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    I am so elated to inform you that Rocky went for his 3.5 month check up and he is completely stone free! Not only are there no stones present in his bladder, he also has no crystals present in his urine!! His vet said that he has never seen his bladder look so healthy on the x-ray!

    His vet is so enthralled with the results, he couldn’t believe how far we have come in just 3.5 months!

    This is a huge accomplishment, and I couldn’t  have done it without Dr. Dobias, and your help as well Angela! I cant thank you enough for all the help. I never knew if Rocky could actually be healed, there were so many unsure opinions of everyone before you that I spoke with.  You have opened my eyes to so much more than just Rockys health. Thank you!

    Forever grateful,

    Brooke Mitchell, Las Vegas, NV


    My dog was just spayed a few days ago. I was very reticent about the procedure. Split between knowing there are too many unwanted puppies and not wanting to partake in something seeming to be so invasive of nature. With my parents encouragement I went through with it. After picking her up from the vet I was bursting with feelings of guilt and regret. 

    So I called Peter and he almost immediately put me and my family at ease, intuitively pinpointing issues that were hiding stubbornly at the base of my sorrow and helping me back to see the light and think of my pup in truth living the world. I am so grateful to Peter for his help as well as his Healing Solution. In only a few days time it has performed remarkably on Tula. Her incisions seeming to better a little every time I check on them. I was even concerned that a wound on her side was healing so fast that the stitch had fallen back into the skin, when actually Tula had decided her wound was healed enough to take the stitch out so Healing Solution could guide it the rest of the way!

    Rosie Schulick, Brattleboro, VT


    I wanted to say that your healing spray is amazing. I packed it in my first aid kit amongst my homeopathics. I used it on my boyfriend who got scalded bad with hot radiator fluid on our road trip, with ice packs and sprays of your Healing Solution he did not blister and it took the pain away, and its healing up great. Thank you for creating something so wonderful!

    Sheila Szonyi via Facebook


    I was lost before I found Peter.  My dog had been having some issues for a few years and I felt I had been running around in circles with no results.  Peter changed not only my dog Roxy’s life, but he changed my life and the way that I think.  He understands and has taught me that the key to a healthful happy long life is not just about eating good foods that nature intended, but also to have good energy and maintain our bodies.  He always has told me and still tells me to this day, “Our animals are like a radio to what is happening with us and our lives.” this has been demonstrated over and over again with our seven years together with Peter.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without him! 

    Christy Johnston, Vancouver BC


    You have provided me with free information that I could otherwise not afford for our dog Bella. For this Dr. Dobias we are forever gratefull!

    Marcie Lisowick


    I thought I’d let you to know that thanks to your “hot spots” post, my 2 year old border collie has been to a wonderful, gentle, certified chiropractor and his symptoms have nearly vanished. A few more visits, and I believe he will be 100%. Yay! Additionally, his dog fears are waning (his injuries were caused due to rough play by a large dog). I can finally make some training headway, and offer him a more stress free life! Next up, my six year old girl, just to make sure she’s A-OK. Thank you, thank you! I am spreading the holistic word as much as I can!

    Tracy Ehrenberg, Marblehead, Massachuset


    Dr. Dobias treats all of my animals and is a fantastic vet. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody. He is very patient and understanding, and has been very supportive as we started feeding raw to our dogs, all of whom had serious health problems. He takes the time to really listen,and will answer all questions.

    Dana K.


    When I adopted a female shepherd cross, she was approximately 2 years old.

    A couple of weeks later, I discovered that she was severely incontinent. I was also concerned about the deep psychological trauma she had suffered. I spent several weeks seeking solutions from traditional veterinary medicine with absolutely no satisfaction.

    Pat Hindley, West Vancouver


    I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and patience with Duffy and I. There is a definite feeling of calm about you that has been wonderful throughout our rocky journey into chronic renal failure (caused by tainted pet food).


    Linda and Duffy Dallas, Burnaby


    In 1998, before I learned of homeopathy, my then 4-year-old cat, Sparky, developed a blockage due to the formation urinary crystals. He received emergency catheterization and was put on a special diet and tranquilizers, as it was assumed that stress and anxiety had caused the crystals to form. In desperation to find a more humane life for Sparky, I learned of your practice and homeopathy. Seven years later, Sparky continues to do well. Adjustments to his treatment during his six-month rechecks have allowed him to return to a full, happy, and healthy feline existence!

    My experience with Hobbes has been just as remarkable. Last year, at 7 years of age, she was diagnosed by you with hyperthyroidism. With several doses of homeopathic remedy, Hobbes quickly made a full recovery—in only three months. She now believes that SHE is the dominant cat in the house, aside from the fact that she is easily half Sparky’s size!

    I am so impressed with the gentle, fast-acting, and long-lasting effects of homeopathy that I have been using it for my family with equally favourable [results].

    Sincerely yours,

    Lily Bolus, Lions Bay

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