the daily dosage for your dog’s weight.

How often should I give my dog JointButter?

JointButter should be given once  a day or divided into two doses preferably mixed with your dog’s meal or on its own.  If your dog eats dry food, we recommend JointButter® to be mixed in a palatable toper or soft food of your choice.

What makes JointButter different from other canine joint supplements?

JointButter is the first fermented mobility supplement for dogs on the market and has been formulated by Dr. Dobias based on scientific research, clinical experience and collaboration with dietary supplement formulation experts.
The product is made using a proprietary fermentation process proven to increase the bioavailability and potency of the herbs and superfoods, allowing for greater positive impact on your dog’s joint and muscle health and mobility.  
Unlike other mobility supplements, JointButter® comes in eco-friendly glass jars to prevent plastic chemicals leaching into the product and protect our planet.

Is JointButter safe for all dog breeds and ages?

Yes, JointButter can be used in all dogs, from puppies to seniors regardless of their breed, either as a preventative measure to support optimal mobility or as a natural alternative to conventional anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve degenerative joint disease, arthritis , muscle and tendon injuries and also for faster recovery from orthopedic surgery.

When should I give my dog JointButter?

JointButter is formulated especially for middle aged and older dogs, starting at 3 or 4 years of age depending on the size. However young, especially fast growing dogs older than 12 weeks and giant breeds can benefit from taking JointButter during the period of joint and bone development and on ongoing basis. 
In middle aged and senior dogs, JointButter is formulated to relieve arthritis symptoms and improve their overall comfort, mobility and quality of life. Our advanced mobility formula can also help ease inflammation and pain in dogs with joint injuries and speed up recovery after surgeries.

How long does it take to see improvements in my dog's joint health after using JointButter?

Depending on the severity of the mobility problem, you should see signs of improvement within 1-3 months of starting your dog on JointButter depending on the severity of the issue. However positive changes can be seen sooner.
It is also important to understand any supplements' limitations, especially in the case of severe orthopedic and advanced mobility issues. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Are there any side effects to using JointButter in dogs?

JointButter contains a unique blend of natural ingredients meant to help reduce inflammation and increase mobility and longevity in dogs. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its health benefits and safety profile in dogs.
Similar to any other supplements, start with the recommended dosage and closely monitor for any allergic reactions or potential adverse reaction.
Important: JointButter should be used with caution in dogs with shellfish allergies as its formula contains green-lipped mussels.

Can JointButter be used alongside other medications?

While JointButter can be given together with anti-inflammatory or pain control drugs, however, as time progresses, we recommended to slowly reduce the dosage and ideally stop the administration. Please note that JointButter® is best used together with FeelGood Omega® 3 fatty acid supplement which are scientifically confirmed to reduce inflammation and promote cell repair.
The following medication should be used cautiously with supplements that contain glucosamine and/or chondroitin: doxorubicin, etoposide, heparin, and warfarin. Talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog JointButter if your dog is on any such medication.

Can JointButter be given to puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs?

JointButter has not been tested  in pregnant or lactating animals, therefore it is not recommended for this group.
While JointButter is safe for puppies, we especially recommend it being given to fast growing dogs or to support healing after a joint injury or help manage mobility issues such as hip dysplasia.

Can I give JointButter to my cat?

JointButter is a joint supplement intended for use in dogs only and it is not recommended for use in cats.

How long will a jar last?

Based on the weight of your dog, one jar of JointButter will last for approximately the following:

  • up to 14 kg (31 lbs) – 1 tsp / approx 69 days
  • 14 – 30 kg (31 - 67 lbs) – 2 tsp / approx 34 days
  • 31 - 45 kg (68 - 99 lbs) – 3 tsp / approx 23 days
  • over 46 kg (100 lbs) – 4 tsp / 17 days



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