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Choke, prong and shock collars can irreversibly damage your dog

Learn why collar injuries make dogs sick and what collar alternatives are you can use. 

Ear cropping can affect dogs' health and longevity

Are you thinking about cropping your dog's ears? Read this first to learn why ear cropping and tail docking are bad for dogs' health.

A complete guide to natural ear care for dogs

If your dog has a hairy ear canal, has had ear problems in general, such as moist, inflamed, yeasty or infected ears, or if you are just looking to prevent ear problems, this article is for you.

Holistic approach to ear problems

Treating an ear infection could have been a turning point in my career. In the end it just strengthened my feeling that I have to treat animals in the way I know is right, even if it is not conventional.

Why you need to know this about your dog's ears

Two things that will change your dog's ear health and comfort forever. Why that sore-looking ear may not be what you think and how your dog’s body takes care of its ears.

7 myths about dog care (written by a dog)

Learn about the 7 most important myths in dog care.