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Why do dogs get bladder and kidney stones and how to treat them naturally

If you are you wondering why I decided to write about stones, I have two reasons. One, urinary, kidney and bladder stones are one of the most common problems found in dogs.   

Natural kidney support for dogs

If you have been living with a pet  suffering from kidney disease or hope to prevent kidney problems in the future, this article is definitely for you because kidney problems are one of the most common conditions diagnosed in cats and dogs.

One myth that can rob you of precious time with your senior dog

Why is feeding a high protein diet vs. a low protein diet much more beneficial to your dogs health?

How much water should dogs drink?

Keeping your dog well-hydrated is essential to good health and longevity. Learn how much and what kind of water is best for your dog.

Urinary bladder infections in dogs - What you need to know

Urinary tract and especially bladder infections are relatively common, especially in female dogs. One would assume that diagnosis and treatment are quite trivial. However, many dog infections are either missed or misdiagnosed.

5 steps to prevent calcium oxalate crystals and stones in dogs - Holistic approach

  It is my experience that dogs that are fed dehydrated processed food are most vulnerable because kibble causes acidic pH. It also causes highly concentrated urine, which further increases the chances of calcium oxalate stones formation. Find out what you need to know about calcium oxalate crystals and stones...