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    Click to watch Dr. Dobias and the rhino conservation program’s director, Jan Stejskal discuss the importance of this mission.

    Population Decline

    Time is running out.

    Help the Rhinos get their African honeymoon!

    Safari Park in Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic is the most successful rhino conservation centre with raising 46 black rhinos, the highest number outside of Africa.
    The park CEO and my veterinary college classmate, Dr. Rabas, the program director Jan Stejskal and their team lead the efforts of reintroducing rhinos in a nature reserve in Africa.

    This year five hopefuls of three females and two young males, are being prepared for the transport on June 23, 2019 to depart for their African "honeymoon" with hopes to help restore the dwindling rhino population.

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    100% of the donations go directly to this rhinoceros conservation effort.
    Read below to learn the full story.

    Where does your donation go?

    100% of your donation will go to the rhino relocation program.

    Photo by Peter Dobias - Safari Park Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic ©2019

    100% of your donated funds go to helping transport the rhinos to their African homeland.

    Who is behind this effort?

    Safari Park Dvur Kralove is a world renowned African animal conservation and restoration centre since 1960.
    For more information - Click Here to learn more about Safari Park Dvur Kralove

    If more than the needed $50,000 is raised,
    where does the rest of the money go?

    If more money than needed is collected, the rest of the funds will go to dog rescue organizations as part of our canine welfare program.
    Click Here to learn more about our giving initiatives.

    Why do we participate in this program?

    We love dogs, but we also believe that nature and wild animals are the greatest wealth on Earth that we need to protect.

    This program is a good example that together, we can make a huge difference in species restoration and conservation programs such as the rhino rescue.

    Click here to read the full story.

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