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Rethinking Dog Sterilization: Pax’s Story and the Case for Hormone-Sparing Methods

Discover the overlooked consequences of traditional spaying and neutering on dogs. Follow Pax’s journey as we explore hormone-sparing sterilization methods and hormone replacement therapy to enhance canine health and well-being.

What are we, you and I doing wrong?

Discover the hidden risks of traditional spaying and neutering in dogs. Learn about hormone imbalances and health issues post-surgery, and explore hormone-sparing alternatives and new joint supplements for better pet health.

Should you spay or neuter your dog? How to avoid long-term health effects

If you’re wondering whether to spay or neuter your dog and when to do it, tune in for my discussion with expert biologist and researcher, Dr. Linda Brent. We cover the long-term health and behavioural impact of conventional dog spaying and neutering, the benefits of hormone-sparing sterilization and how hormone...

How you’ve helped street dogs in Nepal

You’ve done it again! You helped street dogs a world away in Nepal get the chance for a better life. Read about the amazing work your loving and caring purchases have brought to dogs living a world away.

How you helped dogs in Brazil, Canada and the U.S.A.

Your purchases in October not only benefitted your dog, they helped out dogs in Canada, the U.S. and Brazil. That's a lot of love!

Solution to dog homelessness? It may be closer than we think

As you may be aware, I have recently returned from my trip to Thailand and Myanmar. The trip was challenging especially in Myanmar (formerly Burma), because the lives of people and dogs is far from easy. Please read my blog about my journey and why I think we may have a solution to dog homelessness.