March 30, 2015 

Dear Animal Lovers,

For more than 20 years, I have been recommending and offering you and other clients and customers Standard Process Glandulars.

In my opinion, good quality glandular supplements make a significant difference in dogs and cats with chronic organ conditions such as kidney disease, pancreatitis, liver disease and thyroid problems.

Unfortunately, similar to some Pet Food Companies, Standard Process still enforces an obsolete policy of not allowing their products to be sold by anyone else but a health care professional. They also do not allow any online sales.

For years, we have made every effort to negotiate and comply with Standard Process requests and red tape mainly because we knew your dogs and cats need the product and that it is not easy to find a local practitioner carrying glandular supplements.

Frankly, we did not agree with Standard Process’ policy because it was designed to protect the “practitioner’s profits” and it put the patients’ need in second place. You and I know such business models because some Pet Food Companies have been making “special diet products” available through veterinarians only for decades. You know the rest of the story.

In summary, we are at a crossroad, need to come to a decision what to do next and hope you will help us by sharing your opinion.

To solve this situation, we have three options:

OPTION 1: We will attempt to negotiate with Standard Process and try to convince their Board that their business practices need to change their focus to the animals and ask them to change their outdated “no online sales” policy. In such case, we will likely need your help in writing a petition directed to the Standard Process Board.

OPTION 2: We will find another glandular supplement company. This option carries certain concerns about ingredient quality, which I am unwilling to compromise. This is the quickest solution but there is also the possibility that we will face similar problems down the road.

OPTION 3: We will gradually introduce our own glandular supplement line to address your most urgent needs. This option would obviously be the most costly and lengthy but it would eliminate the possibility of running in a similar situation in the future.

My team and I care deeply about your animal friend and understand that you have likely reached this page because you tried to order Standard Process products.

We value your opinion and hope that you will take a few minutes to cast your vote and share your opinion with us.

By filling out the form at the end of this page, we will put you and your dog on a special list to inform you about the outcome and future developments regarding this challenging situation. I promise we will work hard to provide you with a viable solution as soon as possible.

Until then, please ensure that your animal friend is on high quality raw or cooked diet and essential supplements.

With gratitude,



Dr. Peter Dobias
Founder and CEO of Dr. Dobias Natural Healing