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Is kibble bad for dogs? A case against processed dog food

Are you feeding kibble to your dog? In a world where evolution often drives us towards short-term pleasure, this article aims to help your dog enjoy a healthier and longer life, starting with an optimal diet. Learn more about the connection between dog kibble and widespread health issues like obesity and diabetes and...

Many dogs are unwell and it's all the electrician's fault!

Did you know that dog food kibble was invented by James Spratt, an electrician? While he fancied himself a nutritionist, he really was just hungry for money. Read here to find out how the kibble industry has brainwashed us, and why raw food is the best food for our dogs.

Puppy Series Part 2: 15 mistakes people make feeding puppies

New puppy owners are faced with many decisions, and often one of the most perplexing is choosing the right puppy food. Throughout my career, I’ve seen puppies start out on “life stage” processed puppy food and the health conditions that have resulted, and I’ve also helped countless clients raise their...

Is there something wrong when dogs eat grass?

Many people wonder if it is normal for their dog to eat grass. They often associate grass-eating with digestive problems or another disease, but in most cases that is not the situation.

Finances behind the processed pet food industry

Often, I take a stance against kibble and pet food companies, but today, I would like to look at the current situation from a neutral observer’s point of view, and this newsletter explains in detail why.

3 things that can seriously harm your dog

Click here to read the story of a two legged dog on two wheels; why tennis balls are dangerous for dogs; how ball chucking tools cause many injuries; why prong collars are dangerous; and why kibble is the food that creates disease.

A safer vaccination protocol

I know that your dog's health and well-being is your top priority and so today I am sharing a few key tips on how to give your dog a healthier, happier and longer life. Here you will learn how you can protect your dog from unnecessary vaccines, procedures and drugs, as well...

A few simple steps can make a big difference in your dog's health

Although we can’t stop the natural cycle of our dog's life, what we can do is invest a few extra minutes in our dog, each day, to extend their life and help them be well until the very end.

Is it ok to mix a raw diet and kibble?

Is a little bit of kibble ok? Is mixing a raw and cooked diet with a kibble now and then harmless or harmful? This article answers your questions about feeding kibble to your best friend.

Why some vets still sell processed food and speak against raw diet

When I am in a dog park or on the street and see a dog, it only takes two seconds for me to recognize a kibble fed dog from the one that eats raw or cooked wholesome food. What do you do when you meet a dog fed kibble? I'm...

Why does the American Veterinary Medical Association propose the vote against raw food?

Exposing the dangers of processed pet food and sharing why I will never recommend it: discover the rise of health issues, the questionable motives of pet food companies, and the symbiotic relationship between the veterinary and processed food industries. Say no to fear-based marketing and embrace wholesome, natural nutrition for your...

Two veterinarians write on the topic of raw diet for dogs. Is it safe or not?

If you're wondering whether or not a raw diet is safe for dogs, here's why I can say it is safe, and why I disagree with some other vets.