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Why I don't like the word 'stupid'

I prefer to think that in most cases people are unaware, rather than stupid. When it comes to dog health, you may be unaware of many easy and natural steps you can take to help your dog live a happier longer life. Read on to learn more about many commonly unknown...

Is it ok to give dogs milk?

Milk or no milk? What could be causing your dog’s allergies? And what is the best diet for dogs with food allergies? You might be surprised!

Probiotics can make a night and day difference in your dog’s life

My love of bacteria was almost stifled by boring text books, but I learned to love the helpful little ‘buggas’ and want to share why some bacteria is friend, not foe.

Probiotics are much more than digestive support

If there were comics written about bacteria, Salmonella and E. coli would be Kryptonite and villains and probiotics (the beneficial intestinal microflora) would be?