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What are the ingredients?

If you are looking for the ingredients list and description, please go to www.tickhex.com and click on "product" to learn more about the ingredients.

Can you use TickHex ® Spray on Dogs?

TickHex ® Spray is made for topical use on dogs and it can be used alongside FleaHex® Household Spray and FleaHex® wash.

What is in the HEXCalibur® formula?

HEXCalibur is our proprietary blend of certified organic essential oils. It is safe and non-toxic for animals and children.

Why won't you tell me what is in HEXCalibur®?

Trust that we would love to. However, we need to protect ourselves and our holistic healing mission against the pharmaceutical giants who would love to have our formula. Our plan is to put a large portion of the proceeds to create a free holistic animal healing resource that will help you and other dog lovers keep dogs healthy, without drugs, kibble, and chemicals. We love dogs and hope that you trust that we would never put them at risk. HEXCalibur® is non-toxic and safe for dogs and children.

How much do I use?

The amount of TickHex® used depends on the size of your dog and how often you apply it.

Why is TickHex ®not an oral product?

Choosing the right flea and tick treatment method takes nothing more than common sense. In most cases, a product that is given orally is less ideal than a product that is administered topically. Less concentrated products are naturally better.

How often is it applied?

Use TickHex® once a week during the tick season.

What makes your formula different from the other all-natural formulas?

Our formula works in many ways: It gets rid of adult fleas; it stops the flea cycle in its tracks, and it also repels fleas. TickHex ® is made with certified organic ingredients and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. It either works for you or you will get your money back.

How long will a bottle last?

It will depend on the size of your dog(s) and how often you apply it.

What is the expiry date?

The expiry date of TickHex ® is three years from the date of manufacturing and it is marked on the product label.

Does it work on other animals?

As a company, we have focused on products and holistic healing for the dog. TickHex ® has been proven effective and safe in dogs. It has not been tested on cats and other animals and for now, such use is not recommended.

Does TickHex ® work on fleas?

Yes but it has to be used in conjunction with FleaHex Wash and FleaHex household spray.

Does it matter if they go for a swim afterward? Will it wash off?

If you use TickHex® every seven days your dog should be fine swimming. However, if your dog is a real dog lover, we suggest to reapply Tickhex after prolonged swimming. Administration frequency apply every 7 days or as needed to control ticks