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Why is my dog licking their groin area? Top reasons and solutions

This article covers common reasons why dogs lick their groin, such as muscle injuries, spinal issues, urinary problems, and skin allergies. Making dietary adjustments, giving supplements, and identifying the root...

Hot spots – Diagnosis and treatment the natural way

You won't believe what could be causing your dog's hot spots! Find out how to check if there is a connection between your dog's spine and skin problems and avoid...

The best Omega-3: Fatty acids for dogs

How do you choose an Omega-3 oil?From the outside, sourcing a relatively simple product might seem easy, but sourcing the right and safe Omega-3 is like looking for a needle...

Why are skin allergies in dogs often misdiagnosed?

Many dog lovers are surprised to find out the true reason their dog suffers from skin lesions and rashes.  Find out why skin allergies are often misdiagnosed and four ways...

Natural approach to treating skin infections, allergies and hot spots

Is your dog suffering from skin problems, hot spots and allergies? Have you seen many vets and are still not getting satisfactory results? Just read on and learn how you...

You should know about one of the most dangerous treatments for dogs

This drug can cause serious long term health issues for you dog - do you know what it is? You might be surprised to find out what you think is...

Why some dogs are smelly and some are not

Does your dog smell? Here's how often to bathe your dog, and how to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy the natural way.