How to use Skin Spray 


  • Wash the affected area under a vigorous stream of water and dry it with sterile gauze or a clean towel. 
  • Apply three to six times per day or as needed for three to five days. 


Deep wounds, cuts and surgical incisions:  


  • Cover with a piece of saturated gauze or dressing and change one to two times daily. 
  • We recommend soaking off and removing thick scabs to prevent prominent scar formation. 


Athlete’s foot, fungus and ringworm:  


- Apply on the affected area in the morning and evening until all symptoms have disappeared for more than two weeks. 


Bee or wasp stings: 


  • Use with a few pieces of gauze and Vetrap (sticky bandage) or another type of bandage material. 
  • Spray on gauze until it is soaking wet. 
  • Secure the gauze to the affected area with Vetrap or a band-aid and spray more solution on every two to four hours to keep it moist. (If you wish, you can change the band-aid every time) 
  • Change the bandage daily and keep it on for a minimum of 48 to 72 hours! It is our experience that the swelling is minimal with this approach.  
  • This treatment usually works on its own, however, if you or your dog are very sensitive, we suggest you give a dose of Apis 200 C (homeopathic treatment) every four to six hours for the first 24 hours. This remedy is also very good if your pooch gets stung in the mouth. 


Mosquito bites 


-  Spray the affected itchy skin every few hours for 24 hours. 


Caution: We do not recommend applying any other topical agents to the affected area along with Skin Spray.