Dr. Dobias Skin Spray

Herbal skin & wound care

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Natural herbal skin formula to support healthy wound and skin healing. Perfect for first aid kits. A natural alternative to chemical disinfectants, antibiotics and anti-fungals.

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Dr. Dobias Skin Spray Dr. Dobias Skin Spray
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Dr. Dobias Skin Spray Dr. Dobias Skin Spray Dr. Dobias Skin Spray Dr. Dobias Skin Spray
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Based on European Tradition, Made from the Finest Herbs

Calendula is used topically for healing wounds, acne, reducing inflammation, soothing irritated tissue and to control bleeding. It has antiviral, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrastis (Goldenseal) is considered a great natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial herb and is often used to boost the medicinal effects of other herbs.

Witch Hazel has astringent properties and reduces inflammation and swelling by shrinking and contracting blood vessels back to their normal size. It is also used to treat acne, bruises and insect bites.

Yucca is used to treat skin lesions, sprains, inflammation and to stop bleeding. It is also beneficial in the treatment of arthritis and joint pain.

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The Skin Spray Story

The Skin Spray Story

Skin Spray is a unique herbal formula based on the wisdom and tradition of three generations of healers. Dr. Dobias’ grandfather was a herbalist, so from his early years, Dr. Dobias learned about herbs, their medicinal properties and effective combinations.

Two reasons to reduce chemicals and antibiotics in healthcare:
  • Toxic chemicals for wound care are still commonplace in veterinary and human medicine. Unfortunately, these toxic substances, such as chlorhexidine, slow down the healing process and tissue regeneration.
  • Overuse of antibiotics leads to bacterial resistance and formation of superbugs, which can lead to life-threatening infections.

Make It Part of Your First Aid Kit

Make It Part of Your First Aid Kit

Skin Spray can be used to treat deep or superficial wounds, incisions, insect bites, stings, scrapes, diaper rash and athlete’s foot. It can also be placed on bandage dressings.

Good for healing, good for the environment

Skin Spray is packaged in a convenient 120ml glass spray bottle and contains no chemicals, antibiotics or preservatives. Glass is 100% recyclable and sustainable.

It is made of the finest all-natural herbs and can be used by people and animals.

It is tested on people and safe for you and your animal friend.


Wounds, cuts, abrasions, diaper rash and sore nipples: Wash the affected area under a vigorous stream of water and dry it with sterile gauze or a clean towel. Apply Skin Spray three to six times per day or as needed for three to five days.

Deep wounds, cuts and surgical incisions: Cover with a piece of gauze or dressing saturated in Skin Spray and change one to two times daily. We recommend soaking off and removing thick scabs to prevent prominent scar formation.

Athlete’s foot, fungus and ringworm: Apply Skin Spray on all the affected areas in the morning and evening until all symptoms have disappeared for more than two weeks.

Bee or Wasp Stings

Bee or Wasp Stings

Use along with a few pieces of gauze and Vetrap (sticky bandage) or another type of bandage material. Spray Skin Spray on all the pieces of gauze until it is soaking wet. Secure the gauze to the affected area with Vetrap or a band-aid and spray more solution on every two to four hours to keep it moist. (If you wish, you can change the band-aid every time)

Change the bandage daily and keep it on and reapply for minimum 48 to 72 hours! 

It is our experience that the swelling is minimal with such approach. This treatment usually works on its own, however, if you or your dog are very sensitive, we suggest you give a dose of Apis 200 C (homeopathic treatment) every four to six hours for the first 24 hours. This remedy is also very good if your pooch gets stung in the mouth.

Mosquito Bites

Spray the affected itchy skin every few hours for 24 hours.

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Buy multiples or add other Dr. Dobias original canine or human products to SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 5-15%.


Does Skin Spray expire?

Although there is no expiry date printed on the bottle, we recommend refreshing your Skin Spray supply every three years to make sure you are getting the full effectiveness of the product as we do not add any preservatives. We manufacture in small batches so the bottle you receive is always fresh. Remember to shake well before each use.

Is Skin Spray safe for dogs only?

Skin Spray can be used on all animals and people.

Can Skin Spray be used inside of ears?

Skin Spray can be used for wounds on and in your dog's ears, but ear infections need to be treated internally by addressing underlying issues. Be careful if you use Skin Spray inside ears as over cleaning can occur.

Can Skin Spray be used on my dog's nose?

If your dog has a cut, wound or scrape on his nose, spray Skin Spray onto a cotton pad or gauze first, then apply to the nose. Avoid spraying directly at your dog's face so the product doesn't get into the nostrils or eyes. If your dog has a dry nose, this must be addressed from the inside out.

Can Skin Spray be used in the mouth/eyes?

Skin Spray is safe to be used in the mouth for the gums as well as around the eyes. Do not spray directly into the eyes. Soak clean gauze with Skin Spray for use around the eyes.

Why does the label advise caution for use orally in dogs with liver disease unless directed by a veterinarian?

Skin Spray is very safe and is an incredible healing remedy! The warning label on the bottle is a necessary precaution pertaining to the Witch Hazel ingredient which is contraindicated orally, but only in very large quantities as it could cause liver or kidney damage. There is a very small amount of Witch Hazel in Skin Spray and it’s generally used externally versus orally. We are very confident in both the effectiveness and safety of the product.

How does Skin Spray work?

Skin Spray is made of herbs that promote the growth of healthy cells, decrease inflammation and scarring, and help to prevent infections. It is the solution to reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics, which leads to superbugs.

Does Skin Spray contain alcohol? Does it sting?

The alcohol in Skin Spray evaporates during the manufacturing process so that the final product contains only trace amounts of the original alcohol from the tinctures. We do this to make it safer for pets, as well as to reduce any potential of stinging when applied to an open wound.

Why does the label say not intended for long- term use?

Government rules in the U.S and Canada now state that all natural health products must say not intended for long term use. We are very confident in both the effectiveness and safety of the product.

How do I prevent the nozzle from getting blocked?

Skin Spray contains natural herbal tinctures, which include a certain amount of normal plant material left over in the liquid. If the liquid is not vigorously shaken before spraying, it can lead to these fine particles building up in the spray tube and/or nozzle as it draws more of the sediment from the bottom of the bottle where it settles.
The best way to ensure the sprayer lasts the life of the product is to shake the bottle vigorously before each use. If it becomes clogged it can be rinsed with hot water. If it is still not working after that, use a pin to clean out the tip of the nozzle.