Canine Longevity Bundle

Essential vitamins, minerals, omega3, probiotics and detox for dogs; natural and human grade ingredients

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The bundle contains the following products: FeelGood Omega®, GutSense®, SoulFood®, GreenMin® and LiverTune®.

To ensure your pup gets the best nature has to offer, we launched the Canine Longevity Collection, the complete nutritional support for your dog, made from wholefood based, synthetic free, sustainably sourced, human-grade ingredients.

All our products are sustainably-sourced and made from natural, top quality, human-grade ingredients, certified organic when possible, and fermented to increase healing capacity when suitable. 

We package our supplements in glass bottles and ship using cardboard eco-sleeves instead of plastic.

Our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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This bundle contains

  •  Greenmin® - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Solutions

    GreenMin is an all natural, plant-based, calcium, mineral and amino-acid rich, green superfood supplement for dogs. GreenMin helps eliminate harmful heavy metals and toxins and is rigorously tested and free of heavy metals and toxins.

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  •  Greenmin® - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Solutions

    All-natural, non-dairy pre and probiotic formulated with canine-specific strains. Supports healthy digestion, bowel movement, and immune system function.

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  • SoulFood®  - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Solutions

    SoulFood® is a certified-organic, fermented, daily multi-vitamin & organ support supplement for dogs. Gentle on the stomach, good for all dogs from puppies to seniors.

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  • FeelGood Omega® Pure & Sustainable Omega-3 Oil
    FeelGood Omega®

    A pure, sustainable Omega-3 (EFA) calamari oil. Tested toxin and heavy metal free.

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  •  Livertune®  - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Solutions

    Certified organic naturally fermented liver support and detox.Carefully formulated to support your canine friend’s liver, and eliminate heavy metals and toxins for optimal health and longevity.

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