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Welcome to our little corner of the internet! I dare to guess that your dog or your own health journey has led you here. From what I hear over and over, you may be looking for solutions to health challenges or, if you are lucky, to maintain and preserve the good health you and your canine friend are blessed with. We’ve created this space to help you find answers to solving health problems and guide you through the confusing and often contradicting world of medical science.

My team and I are ready to help you create a healthy and longer life with your canine friend.

Feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance? 

We’ve got dozens of blogs, step-by-step guides, podcasts, courses, and videos on natural healing, nutrition, and longevity and free tools to help you boost your dog’s diet and create a personalized supplement health plan. 

Looking for natural treatment alternatives for you or your pup?

Made from human-grade, sustainably sourced ingredients, our natural supplement lines for dogs and people will help detox, nourish, rebalance, and strengthen your and your dog’s body without the unwanted side effects of conventional drugs.

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  • Shirley Kane's Review about Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions

    My dogs are very healthy. I do believe it’s because of these excellent supplements.

    Shirley Kane

    on April 22, 2023

  • Katie Blomme's Review about Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions

    Very beneficial! [...] They seem to have more energy when taking this supplement.

    Katie Blomme

    on April 29, 2023

  • Marybel Barahona's Review about Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions

    I look forward to spending a lot more years with by baby girl ❤️.. Thank you for this wonderful product (FeelGood Omega). I highly recommend it.

    Marybel Barahona

    on Mar 39, 2023

  • Debbie Cohen's Review about Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions

    Good value for the money. Expensive up front but they have lasted 2 months and the bottles and jars are still half full.

    Debbie Cohen

    on Oct 12, 2022

  • Leslee Carsewell's Review about Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions

    My pup has been on this for almost 3 years now and it has really improved her digestion, along with your other products.. she takes all of them.. I'm thrilled!

    Leslee Carsewell

    on April 19, 2023

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