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Holistic approach to lumps in dogs

Is your dog lumpy? Are you worried about what that the lump is “something serious?” You are not alone, most people worry and the purpose of this article is to...

Video: Interview with Rodney Habib, best-selling author and dog lover extraordinaire

In this interview with best-selling author Rodney Habib, you will learn why he is so exceptional in helping dog lovers around the world, what his childhood was about, one gift...

Fatty lumps (lipomas), other lumps and why surgery is not the best choice

An essential resource for every dog lover with a lumpy dog...  If you  find yourself confused about what to do when you  find a lump or immediately think of the...

Nail injuries, and toe and nail bed tumours in dogs

Has your dog ever had a bleeding or broken nail? Learn how to treat an injured nail and stop it from bleeding. Recognize the difference between a common nail injury and a toe...

101+ things dog lovers worry about

When our dogs are young we don't seem to worry as much about their future health, but as the years go by our worries tend to grow. Read on to...

A candid conversation with two amazing dog parents

Do you believe in some sort of mysterious force that sometimes puts you in the right place at the right time? In early spring, I connected with two very like-minded...

Why a time machine won't work

Naturally, most of us ask the nagging question, “Why?”. In the veterinary practice, people ask “Why?” when their dog gets sick. Usually, they hope to get a simple answer that...

What I can and cannot do about cancer

Most cancers in dogs are still very hard to treat, and while I have seen rare and miraculous cures under my care, they are hard to repeat predictably. This is why...

Why dogs with allergies and skin problems are less likely to get cancer

  Why do mellow and placid have higher tendency to cancer and why the feisty and more dramatic ones are much more likely to be allergic and over-reactive? This article will...

Can you prevent cancer in your dog?

Worried about cancer? This comprehensive article is full of useful information on how to prevent cancer naturally, what supplements to give and what drug companies do not want you to...

3 life lessons from an unplanned trip around the world

Is there more good than bad in the world? A much-delayed plane trip gave me some unexpected answers.

Theatre of life - How to worry less about our dogs' aging

Do you wonder why dogs howl when they see the moon? Perhaps they are sending encoded messages to the Universe or God, reporting on the happenings here on Earth...

Your secret key to preventing cancer

How to prevent cancer in dogs and people in 12 steps. For years, we have been hearing in the news that we have to “fight cancer” or “say no to cancer.” The statistics show clearly that cancer “fights back” at an ever increasing rate and intensity.

A happy end story about a dog diagnosed with cancer

I would like to share this beautiful story of one of my patients Rifki that his ‘mom’ Olena shared with us. It is a good example that even the bleakest...